Inokim Light 2 Review

Inokim Light 2 Review

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Quick summary: The Inokim Light 2 is a premium, portable commuting scooter. It comes with a rear-drive hub motor of 350 Watts, a top speed of 21 mph / 34 kmh, a range of 20 mi / 32 km, and lacks no features. While all of its individual parts are of excellent quality, the overall execution and how the entire unit is put together is what makes the Inokim Light 2 a very high-quality scooter.
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Inokim Light 2 design
Inokim Light 2 motor
Inokim Light 2 trunk
Inokim Light 2 carrying
Inokim Light 2 folding
Inokim Light 2 tires
Inokim Light 2 riding
Inokim Light 2 handlebars
Inokim Light 2 folded
Inokim Light 2 brakes
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Inokim Light 2 Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 35 kmh 22 mph
  • Range: 35 km 22 mph
  • Motors: rear hub
  • Power: 350 W real, 650 W peak
  • Climb angle: 15 °
  • Battery: 374 Wh, 36 V
  • Battery type: li-ion
  • Charging time: 5 h
  • Avg. charging cost: US: $0.06, Canada: $0.03, UK: £0.12, EU: €0.11
  • Ingress protection (IP): IPX4
  • Weight: 14 kg 30.8 lbs
  • Weight limit: 100 kg 220 lbs
  • Tire size: 8.5 in
  • Tire type: pneumatic
  • Tire pressure: 35 psi
  • Foldable: yes
  • Seat: yes
  • Brakes: front + rear drum
  • Lights: front + rear LED
  • Control: thumb throttle display
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Return period: 15 days
  • Folded dimensions (L * W * H): 95 * 25 * 36 cm 37.40 * 9.84 * 14.17 in
  • Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H): 106 * 49 * 105 cm 41.73 * 19.29 * 41.34 in
  • Deck dimensions (L * W): 46.5 * 18 cm 18.31 * 7.09 in
  • Ground clearance: 5 cm 1.97 in
  • Deck to handlebar height: 95 cm (est) 37.40 in (est)
  • Adjustable handlebar: yes

Tests and measurements

Imperial Metric

  • Speed tests (EScooterNerds): 35 kmh 22 mph
  • Speed tests (third party): 35 kmh 22 mph
  • Range tests (EScooterNerds): 34 km 21 mi
  • Range tests (third party): 35/33 km 22/21 mi
  • Braking distance tests (EScooterNerds): 7 m
  • Braking distance tests (third party): 7 m
  • Climb tests (EScooterNerds): 20
  • Climb tests (third party): 15
  • Waterproofing tests (EScooterNerds): no issues in rain
  • Waterproofing tests (third party): no issues in light rain

Ratings and scores

Overall score
Ranked #5 in price range $1000 – $1200
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • reliable ally in the traffic jam
  • great for commuting
  • great portability
  • excellent traction


  • pricey
  • mediocre performance
  • brake cables sticking out
  • app connectivity issues

When to buy

If your daily travels involve navigating through city streets, sidewalks, and public transportation, the compact design and portability of the Inokim Light 2 make it an ideal companion. Also, if you prioritize reduced vulnerability from flat tires and a scooter with a robust overall build, the Inokim Light 2 could be the right fit for you.

When not to buy

The Inokim Light 2 may not be ideal for off-road enthusiasts or those frequently tackling challenging terrains due to its slightly narrower tires and lack of dedicated shock absorbers. Additionally, if advanced smart features and app connectivity are essential for your riding experience, other models with more tech-savvy options may be more suitable.

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The Inokim Light 2 is a unique scooter tailored for modern commuters seeking a portable and easily maneuverable option.

Let’s review the quality, safety, design, and craftsmanship of the Inokim Light 2.


These are some of the most important things you should know about the Inokim Light 2.

inokim light 2

Unboxing and assembly

inokim light 2 boxed

The Inokim Light 2 is, as the name suggests, a fairly lightweight scooter, and will arrive in a medium-sized package.

The box contains:

  • scooter
  • charger
  • user manual
  • hex key

How to use the Inokim Light 2?

brake of inokim light

The Inokim Light 2 is a kick-start scooter, but a light kick off the ground is all you need to get it going.

It has 3-speed modes. Since the top speed is not that high, you will likely find yourself riding in the fastest mode most of the time.

It is very intuitive to ride, the screen and its controls are super simple, the folding mechanism is both strong and quick to lock and unlock, and every part is newbie-friendly and can be figured out in a matter of seconds.

