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Since I (Matt) started using electric scooters more seriously, they became my hobby to such an extent that blogging about them became almost a no-brainer. That’s how EScooterNerds got started, as one guy’s regular old blog for electric scooters.

And it’s still mostly one guy’s regular old blog for electric scooters, with the occasional post from some other authors.


Since March 2020, the time when this blog got started, things have been changing. Slowly at first, and faster and faster as time goes on.

Today, EScooterNerds is the largest electric scooter blog on the Internet. It has been featured in some of the most important tech, automotive, and gadgets publications:

EScooterNerds provides more research, data, and useful content on electric scooters than any other resource available. My writers and always strive to find new interesting ways to talk about electric scooters, do research that scooterists need to know about, and do 100% in-depth reviews of the most important electric scooters available, presented in the cleanest, simplest possible way we can manage.

And this is just the beginning.

EScooterNerds will continue growing as a blog, no doubt.

The plan, however, is to become much more than that. We are, after all, at the bleeding edge of the electric scooter revolution here, and in some sense we are all in this together.

This is what the plan looks like:

  • some of you have already joined the EScooterNerds email newsletter, and while you’re not getting any newsletters right now, you will start getting them very soon, as soon as I get a little bit less busy
  • a little surprise for existing scooterists – you will soon be able to earn some sweet $$$ with your scooter, stay tuned…
  • a YouTube channel for EScooterNerds
  • eventually, this website will host a forum, where current and future scooterists will be able to freely share ideas and feedback, helping each other with all the problems we encounter
  • related to the above, social media presence is important, and the EScooterNerds Facebook page, several groups like the Facebook group on Xiaomi M365 Pro owners, the EScooterNerds Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, will all get more attention and continue spreading the good word about scooters there
  • since I’m primarily a developer by trade, I can’t help but think about developing useful apps for scooters, both web apps and mobile apps, and in a way, that is the scooter project I can’t wait to start
  • there is already plenty to do here, but I do plan on publishing an ebook on electric scooters very soon too

My team and I will try very hard to make all of this work. And I mean this – I basically work 12 hours a day, and there’s nothing more I enjoy than building valuable things. How much of this will be achieved, it remains to be seen, but my team and I are very serious about this.

I want to thank you for being a reader of my blog, I truly appreciate it, and at times I still can’t believe how many people this regular old blog of one guy has reached already. Feel free to contact me about anything you want to know through the contact form, I do my best to respond to everyone.

Also, if you’re looking to work with our team, you can check out our job openings and careers page.

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Have a great day my friend, see you around.