Kaabo Wolf King Review [Hands-On Tested]

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Matt

In my complete Kaabo Wolf King review, I will go over the results of my tests of it. We will take a detailed look at one of the best electric scooters of our time, and see if it can bear the weight of the crown of its predecessor, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior.

the Kaabo Wolf King standing on its kickstand

Kaabo Wolf King pros and cons

  • One of the best scooters ever
  • Excellent for all terrains, especially off-road
  • Great quality
  • Excellent performance (speed, range, and climbing)
  • Smooth rides
  • Great safety
  • Great for heavy adults
  • Trusted brand
  • Pricey
  • Big dimensions, big weight, low portability
  • Some small parts might be of lower quality
  • Folding and unfolding take time (although mechanism is secure)


In North America, you can find the Kaabo Wolf King at Voromotors. Voromotors is the only merchant that will have a consistent supply of this scooter, and probably the only place right now where you can be certain you will get the original item that has gone through a rigorous set of quality assurance procedures. When ordering from Voromotors, don’t forget to use my coupon code escooternerds to get a $50 discount.

In the UK and most EU countries, while you can still order the scooter from Voromotors, it might be smart to consider RideAndGlide as an alternative. Shipping costs will be smaller and shipping times will be faster, and there will be fewer taxes and duty fees.

Price and discount

Currently, the Kaabo Wolf King is priced at $2999, which is a discount of around $500 from its original price. Of course, if you use my coupon code escooternerds you will get the scooter for $2949, so make sure you use it at the checkout page for the Wolf King.

Voromotors is partnered with Affirm, which is a buy-now-pay-later financing company, and they provide you with the option to get low-interest financing for the scooter and pay it in several monthly payments, starting from $188 per month. They also provide you with the option to lease the scooter through Katapult. Both options are available at checkout.

The price for the Kaabo Wolf King at RideAndGlide is £2158, which is practically the same price as with Voromotors.


Voromotors ship for free in the continental US, and shipping usually takes between 2 and 4 days, but you may need to reserve your scooter beforehand.

Voromotors also ship internationally to every country except Israel. Shipping times will be longer and it may take 10 to 15 days. The shipping price will include the shipping costs, taxes, and duties, unless your order is above $3000 in some countries (Canada, the UK, most EU countries), in which case shipping is free.

To find out more, see the Voromotors shipping page.

Shipping from RideAndGlide will be faster in Europe, especially in the UK.


The Kaabo Wolf King has the standard Voromotors warranty period of 1 year, and covers the critical parts and components. Additionally, you can extend the warranty through Extend ($479 for an extra year, $749 for 2 years, and $999 for 3 extra years).

With the RideAndGlide warranty, you will get an even bigger warranty period of 2 years on the frame, but still 1 year on the critical components.

Returns and refunds

When ordering through Voromotors, in case you haven’t even opened the scooter and wish to return it, you can do so within 10 business days, but you may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 15%.

If the scooter has only been ridden for less than 10 miles, you have 3 business days to return it. A restocking fee of up to 20% might apply.

If the scooter is defective, you can ask for an exchange as well.

You can find out more at the Voromotors returns and exchanges policy page.

If you order the scooter through RideAndGlide in Europe, you should typically get a return period of 14 days. See the RideAndGlide return policy for the details.

Customer support

You can contact Voromotors in several ways at all times of the day, including through email, live chat, or phone. Voromotors is one of the most trusted brands in the scooter world, as they always provide their customers with the help and the guidance they require, every step along the way, from the buying process to after owning the scooter for years. Some of their customer care specialists like Joey are almost legendary in the scooter world because of their devotion.

If you’re ordering your scooter in the UK or the EU, you can contact RideAndGlide through their support email addresses, phone numbers, and social media.

The Kaabo scooter line

Kaabo is known as a scooter brand that only makes no-nonsense scooters that can truly perform and stand the test of time.

The Wolf King is a successor to one of the most commercially successful electric scooters ever, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior.

The scooter line has several other very successful models like the Kaabo Mantis Pro, the Kaabo Air, and the Kaabo Wolf X.

Kaabo Wolf King Basics

The Kaabo Wolf King has to be able to tackle many challenges (pretty much any challenge an electric scooter can be expected to tackle, really). That’s why it’s not exactly the simplest scooter around, but also that’s precisely why it is one of my all-time favorite scooters ever.

