11 Best Electric Scooters For Beginners – How To Choose Your Perfect First Scooter

We’ve all started there. Watching all the fun a friend or a family member has with their electric scooter. Or just observing random people downtown, as they elegantly breeze through the busy streets.

Well, after admiring electric scooters from a distance for some time, you will probably want to get one for yourself. And naturally, the question will pop up in your mind.

What is the best electric scooter for a beginner?

4 popular electric scooters for beginners, with the Xiaomi M365 Pro  in the focus

Choosing your first scooter is not an easy task. You probably still don’t know that much about them, and you probably have tons of questions.

We’re here to help with that.

Read on to learn what to look for in your first scooter to perfectly fit your current situation and needs, and then exactly what model you should get.

How to choose my first electric scooter?

There are many great scooters for beginners. We have the luxury to pick a model that will fit like a glove our every need.

Start there.

You have a brutal commute? Check the best beginner commuter below.

Are you on the heavier side? The best beginner scooter for heavy adults is a great choice.

You live in a rainy area? Consider the beginner-friendly waterproof models.

But what about if you have more than one need?

Well, start with your most important need, and then look at the list of other features and capabilities the scooter has. If it doesn’t fit your needs, look for other models with those features. The most common features and use-cases are neatly compiled into simple lists for your convenience.

Finally, if you’re not sure, or you don’t really have any demands in particular, simply go with the best overall or high-end models.

Now, let’s check the best electric scooters for beginners, and help you find which one is the right model for you.

Best electric scooters for beginners

The market for beginner scooters is the biggest, most competitive one by far. This is great news for new scooter owners, as they will have plenty of options, and will be able to choose based on many of their preferences and needs.

These are the best electric scooters for beginners, based on your needs.

Xiaomi M365 Pro – best beginner electric scooter overall

side view of a black Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter with red details on a white background
Xiaomi M365 Pro

It has been said before, and it will be said again. The Xiaomi M3655 Pro is a legendary electric scooter. All things considered, there is no better choice for a beginner.

That’s exactly why I, many of my friends, and millions across the world, have decided to make the Xiaomi M365 Pro their first electric scooter.

That’s why the biggest ride-sharing companies, like Lime and Bird, predominantly rely on this scooter in their fleet.

That’s why it has the lowest defect rates, the longest lifespan, and the best reviews out of all the massively popular electric scooters today.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is the bestselling electric scooter of all time. Most of its buyers are first-time scooter owners. Most of the reviews on it are very positive.

For a very reasonable price of around $550, you will be getting a high-quality, durable, reliable scooter.

Personally, I’ve had this scooter for almost a year now. I have nothing but great things to say about it. If you want to read my full review on it, check it out here.

In summary, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a great versatile scooter, solid across the board. It shines in the following areas in particular:

  • good range
  • very portable
  • strong water-resistance
  • amazing value
  • great design

I would recommend this scooter to anyone who isn’t sure what they need, or which is a great first scooter.

Where to buy the Xiaomi M365 Pro from?

When ordering from the US, or most European countries, this store on Banggood provides the best terms, including free shipping and very fast delivery times.

Seems like the only place where the Xiaomi M365 Pro is easily available in Canada is from TekTrendy. The scooter will arrive very fast (possibly within 24 hours), and there will be no additional shipping or other costs.

UK, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Asia, Worldwide
Another store on Banggood has excellent coverage and conditions for the Xiaomi M365 Pro for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, most of Asia, often including free shipping to most places in the world!

