Dualtron X Limited (Maybe The Best Performance Scooter Currently)

Dualtron X Limited Review

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Quick summary: Dualtron X Limited is a performance electric scooter that comes with a high-quality and beautiful design, a maximum speed of 70 mph / 110 kmh, and a range of 100 miles / 160 km. The scooter has a sophisticated and adjustable suspension and 13-inch CST pneumatic tires all for a price of around 7000$ .

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Ranked #1 in price range $6901 – $7000
Quality & Lifespan
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  • great performance
  • great acceleration
  • great suspension and ride quality
  • excellent brakes
  • great range
  • low maintenance
  • great build quality
  • good climb


  • very bad portability
  • very expensive
  • not beginner-friendly

When to buy

The Dualtron X Limited is tailored for thrill-seekers and performance enthusiasts who desire a powerful, customizable, and exhilarating electric scooter. If you value raw power, high-speed capabilities, and enjoy tweaking settings for a personalized ride, the X Limited is the perfect choice. For long-distance commuters seeking comfort across diverse terrains, the adjustable suspension adds to its appeal. Additionally, those with an eye for cutting-edge design and premium features will appreciate the X Limited as a stylish statement.

When not to buy

The Dualtron X Limited isn’t suitable for those wanting a lightweight, portable scooter or on a tight budget seeking affordability. Beginners or riders preferring a straightforward, point-and-go experience might find the X Limited’s tech features overwhelming. Consider your priorities and budget wisely before opting for this high-performance scooter.

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I had the chance to test the Dualtron X Limited for a few days, and boy, what a ride it was…

In this complete review, I’ll present my thoughts and experiences with this titan of a scooter (spoiler alert – it’s insane!).


Dualtron X Limited Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed110 kmh
Top speed68 mph
Range170 km
Range106 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power4000 W
Climb angle35 °
Battery5040 Wh, 60 V
Battery typeLG battery
Charging time12 h
Weight83 kg
Weight183 lbs
Weight limit150 kg
Weight limit330 lbs
Tire size13×3.5 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless
Foldable handlebarsyes
Build materialFrame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, Shaft: SCM, Covers: Polypropylene
Terrainsall terrain
Brakes4-piston hydraulic
Shock absorbersdual adjustable hydraulic
Lights3x30W LED headlights, front and rear deck lights, brake lights, front and rear signal lights
ControlEY4 full-color LCD
Cruise controlyes
Warranty1 year
Return period30 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)144.78 cm * 35.81 cm * 77.47 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)57 in * 14 in * 30 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)144.78 cm * 64.77 cm * 139.7 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)57 in * 25 in * 55 in
Adjustable handlebarno


The Dualtron X Limited is the pinnacle of electric scooter engineering.

With its technology and unparalleled design, it clearly sets itself apart above the competition. A powerful dual-motor system, state-of-the-art suspension, and an impressive range – this scooter delivers an unmatched riding experience.

Its sleek aesthetics and robust construction make it not only a full-on mode of transportation but a statement of style.

Unboxing and assembly

dualtron x limited unboxing

First start by cutting around the box to easily remove the scooter. The scooter is in a metal frame and you will have to detach it from the frame.

In the box, you will find a charger, manual, steering damper, and tools. The setup involves securing the front light, unfolding the handlebars, and activating various features using the button module on the stem.

I can say that the assembly is very easy and you won’t waste much time on it.

Here is a video showing the unboxing and assembly.


Here are the most important performance aspects of the Dualtron X Limited.


dualtron x limited motor

The Dualtron X Limited has an impressive 2000-watt dual motor.

The raw power of these motors translates to an exhilarating ride, delivering not just speed, but a thrilling performance that left me a lasting impression.

Speed and speed test

The Dualtron X Limited has an official top speed of 70 mph / 110 kmh.

In speed tests, the X Limited effortlessly reaches its claimed top speed on flat terrain. The acceleration is equally impressive, launching you from 0 to 30 mph / 48 kmh in a heart-stopping 3.5 seconds.

There are some people who say they have reached a top speed of 75 mph / 120 kmh. I didn’t go nearly as fast my self, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this titan of a scooter could reach those speeds, making it one of the fastest scooters ever made.

Range and range test

The X Limited has an impressive official range of 100 miles / 160 km and this makes it a viable option for commuting or long-distance rides.

However, it’s important to note that the actual range will vary depending on your weight, riding style, and terrain.

When I tested the scooter over a couple of days, I managed to get 94 mi / 151 km on a single battery charge, which isn’t really bad and is pretty close to the official range. Naturally, this puts the Dualtron X Limited in the class of the longest-range electric scooters in existence today.

Climbing and climb test

The manufacturer says that the max climb angle of the X Limited is 35 degrees, which I managed to accomplish with no difficulties at 200 lbs / 90 kg.

I even got my friend who is lighter than me and weighs 160 lbs / 72 kg to test the scooter on a bigger incline. He managed to conquer a hill of about 39 degrees.

So, yeah, besides being super-fast and great for range, the Dualtron X Limited is also one of the best scooters for climbing hills as well.

