The best electric scooter brands and manufacturers in 2024

Being familiar with the electric scooter brands and manufacturers is a great shortcut to being confident you are making a smart choice when buying a scooter.

BrandTypeHeadquartersEstablishedElectric scootersFocus
Xiaomi electric scootersmanufacturerBeijing, China2010Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi M365 Propopular, commuter
Segway NinebotmanufacturerBeijing, China; Bedford, New Hampshire, USA2012Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2, Ninebot ES3, Ninebot ES4, Ninebot Maxpopular, commuter
VoromotorsstoreLos Angeles, California, USA/EMove Cruiser, EMove Touringhigh-end, versatile
Glion DollymanufacturerNebraska, USA/Glion Dollypopular, commuter
GoTraxmanufacturerDallas, Texas, USA2018GoTrax XR Ultra, GoTrax XR, GoTrax GXL V2 Commuterpopular, budget
KugoomanufacturerHong Kong2015Kugoo G-Booster, Kugoo M2 Pro, Kugoo ES2, Kugoo S1 Propopular, budget
RazormanufacturerCerritos, California, USA2000Razor E Prime, Razor E300S, Razor E300, Razor EcoSmartbudget, kids
SwagtronmanufacturerIndiana, USA2015Swagger, Swagger Pro, Swagger 5 Elite, Swagger 7budget, kids
Megawheels manufacturerShenzhen, China2005S1, S5, S10budget
MinimotorsstoreUSA/Dualtron series, Speedway seriespower scooters
Fluid Free RidestoreFlorida, USA2018Cityrider, Horizon, Mosquito, Mercane Widewheelversatile, medium-priced
InokimmanufacturerZhejiang, China2009OX, OXO, Light, Quick, Minipremium, high-end
KaabomanufacturerQuezon City, Philippines2013Wolf Warrior, Mantis, Skywalker, Airversatile, offroad
ApollomanufacturerCanada2019?Light, City, Explore, Ghost, Pro, Ultraversatile, power scooters
LevymanufacturerNew York, USA/Levy, Levy Plusbudget
HiBoymanufacturerShenzhen, China/S2, Maxbudget
XpritmanufacturerCalifornia, USA /Xpritbudget
TurboantmanufacturerShenzhen, China/Turboant X7budget
VoyagermanufacturerNew Jersey, USA/Rover, Proton, Ion, Dash Chargebudget, kids
SoFlowmanufacturerFlawil, Switzerland /Air Carbon, Air Aluminumbudget
UnicoolmanufacturerChina/Zero series, Turbowheel seriesmedium-priced
TechlifebrandZabrze, Poland/X9, X7S, X6, L5T, L5, X5, X2versatile, offroad
DualpedmanufacturerToronto, Canada/Scorpion+, Scorpion, Speed Demon, Cruiserpower scooters
Currus manufacturerCourbevoie, France2005Currus NFpower scooters
RionmanufacturerLos Angeles, California, USA/Rion2 RE60, Rion2 RE70, Rion2 RE90racing scooters
QiewamanufacturerTaiwan2015Qiewa Q Power, Qiewa Q1 Hummer, Qiewa Qminipower scooters
WepedmanufacturerSouth Korea/Weped GT, Weped SSpower scooters
NanRobotmanufacturerChina/RS11, LS7, RS7, RS6, RS4, V8, D5+, D4+, D3, X4versatile, power scooters
ScroosermanufacturerBerlin, Germany2011Scrooser Onehigh-end, concept
Lehe manufacturerDongguan, China2014K1, L1high-end, concept
JoyormanufacturerBarcelona, Spain2017Y10, Y5S, X5S, F5S+, LR8, F5+, X1, F3, A1, H1medium-priced, budget
UnagimanufacturerOakland, California, USA2018Model Onemedium-priced
UScooters / ETWOWmanufacturerEl Paso, Texas, USA/Booster series, ETWOW seriesmedium-priced, budget
Magnum BikesmanufacturerSalt Lake City, Utah, USA2010S1, T3 +, T3, Q3medium-priced, electric bikes
Uberscoot manufacturerJohannesburg, South Africa2006ES06, ES07, ES08, ES16, ES17versatile, medium-priced
EcoRecomanufacturerSan Jose, California, USA2013S5, L5, M5, XSbudget, ecological
MicromanufacturerZurich, Switzerland1997Merlin series, Sparrow seriesmedium-priced, kids
InMotionmanufacturerShenzhen, China2007Lively, L6, L8, L8+medium-priced
FLJmanufacturerChina2015i11, T113, S8, K3, T11, T112value, power scooters
EvolvmanufacturerVancouver, Canada/City, Tour, Proversatile
RNDmanufacturerShenzhen, China 2010M1, T1, R1, F15, F16budget, value
PhaewomanufacturerCulemborg, The Netherlands2015Phaewo X10budget
JetsonmanufacturerUSA2012Quest, Element Probudget, kids
EvostoreDerbyshire, UK/EvoTech series, EvoMotion seriesversatile, budget

