26 Electric Scooter Accessories [Must Haves + Recommended + Nice to Have]

Let’s go through every single known piece of electric scooter accessory out there, that can turn your hobby scooter into a powerful ally for your commutes and day-to-day tasks, and make your life a lot easier.

Electric scooter accessories

Electric Scooter AccessoryNecessityPriceRecommended Product
Helmetmust have$20 – $100+Bell Qualifier (Amazon)
Front and rear lightmust have$10 – $20Cincred 400 Lumens (Amazon)
Fluorescent turn signal vestmust have$15ECEEN (Amazon)
Safety armor/jacketstrongly recommended$30 – $100+Herobiker (Amazon)
Knee and elbow padsstrongly recommended$5 – $50King Showden (Amazon)
Lockstrongly recommended$10 – $100+Kryptonite New York LS (Amazon)
Trunk or storage bagstrongly recommended$10 – $20Epessa (Amazon)
Basketstrongly recommended$10 – $25Retrospec (Amazon)
Alarmstrongly recommended$20+Onvian (Amazon)
Glovesrecommended$15+X4 (Amazon)
Glasses or eye protectionrecommended$10+Global Vision (Amazon)
Speedometerrecommended$15+SY Wireless (Amazon)
Bell or hornrecommended$5 – $30Airzound (Amazon)
Turn signalsrecommended$10 – $30Panapo (Amazon)
Hookgood to have~$10Generic (Amazon)
Mirrorgood to have$5Meachow (Amazon)
Carry handlegood to have$10Epessa (Amazon)
Carry strapgood to have$10Epessa (Amazon)
Bag or covergood to have$10Lamaki Lab (Amazon)
Phone holder good to have$10 – $20IPOW (Amazon)
Seatgood to have$20 – $100Vbestlife for Xiaomi (Amazon)
LED stripsgood to have$10YHGSEE (Amazon)
Bluetooth earbuds, helmet compatibleoptional$25 – $200+Skull Candy (Amazon)
Wall mountoptional$10Cleverr (Amazon)
Cupholderoptional$5 – $15SheerLiving (Amazon)
Stickersoptional$5 – $15Generic (Amazon)
5 different accessories for an electric scooter, app, bag, armor, mirror, turn signal widget

The utility of electric scooter accessories is undeniable. So many items that have begun as accessories have become standard pieces of equipment in some models. This means it’s possible your scooter comes with some accessories out of the box.

Many accessories are too big or too specific to be included in the standard models, but even then, they are often available as after-market upgrades.

Take a look at the list of accessories, maybe you will get an idea of how to make your scooter even more useful or fun.

Electric scooter helmet

Person wearing a black reflective full motorcycle helmet and a backpack

Necessity: must have

As anyone that has been into electric scooters for more than a week will tell you – having a helmet is a must!

In fact, in a way, it doesn’t really count as an accessory, it’s more like required equipment, both by common sense, and by the law.

If you can only buy one extra item for your electric scooter, it should be the helmet. Its importance cannot be overstated – it can literally be the difference between life or death.

Ok, you have been warned, but it doesn’t have to be all loom and gloom. Picking a helmet is actually tons of fun, and there are many, many awesome looking helmets that will make you and your scooter look even further.

You can check out the full best electric scooter helmet guide to learn about the different helmet types, and which one to choose according to your needs and budget.

These are some of the best electric scooter choices in 2020:

  • Shoei RF-SR – premium, best quality, maximum protection (link to Amazon)
  • Bell Qualifier – best value, maximum protection, popular choice (link to Amazon)
  • Vega Warrior – great safety/comfort balance (half helmet), great quality, very affordable (link to Amazon)
  • 6D ATR-1 Switch – premium, best choice for offroad, maximum protection (link to Amazon)
  • Schwinn Thrasher – bike helmet, great comfort, minimum protection, amazing choice, massive popularity, strong quality (link to Amazon)

Front and rear light

headlight under the handlebar of an electric scooter

Necessity: must have (may come with scooter)

Headlights are a standard piece of equipment, and should come with every scooter. There are some scary stories of users buying very cheap off-brand scooters from China and only then noticing they don’t have a headlight. But the rule is, your scooter will arrive with a headlight.