Ride experience

dualtron x limited

The Dualtron X Limited hasn’t led down his predecessors in my opinion.

When I saw this scooter for the first time in real life, I was stunned at the design and fell in love with it, but the looks aren’t everything right?

Well, the X Limited has the build quality to go alongside the good looks.

This Dualtron is a true performance scooter with its top speed and mind-blowing acceleration.

Also, I liked the adjustable suspension of the scooter a lot, as it provides very soft riding. It simply put a smile on my face every time I drove it.

Dualtron X Limited vs other scooters

Let’s see how the Dualtron X Limited compares to other scooters.

Dualtron X Limited vs Wolf King GT Pro

dualtron x limited vs kaabo wolf king gt pro

One of the hardest decisions to make is choosing between the Dualtron X Limited and the Wolf King GT Pro.

The X Limited dominates with raw muscle, featuring dual 2000W motors for a top speed of 70 mph / 112 kmh and customizable adrenaline-fueled rides. Its adjustable suspension conquers rough terrain effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the GT Pro showcases cunning features, with a sleek, lightweight design for better urban agility, plush hydraulic suspension, and tech advantages like integrated turn signals and a larger display.

The X Limited excels in power and customization, while the GT Pro offers better agility, techy flair, and comfort on longer journeys. Choose according to your needs here, I can’t define a clear winner honestly, both scooters are amazing.

Dualtron X Limited vs Dualtron Thunder 3

dualtron x limited vs dualtron thunder 3

A lot of people are making this comparison and clearly, there isn’t a winner because both scooters are excellent in their own way.

The X Limited, with dual 2000W motors, wins in the speed department, with a top speed of 70 mph / 112 kmh. Another win is the adjustable suspension for a smooth ride over rough terrain.

The hydraulic suspension and magnetic brakes of the Dualtron Thunder 3 offer enhanced stopping power, while the adjustable air suspension provides a smooth, plush ride for those who prioritize comfort.

In all honesty, I would recommend the Dualtron X Limited mostly to the riders who, well, are a bit of crazy (in a good way). It is simply too powerful. If you’re not at the last level of speed demon but still want a super-powerful scooter, see my Dualtron Thunder 3 review.

Dualtron X Limited vs Nami Burn E 2 Max

dualtron x limited vs nami burn-e 2 max

The speed of the Dualtron X Limited outpaces the Burn 2 Max’s dual 1000W motors and 59 mph / 96 kmh top speed.

Its adjustable suspension ensures a smooth ride over rough terrain, though it’s bulkier compared to the Nami Burn E 2 Max’s more nimble design, making it a bit better for navigating city streets.

Its hydraulic brakes with regenerative braking enhance comfort and contribute to an impressive 70-mile range, surpassing the X Limited’s 60-mile claim.

So, stick with the Dualtron X Limited if you want higher speeds, but check out the Nami Burn E-2 Max review if you’re after more range.

Build quality

The Dualtron X Limited impresses with its durable and sleek frame, conveying a sense of premium quality in its construction.

Every component seamlessly integrates into a sturdy whole, showcasing meticulous attention to detail in weld precision and frame resilience.

This scooter is a well-crafted machine built to endure diverse terrains, offering riders a reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing companion on their journeys.


Here are some of the features of the Dualtron X Limited you should know about.

Battery and charging

dualtron x limited 2 charging ports

The Dualtron X Limited has a dual-battery system.

The main battery has a robust 84V 60Ah (5,040Wh) LG 21700 cell, which ensures durability, high energy density, and swift charging which acts as the powerhouse and fuels the X Limited’s engines.

The secondary battery is a smaller 12V 16Ah (192Wh) which keeps stem lights and accessories running when the main battery is low.

With individual chargers and dedicated charging ports for each battery, the primary battery requires approximately 15 hours for a full recharge, while the secondary battery takes around 4 hours.

To expedite the process, using an extra charger simultaneously for both charging ports of the main battery can reduce the charging time to approximately 8 hours, which is very fast for a scooter of this caliber in my opinion.


The Dualtron X limited features hydraulic disc brakes, this electric scooter ensures reliable and responsive stopping power, even at high speeds.

The braking mechanism offers riders a sense of confidence and reassurance, allowing for precise control in various riding conditions.

The brakes are nothing short of excellent, and saved me at the last moment from crashing into a car at one point!


dualtron x limited suspension

This scooter sports a sophisticated and adjustable 80 mm suspension system with hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and rear.

These robust shocks offer adjustable preload and damping for a customized ride based on your weight, riding style, and terrain.

Even if you drive it only for off-roading, you will feel bumps like with other off-road scooters.

The Dualtron X Limited also upgrades to thicker gauge coil springs compared to its predecessor, the Dualtron X, enhancing the spring rate and damping.

This results in reduced bouncing and a stable ride at high speeds.

Honestly, I haven’t driven a scooter that is this much comfortable. Probably one of the best suspension systems ever.

Tires and fenders

dualtron x limited tires

The Dualtron X Limited features 13-inch CST pneumatic tires, offering an unbeatable blend of performance and comfort. The deep knobby tread ensures a strong grip on asphalt or loose gravel.