This is not a scooter for everyone. The average commuter will find it too heavy, the casual rider will find it too powerful, and the beginner will find it too expensive.

But everyone else, from the speed demons, to the long-range cruisers and the off-road enthusiasts, to the heavier adults and luxury scooter lovers, will be head-over-heels in love with the Kaabo Wolf King.


unboxing the Kaabo Wolf King

The scooter arrives in a huge box, oftentimes just a plain brown box with the Kaabo logo on it. It may be difficult to remove the scooter from the box without cutting the entire box open, but avoid doing that as it might make potential returns more difficult (you should return the scooter in the original packaging).

The box includes:

  • scooter
  • charger
  • user manual
  • multitool
  • warranty card


The scooter arrives almost fully assembled.

The handlebars are already connected to the stem with the cables, but you will need to install them and screw in the screws. You will also have to tighten the screws for the display as well.

Before you take this bad boy for a ride the first time, you should make sure that:

  • the battery is fully charged
  • the tires are inflated
  • the brakes are functional and set to your preferences
  • the screws are all tightly screwed
  • the P-settings are set to your preferences

User manual and P-Settings

P-settings for the Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The user manual for the Kaabo Wolf King is detailed and with plenty of helpful illustrations, but also not too long and boring.

You can adjust pretty much anything about this scooter through the P-settings menu. The options are as follows:

  • P0 – tire diameter (do not change)
  • P1 – controller shut down voltage, default is 52V
  • P2 – motor magnetic pole setting, default is 30 (do not change)
  • P3 – speed signal selection, default is 0 (do not change)
  • P4 – distance and speed unit, 0 for km, 1 for mi
  • P5 – start setting, 0 for immediate start 1 for non-zero start or kick-and-go
  • P6 – cruise control, 0 for off, 1 for on
  • P7 – initial acceleration, 0 for strong, 1 for soft
  • P8 – regenerative braking / E-ABS, 0 for off, 1 for on
  • P9 – speed limit as % of top sped, 100 for no speed limit
  • PA – clear total distance traveled (ODO)
  • PB – scooter auto-turn off time in minutes
  • PC – display brightness, 1 for low, 3 for high

You can find out more on the page for the P-Settings of the scooter.

How to use the Kaabo Wolf King

person riding the Kaabo Wolf King

As you can see from the P-setting options, the scooter doesn’t require a kick to start by default, although you can change that in the P-settings.

All it takes for this scooter to go is to hit the throttle, and you should be very careful at first, as the scooter accelerates really quickly, even if you choose the soft acceleration mode in the P-settings.

Besides the 3 speed gears, the scooter has two more sets of options for controlling its performance.

You can choose whether you want the scooter to use just the rear motor, or both motors, by toggling the single or dual motor mode. Riding in the single motor mode will save you some battery, and running in the dual motor mode is the obvious mode for going fast and riding uphill.

Also, you can choose between the eco and turbo modes, which play a similar role, with the eco mode being used to save you some battery juice, and the turbo mode being used to go faster and get the most performance out of your scooter.

How to fold and unfold

folding mechanism of the Kaabo Wolf King

I found the folding mechanism of the Kaabo Wolf King to be sturdy and secure, but also not so simple to use. It may take you up to a minute to fold the scooter. It involves a latch and a safety pin that you will need some time getting used to and learning how to operate, but once you do, you will find that the folding mechanism of the Wolf King is one of the safest ones out there.

Folding the scooter also involves folding the wheel, instead of the more typical folding configuration where the scooter folds just at the stem. That makes the scooter somewhat long when folded. However, the win with this approach is that the stem will be much more stable, as it doesn’t involve that many moving parts.

Build quality and user experience

the Kaabo Wolf King standing on its kickstand

The Wolf King is priced as a premium electric scooter, and there’s a very good justification for that. The scooter is of excellent quality, and my rides with it were mostly amazing. At the same time, there are a few issues that you should be aware of if thinking of buying it.

Design and engineering

The scooter looks practically the same as its predecessor, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Of course, there are several changes and upgrades in the functionality and the specifications, but on the outside, the scooter keeps the same winning look and the same powerful, almost intimidating design.

Since this is an upgrade scooter, the engineering is superior to its predecessor, which was already a model that was envisioned and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The differences will be subtle and mostly found in some small details, but the aggregated difference will be noticeable, and the result is better ride stability and safety.


footrest of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Wolf King is available in the standard matte black color that pretty much every electric scooter in the world comes in.