A few models will either not include a headlight, or taillights, or both. If any of those is the case for your scooter, you will have to buy the missing lights to make sure your scooter is street-legal.

On top of that, two things can, and often do, happen:

  • your headlight stops working
  • your headlight is very weak

If your headlight stops working, check if your scooter, and the headlight, in particular, is still within the warranty period. You may get issued a new one for free if that’s the case.

If the warranty on your headlight has expired, or your headlight is simply too weak to do a decent job, you will need a stronger headlight.

Rear lights can sometimes be lacking from the scooter out of the box. Again, this will never be the case with a popular, high-quality scooter from a reputable brand, but it can still happen.

Luckily, there are quite a few great, cheap options here. You can find some cool sets of front + backlight for under $20 on Amazon. The best value for money in my opinion is the Cincred bike light set, with amazing 400 Lumens strong headlight. You can find it on Amazon here.

If you need just the rear light, you can get a standard BV rear light for half the price on Amazon as well.

Fluorescent turn signal vest

turn signal widget vest worn on the back of a person showing different signals

Necessity: must have

Chances are, fluorescent vests will be required for night riding by your local law.

Even if they’re not, they’re still a great idea to own. They let other participants know about your position in traffic, and can sometimes play a critical role in road safety, both for you and others. So not only will you obey the law, but you will make sure you are doing everything to stay safe while riding.

You can get the regular green fluorescent vest for about $15 on Amazon, but I highly recommend spending an extra $5 or so and getting the ECEEN LED Turn Signal Vest on Amazon, which not only glows in the dark like regular fluorescent light, but also has a turn signal widget that serves as an extra turning signal for you. Very clever addition that greatly improves upon the old-school vest.

Safety armor/jacket

back of a person wearing a motorcycle body armor

Necessity: strongly recommended

This is part of what is considered the standard safety gear for riding an electric scooter.

It may not be required if you rarely ride over 12 mph / 20 kmh. If you do, and especially if you ride very fast, a safety vest is a very good idea. Not as critical as the helmet, but it can still prevent serious injuries to your torso and arms.

Plus, let’s not kid ourselves – these armors are some of the coolest looking things ever made. Essentially, this is motorcycle equipment, and that only means cool, cool, cool…

There are plenty of choices here – full jackets, vests, spine support only. Until I write a full post on this topic, you can check out the best choices on Amazon.

I can only say that I had Herobiker full armor jacket in the past, and I have nothing but good words to say about it. It usually costs around $60 on Amazon. One of my friends has a Fox Racing Titan jacket (Amazon link), which is much cooler and of better quality, but costs a bit more.

Knee and elbow pads

person wearing knee pads and elbow pads for an electric scooter

Necessity: strongly recommended

This is another important piece of the safety gear set. While not mandatory, they are a good idea, especially if you ride at higher speeds.

Also, they are a great idea if you’re a beginner, since that’s when you will likely fall from your scooter the most. Knees and elbows are the most vulnerable body parts when you fall, and the pads might prevent a serious fracture.

And, again, they will definitely add you some extra cool points.

You can find great deals on Amazon for complete 4-piece sets for both the elbows and the knees, often for the price of under $30.


Necessity: strongly recommended

If you’ve ever had your scooter or bike stolen, or if that has happened many times (like it has to yours truly), then you will know the importance of a strong, secure lock.

I have some bad news for you here. Every lock can be bypassed. Determined thieves can break it, cut it, freeze it, hack it, use black magic or sweet-talk it… we all know they can be pretty inventive.

Luckily, only a very small proportion of thieves are skilled enough to disable a higher-quality lock. Usually, most will be seriously deterred and will probably move on to an easier target and leave your scooter alone.

I recommend investing in at least some lock. The price of the lock will usually be proportional to the quality, and I recommend buying a cheaper lock for a budget scooter (Via Velo is a very solid choice on Amazon or Amazon UK for Europe), and a premium one if your scooter costs over $1000 (Kryptonite New York LS is the best, you can find it on Amazon).