It has full-length fenders, made of durable plastic, shield against mud and debris, keeping you and the scooter clean during rides through puddles or city grime.

The fenders also contribute to the scooter’s style, fully integrating with its aggressive stance and futuristic design.


dualtron x limited lights

The X Limited boasts 100 watts of front-facing headlights, that are very strong.

They not only light up the path in front of you but also ensure visibility for fellow riders. The stem has three 30W LED headlights, while the deck features two 5W LED headlights.

The innovative design includes seamlessly integrated turn signals, front and rear indicators, and brake lights.

Adding a touch of flair, programmable LED mood lights adorn the stem, deck, and swingarms, with additional indicators on the rear footrest.

Riding the X Limited with lights on, I guarantee you’ll be noticed from every angle.

Screen and controls

dualtron x limited screen

The Dualtron X Limited has a wide, anti-glare screen called EY4 which delivers critical information like speed, odometer, battery level, trip details, and motor temperature in a clear layout, visible even in bright sunlight.

The EY4 serves as a control hub with dedicated buttons on the left side of the handlebar and a thumb throttle for easy management of acceleration, braking, and cruise control.


dualtron x limited app

The Dualtron X Limited uses the Minimotors app which you can connect to via Bluetooth, and it’s the same as for all other Dualtron electric scooters.

It is the ultimate tool for enhancing the Dualtron X Limited experience in my opinion.

You can track real-time journey details, customize acceleration and speed settings, and connect with a vibrant rider community.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

dualtron x limited folded

The Dualtron X Limited is considered one of the best electric scooters, but its weight and dimensions are key considerations for riders, especially ones of smaller frame.

Weighing in at 125 lbs / 56.7 kg, this electric scooter isn’t the easiest for portability.

With a length of 52 inches / 132 cm and a width of 27 inches / 69 cm, the Dualtron X Limited has a limited (no pun intended) maneuverability.

Users should be mindful of storage and transportation needs. I tried to put it in the trunk of my car (Ford Fiesta) and there was no way it could ever fit. Most car trunks won’t fit this scooter, you’ll probably need a pickup truck or something along those lines to transport it.

Weight limit

The X Limited has a generous official weight limit of 150kg / 330lbs.

This opens up the thrill of high-performance electric scooting to a wider range of riders, making it a truly inclusive champion of the road.

I don’t have a friend that weighs this much, so decided to drive the scooter with two people on it, and we even surpassed the weight limit by about 12 lbs / 5 kg.

I really didn’t feel any notable difference from the performance aspect.

If you don’t like the Dualtron X Limited for some reason but need a scooter with the same or similar weight capacity, check out my guide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults.

Water resistance and waterproof

The manufacturer hasn’t classified what is the IP rating of this scooter, which is not a good sign.

Some people have claimed that they had driven it a couple of times in wet conditions, so I had to check it out for myself. I drove it a bit in the rain and the scooter survived, but I would not recommend driving it consistently in the rain.

If you live in a city where it consistently rains and don’t want to worry if the scooter will survive, check out my guide on the most waterproof electric scooters.

Accessories and customization

The Dualtron X Limited not only dominates the streets but also offers a lot of accessories and customization options.

You can add additional lighting kits, sturdy mounts for gadgets, or even ergonomic seats for extended comfort. There are adjustable handlebar grips, stylish decals, or opt for personalized license plate holders that fit the scooter very well (check out my guide on the best electric scooter accessories to find the best deals possible).

Naturally, riding this scooter without a strong helmet is a big no-no.

Security and locks

locked electric scooter

The scooter comes equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic key fob, providing convenient yet secure access to your electric beast.

The electronic locking system adds an extra layer of protection, deterring potential theft.

Additionally, the scooter is designed with compatibility for third-party locks, allowing riders to choose the level of security.

Anyway, keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive scooters on the market, so you will definitely want the strongest lock you can find for leaving this scooter outside. In fact, I recommend two different locks of two different types, like say a chain lock and a cuff lock, as that will deter pretty much every thief.

Check out my guide on the best electric scooter locks for this.

Issues and downsides

While the scooter is relatively new, some users have reported concerns about the scooter’s weight, as its robust build contributes to a hefty overall mass, impacting portability for certain riders.

Additionally, the complexity of the scooter’s setup and programming, including the P-settings, might pose a challenge for those new to the Dualtron experience.

Some riders have also noted that the scooter’s premium features come at a higher price point compared to other models in the market.

These are all somewhat serious things to consider, especially the first and the last one.


Overall, the Dualtron X Limited is a top-of-the-line electric scooter for passionate riders seeking extreme performance, comfort, and range.

Its high price and weight might deter some, but for those who prioritize exhilarating speed and luxurious features, it’s a worthy investment.

You can count on so many of the goodies that come with a high-end Dualtron scooter – unrivaled quality, top-notch performance, maximum thrill without sacrificing safety.

This may be the best electric scooter in the world right now, especially when it comes to high-end powerful scooters. That’s just my two cents, but a lot of people might agree with me.

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