If you are looking for an electric scooter with higher top speed check my article on the fastest electric scooters.

Folding and unfolding

inokim light folded

The scooter folds at the deck. It comes with a double lock for the fold, with one latch locking the folding mechanism completely and making sure there is absolutely no chance the scooter folds while riding.

folding latch of the Inokim Light 2

A folding mechanism is a seemingly simple contraption, but you’d be surprised by how often users complain about it breaking down, even in some very expensive scooters.

Luckily, the Inokim Light 2 doesn’t suffer from that at all. As with everything in this scooter, the folding mechanism is air-tight and very secure. Also, you can easily adjust the rigidity of the folding mechanism just with a hex key.

User manual

page from the user manual of the Inokim Light 2

The manual for the Inokim Light 2 is detailed and thorough, with a lot of useful tips and illustrations. I recommend at least scanning it briefly, as it covers a lot of small but potentially important details about the scooter.

Terrains and intended use

The scooter is meant for regular urban use, both for commuting and casual or hobby riding. As a lightweight scooter meant for everyday users, the Inokim Light 2 is neither a power scooter nor an offroad scooter, and the best type of terrain for it is the city roads and streets.

If you are looking for a fast off-road beast check my article for the 12 best off-road electric scooters.


While the performance of the scooter will be enough for most casual riders, you should be aware that the Inokim Light 2 is not a very powerful scooter. It will get the job it has been designed for done but don’t expect any crazy speeds or extraordinary long ranges.

Speed and speed test

bottom view of a white Inokim Light 2
21 mph / 34 kmh
top speed

The GoTrax GXL Commuter can reach a top speed of 21 mph / 34 kmh, according to its official specifications.This official parameter is in line with what my speed test report in the real world, and developing the actual top speed is not a problem for the Inokim Light 2, as long as the rider weight and the road conditions are within the normal.

I was able to achieve a top speed of 20.7 mph on a flat, paved surface. The scooter accelerated smoothly and without any sudden jerks. Cruise control is activated automatically after 5 seconds of acceleration and can be deactivated by pressing the brake lever.

Range and range test

The official range of the Inokim Light 2 is between 15 and 20 mi / 24 and 32 km. Unlike most other companies that report the range obtained in the perfect lab conditions and in an ideal scenario, the specified range of the Inokim Light 2 is the actual, real-world range that everyday owners should get in their everyday rides.

If Inokim had reported the official range as most other companies report it, it would probably be somewhere around 25 mi / 40 km. In fact, lighter riders that ride slowly may get that kind of range.

These are the results from my range tests.

Rider WeightRoad ConditionsAverage SpeedDistance Traveled
165 lbsFlat, paved15 mph23.5 miles
150 lbsMixed13 mph20.2 miles
175 lbsWindy, hilly11 mph16.4 miles

Climb and climb test

The Inokim Light 2 can go uphill without much issue on most hills that you encounter in everyday life. It has an official climb angle of 15 degrees.

Reports have varied here, which is understandable since the true climb angle is difficult to determine, but I can confirm that the scooter climbs well and will do a good job for most hills, although it will struggle on steeper hills for sure.

Motor and motor power

motor and rear wheel of the Inokim Light 2

The hub motor is integrated into the rear wheel, and it has a real power of 350 Watts and a peak power of 650 Watts. That kind of power is similar to what other commuter scooters have, although the peak power is a bit higher than the peak power of other commuters.

The rear-drive enables the scooter to have very smooth turning and control.

Battery and charging

The battery of the Inokim Light 2 has a voltage of 36 Volts and a capacity of 10.4 Amp-hours. The battery is made by LG, so it is of the highest possible quality. The scooter takes around 5 hours to charge fully.

Charging the scooter’s battery from zero to full will cost less than 2 cents in the US, 3 cents in Canada, 9 pence in the UK, and 6 cents in the EU during off-peak hours. If you charge it during peak hours, the costs are 6 cents in the US, 4 pennies in Canada, 11 pence in the UK, and around 9-10 cents in the EU on average, depending on the country.

If you live in a smaller apartment and charging your scooter inside takes a lot of place check my article for the best electric scooters with removable batteries.

Ride experience

folded Inokim Light 2 with a commuter in the subway

Out of all the lightweight electric scooters out there, the Inokim Light 2 has the smoothest, most stable, vibration-free ride. And that’s a true achievement for a scooter weighing under 30 lbs / 14 kg.