However, this scooter is also available in its own trademark gold color, where the finishes on the stem and the around the deck come in bright and shiny yellow. This color choice is much more vibrant, attracts a lot more eyeballs, and makes the scooter instantly recognizable. Personally, I believe it is the far better choice, and recommend it as the primary option if available.

Day-to-day use

Commuting with the Wolf King is kinda possible, but that’s not really what the scooter was made for. Certain commutes, especially longer-distance ones that don’t involve any public transport, will be easy, but dragging such a heavy scooter through buses and trains is really not worth it in my opinion.

The Wolf King was made for two things: fast rides, and off-road rides. That’s why the top speed is insane, and the features of the scooter are some of the best in the world when it comes to rough terrain rides.

Still, in general, the scooter provides a very good experience all-round, no matter how you use it, as it’s truly a premium scooter.

Off-roading and ride comfort

offroad riding with the Kaabo Wolf King

The scooter is made for both off-road rides and for comfortable, shake-free rides when riding at higher speeds. Thanks to its large tires, excellent suspension, and superb build quality, pretty much no bump or crack in the road will be felt even when going fast. The stem doesn’t really vibrate, even when challenged by rough terrains. I simply loved riding the scooter on dirt trails.

As the successor of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, which was the best off-road electric scooter in the world for several years, the Wolf King inherits the throne, and is arguably the best off-road electric scooter today. Riding off-road with the King is a thrilling, marvelous experience.

Turning, control, and balance

cornering with the Kaabo Wolf King

While the scooter looks huge, its handlebars aren’t really as wide as they seem. The scooter is still easy to control, turning and cornering are nice and smooth, but wider handlebars would be a bit better in my opinion.

Also, since the scooter is both heavy and reliable, it will have excellent handling and balance. The ground clearance is very high, however, which make the center of gravity of the scooter higher as well, and that does take away a few balance points from it. Still, given the scooter’s reliability and weight, that’s barely noticeable, and the scooter has excellent balance overall.

Durability and lifespan

The Wolf King is a fairly new model, and we can’t know for sure how long it will last yet.

What we do know, however, is that it has almost the same tried-and-tested build as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, and even better, it has a few small improvements as well, which means that we can confidently expect even longer lifespans than the Wolf Warrior (which was already really long).


broken folding pin chain of the Kaabo Wolf King

Earlier versions of the scooter were known to have some stem wobble. It turned out that in many of those cases, a simple adjustment to the stem was needed that made the wobble go away.

One minor issue with this scooter is that the little chain holding the safety pin is not very strong and has been known to break. This doesn’t really limit the functionality of the scooter, but it’s still annoying.

One owner has reported that the rubber mat on the deck has started to get loose after a relatively short period of time.

Those are pretty much all the known issues with this scooter, and as we can see, none of them are truly dealbreakers.


the Kaabo Wolf King performing offroad

The Wolf King is built for performance above all. The battery, the motor, the controller, and all of the other electronics are at the highest level of both quality and performance, making the Wolf King one of the most powerful scooters ever made.


The Kaabo Wolf King has one of the strongest batteries configurations in the world today. It has 72 Volts, 28 Amp-hours, and a total capacity of 2016 Watt-hours.

The battery manufacturers are Samsung and LG, both of which are the top battery manufacturers for scooters.

To make things even better, the entire battery circuit is safeguarded by a smart battery management system that will prevent most battery defects like overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, protect from overcharging and mitigate the risks of poor charging routines, and help extend the battery lifespan significantly.


The scooter ships with the regular charger, which charges the scooter in around 10 hours. You can get the fast charger as an additional upgrade, and reduce the charging time to just 5 hours when using both of them, which is pretty fast given this scooter’s battery capacity.

As usual, the indicator lights on the chargers will turn red if the scooter is charging, and green when the charging is complete. The charging ports are located on the front left side of the deck and are protected from ingress by a plastic cover.


low view of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Kaabo Wolf King can go as much as 50 mi / 80 km on a single charge, but to achieve that, you will have to ride in the slower power-saving modes. When riding at more regular speeds and power modes, you can expect a range between 30 and 40 mi / 48 and 64 km (that’s pretty much the range I got in my tests).

The optimal range hasn’t been proven by any owner tests yet, but the regular range has been confirmed several times.