If none of the stores above have the Xiaomi M365 Pro in stock for your region, you can try AliExpress or GeekBuying, they both have good coverage, often provide free shipping, and usually have many items in stock.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 km/h
Top speed15.5 mph
Range45 km
Range28 mi
Motorsbrushless low-speed current Hall electric motor
Power300 W real, 600 W peak
Climb angle12 °
Battery474 Wh, 36 V
Battery type3 element, smart BMS
Charging time8.5 h
Weight14 kg
Weight30.8 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Tire size8.5 in
Tire typepneumatic road
Tire pressure45-50 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Seatno (customization possible)
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaerospace-grade aluminum
Terrainscement, asphalt, flat soil pavements, bumps or steps less than 1cm high, less than 3cm wide
Brakesrear 120mm ventilated disc + front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock
Shock absorbersno (customization available)
Lightsultra-bright headlight + brake light
ControlLCD display
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
AppiOS, Android
Warranty12 – 24 months
Rider age16-50
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)113 cm * 43 cm * 49 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)44.5 in * 17 in * 19.3 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)113 cm * 43 cm * 118 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)44.5 in * 17 in * 46.5 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)45 cm * 15 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)18 in * 6 in
Ground clearance8.7 cm
Ground clearance3.4 in
Deck to handlebar height98 cm
Deck to handlebar height38.6 in
Rider height120 – 200 cm
Rider height47.2 – 78.7 in
Adjustable handlebarno
Noteshack available, increases top speed and power

Turbowheel Dart – best high-end

side view of a black Turbowheel Dart electric scooter with many LED lights glowing in the dark

I was hesitant whether to include the Turbowheel Dart in this list. Not because it might not be good enough. Quite the opposite in fact – it might be too good.

Somewhere between the inexpensive, novice scooters, and the higher-end, more powerful scooters, lives the Turbowheel Dart. It is still a great choice for beginners, although it does border with the intermediate models.

But that’s one definition of a high-end scooter. The Turbowheel Dart comes from an established line of high-quality, blue-ribbon scooters, with all the perks and benefits.

As a beginner, you will enjoy the best of both worlds – great safety features and comfortable rides, simple maintenance, solid performance. And still, not priced as an expensive scooter.

The scooter comes with water protection for the battery pack, PS17 cruise control, and the option to install a seat. As the standard dictates, you have three speed modes to pick from. Besides the headlight, you also get a very cool blue light under the deck.

As a guarantee for the quality, EWheels provide a full year of warranty on all of the parts (most dealers provide 6 months tops).

If you want the highest-quality beginner electric scooter today, your choice will be the Turbowheel Dart. Its other strengths include:

  • very strong range
  • great performance
  • good portability
  • decent climbing capabilities
  • awesome look

You can get it for about $998.

Where to buy the Turbowheel Dart from?

US, Canada
The best, and probably only place, where you can buy the Turbowheel Dart from is the EWheels store. In the US and Canada, EWheels typically provide free shipping.

Turbowheel Dart Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed45 km/h
Top speed28 mph
Range48 km
Range30 mi
Motorssingle rear hub motor
Power600 W
BatteryLG battery, 614 Wh, 48 V
Charging time6 h
Climb angle15°
Weight18 kg
Weight39.5 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)98.8 cm * 18.3 cm * 33.5 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)38.8 in * 7.2 in * 13.2 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)103.6 cm * 57.4 cm * 119.8 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)40.8 in * 22.6 in * 47.2 in
Ground to deck13.2 cm
Ground to deck5.2 in
Deck to handlebar height89 cm
Deck to handlebar height35 in
Adjustable handlebaryes
Tire size8.5 in
Tire typepneumatic road
Tire pressure50 psi
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Foldable handlebarsyes
Brakesfront disc + rear drum regenerative
Shock absorbersfront spring + dual rear
Lightsdual headlights + brake lights + color LED strips
Speed modes3
Warranty12 months
Notestrolley kit available

Glion Dolly – best bang-for-buck

side view of a black Glion Dolly electric scooter leaning on its stand

Why is the Glion Dolly the best bang-for-buck beginner scooter?

It’s simple. It is a popular, inexpensive, novice-friendly scooter, that has everything a first-time owner would need.

The Glion Dolly has been the choice of thousands upon thousands of users. The fact that over two-thirds of its reviews are 5-star ones speaks volumes for its quality. And the fact that it has a very, very affordable price says a lot about its value.