In this post, we will look at the best electric scooter brands and the manufacturers behind them, and see how that information can be important when buying an electric scooter.

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How to pick the right brand for you

When buying a scooter, it is very important to know what your needs are and what you’re after.

After determining your budget, you need to think about how and for what will you use your scooter.

That will determine the specs you need it to have, like the range, speed, and power, how well it can go uphill, etc.

But aside from all the stats and numbers, the most important thing that will affect your buying decision will be the brand of the electric scooter.

Most of the brands try to find an angle, a feature, or a use-case they can dominate and build their reputation around. That’s why it’s very useful to know the brands upfront.

Electric scooter brands

These are the electric scooter brands that are operational today. Some of them are manufacturers as well, and some are just white-labels.

Xiaomi electric scooters


Probably the most popular electric scooter company in the world right now. For a lot of people, the name Xiaomi is already synonymous with electric scooters.

There are two main reasons for this.

The first one is that their first model, the Xiaomi M365, was the first truly popular electric scooter. It has sold literally millions of units around the world, mostly because it is a good quality electric scooter that is affordable to the vast majority of people. Its successor, the Xiaomi M365 Pro, is even better and corrects a lot of the mistakes of the original version.

The second reason why Xiaomi dominates the electric scooter world is ride-sharing companies. Their scooters have been massively used by the most popular ones like Lime and Bird as the main scooters in their fleets.

That has given them huge brand recognition.

For many people, after riding a scooter through one of the apps, it’s very easy to simply buy the same model, when the time for a purchase comes.

The Chinese brand is a true master of electronics. They offer great products ranging from cellphones to laptops and all kinds of smart devices.

They’ve really hit the nail on the head with their scooter models, and are likely to continue doing so.

If you are interested in checking out Xiaomi scooters, you can find the Xiaomi M365 Pro model on AliExpress (they ship it to the USA now as well), and the Xiaomi M365 standard model on Amazon.

Segway Ninebot electric scooters


The biggest challenger for the role of the most popular electric scooter in the world, the Ninebot poses a serious threat to Xiaomi (even though the competition is sort of an illusion, as both brands are now owned by the same parent company).

Their scooters also sell in huge numbers worldwide. Their ES series is getting better with every new model.

The ES2 has been their most popular product so far, but the Ninebot Max is their best.

Ninebot is a Chinese company. Founded in 2012, they entered a legal battle with one of the first rideable companies ever, the now legendary Segway.

Segway produced electric scooters and other rideables and self-balancing vehicles before it was cool.

Founded in 1999, the company went through a lot of pain and failure, running into low user acceptance. That’s common for companies whose vision is ahead of the time.

The market wasn’t ready for electric scooters at that period. Plus, electric batteries were also not very good. So scooters couldn’t actually be considered transport vehicles at that point.

Segway struggled and changed owners a few times.

In 2014, they filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Ninebot. But that didn’t work, and in 2015 they were actually acquired by Ninebot.

Now Segway is Ninebot.