Motors, controller and power

The dual VM motors of the Kaabo Wolf King are arguably its strongest weapon. Each motor has a nominal power level of 1500 Watts, and the combined peak power of both motors is 6720 Watts. The scooter has dual 40 Amp controllers. This kind of power gets you everything you can imagine – insane top speeds, powerful torque, great acceleration, big climb angles, and lots of weight capacity.

Top speed

person riding fast with the Kaabo Wolf King

The official top speed of the Kaabo Wolf King is 60 mph / 96.5 kmh. I only got up to 42 mph / 68 kmh, but it definitely seemed like the scooter was capable of much more, I just didn’t have access to the necessary equipment and roads (and, honestly, courage) to go faster.

Independent tests performed by owners and users confirm this top speed in most cases, but there is a bit of variance in the reports. The lowest reported top speed for this scooter is 54 mph / 87 kmh, and the highest reported top speed that a user has been able to achieve with this scooter has been 61 mph / 98 kmh.


The acceleration of the Wolf King is very torquey, and it may easily catch you off-guard if you’re not used to powerful scooters. Even a light press on the throttle sends you flying forward.

The scooter will reach 30 mph / 48 kmh in about 4.5 seconds, 40 mph / 64 kmh in about 7 seconds, and 50 mph / 80 kmh in less than 14 seconds.

Climbing and riding uphill

climbing a hill with the Kaabo Wolf King

The official climb angle of the Kaabo Wolf King is 45°. That’s a very bold claim by the scooter’s manufacturers, but it has been somewhat confirmed in some challenging owner tests, and it doesn’t sound too incredible when we think about the sheer motor power that this dual-drive scooter can output. That clearly makes the Wolf King one of the best hill-climbing scooters in the world today.

Weight limit, handlebar height, and usage by heavy adults

The Kaabo Wolf King has a weight limit of 400 lbs / 181 kg. That is one of the highest official weight capacities in the electric scooter world today. Even more importantly, a lot of heavier riders have confirmed that the scooter is more than sufficient for their needs, so we can confidently say that the Wolf King is one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults in the world.

Taller adults can also consider getting the Kaabo Wolf handlebar extender that adds 8 in / 20 cm to the handlebar height


The Kaabo Wolf King is a feature-complete scooter. It simply checks all the boxes and lacks nothing.

Cockpit, screen, and controls

EY3 display of the Kaabo Wolf King

As with the other most powerful scooters today, the Wolf King comes with the EY3 LCD display, which is the gold standard for scooter screens. Acceleration is done through a trigger, which is not personally my favorite acceleration mechanism, but it’s still the standard for scooters that come with the EY3 display, and the good news is, it is very responsive.

Deck, frame, kickstand, and footrest

deck of the Kaabo Wolf King

The deck of the Wolf King is very large and will provide a comfortable standing surface for pretty much everyone, no matter their shoe size. The elevated footrest in the rear provides some additional space as well.

Same as its predecessor, the scooter is mostly made from aviation-grade aluminum (6061-T6 aluminum alloy and 6082-T6 aluminum forging) that provides a great balance of lightness and endurance.

The kickstand of the scooter is very sturdy, although some owners have complained that it might get in the way at times and get caught with their feet, so be careful of that.

Tires, wheels, and mudguards

front tire of the Kaabo Wolf King

The tires of the Wolf King are another one of its strongest features, and probably one of the things I loved the most about it. With 11 inches in diameter, and quite wider than the tires of the regular commuter scooters (more than 3.5 inches), the pneumatic tubeless tires achieve an excellent balance between durability and comfort. The recommended tire pressure for this scooter is 50 PSI.

Of course, as a true off-road scooter, the Wolf King can support off-road tires as well, although they can’t ship with the scooter and must be ordered and installed separately.

The mudguards of the scooter can probably be described as good but not great. They are very sturdy and will not rattle even one bit, but they would be much better if they were an inch longer, especially the rear one.


hydraulic suspension of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Kaabo Wolf King is built from the ground up to be an off-road scooter, and it’s no wonder that its suspension is excellent and will make every ride smooth, no matter how rough the terrain. With a high-grade fully hydraulic twin suspension system in the front, and two large spring suspenders in the rear, the scooter has one of the best suspension systems found in a scooter today.


Zoom brakes of the Kaabo Wolf King

The brakes are one of the strongest features of this scooter. With fully hydraulic Zoom brakes on both wheels, a 160 mm disk diameter, an electronic anti-lock braking system (that can be toggled on or off), the Wolf King achieves a very short braking distance (12 ft / 3.6 m when stopping from lower speeds), and is one of the safest performance scooters out there.