Don’t forget to check the dimensions of the locks and make sure they are big enough for your scooter.

Trunk or storage bag

front and back holding bags and trunks for an electric scooter

Necessity: strongly recommended (may come with scooter)

Having a trunk on your scooter can be the difference between a fun hobby ride and a useful ally in your daily tasks. It is definitely one of the most useful accessories to have on your scooter.

In some ways, a trunk may be better than a basket. It has all the advantages a basket has, but you can also close it for extra safety. It is a very common choice for many popular scooters like the Xiaomi M365 and the Pro version, and all the Ninebot ES scooters too.

Usually, the trunk is installed on the front of the stem. It may be possible to also install a more motorcycle-looking basket on the rear, although this has not been tried as much.

Trunks are usually inexpensive, although some of the better ones can have a higher price. One of the most popular scooters is Epessa, meant for the Xiaomi and Ninebot models. You can find this trunk on Amazon or Amazon UK for a great price.


black electric scooter with seat and a basket installed on the front of the stem

Necessity: strongly recommended if not choosing the trunk (may come with scooter)

This is also one of the most useful accessories of all.

Some scooters will come with a basket, and those scooters are great.

And sadly, some scooters will provide no easy way for you to install a basket on them. Most scooters can support a basket on the front of the handlebar, and some will support one above the rear wheel. If the scooter has a seat, it will also be a great place for a basket.

Still, double-check that installing a basket on your scooter would make sense and not interfere with the scooter’s design and ergonomics.

Anyway, adding a basket to the scooter is one of the most common and most useful customizations, and most scooters support it. Usually, I recommend the trunk instead of the basket, as you don’t really need both, and you can close the trunk, but if the items you usually carry are bigger, then the basket will be a better option.

You can find really cheap but really tough and spacious baskets on Amazon. They will usually be meant for bikes, but most will fit perfectly fine on scooters too.


alarm set for an electric scooter before being installed with two control tags

Necessity: strongly recommended

There is a small chance that your electric scooter will already have an anti-theft alarm system built-in.

If it doesn’t, this is a great cheap investment that can save you a lot of heartache.

There is one bottleneck here, and that’s your scooter’s controller. It must support remote start for this sort of device to work with it.

While I haven’t done much research on this, my guess is that if the controller has this feature, the manufacturers have already gone ahead and tried to delight their customers with an anti-theft alarm system. It’s a very cheap feature to add, especially during production, and it can save owners a lot of trouble.

Still, it’s possible that your scooter’s controller supports remote start, and yet your scooter still doesn’t have an anti-theft alarm. If you don’t have an anti-theft alarm, your best move is to contact your manufacturer or retailer and ask them if the scooter can support an anti-theft alarm system as an extra.

If it does, you should get one. Onvian is the top-selling one on Amazon, it usually costs less than $20.


man showing fists with gloves for an electric scooter

Necessity: recommended

Gloves are not exactly part of the critical safety equipment, but they’re still usually recommended as an important piece and can play a big role.

In the event of a fall or a crash, they will protect your hands and fingers, will definitely prevent scratches or cuts, and may even prevent fractures.

During the winter, they will keep your hands warm, and during longer rides, blisters and sweaty hands will not be a problem anymore.

Choose bicycle gloves if you have a slower scooter, or one with a smaller range, and motorcycle gloves for more powerful scooters.

Even for bicycle gloves I like my entire fingers covered, so I’d go with something like CoolChange (link to Amazon).

If you have a powerful scooter or ride for longer periods of times, you can check out the X4 gloves on Amazon, they’re even cheaper than most bicycle gloves but come with knuckle protection.

Glasses or eye protection

Necessity: recommended

The reason why I’d consider this piece optional is that most decent helmets should include some kind of a sun shield or a visor.

Still, many bike and shell helmets may not include that.

In that case, you may need additional eye protection, from the sun and wind, but also from dust, bugs, debris, and everything that can interrupt your vision.