Built to last, the Glion Dolly is a superb commuter, equipped with anti-lock brakes, front fork suspension, and honeycomb tires that will never go flat. One of its signature features is its patented vertical self-standing feature, which makes it perfect for storing it literally anywhere you can think of.

You will charge it fully in 3.5 hours, and fold it in under 3 seconds. Weighing just 28 lbs / 13 kg, and folding to a very small volume, it is one of the most portable electric scooters ever.

The value that the Glion Dolly provides is enormous. Besides that, it’s also great because of:

  • fast charging
  • great portability
  • strong performance

In summary, the Glion Dolly is a great choice for pretty much every beginner. You can read a full review of it here.

Where to buy the Glion Dolly from?

As usual, a great place to get the Glion Dolly from is Amazon. There should be shipping available to most countries.

In the US, the Glion Dolly is available on ElectricBoardingCo, and by using the coupon escooternerds at checkout, you will get a special discount.

UK, EU alternative
Sometimes the Glion Dolly is not available outside the US. If you want the European equivalent of the Glion Dolly, you should check out the Kugoo S1 Pro on GeekBuying.

Glion Dolly Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 kmh
Top speed15.5 mph
Range24 km
Range15 mi
Motorssingle hub BLDC
Power250 W real, 600 W peak
Battery237.6 Wh, 36 V
Battery typeLG lithium-ion
Charging time3.5 h
Weight12.7 kg
Weight28 lbs
Weight limit115 kg
Weight limit254 lbs
Tire size8 in
Tire typesolid honeycomb
Foldable handlebarsyes
Build material6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy (powder-coated)
Brakesrear anti-lock electronic brake
Shock absorbersfront spring
Lightsfront LED + rear brake
ControlLCD display
Warranty12 months
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)94 cm * 20 cm * 30 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)37 in * 8 in * 12 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)97 cm * 41 cm * 115 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)38 in * 16 in * 45 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)14 cm * 43.5 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)6 in * 17 in
Ground clearance13.3 cm
Ground clearance5 in
Deck to handlebar height99 cm
Deck to handlebar height39 in
Adjustable handlebaryes
Notesvertical self-standing, trolley wheels

Kugoo S1 Pro – best budget

side view of a black Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter with solid tires on a white background

The true art of budget shopping lies in finding the most inexpensive product that is still great.

For beginner scooters, that is the Kugoo S1 Pro.

Here’s the deal – while it’s the cheapest scooter on this list for $349, it is still among the top models in terms of quality and performance. A 270 Watt-hour battery, a range of 18.5 mi / 30 km, and a top speed of 30 kmh / 18.5 mph, will usually cost you twice as much.

Not to mention that the verified climb angle of 15 degrees, and the water resistance rating of IP54, is something that scooters even three times the price often lack.

There is no better budget option for beginners than the Kugoo S1 Pro. And besides that, you also get:

  • great waterproofing
  • decent for heavier adults
  • solid for commuting
  • decent performance

If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out the full review of the Kugoo S1 Pro.

Where to buy the Kugoo S1 Pro from?

The best deal on the Kugoo S1 Pro for pretty much every European country is at GeekBuying. You will be charged no additional costs, neither duty taxes nor shipping, and your scooter will be at your home in 3-10 business days.

Kugoo S1 Pro Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed30 kmh
Top speed18.6 mph
Range30 km
Range18.6 mi
Power350 W
Climb angle15 °
Battery270 Wh, 36 V
Charging time4 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight11 kg
Weight24 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size8 in
Tire typesolid honeycomb, strong grip
Foldable handlebarsyes
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum
Brakesdisc brakes, 4m braking distance
Shock absorbersfront spring + rear arm
Lightsfront LED light + brake light + reflective side strips
ControlLCD display screen
Speed modes3
Warranty12 months (6 on battery), 7 day return period
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)96 cm * 21 cm * 33 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)38 in * 8 in * 13 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)105 cm * 45 cm * 116 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)41 in * 18 in * 46 in
Deck to handlebar height103 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height41 in (est)
Adjustable handlebaryes
Notesduty free shipping; torque: 13.3 Nm; 4m braking distance; carry bag included; 700 rpm

Ninebot Max – best for commuters

side view of a black Ninebot Max electric scooter with orange details leaning on its stand on a white background

The final iteration of the celebrated Ninebot line, the Ninebot Max, is the perfect beginner scooter for commuters.