Unlike its predecessor, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, which has an IP54 ingress protection standard, the Wolf King only has an IPX4. However, when it comes to waterproofing, it’s the second digit that matters, which is 4 for both scooters, and that signifies protection against water splashes from all angles.

That means the scooter can probably handle some riding in the rain, but the brand still recommends avoiding wet surfaces and riding in wet weather as much as possible.

Lights and night rides

headlights of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Wolf King retains the same trademark headlights as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, but they are also improved a bit, in both intensity and quality. The dual headlights, coupled with the rear brake light and the LED light strips on the deck, will make sure you stay visible (and more importantly, street-legal) even during the rides in the darkest nights.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

The Kaabo Wolf King weighs 105 lbs / 46.5 kg.

When unfolded, the scooter’s dimensions are 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 in / 124.9 x 62.4 x 124.9 cm for the length, width, and height, respectively, and when folded, the dimensions become 59 x 11 x 19 in / 149 x 27.9 x 48 cm.

As you can see, the scooter’s length is longer when the scooter is folded, because the scooter doesn’t fold at the stem. That makes the already poorly portable Wolf King even less portable. This scooter will not fit into most car trunks, and you might need a pickup truck if you plan on transporting it.

So, this is neither a light nor a small scooter, and that’s just one of the tradeoffs that you will have to accept when it comes to this scooter. Personally, I did have some trouble when having to pick it up and store it.

Security and locking

Usually, scooters of this caliber come with a key ignition system, but unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Wolf King. You will have to use a very strong scooter lock to properly secure your scooter.


Since the build and the entire exterior of the Wolf King are practically the same as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, you can use the same Kaabo Wolf Warrior accessories for the Wolf King as well. Additionally, you will also want to check out some generic electric scooter accessories for some upgrades that may not be available as native upgrades.


While there are a few interesting upgrades for the Wolf King, probably the first one that you will get will be the fast charger. This item will cut down the charging time for the scooter from 10 hours to 5, and that, in my opinion, is well worth the extra money.

Unfortunately, there’s no official seat for the Wolf King.

Safety and gear

Bell Qualifier helmet on a white background

You should wear a helmet at all times while riding any scooter, but that rule has never been more true than in the case of the Kaabo Wolf King. This is a very, very powerful and fast scooter, and I suggest not compromising on safety even one bit and always wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet. See my guide on the best electric scooter helmets for some excellent picks.

Also, you will probably want to get some additional safety gear like a motorcycle armor, or at least some knee and elbow pads. Check out my guide on the best electric scooter accessories for some excellent peaks.


This is not a simple scooter by any means, but maintenance for it is not too complicated neither. All you will have to do to make sure it’s running smoothly is:

  • check all the screws and make sure they are tightly screwed
  • lubricate the joints if needed
  • make sure the brakes and the suspension are functioning properly
  • check the tire pressure and make sure it’s 50 PSI (or adjust it for your riding preference)
  • clean the scooter if it’s dirty


The scooter does have an IPX4 water protection standard, which gives it some water protection, but you should still avoid hosing down the scooter or using any strong streams or jets of water when cleaning it.

Also, make sure you are not using any materials that are too abrasive or any corrosive chemicals. Usually, a soft damp cloth and either some soapy water or some toothpaste should be enough for most of the stains.

Spare parts and repairs

main connectors for the Kaabo Wolf King

Most of the common repairs for the Wolf King are fairly easy to do, and you will be able to perform them yourself. The Voromotors support team will be there to guide you through the process, and you can also see their maintenance videos for additional guidance.

Pretty much every spare part for the Wolf King is available at Voromotors. If your scooter is still under warranty, you may get some of them for free.


Scooters from the Kaabo line usually don’t have a Bluetooth connectivity feature, and there’s no native app for many of them, including the Kaabo Wolf King.

I recommend the EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper app as a compensatory app. Of course, it will not connect with the Wolf King either, but it will provide you with a lot of supplementary features such as checklists, resources, calculators, guides, the used scooter marketplace, etc. You can find the app available for both iPhone and Android.

Kaabo Wolf King vs Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Wolf Warrior is in many ways the previous version of the Wolf King.

The scooters look practically identical, and their features and specs are very similar as well.