Today, Ninebot produces low to medium-priced electric scooters, aimed at the mass public. Their models have gained a lot of legitimacy by being used as one of the common models in the fleets of ride-sharing companies Bird and Lime.

The best place to check out Ninebot scooters is Amazon (Ninebot Max, Ninebot ES2).

Voromotors electric scooters


A truly well-rounded brand, offering several series of finely crafted electric scooters. All user needs are covered.

Voromotors caters to users in North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The company takes great care of its users, which can be seen through their Facebook group and their active presence on electric scooter forums. They are very well known for their stellar customer support.

Their scooters are a great bang for buck and offer powerful performance. You can check their models on the Voromotors site.

Don’t forget to use my coupon code escooternerds for $50 off the EMove and Kaabo lines, and the FreeExtend coupon code to get 2 years of warranty on all Dualtron models (add 1-year Extend product protection when buying and enter the coupon at checkout).

Glion Dolly electric scooters


Glion Dolly is the only electric kick scooter produced by Glion Scooter. (Or, rather, it was, as it seems to be discontinued now, and the brand only sells electric bikes.)

It is not the fastest scooter out there, nor the most powerful one.

But it is an electric scooter beloved by commuters.

It has great specs for the price, hence it is one of the most popular scooters in the budget price range.

You can find the Glion Dolly on Amazon if you wish to check it out (again, the scooter is likely discontinued, and you will probably not find it available in stock, you can see the Hiboy Max as a great alternative).

GoTrax electric scooters


GoTrax makes a few lower-priced scooters that are great options for commuters. Their models rarely exceed $500, but their scooters are more valuable than that. That’ why they are massively popular.

Kugoo electric scooters


Based in Hong Kong, Kugoo is one of the most popular budget electric scooters in a few European countries like the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Spain, but also in Europe in general.

They have several series of scooters, each of them having many models. Every next model improves on the flaws of its predecessor, and Kugoo is getting its models better and better.

Their best model, in my opinion, is the Kugoo G-Booster. It has amazing 85 kilometers of range on a single charge. It is priced at $1095, making it the cheapest long-range scooter ever.

For the best deals on Kugoo scooters, check them out at GeekBuying here.

Razor electric scooters


The Razor brand produces some of the best electric scooters for children in the world. Chances are, if you’re buying an electric scooter for a child or a teenager, you will be buying a Razor scooter.

Primarily a brand aimed at kids, Razor has seen the potential in the electric scooter market and shifted to making scooters for adults as well.

They have sold over 5 million scooters to date, making them one of the most popular scooter manufacturers in the world.

Models like the E-XR and the E Prime are also bestsellers in the popular budget scooter category.

Simply put, Razor is a household name.

Swagtron electric scooters


  • Company name: Swagtron
  • Status: operational
  • Locations: Indiana, USA
  • Established: 2015
  • Models: Swagtron EB5, Swagtron Swagger 7, Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite, Swagtron Swagger 5, Swagtron Swagger, Swagtron Cali Drift, Swagtron Swagger Pro 3, Swagtron Swagger 3, Swagtron Swagger 8, Swagtron Swagger 2, Swagtron Metro SK3
  • Scooter types: popular budget scooters, kids scooters
  • Website:
  • YouTube channel: Swagtron
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Swagtron produces many rideables, but scooters are its specialty. Its models have gained wide adoption because of their accessible prices and solid performances.

Swagtron also manufactures several popular models for youngsters and kids.

What’s interesting about Swagtron is that it has a big number of models serving different customer needs, yet all of them are affordable. The Swagtron Swagger series is one of the oldest and longest-running electric scooter series.

Megawheels electric scooters


Before becoming Megawheels in 2014, the company was already a team of passionate scientists and researchers in the field of consumer electronics.

Today, they claim to be selling over 150.000 rideables each month.

They are a popular budget choice indeed. Their latest model, the S10, only came out a few months ago, but the S1 and S5 have been around for longer and already have loyal fans.

If you are interested in a Megawheels scooter, you can find them in the Megawheels store.