Any pair of sunglasses will do a good job here, but bicycle or motorcycle glasses will obviously be a better fit. You can also check something like motorcycle goggles to give you that intriguing fighter-pilot look – Global Vision is one very popular choice here (link to Amazon).


speedometer with glowing orange numbers showing 0 km/h

Necessity: recommended (will likely come with scooter)

Chances are, your scooter will include some sort of a speedometer out of the box. Very few scooters don’t include this option.

While not essential, it’s still good to have. If, by any chance, your scooter doesn’t include any, ask your retailer to recommend you the best choice for your scooter.

If you want a decent generic one, check out the SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Wireless Waterproof on Amazon, it’s around $15.

Bell or horn

Necessity: recommended (will likely come with scooter)

A bell or a horn or a honk of some kind is also included in most scooters, though some lack it (and surprisingly, even some very expensive, otherwise feature-complete and high-quality scooters as well.

Also, sometimes the bell or the horn that comes with the scooter is simply not loud enough. This is actually quite common, and quite annoying.

If any of those is your case, you can consider a good quality, loud horn or bell.

The most popular horn, being described as super-loud, is the Airzound by Delta Cycle (link to Amazon).

But something like the Bonmixc bell is cheaper and may do the job as well (link to Amazon).

Turn signals

rear left yellow turn signal on the back of an electric scooter

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

Most scooters will not come with turn signals. If this is important to you, and you’ve made the right choice, you will not have to get additional turn signals.

The reason why I don’t include this item in the recommended list is that it doesn’t really contribute all that much. Sure, it’s great to have as an extra, but truth be told, very few people will ever notice the turn signals on your scooter.

Anyway, if you’re all about safety, they are a good addition. Usually, you will get the lights that are easy to install and you put them either on the rear parts of your scooter, or on the sides of your deck, whichever works better, and then you control them with a small controller that you will attach on your handlebar.

As usual, we learn from the bike world, and you can find very affordable bike turn signals by Panapo on Amazon.


electric scooter hook with a bag hanging from it

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

The small hook on the stem can be a very useful little customization. You will find it very convenient for hanging bags on it, and even your backpack or bag or other hanging objects.

It’s not uncommon for many popular scooters to come with the hook on the stem. On some scooters, the hook will actually be part of the folding mechanism, and it will be used to connect to the rear fender and lock the scooter when folded.

If your scooter doesn’t come with a hook, and you need a simple way to carry grocery bags or other items when riding, the hook is a great investment, as it costs just a few dollars and it’s easy to install.

Be mindful of two things before you buy one though:

  • your scooter should still be able to fold properly if you install the hook
  • you shouldn’t overload the scooter with heavy bags, that will disturb your ride’s balance and may even increase the chance of tipping over if braking only with the front brake

If you mind those two suggestions, you will find the hook to be extremelly useful.

Make sure to find one that will fit your scooter specifically. Most popular scooters have hooks ready-made for them, like the Xiaomi (Amazon) and the Ninebot (Amazon). There are also a few generic ones on Amazon that will do a good job for most other scooters.


round mirror insatlled on an electric scooter handlebar

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

A mirror (or two) can be a very useful, yet very inexpensive accessory to your scooter, especially if you navigate through a lot of traffic or commute a lot.

There are some scooters that come with one or two mirrors included. However, most don’t.

You don’t have to rush with this item. Try out your scooter for a while, and see if you need to constantly turn your head to check your rear. If you do, mirrors will probably be a great investment for your scooter.

As you may imagine, they are very cheap. You can find ones that are easily installable, removable, adjustable, and most importantly, scratch-resistant. The Meachow dual mirrors on Amazon are very good.

Carry handle

black carrying handle for electric scooter also showing how it looks to carry it

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

Chances are, your scooter will have some built-in way that makes carrying it easy and practical. And if your scooter is supposed to be portable, it will most likely have this.

Some scooters, especially power scooters, have completely sacrificed portability and are not even meant to be carried for more than just a few meters.

But some are pretty lightweight and only lack a carry handle or a carry strap.