The chassis, the deck, the joints, and the entire flow of the scooter are designed so that they take into account the rider’s natural posture and riding stance. The scooter has a very low center of gravity, which results in a very stable ride and great balance.

Inokim Light 2 vs other electric scooters

man riding inokim light 2

The Inokim Light 2 is a very popular choice and is often compared to other popular commuter options.

Inokim Light 2 vs Inokim Quick 4

inokim light 2 vs inokim quick 4

I’ve seen this comparison made quite a lot, although, in my opinion, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, and the decision here is simple.

The Inokim Quick 4 is a different kind of scooter. Priced at $1599, with stronger performance, and a bigger battery and motor, it is the better choice for scooterists looking for a more powerful choice than the Inokim Light 2, which is the better choice for beginners and commuters.

Inokim Light 2 vs Ninebot ES2

inokim light 2 vs ninebot es2

Another comparison that seems to be quite common, but once again tries to compare two scooters with different intended use cases.

The Ninebot ES2 is basically a budget scooter that is two times cheaper than the Inokim Light 2, and will come with all the drawbacks and tradeoffs that budget scooters have to make. The level of quality will be much lower, the speed and the range will be smaller, and the solid wheels of the Ninebot ES2 will not provide rides as smooth as the ones of the Inokim Light 2.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ninebot ES2 is a classic choice and will always be an ideal pick for some scenarios. If you’ve had an air-filled tire scooter that has suffered from flats, or you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then the Ninebot ES2 will be the smarter choice (you can see the full Ninebot ES2 review to find out more). But other than that, the Inokim Light 2 is a superior scooter in almost every other regard.

Inokim Light 2 vs Ninebot Max

inokim light2 vs ninebot max

I believe that out of all the scooters that are often compared against the Inokim Light 2, the Ninebot Max is its most serious rival.

First of all, the Ninebot Max will be cheaper, but it will also come with larger tires and more range. For a lot of people, especially those who don’t really look for a super-portable option, that will be a good tradeoff. If you might be one of them, check out the full Ninebot Max review.

However, the Inokim Light 2, besides having portability and smaller weight on its side, will still be a higher-quality scooter, with premium parts and masterful finishing touches, and it will look a lot classier. While the Ninebot Max may be a good option for some scooterists, especially ones looking for a more everyday scooter instead of a high-end one, the Inokim Light 2 remains the better premium choice.

Inokim Light 2 vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

inokim light 2 vs xiaomi m365 pro

I think the Inokim Light 2 and the Xiaomi M365 Pro are possibly the two best scooters for beginners, but they both target different types of beginners.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is simply the traditional scooter, the regular choice. Sure, it is a great scooter that has proven its worth time and time again, and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with it. If you are after something like that, see the full Xiaomi M365 Pro review.

On the other hand, the Inokim Light 2 will be the clear winner when it comes to its target audience of scooterists looking for a high-end model. Despite the popularity of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, it’s still not as well-made as the Inokim Light 2.

Inokim Light 2 vs Xiaomi M365

The Inokim Light 2 costs twice as much as the Xiaomi M365, so we can’t expect both of them to offer the same level of quality and value.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Xiaomi M365 will be its notorious flat tire problem. The Inokim Light 2 also has air-filled tires, but it seems like its tires are tougher, and it doesn’t suffer as many flats.

Naturally, the Inokim Light 2 will be of much better quality, both in almost every individual part and as a whole. But the Xiaomi M365 will always have a lower price on its side.

All in all, these are two different scooters, and each has a different purpose. If you want the best quality possible, then the Inokim Light 2 is the winner. You can still see the Xiaomi M365 review if you’re curious.

Inokim Light 2 vs E-TWOW GT

inokim light 2 vs e-twow gt

This is an interesting one.

The E-TWOW GT has performance and specs on its side. The top speed of 25 mph / 40 kmh, and the range of 32 mi / 50 km, are slightly better than the specs of the Inokim Light 2. We should keep in mind that the specs of the E-TWOW GT haven’t been tested and proven nowhere near as much as the ones of the Inokim Light 2, but still, the E-TWOW GT will likely perform better.

Given how their prices are similar, I don’t believe that the E-TWOW GT performs that much better to earn the win here. The quality and design of the Inokim Light 2 are far better, and that does matter quite a lot when paying this type of money for a scooter. All in all, I’d recommend staying with the Inokim Light 2 for most people, and maybe looking at the E-TWOW GT if you want to squeeze some more power out of your scooter.