Minimotors electric scooters


MiniMotors is the store behind the Dualtron and Speedway scooters. It is an American company with factories first established in South Korea, later moved to China.

Many scooter enthusiasts consider Dualtron to be the best electric scooter brand today.

There are several facts to support this claim.

First, the Dualtron X2 has the second most powerful motor in the world, with an astonishing 8300 Watts of peak power.

Second, the same model is one of the fastest scooters in existence, if not the fastest period.

Third, well, it is one of the most expensive electric scooters currently. This may not say much really, but when a brand has the audacity to price an electric scooter at almost $7000, they better be able to back that pricing up with quality.

The Dualtron series is likely the most powerful scooter series in the world. Speedway is the brand’s offer for a more affordable priced scooter, though Speedway scooters still cost a thousand or two thousand dollars.

There is no doubt about it – MiniMotors USA truly produces high-quality scooters.

For all of their users, the prices are more than justified. It is one of the best electric scooter brands in the world.

The best places to find Dualtron scooters currently are Voromotors and Minimotors USA.

Fluid Free Ride electric scooters


FluidFreeRide is better known as a famous online store for electric scooters, but they do have a few models of their own.

They are one of the primary distributors of Kaabo scooters, but they don’t produce those.

The Cityrider, Horizon, and Mosquito models specify no other manufacturer, so it’s safe to say that FFR may have a role in producing them, or at least acting as a whitelabel.

It is also possible that they manufacture the Mercane Widewheel series, which is a very popular and successful line of electric scooters. No other online store is more well-known for the Mercane line than FluidFreeRide.

In any case, FFR is one of the bigger names in the scooter scene. Their scooters range in price from medium to higher-end models.

Inokim electric scooters


A well-established brand of luxury and higher-end scooters, with a few options in the medium to lower price ranges too.

The product line was founded in Israel. The scooters are manufactured in China, but the research and development are still done in Israel.

Their power model the OXO is right up there with the most powerful of scooters in terms of performance.

Kaabo electric scooters


Kaabo is a powerful brand, creating true power scooters. One of the most popular brands today, selling lots of units despite their high-ish prices. Users consider their scooters a worthwhile investment.

The Wolf Warrior is easily one of the most powerful electric scooters today. A lot of people consider it to be the fastest scooter in existence. While that may no longer be the case, it might have been true for a while. Still, it is a very powerful scooter.

Their other series caters to the more regular users. A truly versatile brand, they have offers ranging from $300 to $3000, covering every need a scooter owner might have.

Apollo electric scooters


Apollo is a relatively new brand that is starting to make some serious waves in the electric scooter world. It is currently one of the most popular brands for electric scooters in Canada.

They have a large selection of scooters, ranging from the regular, commuter models, to power scooters that go toe-to-toe with the best of the best.

Levy electric scooters


An American manufacturer of portable, lightweight scooters. A sort of a newcomer to the scooter scene, they are still on their first series of scooters, offering two models, the Levy and the Levy Plus. Check their very cool offerings on the Levy Store.

HiBoy electric scooters


A scooter brand primarily catering to youngsters, but offering models for adults as well. Not much information is available about the company online.

Inexpensive scooters, not bad performance for the price.

Xprit electric scooters


A gadget and rideable manufacturer based in California, Xprit offers solid budget scooters, very good performance specs for the amounts they charge. One series of scooters, named after the width of the tires, with different power and range levels.

The brand is not very popular yet, mainly because scooters have not been their main focus since the inception of the company. Their scooters seem like very decent offers, so that can easily change in the future.

Turboant electric scooters


A rather mysterious brand hailing from the industrious city of Shenzhen, China.

Only one model so far, the Turboant X7, with an implied goal of dethroning the Xiaomi M365 as the king of budget scooters. The specs are decent for the price, but the brand needs to get a lot more recognition before going after a household name.

Voyager electric scooters


Voyager mostly produces budget scooters, but they’ve also released several medium-priced models as well.

They operate in the United States.

Viro Rides electric scooters


One of the more popular manufacturer of electric scooters for kids.