Since the Wolf King is the newer version, it will obviously be better in many regards, most importantly battery and motor performance. The Wolf Warrior has 60 Volt batteries while the Wolf King has 72 Volts, and the Wolf Warrior has a peak motor power of 5400 Watts against the Wolf King’s 6720 Watts.

The Wolf King has a sturdier folding mechanism,

The only real advantage that the Wolf Warrior still has is that it’s about $500 cheaper than its successor. While I would generally advise most people to simply go with the newer, better model, if your budget can’t surpass $2500 and you still want a brilliant, super-powerful off-road scooter, then go with the Wolf Warrior instead. You can see my complete Kaabo Wolf Warrior review, or check out the Kaabo Wolf Warrior at Voromotors (don’t forget to use the escooternerds coupon for an additional $50 off).

Kaabo Wolf King vs Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Simply put, the GT Pro is the next better version of the Kaabo Wolf King.

It will have a bit more speed, quite a bit more range, more powerful motors and battery cells, better climbing power, and better water protection. It will also weigh about 11 lbs / 5 kg more as a result.

If you’d like the next level of the Kaabo Wolf King, you may want to check out the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro. It will typically cost about $600 more. You can find the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro at Voromotors, and, again, my coupon code escooternerds will get you $50 off the price.

Kaabo Wolf King vs Nami Burn E-2 Max

Nami Burn-E 2 Max off-road jump test

Even though the Nami Burn E-2 Max costs significantly more than the Kaabo Wolf King (about $1800 more), they will come with identical top speeds. Also, even though the Nami Burn E-2 Max has better motors on paper, the Kaabo Wolf King still climbs better and has a bigger weight limit.

The Nami Burn E-2 Max will have a very big advantage in range, however, capable of going 90 mi / 145 km on a single charge, which is 40 mi / 65 more than the Kaabo Wolf King. It will also come with an IP67 ingress protection standard, making it pretty much waterproof, while the Wolf King will only have IPX4, protecting it just from water splashes.

In my opinion, those two advantages, while significant, may not be enough to justify the big price difference, but if you’re after a very long-range scooter, or you simply live somewhere with lots of rain, then you may think otherwise, in which case I recommend checking out my detailed Nami Burn E-2 Max review.

Kaabo Wolf King vs Zero 11X

The Zero 11X will usually be about $600-$700 more expensive than the Kaabo Wolf King, and you won’t exactly get a faster or more powerful scooter. The top speeds will be pretty much the same, and the Kaabo Wolf King will even climb a bit better, have a bigger weight limit, and will have better water protection, while being lighter in weight at the same time.

What the Zero 11X will have as its major advantage will be the range. In my opinion, very few people need 90 mi / 145 km of range on a single charge, but if that’s your thing, you may want to check out the Zero 11X at Rydology.

My verdict – should you buy the Kaabo Wolf King?

Obviously, the Kaabo Wolf King is not for everybody.

But, if you can afford it, and you want the best off-road scooter in the world right now, then the Wolf King is your top choice.

Also, if you simply want a premium performance scooter that checks every single box and you don’t mind the low portability, then the Kaabo Wolf King is an excellent scooter as well.

Where to buy the Kaabo Wolf King from?

In the US, Canada, and pretty much everywhere else except Israel, you can find the Kaabo Wolf King at Voromotors for the best possible price, and if you use my coupon code escooternerds you will get an additional discount of $50.

In the UK and most EU countries, you may find a great deal for the Kaabo Wolf King at RideAndGlide, as the shipping and tax costs will be smaller, and shipping times will be faster.


Kaabo Wolf King Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed96.5 kmh
Top speed60 mph
Range80 km
Range50 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power3000 W real, 6720 W peak
Climb angle45 °
Battery2016 Wh, 72 V
Battery typeLG/Samsung
Charging time28 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX4
Weight46.5 kg
Weight103 lbs
Weight limit181 kg
Weight limit399 lbs
Tire size11 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless street or offroad
Tire pressure50 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build material6061-T6 aluminum alloy and 6082-T6 aluminum forging
Terrainsall terrains, great for offroad
Brakeshydraulic Zoom
Shock absorbersfront hydraulic + rear springs
Lightsdual headlight + rear brake + LED deck
ControlEYE LCD
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
Warranty12 months
Return period30 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)149 cm * 27.9 cm * 48 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)59 in * 11 in * 19 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)124.9 cm * 62.4 cm * 124.9 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 25 in * 49 in
Adjustable handlebarno (customization possible)

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