The perfect balance between great range, proven quality, affordable price, and good portability, makes this scooter the commuter’s dream.

Its range of 40 mi / 64 km on a single charge is literally double the range of the typical scooter in this price range! Double!

That kind of range is provided by the proprietary Smart Battery Management System, which not only extends the battery life on a single charge, but the total battery lifespan in general. This means that you will go longer than usual before having to buy a new battery.

This is one of the best electric scooters of our time. Mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking systems, front and rear shock absorbers, 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires almost impossible to go flat, cruise control… the Ninebot Max has it all.

No wonder it has been the choice of not only millions of owners worldwide, but also a staple in the fleets of ride-sharing companies.

You will be joining a club of very satisfied commuters, that grows stronger every day. Its other upsides will include:

  • awesome value
  • amazing range
  • solid performance
  • great waterproofing
  • good portability
  • very cool look

The Ninebot Max is one of the most beloved electric scooters ever. It’s really hard to make a mistake by choosing it. Check out the complete review of the Ninebot Max to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Where to buy the Ninebot Max from?

No surprises here, the best, most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max is through Amazon.

For Canada, the fastest and most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max would be through TekTrendy. Your scooter will arrive in a matter of days, sometimes even the next day, and there will be no other costs, neither shipping nor taxes.

In Europe, including the UK, the best place to get the Ninebot Max from is Gearbest. Make sure to select one of the European warehouses for faster deliveries and lowest possible shipping costs and taxes. In addition, UK shoppers may find a great deal on PureElectric as well.

Ninebot Max Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed30 kmh
Top speed18.6 mph
Range64 km
Range40 mi
Motorssingle BLDC hub in rear wheel
Power350 W real, 700 W peak
Climb angle11 °
Battery551 Wh, 36 V
Charging time6 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX5
Weight19 kg
Weight42 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic self-healing
Tire pressure32-37 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Seatno (customization possible)
Trunk or basketoptional
Build materialaluminum
Terrainsasphalt/flat pavement: obstacles under 0.4 in (1 cm); gaps under 1.2 in (3 cm)
BrakesFront mechanical drum + rear sheel regenerative electric brakes
Shock absorbersno
Lights2.5w high-brightness LED light + brake light
ControlLED screen
Speed modeseco, standard, sport
Cruise controlyes
AppAndroid & iOS
Warranty12 months (6 months on battery)
CertificatesCAN ICES-3 (B)/NMB-3(B), UN/DOT 38.3, ANSI/UL 2271
Rider age14+
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)117 cm * 42 cm * 53 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)46 in * 17 in * 21 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)117 cm * 42 cm * 120 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)46 in * 17 in * 47 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)51 cm * 17.8 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)20 in * 7 in
Ground clearance8 cm
Ground clearance3 in
Deck to handlebar height102 cm
Deck to handlebar height40 in
Rider height120 – 200 cm
Rider height47 – 79 in
Adjustable handlebarno
Notessmart BMS; regen brakes; one cord charger; anti-slip deck;

Kugoo G-Booster – best for climbing

side view of a black Kugoo G Booster  electric scooter with red details on a white background

San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Brussels, Athens, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Prague, Istanbul, Mumbai, Brisbane…

Besides all being beautiful cities, they have one more thing in common. They are full of hills and valleys.

If you live in a hilly city, you will not want to get a scooter built for flat terrain.