Primarily a toy brand, MGA Entertainment now produces low-powered scooters suitable for kids aged 13 or younger.

SoFlow electric scooters


  • Company name: SoFlow
  • Status: operational
  • Locations: Flawil, Switzerland
  • Established:
  • Models: SoFlow Air Carbon, SoFlow Air Aluminum
  • Scooter types: budget
  • Website:
  • YouTube channel: SoFlow
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram

Primarily an electric skateboard brand, SoFlow offers lightweight budget scooters that have very solid power and range capabilities for their price. They have some of the most portable scooters out there currently.

Their Air series comes in two flavors, made out of aluminum or carbon fiber. The carbon fiber model weighs only 7 kg, and is still able to carry a rider of up to 100 kg!

Unicool electric scooters


This is where things might get a little confusing.

The Titan Group, and Unicool which is one of their holdings, seem to be the originators of two very popular series of scooters: the Zero series and the Turbowheel series.

Turbowheel is a strong name in the middle-priced range, and their scooters offer great performances for the price demanded.

Zero is a more versatile line of scooters. They have some true power machines that cost north of $3000 and can go at breakneck speeds, but also they have a few great value-for-money options, and even a model that costs under $800.

The problems start when trying to determine whether a Zero or a Turbowheel scooter is an original one, and does it really come from the Titan Group and one of its holdings, or is it some sort of a knock-off.

The Zero series especially has been very successful and has been heavily copied. Copycats either use many of the same parts, or simply sell fake Zero models with the same exterior.

One thing is for sure – if you can get your hands on an original Turbowheel or Zero scooter, you will be getting a high-quality machine.

The best online store for Turbowheel scooters is EWheels, it has all the models at the best prices.

Techlife electric scooters


  • Company name: Techlife
  • Status: operational
  • Locations: Zabrze, Poland
  • Models: Techlife X9, Techlife X7S, Techlife X6, Techlife L5T, Techlife L5, Techlife X5, Techlife X2
  • Scooter types: versatile, offroad scooters, power scooters
  • Website:
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram

One of my personal favorite electric scooter brands. I always keep a close eye on their work and their models.

Techlife is a versatile scooter manufacturer. They have models with prices ranging from hundreds of dollars to several thousand. They really have something for everyone.

With Techlife you will get a premium made, monster level scooter, for around half the price you would have to pay otherwise.

They may as well be the best bang-for-buck electric scooter manufacturer out there when it comes to power, range, and battery. The specs you get per dollar are simply amazing.

Dualped electric scooters


Dualped is a Canadian manufacturer of electric scooters that produce their own proprietary motors. Those motors may be behind the current world record for top speed developed by an electric scooter, held by their Dualped Scorpion+.

For the crazy speeds and power levels they offer, the prices, which are around $3000, are acceptable.

I have to be honest here – I’m kinda fascinated by the Dualped brand. I couldn’t really find much information about the company, but it seems to be a small team of people just crafting very powerful, very reliable scooters.

What I also love about Dualped is their YouTube channel.

The host, Chris Dallas, which also seems to have some sort of a decision-making role in the company too, presents the models. He does live demonstrations, risking his life frequently by going with speeds of up to 100 km/h, and sometimes more.

Dualped seem to not sell that many scooters, and that is understandable. They are a true power brand that most casual users would not need.

Still, their YouTube channel is massive. People just love watching electric scooters flying with 100 km/h speeds.

And for power users… man, the Dualpeds simply have the raw power and performance. I would love to see where Dualped take their brand, I think they have a real shot at challenging the likes of Dualtron, and possibly beating them on some points.

Currus electric scooters


A South Korean brand, manufacturing their scooters entirely in Seoul but headquartered in France. France is their main market.

They share some characteristics and even a few parts with MiniMotors, like the controller and the screen.

Currus employ superior precision and attention to detail when producing their scooters.

The only model so far is the Currus NF, which is a great high-end, high-powered scooter.

To check out the Currus NF, head over to FreeMotionShop.

