Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Review – The Successor To The Kaabo Wolf Warrior Throne

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Review

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Quick summary: With a top speed of 51 mph / 82 kmh and a range of 50 mi / 80 km, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT delivers a powerful performance, and its dual 1200W motor ensures rapid acceleration and climbing capabilities. The scooter’s build quality is praised for its durability, strong materials, and careful construction.

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  • Powerful motor
  • High speed
  • Long range
  • Comfortable ride
  • Strong build quality
  • Suitable for heavy riders


  • Heavy
  • Not portable
  • Expensive
  • Braking not always smooth
  • No IP rating

When to buy

With its powerful motor, sturdy suspension, and substantial tires, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT offers a thrilling experience for experienced riders, particularly off-road enthusiasts. Long-distance riders will love the extended battery range, and tech-savvy individuals will enjoy in the scooter’s customizable features. The high-quality brakes and robust build are an icing on the cake.

When not to buy

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT may not be the best fit for beginners. Commuters with limited storage might find its weight and size inconvenient, while budget-conscious buyers could be deterred by the premium price. Riders in regions with strict scooter regulations may encounter compliance issues with the GT’s high power and potential modifications.

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This is a complete review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT. Let’s delve into this scooter’s versatility as one of today’s standout scooters designed for both off-road adventures and daily commuting.


Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed82 kmh
Top speed51 mph
Range80 km
Range50 mi
MotorsBLDC hub motors
Power2400 W
Climb angle30 °
Battery2100 Wh, 60 V
Battery typeSamsung or LG lithium ion batteries
Charging time10 h
Weight50 kg
Weight110 lbs
Weight limit150 kg
Weight limit330 lbs
Tire size11×3.5 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless
Foldable handlebarsno
Build materialaluminum
Terrainsall terrain
Brakesdual hydraulic brakes
Shock absorbersmotorcycle grade front hydraulic suspension, rear dual spring suspension
Lightsheadlights, decklights, brake lights, signal lights
Controlanti-glare TFT display, 60V 40A Sine wave controller
Cruise controlyes
Warranty1 year
Return period30 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)149.86 cm * 27.94 cm * 48.26 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)59 in * 11 in * 19 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)127 cm * 62.48 cm * 124.96 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)50 in * 25 in * 49 in
Deck to handlebar height99 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height39 in (est)


Let’s go through some basic information you’ll need before hopping on your scooter.


The scooter arrived in a well-protected box.

Other than the scooter itself, it should contain the following parts:

  • kickstand
  • hex key
  • 4 lug nut covers
  • 2 charging bricks


The scooter was almost ready to ride, just needed a few little tweaks.

Like many scooters, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT had its handlebars separate, due to safety reasons.

However, this is an easy and simple job, when you attach the handlebars you just have to make sure that the grid on the handlebars is centered and that the screws are tightened.

You will also need to adjust your handlebars for your height, which I found the be pretty simple. Keep in mind that many scooters lack this feature, so this is one of the better scooters for tall adults.

Folding and unfolding

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT has one of the safest folding mechanism I’ve ever seen.

The process requires a few steps, however, it only took me a minute and even if it was more complicated, it’s nothing compared to the relief I felt while riding.

First of all, make sure that the toggle attached to the stem is in a horizontal position. Your goal is to have the toggle bolt pointing downward before pressing the lever.

Then, lift the latch and you’ll hear the toggle bolt fall back on the bottom – now just press the latch down.

Then, turn the safety lever all the way to the bottom.

Lastly, put the safety pin in and voila, your scooter is locked and ready!


Next, let’s see the Kaabo Wolf Warrior’s capacity in more detail.

Speed and speed tests

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT speed test

Officially, the Kaabo Warrior GT offers a top speed of 51 mph / 82 kmh.

However, keep in mind that the speed you achieve will vary due to the weather, terrain, weight and other factors.

During my test ride, the scooter reached 46 mph / 79 kmh on a flat terrain, but I could feel that it had a bit more power in it.

I was pretty content with this speed, but if you’re a higher-speed lover, check out my list for the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range tests

Given the powerful battery this scooter has, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT will obviously be capable of very long ranges on a single charge. The exact range you will get will still mostly depend on the speed at which you’re riding.