If that’s your scooter, you can consider getting a carry handle that is easy to install but will save you a lot of headaches (and possible backache too).

In recent years, one company has started to dominate this category of accessories, and that’s Epessa. The Epessa carry handle on Amazon will be a great choice.

Carry strap

person carrying an electric scooter with a carry strap

Necessity: good to have

As an alternative to the carry handle, or maybe even as an addition, you may find a carry strap useful. If you tend to commute a lot and have to need to carry your scooter for more than just a few meters, than this will be a very worthwhile investment, as this item is dirt cheap, but it makes the lives of scooter owners so much easier.

This item is good to have, although it’s probably not necessary. That will also depend on how you carry your scooter (you may just need the carry strap). Obviously, this item is not very useful if you have a heavy scooter, but it can be a lifesaver for owners of commuter scooters.

Again, the best brand here will be Epessa, and the Epessa carry strap on Amazon will be very affordable, and able to fit every popular scooter.

Bag or cover (preferably waterproof)

black big bag for an electric scooter

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

Most scooters, especially ones that care about branding, will include some sort of a bag, and some of the time, those bags might be waterproof.

The bag is supposed to be used for transporting your scooter over longer distances, and for storage. If you plan on doing any of those, and you don’t have a bag, you can take your pick from a great variety of inexpensive generic choices on Amazon, AliExpress, or Banggood. I suggest going with a waterproof bag, the best one I’ve found is Lamaki Lab on Amazon, it’s made for Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters, and it costs less than $10.

As an alternative, you may only need a waterproof cover instead of a bag. These are even cheaper, but they have more limited use. You can get one when you need to store your scooter.

Phone holder

electric scooter phone holder installed on a handlebar with a phone in it

Necessity: good to have

In my opinion, this is a pretty useful accessory that will save you a lot of time, arm movement, and probably prevent your phone from slipping away from your hand when you take it out while riding.

First, you should be aware that looking at your phone while riding is a really bad idea. If you are a responsible rider and never do that, good! Move on to the next section, you don’t need a phone holder.

However, if you’re like most of us and you need 24/7 access to your phone, or you simply want to have a map, the scooter app, or some other app handy while riding, then a phone holder is a lifesaver.

As you can imagine, this is a simple, inexpensive item. You can find the very popular, best-selling IPOW on Amazon or TruActive on Amazon UK for just a few bucks.


side view of a black electric scooter with a seat on a white background

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

If you’ve chosen a scooter that comes with a seat, you can skip this section.

However, if you’ve chosen a scooter that doesn’t really support the option for adding a seat, you can probably skip this section as well. You may try installing the framework yourself, but you should know what you’re doing before attempting that.

Buying a seat as an accessory is reserved for the scooters that can support a seat, but don’t have one. Also, you may want to get another seat if your old one has been broken.

In any case, your best bet is to look at the options that your manufacturer is offering. Trying to install a generic seat on your scooter has a greater risk of malfunction.

If you have a Xiaomi, a Ninebot, or any of their numerous clones, chances are a Xiaomi M365 seat will be a good fit.

LED strips

LED light strip on the side of an electric scooter deck

Necessity: good to have (may come with scooter)

Not only does this accessory add extra cool points, but it can also save your life when riding at night.

As you already know, scooters are usually very silent, and not very big or noticeable at night. Having an extra set of lights placed on the bottom or on the sides of your deck will do wonders for your visibility and safety.

You can choose any color, or set of colors, your height desires. YHGSEE is a popular option that you can find on Amazon for just a few dollars.

Bluetooth earbuds (helmet compatible)

three different bluetooth earbud sets for while riding an electric scooter

Necessity: optional

The reason why I’m hesitant to recommend these is that they’re very fun, so much so that they can become dangerous even. Riding with headphones on definitely means you’re not 100% devoted to the ride itself, and the chances for an accident are greater. Not to mention you have one of your most important senses completely blocked.

Still, there are a few situations where you can safely ride with your earbuds on, like when riding in a bicycle lane, or somewhere cars are not allowed.