Rion electric scooters


  • Company name: Rion Motors
  • Status: operational
  • Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Models: Rion2 RE60, Rion2 RE70, Rion2 RE90
  • Scooter types: power scooters
  • Website:
  • Social media: Instagram

Rion are the brand behind the fastest scooter in the world today.

That’s no surprise – the primary use of a Rion scooter is for racing.

Their website states that the Rion2 RE90 can go up to 100 m/h, which is 160 km/h! That is just crazy. Literally crazy.

Rion build crazy powerful scooters.

They only produce scooters when an order is made. It takes about 3 months to get the scooter ready and delivered. Their models cost between $3000 and $7400.

There are not many Rion scooters in the world right now because of that. But the owners of a Rion scooter know the true meaning of power.

Qiewa electric scooters


Qiewa builds powerful scooters with serious range and speed, but their prices are between $1000 and $2100, which is great value for money.

Taiwan has long been a place that produces technology that is superior to China’s, and rivals top technological brands.

The same can be said about the Qiewa brand. Taiwan is close to China, but its scooters far exceed the quality of most Chinese brands.

WePed electric scooters


A rather mysterious scooter company, seems like it’s based in South Korea.

Not a lot of information available about them. Their website is in Korean and even Google couldn’t translate it. Their YouTube channel seems strong.

However, it can’t be denied that their only electric scooter, the WePed GT, is a true beast. Priced in the same category as the best of the scooter, it justifies its prices with amazing range and power.

NanRobot electric scooters


In my opinion, NanRobot are the best value-for-money brand currently in the game right now.

They are a truly versatile electric scooter manufacturer, offering scooters in many price ranges, from $600 all the way up to $3200.

Their stats per dollar are simply unmatched across many of these price ranges. The NanRobot D5+ might easily be the best middle-priced scooter today, which is not an easy thing to achieve at all.

I may be biased here since I plan to make the D5+ my next scooter, but I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe that NanRobot offers amazing value.

Scrooser electric scooters


Scrooser are located in Germany, and their product is designed and manufactured in Germany.

And when it comes to design, the Germans don’t joke. You will get a 100% German machine, with all the benefits that come from that.

The company was founded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, which is always a great sign. They’ve been brought to life by a creative vision backed by loving users from the very start.

They only have one model for now, the Scrooser One. Not a classic electric kick scooter, since it has a seat and it’s longer than most scooters. But it still fits into the electric scooter family.

The Scrooser One, costing more than $3000, is rather expensive.

It doesn’t have the same performance benefits that many of the electric scooters in this price range have, like big range and great speeds.

That’s because its focus is on high quality, high-end craftsmanship, and safety.

Lehe electric scooters


Here’s an idea… what if you put bluetooth speakers on your electric scooter?

That’s what the Lehe brand is all about. You (and everyone around you) can now listen to sounds coming out of your scooter.

I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old. I know kids these days walk around with their many devices blasting various types of bad music. But I don’t believe in forcing other people to listen to whatever you wish to listen to in the moment.

Lehe scooters think that’s a good idea.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about scooters.

Lehe scooters don’t offer that much performance for their price. There are much more powerful scooters in the middle price range. I guess the real value proposition is the bluetooth speakers that their scooters have.

Joyor electric scooters


Joyor have about a dozen models across 5 different series, and they all offer great performances for their price.

Ranging from the higher-middle price all the way to the lower prices, they have offerings for almost anybody. Probably not yet an established brand in any category, but their offerings are truly great and they are slowly but steadily seeing their fan base grow.

Focusing primarily on Europe, but the USA as well, they are selling more and more scooters month over month, as scooters get more popular.

Unagi electric scooters


Unagi are somewhat of a newcomer to the electric scooter scene, but they seem to be doing a lot of things right, given the positive reactions that the market has.

They are still on their first series of scooters, the Model One, which can come with one or two motors.

Priced as a low to medium scooter, the focus is on craftsmanship more than it is on specs.

But the Model One has seen a lot of praise from the press and its users. So, for quality-focused owners, Unagi is a great brand.

