Editorial Process

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Every single word published on EScooterNerds goes through our rigorous editorial process. We only write what we know about, and electric scooters and other electric vehicles are what we know about the most.

Over the years, me (Matt) and other contributors to EScooterNerds have developed extensive knowledge and experience with electric vehicles, especially electric scooters, but also electric bikes, cars, and other rideables.

Usually, we start with research – we consume all the possible information about every possible electric scooter and vehicle out there. We pay close attention to trends in the industry and keep our ears to the ground for new models and developments.

Of course, that’s just the beginning.

The core of our research is usually hands-on testing and reviewing as many models as we can get our hands on. This is how we draw our own data and gain practical knowledge on all electric scooters and vehicles. And we take this process a step further than most other brands in the industry – not only do we review products on our own, but we also work closely with our audience members and reward them for sharing information about their own long-term experience and knowledge of the products!

Besides creating individual reviews of scooters and other vehicles, we also do a lot of comparison guides and lists, where we present what we’ve learned along with our own opinions and recommendations. Our main focus is to educate our audience about the best options for their own needs, preferences, and budgets, and be aware of all the products that might suit them best, and in which specific scenario should they choose one scooter over another.

We’ve also have developed our own measurement and testing systems and processes used to present a comparisons between different models in a simple way. Our reviews, lists, and comparison guides usually feature points, measurements, and test data.

But we go even further than that.

The majority of the content on this blog is practical how-to information regarding all aspects of your electric vehicle, from the first question that pops into your head when you think about whether you should try or buy one, through the buying process, all the way to the point where you are a satisfied long-term owner of it. Articles with this type of information are often created in consultation with engineers, designers, mechanics, customer support representatives, and even brand managers, so that we can provide you with knowledge at every step along the way. We support you on your electric vehicle journey from the start, and our support never really ends.

We work closely with the best brands in the industry, and we do cooperate as affiliates with many of them (we may earn a small percentage of the sale as a reward for recommending you their products if you buy through some of our links), but our commitment to providing complete, tested, factual information to our audience is always our number one priority. That is obvious from our content – we often state many negatives, problems, and downsides we’ve discovered in products we’re affiliates for, since educating our audience always comes first. We never want to have a dissatisfied audience member, ever.

Before we publish an article, we triple-check it not only for facts, but for the reading experience as well, and we make sure to deliver only the highest-quality content we can possibly deliver. Our Youtube channel is also another great place where we present our content in a video format as well.