In that case, you will want to have earbuds that are compatible with your helmet. You can check out some earbuds that are specifically designed to fit in your helmet, or at least have been proven to do so.

One popular high-end, premium option that many helmet owners have is the Sena SMH10-11, which you can find on Amazon.

A more budget-friendly version that is still a quality product would be the SkullCandy.

Wall mount

wall mount for an electric scooter also showing how a scooter looks on it

Necessity: optional

Honestly, I don’t see a lot of use from this accessory. Why not just leave your scooter on the ground? Why risk putting an expensive, electronic-heavy device above the ground, where it can fall and completely break down?

Anyway, you may have a different view, or a situation where a wall mount is a good solution, and you should be informed about your options. A few readers have suggested that the Cleverr Wall Mount for bikes on Amazon as a very stable and durable option.


cup holder for an electric scooter attached on the stem

Necessity: optional

In my opinion, this is a completely optional (read: useless) accessory. I’m a firm believer in separating riding and drinking. Even the smallest bumps can result in chokes, stains, or burns.

Still, it’s a free world. If you want to drink something while riding, you will want to get a cupholder for your scooter. As with most accessories, this is a cheap item you can easily find on Amazon for under $15, SheerLiving being the most popular choice.


electric scooter with many stickers in various colors

Necessity: optional

Probably the least useful, but arguably most fun accessory. Stickers will do nothing for your productivity, but they can make your scooter look insanely cool.

First, a little side note: it’s better to spend a bit more time choosing your scooter’s design, than to try to customize it. Still, many scooters come in limited color choices, so it may be your only option.

I would especially suggest this option if you:

  • don’t really like the look of your scooter
  • want to give your scooter a custom look
  • want to cover a scratch or some other form of damage

In addition, you can choose reflective stickers, that not only look very cool, but also serve as reflective lights for your scooter too.

I haven’t experimented with this option at all. You might want to check with your retailer and manufacturer for stickers, they may have some suggestions about your particular model.

If not, as always, you can go to Amazon and choose the color you like, or pick the reflective stickers for a bit more utility and safety.


Those were all the most useful and interesting electric scooter accessories. The table below summarizes them for reference.

Electric Scooter AccessoryNecessityPriceRecommended Product
Helmetmust have$20 – $100+Bell Qualifier (Amazon)
Front and rear lightmust have$10 – $20Cincred 400 Lumens (Amazon)
Fluorescent turn signal vestmust have$15ECEEN (Amazon)
Safety armor/jacketstrongly recommended$30 – $100+Herobiker (Amazon)
Knee and elbow padsstrongly recommended$5 – $50King Showden (Amazon)
Lockstrongly recommended$10 – $100+Kryptonite New York LS (Amazon)
Trunk or storage bagstrongly recommended$10 – $20Epessa (Amazon)
Basketstrongly recommended$10 – $25Retrospec (Amazon)
Alarmstrongly recommended$20+Onvian (Amazon)
Glovesrecommended$15+X4 (Amazon)
Glasses or eye protectionrecommended$10+Global Vision (Amazon)
Speedometerrecommended$15+SY Wireless (Amazon)
Bell or hornrecommended$5 – $30Airzound (Amazon)
Turn signalsrecommended$10 – $30Panapo (Amazon)
Hookgood to have~$10Generic (Amazon)
Mirrorgood to have$5Meachow (Amazon)
Carry handlegood to have$10Epessa (Amazon)
Carry strapgood to have$10Epessa (Amazon)
Bag or covergood to have$10Lamaki Lab (Amazon)
Phone holder good to have$10 – $20IPOW (Amazon)
Seatgood to have$20 – $100Vbestlife for Xiaomi (Amazon)
LED stripsgood to have$10YHGSEE (Amazon)
Bluetooth earbuds, helmet compatibleoptional$25 – $200+Skull Candy(Amazon)
Wall mountoptional$10Cleverr (Amazon)
Cupholderoptional$5 – $15SheerLiving (Amazon)
Stickersoptional$5 – $15Generic (Amazon)

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