UScooters / ETWOW electric scooters


First created out of the personal need of Dr. Sorin Sirbu, ETWOW has since grown into one of the most popular middle priced scooters in the world. The UScooters is a line of scooters that falls under the ETWOW umbrella.

Based in El Paso, Texas, UScooters has now sold several hundred thousand units. The brand has gained a lot of prominence because of that, but also because quite a few celebrities have been sporting their models.

Their two lines have a total of 6 scooters right now, ranging from budget to higher-end scooters. Great performances for the price.

If you want to take a look at the E-TWOW GT model, you can find it at EWheels here.

Magnum electric scooters


Primarily an electric bike brand, Magnum have seen great success with their IMax series of electric scooters in the medium price range.

One of the few brands that offer wooden decks on their scooters.

They create a big part of their components in-house to ensure high quality and reliability. Headquartered in the USA, designed in Germany, produced in China, the Magnum bikes go for the best of all worlds.

Uberscoot electric scooters


With over 14 years of existence, 9 electric scooter models, and a few petrol ones, Uberscoot sell over 15.000 units each month. They have a big production facility with more than 100 employees.

You can see the evolution and the huge leaps their scooters have made over the years.

That makes them a trusted, reputable brand.

They have a wide range of offers, mostly in the budget category, but some are medium-priced scooters. Good performance and value for money.

EcoReco electric scooters


A California-based brand that produces energy-efficient and environmentally friendly scooters. Several models in the budget and middle price category.

Not very performance-oriented, but very cost-efficient in terms of electricity they use.

Micro electric scooters


Micro Mobility offer a wide array of products for traveling, and electric scooters are not their main focus.

They currently have two electric scooters for adults, and they have a lot of scooters for kids, including regular kick scooters.

Probably not the most popular brand for electric scooters, but the company has been around for quite a while and it has a strong reputation, which means their scooters may get some more attention soon.

InMotion electric scooters


A popular brand of rideables, InMotion have been around since 2007 and have a lot to offer. The company was founded after the team won a robotics competition in China.

They have a few very solid scooters on the markets, priced between the low and middle price ranges.

FLJ electric scooters


  • Company name: FLJ Scooters
  • Status: possibly operational
  • Locations: China?
  • Established: 2015
  • Models: i11, T113, S8, K3, T11, T112
  • Scooter types: medium price range
  • Website:

A somewhat mysterious manufacturer of scooters, couldn’t figure out much about them.

Seems to be based in China. They have several scooter models, and some look very powerful, but they only have photos of them without any specs or performance measurements. No real social media presence either.

There is some chatter about their brand in some groups and forums, users seem to have good things to say about them, but that’s all I could find.

You can check out some FLJ models on AliExpress.

Evolv electric scooters


Evolv has three scooter models, all differently priced yet all in the middle price range category. They are a Canadian brand, and their scooters are available in North America, Europe, and they are also one of the best brands for electric scooters in Australia.

Their scooters pack a punch for the price being paid. They still haven’t sold that many scooters to become a worldwide renowned manufacturer, but given their scooters’ performances, that could easily change.

RND electric scooters


A Chinese brand that may be very overlooked. Their scooters are very affordable, but they do seem to have good performance specs.

Some of them have the option to add additional batteries, which is always a welcome addition. Their scooters are water-resistant too. Not much more you can require from a budget scooter.

Seems like RND haven’t had a big breakthrough, at least not in Western markets. But I think they really might get one soon.

Their models are very cheap and yet provide great value to their owners. It wouldn’t surprise me if RND get more recognition in Europe and the USA soon.

Phaewo electric scooters


Phaewo is a company that produces about half a dozen electric appliances. Scooters are not their main focus, but their X10 model does have some solid performances for a budget scooter.

Jetson electric scooters


Primarily a brand for kids’ scooters and regular kick scooters, Jetson have launched two models that enable them to join the club of electric scooter brands. Both are inexpensive, budget options.

Probably still not as proven as the other established brands, but it seems that users are satisfied with their electric scooters, so they may be headed in a good direction.