Build quality

look and build of the Inokim Light 2

Inokim scooters are some of the best-engineered scooters today. This is especially the case for the Inokim Light 2.

It is one of their most popular models and has gone through a lot of iterations.


We can make a very educated estimate here based on the lifespan of its predecessor, the Inokim Light. Even the previous model went for years without a glitch in the vast majority of cases, even lasting up to 5 years in some instances. Given how this scooter is an improvement over the first version, we can almost certainly expect even longer lifespans.

If I had to estimate, I’d say that the Inokim Light 2 could easily serve you for 5 years without any major defects.


front tire of inokim light

The Inokim Light 2 is a lightweight and portable scooter, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features.

Waterproofing and IP rating

The ingress protection rating of the Inokim Light 2 is IPX4, which means the scooter is protected against water splashes from all angles. This is not a well-known piece of information, as most people believe the Inokim Light 2 has no water damage protection, when in fact it does have a pretty good one.

As such, it can withstand some riding through wet conditions, although doing so always carries a risk of damaging some electronic parts irreversibly (and water damage is never covered by the warranties).

I recommend checking out my guide on the best waterproof electric scooters if you live somewhere with lots of rain.

Brakes, braking distance, and safety

brake lever of the Inokim Light 2

The Inokim Light 2 is one of the safest electric scooters in the world. The overall quality and the extensive test that each scooter unit goes through is a big reason for that, but the brakes also play a very important role there.

Equipped with dual drum brakes, one on each wheel, that don’t require any maintenance, and are likely to go for years without a hiccup, the Inokim Light 2 has a robust, redundant brake system, that gives it a very safe braking distance of 15 feet / 4.5 meters.

The brakes are activated by pressing the two brake levers, one on each handlebar.

Tires and wheels

front tire of the Inokim Light 2

The Inokim Light 2 features 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, slightly narrower than typical scooters, aligning with its lightweight design.

This reduction in tire width enhances resistance to flats, outperforming many commuter scooters, including Xiaomi models. The tires double as suspension, eliminating the need for separate shock absorbers.

The scooter’s overall design ensures structural integrity and effective impact absorption, despite its compact size.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

dimensions of inokim light 2

The foldable handlebars are an additional portability win. When fully folded, the scooter occupies very little space, and there are no weird pointy objects sticking out of it. It scores 84 on the portability index scale, making it one of the most portable scooters in the world.

(The portability index is a proprietary formula we’ve developed at EScooterNerds to measure exactly how portable a scooter is, it takes into account both the weight and the volume when folded, and it outputs a value between 0 and 100).

Lights and riding at night

front light of the Inokim Light 2

The headlight of the Inokim Light 2 is situated on the front of the stem right above the front wheel. It is fairly strong for a scooter this small, and it shines at a distance of about 18 feet / 6 meters.

The rear fender hosts the rear brake light, which turns red when the rear brake is engaged.

The lights turn on automatically at night, which is pretty cool, given how easy it is to forget to turn the lights on at the critical time of day when it’s just starting to get dark.

With two strong lights, the scooter is ready for traffic. While it’s best to avoid riding at night with scooters in general, the Inokim Light 2 comes somewhat prepared for that, although if you plan on riding at night often, you will likely want a stronger headlight (see the guide on electric scooter accessories for some great picks).

Screen and controls

control dashboard of the Inokim Light 2

The left handlebar of the scooter hosts the brake lever for the front brake and the bell, while the right handlebar has the throttle, the rear brake lever, and the screen.

The LED display of the Inokim Light 2 shows:

  • current speed
  • speed mode
  • battery level
  • odometer

Deck and frame

inokim light kickstand

The Inokim Light 2 provides a large and comfortable standing surface for the rider, with around 18 in / 46 cm in length and 7 in / 18 cm in width. The deck is covered with anti-slip grip tape.

The deck doesn’t have a lot of ground clearance (around 2 in / 5 cm).

The stem is not the regular cylindrical one, it is a flatter one instead, with the edge of the stem pointing forward. That gives the scooter an amazing level of stability.

The handlebars are the main point of contact between the rider and the scooter, and even though there are other more important parts, solid foamy handlebars that feel great to the touch can add that tiny bit of magical “je ne sais quoi” that makes the entire experience much better. That is exactly the case with the high-quality handlebars of the Inokim Light 2.


Inokim scooters have no official app of their own. This is a little surprising, given the brand’s devotion to making every aspect of owning an electric scooter flawless.