With a climbing angle of 35 degrees, the Kugoo G-Booster is the best electric scooter that is great at climbing hills, and still doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Of course, the price tag of $1070 puts it a bit above the beginner level.

But for a climbing angle of 35 degrees, you usually have to pay at least twice that.

Plus, you will be getting a top speed of 34 mph / 55 kmh, an incredible range of 53 mi / 85 km on a single charge, and a 2400 Watts peak-power motor.

True, more performant than almost any beginner scooter.

But trust me, you will need that power for those steep hills. Anything less powerful, and your scooter will struggle, or simply stop, when going over a tough hill.

If you need an absolutely amazing climber, that still isn’t that expensive and can’t really be considered an advanced scooter, consider the Kugoo G-Booster. I believe it will be a choice you will not regret. Other benefits this scooter has are:

  • great water protection
  • very portable and lightweight
  • awesome range
  • great performance

If you need a great climbing scooter for beginners, and a scooter that can do a lot for you in general, check out the full review of the Kugoo G-Booster.

Where to buy the Kugoo G-Booster from?

The best place to get the Kugoo G-Booster from in the UK and in most European countries is GeekBuying. You will probably get free shipping, and little to no additional taxes and fees.

Kugoo G-Booster 20Ah Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed55 kmh
Top speed34 mph
Range85 km
Range53 mi
Motorsdual motors
Power1200 W real, 2400 W peak
Climb angle35 °
Battery960 Wh, 48 V
Battery type18650
Charging time10 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight30 kg
Weight66 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic offroad
Tire pressurepneumatic, vacuum, offroad psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Seatyes (removable)
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum alloy 7005
Terrainsall terrain
Brakesfront + rear disc and electronic brakes
Shock absorbersfront + rear arm
Lightsdual 10W headlights + deck + rear brake
Controlmultifunction LCD + voltage display
Speed modes3
Cruise controlno
Keysremote control
Warranty12 months, 6 on battery, 7-14 day return policy
CertificatesCE, FCC, RoHS
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)120 cm * 26 cm * 52 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 10 in * 20 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)120 cm * 26 cm * 115 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 10 in * 45 in
Deck to handlebar height97 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height38 in (est)
Adjustable handlebarno

Kaabo Skywalker 10S – best performing

side view of a black Kaabo Skywalker 10S electric scooter with red details and a LED light strip on the side of its deck

Typically, beginners don’t need powerful scooters. In fact, some would recommend against getting a powerful scooter as your first one.

But that’s a blanket statement that serves little purpose.

Many people are simply performance-first shoppers, and their decision will be performance-oriented.

Some potential owners are confident they will need a strong performer soon, and don’t want to get a second scooter when that time comes.

Others have been riding weaker scooters through ride-sharing apps, and want something with more of a kick.

And some are simply adrenaline junkies, born to be wild and ride fast. Maybe they already have a motorcycle or some other fast vehicle, and are curious about electric scooters as well.

If you want to buy your first scooter and you fall into any of the categories above, then you will make the right choice with the Kaabo Skywalker 10S.

Kaabo is known for building powerful scooters, you basically cannot go wrong with any of their models. The Kaabo Skywalker 10S is one of their beginner-friendly models, but it still packs a lot of punch.

For the price of $999, you will get a phenomenally capable scooter.

Peak power of 1500 Watts, a top speed of 31 mph / 50 kmh, a range of 43 mi / 69 km, and a climb angle of 30 degrees, all make the Kaabo Skywalker the best power scooter for beginners.

You should also consider this scooter if you need:

  • great range
  • great climbing capabilities
  • good for heavier adults

Tarsa T9 – best for heavy adults

front diagonal view of a black Tarsa T9 electric scooter with red details leaning on its stand on a white background

The most common buying mistake I see first-time scooter owners make, over and over again, is not buying for their own needs. They make impulse decisions, based on a bombastic advertisement, with little research to back up their choice.