Evo electric scooters


The UK based scooter brand offers an amazing selection od 31 electric scooters! That is the most choice a company has ever offered when it comes to electric scooters.

Some of their scooters are on the cheap side, not exceeding $500. The majority belong in the medium-priced range, going up to around $1500. Tons of choice for everyone.

Their scooters are practical, frequently featuring a seat and a basket for products and groceries.

Discontinued electric scooter brands

There are a few brands that started their own scooter lines, but decided to quit making or selling electric scooters somewhere along the way. These are the discontinued, no longer operational electric scooter brands.

Boosted Rev electric scooters


Boosted are an electric skateboard company primarily, and a very good one at that.

Their decision to create an electric scooter seemed like a wise and popular one, as many seemed to love the Boosted Rev. However, it was discontinued at the start of 2020, and is no longer produced.

Hollyburn electric scooters


  • Company name: Hollyburn
  • Status: out of stock / discontinued
  • Locations: /
  • Established: /
  • Models: /
  • Scooter types: power scooters
  • Website: /
  • YouTube channel: /
  • Social media: /

There is some information about Hollyburn scooter still floating around the Internet, but no public website for the company, nor active and in-stock product pages.

Seems like they’ve made powerful scooters in their days, not sure what goes on with them nowadays.

Emobo electric scooters


  • Company name: EMobo
  • Status: out of stock / discontinued
  • Locations: /
  • Established: /
  • Models: EMobo Duotork
  • Scooter types: power scooters
  • Website: /
  • YouTube channel: /
  • Social media: /

It seems like EMobo either no longer operate, or their scooters are out of stock for a while. Maybe I just couldn’t find a store that has them online, but I looked really hard.

Which is a great shame, since they obviously had a great scooter with the EMobo Duotork. Here’s a video from a really, really fast ride with a customized version of it.

If these scooters are no longer produced, it would really be a shame.

What are the best electric scooter brands?

There are many good electric scooter brands and manufacturers, but the best ones today are:

  • Minimotors USA (Dualtron, Speedway)
  • EMove
  • Qiewa
  • Xiaomi
  • Glion Dolly
  • GoTrax
  • Razor

Of course, each one of them has their own specialty and a unique position in the market. That enables them to serve their target customers the best.

When you are thinking about buying a scooter, think about your own unique needs first. That can make the job of picking your perfect brand much easier.

These are the specialties for each of the best scooter brands.

Xiaomi have little competition when it comes to the most popular electric scooter. Their M365 and M365 Pro models are almost synonyms for the e-scooter trend.

What is thet best electric scooter power brand?

When it comes to power scooters, Minimotors offer the widest selection of monster models. Many of their scooters are capable of developing insane speeds.

What is the best electric scooter brand for heavy adults?

Qiewa is the only real electric scooter brand for heavy adults. There are a few brands that offer scooters with 150 kg weight limits, but only Qiewa dares to push the boundaries here and offer scooters with 300 kg of weight limit.

What is the best electric scooter brand for waterproof scooters?

The only electric scooter with an IP rating that is sufficient to prevent water damage, and possibly solve the problem of riding in the rain, is the EMove Cruiser. The new model has an IP rating of IPX6, and the brand claims that the scooter can be used in light rain.

What is the best value electric scooter brand?

Glion Dolly is the best value electric scooter today. People go crazy over the Glion Dolly. And what’s not to love? It is a reliable, durable, decently-powered scooter that is priced as a budget model. Few popular scooters will provide the quality that the Glion Dolly provides for such a competitive price. You can read a complete review of the Glion Dolly here.

What are the best budget electric scooter brands?

When it comes to budget electric scooters, the throne is shared between Razor and GoTrax. These popular brands have sold countless units, while driving the price down, and in a way forcing many other brands to follow.


As we can see, there is no shortage of brands to choose from.

If you need a great tried-and-tested scooter, pick a reputable brand and the chances for you to make a mistake are small.

On the other hand, if you feel like betting on an underdog, or looking for more value out of your money, you can choose any other of the brands, with all the pros and cons that such a choice would include.

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