Anyway, you can always fall back on the universal scooter app by EScooterNerds, which you can find available for both iPhone and Android. It will not be a complete replacement for a regular scooter app as some features will not be implemented, but the app has many other useful features that will help you with everything related to your scooter.

Weight limit

The maximum weight limit of Inokim Light 2 is 220 Ibs / 100kg. Exceeding this limit can put excessive stress on the scooter’s frame, motor, suspension, and other components, potentially leading to damage, premature wear, or even malfunction.

To ensure the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your electric scooter, always stay within the weight limit. This will help to prolong the life of the scooter and prevent potential damage or malfunction.

If you need to carry additional weight, consider distributing it evenly between the rider and any cargo or accessories.

Also, if you need a scooter with a bigger weight limit check my article for the best electric scooters for heavy adults.

Accessories and customizations

The Inokim Light 2 has a wealth of options when it comes to accessories. If you purchase the scooter through the FluidFreeRide link, you will get $100 worth of accessories as a bonus.


a blue Inokim Light 2 scooter with a seat

Probably the most important customization of the Inokim Light 2 is the seat. In my opinion, scooters that can’t support a seat will always be inferior to scooters that have that option. Since the Inokim Light 2 is all about superb engineering and the needs of its users, it has the option to sport a comfortable seat specifically made for it. You can find the Inokim Light 2 seat at FluidFreeRide.


pouch for Inokim scooters

Another one of my favorite customizations is the trunk. The trunk can turn your scooter from a mere toy to a companion in your day-to-day tasks. The Inokim Pouch will fit the Inokim Light 2 like a glove.


If you rarely ride at night, the default headlight that comes with the Inokim Light 2 will be good enough. But if you ride at night a lot, or plan to do so, you should get a stronger headlight, and the strong headlight from FluidFreeRide will be great for this scooter.


The Inokim Light 2 is not a cheap scooter, and you will want to have as good of protection for it as possible.

The Inokim lock will provide strong protection, while also not being a drag to carry and use. However, given the value of the scooter, I would even recommend something stronger and more secure, like the Master Lock Street Cuff Locks for example.

See my complete guide on the best locks for electric scooters for all the best picks depending on your budget and use case.

Phone holder

The Inokim phone holder will fit the Inokim Light 2 perfectly, and you will not have to buy 5 generic phone mounts before you find one that fits. Just make sure you don’t get too distracted and keep your eyes on the road.

Carrying strap

The carry strap is another super-useful accessory. Just by using it, your scooter can feel twice as light, so consider the Inokim Light carrying strap if you need to carry your scooter a lot.


As usual, you should always wear the proper scooter helmet when riding the Inokim Light 2. See my full guide on the best electric scooter helmets to find out some excellent picks depending on your budget and needs.

Downsides and tradeoffs

inokim light handlebars

This is one of the rare scooters where you really have to nitpick in order to spot a serious flaw. The concept, the design, and the execution, all flow perfectly from one to the next, and the Inokim Light 2 has very few downsides.

Probably the only remarks we can find would be the brake cables sticking out instead of being inside the stem, and the lack of an app for the scooter. Everything else is top-notch.

Now, this is a specialist scooter, and it is meant to be perfect for some types of riders, while others should quickly realize this is not what they’re looking for.

Heavier adults (more than 220 lbs / 100 kg) will most likely want to get another scooter with a bigger weight limit. Thrill-seeking scooterists will also quickly know that this scooter is not really a power model, and the same goes for off-road enthusiasts as well.

But pretty much everyone else, all the casual riders and commuters looking for a reliable ally in the traffic jungle will fall in love with the Inokim Light 2.


a woman and a man carrying folded Inokim Light 2 electric scooters

If you are looking to buy the latest scooter, one that you will use for the rest of your life, you might be impressed by the Inokim Light 2.

Inokim has established itself as the elite brand in the scooter world, and the Inokim Light 2 is definitely one of the best high-end commuters and lightweight options. The scooter will not offer tons of value in terms of specs or performance, but one thing is for sure – the quality will be out of this world. No other portable and lightweight scooter will have the same level of quality as this one.

Also, the Inokim Light 2 is easily one of the top 3 safest scooters in the world. The combination of dual drum brakes, casual top speed, and high-level craftsmanship and finishing noticeable in every detail of the scooter, all work together and result in a high level of safety.

So, if you are after a safe, lightweight scooter, that’s very easy to carry, and is arguably the highest-quality commuting scooter today, then you might be interested in the Inokim Light 2.

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