One of the most common mistakes is not taking the scooter’s weight capacity into account, and whether it would support the rider’s body weight.

And I would advise that you take this even a step further. What I do is consider my possible weight fluctuations as well.

For example, typically, I weigh about 194 lbs / 88 kg. But often, I gain weight and go close to 220 lbs / 100 kg. And when that happens, I notice a degraded performance of my scooter. Not by a lot, but it’s still noticeable.

So, if you are on the heavier side, or if you tend to gain weight at times, get yourself a scooter built for that.

The best beginner choice for heavy adults, without a shadow of a doubt, is the Tarsa T9. Its 397 lbs / 180 kg of weight capacity, is almost twice as much as most beginner-level scooters. And it costs only about $580.

If you need the best beginner scooter for heavy adults, get the Tarsa T9. Its other strong points include:

  • great at climbing
  • good performance
  • very cool look and color choices
  • fast charging
  • great value

Where to buy the Tarsa T9 from?

In Europe, including the UK, the best place to buy the Tarsa T9 from is GeekBuying. Typically, there will be no additional costs, although delivery times can vary, so make sure to choose one of the European warehouses for faster delivery.

Tarsa T9 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed40 km/h
Top speed25 mph
Range40 km
Range25 mi
Motorsrear hub motor
Power500 W
Battery480 Wh, 48 V
Charging time5 h
Climb angle30°
Weight19 kg
Weight42 lbs
Weight limit180 kg
Weight limit396 lbs
Ingress protection (IP)IP65
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)115 cm * 26 cm * 117 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)45.3 in * 10.2 in * 46.1 in
Deck to handlebar height95 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height37.4 in (est)
Adjustable handlebaryes
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic offroad
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaviation grade alluminum alloy
Foldable handlebarsno
Terrainsall terrains, offroad
Brakesfront + rear disc brake
Shock absorbersfront spring + rear arm
Lightsfront LED lights + brake lights + side lights
Warranty12 months

SoFlow Air Carbon – best lightweight

side view of a black SoFlow Air Carbon electric scooter on a white background

Lightweight electric scooters are one of the most in-demand category ever.

This is especially true for:

  • commuters
  • people with a last-mile transport situation
  • people who (like me at one time) live on a higher floor, in a building with no elevator
  • people who can’t, or don’t want to carry heavy loads

And it goes beyond beginners as well. Many owners choose a lightweight, portable scooter as their second, or even their additional scooter.

The SoFlow Air Carbon is:

  • the lightest electric scooter ever, weighing only 15 lbs / 7 kg
  • the least space-occupying scooter when folded
  • a very affordable, very practical model

All of that makes it the best lightweight electric scooter for beginners. Made out of carbon fiber, it is both light and tough.

And for the price of just $449, it is a great low-risk investment for your first scooter.

If you are looking for a portable beginner scooter, you will likely get the SoFlow Air Carbon. Other advantages include:

  • great price
  • slick, modern look
  • fast charging times

Where to buy the SoFlow Air Carbon from?

The SoFlow Air Carbon is currently only available in the US, from the ElectricBoardingCo store. However, the scooter has been out of stock for quite a while now, so it seems right now there is no place where you can find it.

SoFlow Air Carbon Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 km/h
Top speed15.5 mph
Range21 km
Range13 mi
Power300 W
Battery201 Wh, 25.2 V
Charging time3 h
Climb angle15°
Weight7 kg
Weight15 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Ingress protection (IP)IP44
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)94 cm * 14 cm * 20 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)37 in * 5.5 in * 7.9 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)94 cm * 14 cm * 99 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)37 in * 5.5 in * 39 in
Adjustable handlebarno
Tire typesolid
Trunk or basketno
Build materialcarbon fiber
Foldable handlebarsno
Brakesdual brakes
Shock absorbersno
Lightsfront + rear light
Warranty12 months

Levy Plus – best design

front diagonal view of a black Levy Plus electric scooter with green details leaning on its stand on a white background

For most people, it’s never about the value, the specs, the performances, or the utility. It’s simply the fact that electric scooters are cool and fun.

