Electric Scooter Universal App

EScooterNerds listened to the voices and the needs of the scooter community, and released a native mobile app for the electric scooter owner that serves as a general-purpose electric scooter app.

The app will work great in combination with your existing scooter app (who knows, it may even replace it in the future).

Keep in mind that the app is still in its early versions, so advanced features like bluetooth connection with your scooter are still being developed. However, pretty much everything else you can think of as a feature that the perfect scooter app might have, this app will include. If it doesn’t, simply reach out through the contact form or in the app and the feature will be released soon if it makes sense.

The app includes tools, tips, calculators, checklists, guides, picker tools, specifications for every scooter models, reviews, a platform for buying and selling used scooters, scooter gear and equipment reviews including locks and accessories, and much, much more.

As mentioned, the app is made to work together with your primary scooter app, although as more features are added, it may even replace the need for the primary app (usually most of them are terrible).

Whether you already own an electric scooter or you are looking to buy one, the app offers many buying tools and resources:

  • Electric Scooter Reviews
  • Best Electric Scooter Stores
  • Discounts, Coupons, and Promotions at the Best Electric Scooter Stores
  • Electric Scooter Picker Tool
  • Specifications and Parameters for Every Scooter Model
  • A platform for Buying and Selling Used Electric Scooters
  • Best Helmets For Electric Scooters
  • Best Locks For Electric Scooters
  • Best Accessories For Electric Scooters

There are several important guides for your electric scooter:

  • Electric scooter buying guide
  • Traffic Laws & Legal Guide
  • Electric Scooter Riding Tips
  • Safety Tips
  • Night Riding Tips
  • Repair Tips
  • Waterproofing Tips
  • Winter Tips
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Electric Scooter FAQ

Also, you can use and modify the checklists for the common tasks associated with your scooter:

  • Maintenance Checklist
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Charging Checklist
  • Storing Checklist

On top of that, you can also use many tools and calculators:

  • Range Calculator
  • Commute Calculator
  • Power Calculator
  • Charge Cost Calculator
  • Charge Time Calculator
  • Voltage Calculator
  • Amp Hours Calculator
  • Watt Hours Calculator
  • Angle Converter
  • Pressure Converter
  • Handlebar Height Calculator

Coming in future versions:

  • Custom firmware and hacks for popular scooter models
  • Platform for buying and selling used scooters
  • Measuring trip distance
  • Trip planner
  • Best repair shops based on your location
  • Forum and community (integrated with the EScooterNerds forum)
  • Riding groups
  • Test drive offers
  • Electric scooter ride sharing helper

Go ahead and try it out now, and feel free to voice your opinion on the existing features but also on the extra features you think the app should include.

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