The Levy Plus model is the Marlon Brando of beginner electric scooters. Smooth, cool, tough, handsome, oozing with style and confidence.

It is not all looks. 22 mi / 35 km of range, double braking system with rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake, a six-month warranty, all for just $699, make it a true bargain.

Not to mention this is the only electric scooter with a removable battery. That increases the ways you can use this scooter – you can take the battery with you to discourage theft, or to charge it easily, or replace it with a full one for a long ride. A brilliant move by Levy, no doubt.

For the beginners looking for the coolest, smartest, best-looking electric scooter, I can only recommend the Levy Plus. It will also shine at:

  • great value
  • strong range, great for commuting
  • very portable
  • great waterproofing

Where to buy the Levy Plus from?

US, Canada
The Levy Plus scooter is only available in the US and Canada for now. The only place to buy it from is the official Levy store. They will provide free shipping, but tax costs of up to $50 may be added.

Levy Plus Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed30 km/h
Top speed19 mph
Range35 km
Range22 miles
Motorsfront wheel hub
Power350 W real, 700 W peak
BatteryLG or Panasonic, 374 Wh, 36 V
Charging time6 h
Climb angle10°
Weight14 kg
Weight31 lbs
Weight limit113 kg
Weight limit250 lbs
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)106 cm * 43 cm * 43 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)41 in * 17 in * 17.5 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)106 cm * 43 cm * 117 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)41 in * 17 in * 46 in
Deck to handlebar height104 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height41 in
Adjustable handlebarno
Tire size8.5 in or 10 in
Tire typepneumatic, tubed or tubeless
Tire pressure50-60 psi
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaviation aluminum alloy
Foldable handlebarsno
Brakesregenerative front + mechanical rear brakes
Shock absorbersno
Lightsheadlight + brake light
Speed modesbeginner, eco, sport
Cruise controlyes
AppiOS, Android
Warranty6 months
Notesremovable battery

Qiewa Q Mini – best waterproofing

side view of a black Qiewa QMini electric scooter with red deck on a white background

This is paramount for would-be scooterists in the UK, Ireland, Northern Europe, Canada, the Philippines, or any place with frequent rain or snow. Many first-time owners have failed to take this into account, and made easily avoidable mistakes with their first scooters.

If you live in a rainy area, you will want a water-resistant scooter.

Manufacturers, brands, the electric scooter community, the electric scooter owners I know, and myself, all recommend against riding in the rain.

And still… we all do it sometimes. It just happens that sometimes you have no better choice. And if you live in a rainy area, this will happen more often.

From all the affordable, high-quality, beginner-suited scooters today, the Qiewa Q Mini shines through the clouds for those rainy days.

With a water-resistance rating of IP65, it is the most well-protected electric scooter against water infiltration and ingress. All kinds of water splashes, and even weak streams of water, will do no damage to it.

In terms of price and performance, the Qiewa Q Mini may not exactly fit the “beginner” label. It is priced at $1029, quite a lot more than your typical beginner model.

However, for wet environments, it will be the best money you’ve ever spent. You don’t want to buy a second scooter because your first one got caught in the rain 2 times and completely broke down.

Not to mention, you will get a rock-solid performer, with 38 mi / 60 km of range, 15 degrees of climbing angle, and 330 lbs / 150 kg of weight capacity.

If you need a strong beginner model for a rainy area, do yourself a solid one and get the Qiewa Q Mini. Also, consider it if you need:

  • stellar performance
  • great range
  • decent portability
  • great for heavy adults

How to ride an electric scooter?

Naturally, as a beginner, you may not know how to ride yet.

If riding an electric scooter seems weird, mysterious, or scary, fear not – it’s much easier than it may seem.

To learn how to ride an electric scooter like a pro in under three minutes, check out our full guide on the topic here.

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