The official range the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT offers is 50 mi / 80 km. I was able to reach 47 mi / 75 km through the city, and the battery was almost but not completely full when I started.

That kind of range will be enough for the vast majority of scooterists out there. However, if you’re looking for a scooter with an even longer range, take a look at my list for best long-range electric scooter.

Motor and acceleration

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT build quality

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT boasts a dual 1200W motor, each in one wheel, delivering an impressive 2400W peak power.

The high wattage motors this scooter has results in rapid acceleration and strong torque.

I was able to reach a very high speed in several seconds.

Climbing angle and climbing tests

This scooter has an official climbing angle of 30° which makes it perfect for hilly areas.

Thanks to the scooter’s strong motor, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior easily conquered even the steepest hills.

From my tests, I’d say that the climbing angle exceeds the official one because the motor produces incredible torque even the steepest hills didn’t pose a problem.

Waterproofing and IP rating

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT doesn’t have an official water resistance rating. So, as a general rule for electric scooters, it’s advisable to avoid riding in the rain if possible.

That said, I did ride the scooter in the rain several times without encountering any problems. Still, I’d strongly recommend you to avoid wet weather.

If you live in a rainy area, this scooter is probably not the best choice – you can take a look at my list for best waterproof electric scooters and find something more suitable.

Ride experience

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT test ride

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT provided a powerful and smooth ride for me.

I’d say that the scooter’s powerful motor was a highlight – providing ample acceleration and the ability to conquer steep inclines effortlessly.

The scooter’s sturdy build and suspension contributed to a comfortable riding experience, even on uneven terrains.

Mostly I appreciated the versatility, which proved to be suitable for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT’s large tires and reliable braking system enhanced stability and safety during the ride.

Also, as I mentioned before, the folding mechanism, while requiring a few steps, was very secure and convenient for storage.

Overall, I can see why it’s such a popular choice among electric scooter enthusiasts.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs other scooters

Let’s move forward with the comparisons between the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and other scooters.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

The Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 offers potent dual motors, a range of 93 mi / 150 km, and a maximum speed of 49 mph / 80 kmh that guarantee a seamless and effective riding experience.

This is the ultimate off-road scooter with its 60V 35Ah battery and a 40° incline capability.

Both scooters have substantial weight, with Wolf Warrior 11 being a few pounds heavier – a justified aspect considering the power they offer.

Overall, given the fact that their power and speed are similar, choosing between these two would come down to range and hill climbing ability and if you’re after those, the Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 is your winner.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs Kaboo Wolf Warrior X GT

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT

The Wolf Warrior GT takes the lead in speed, reaching a top speed of 51 mph / 82 kmh, while the Wolf Warrior X GT offers a slightly lower top speed of 43.5 mph / 70 kmh.

For riders considering versatility in varied terrains, the Wolf Warrior GT conquers hills with a 30-degree climb, while the Wolf Warrior X GT excels with a superior 35-degree hill climb capability.

In terms of weight, the Wolf Warrior GT is a heavier model at 110 lbs, while the Wolf Warrior X GT is noticeably lighter at 83 lbs, enhancing its portability without compromising on performance.

Additionally, the Wolf Warrior X GT introduces water resistance with an IPX5 rating, making it a more resilient choice in diverse weather conditions.

Both scooters share an impressive 50 mi / 80 km range, providing users with ample distance for extended rides.

This is a though choice, but ultimately if you prefer more powerful and faster scooter, go for the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT vs VSETT 10+

Kaabo Wolf Warrior vs VSETT 10+

Deciding between the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and VSETT 10+ is a challenge, given the top-tier status of both scooters.

The Wolf Warrior dominates with dual motors, achieving speeds of up to 51 mph / 82 kmh and excelling off-road, while the VSETT 10+ boasts a single motor, reaching 43 mph / 69 kmh for a smoother paved road experience.

The Wolf Warrior offers an extensive range of 50 mi / 80 km but is heavier at 110 Ibs / 50kg, while the VSETT 10+ provides a 40 mi / 65km range at a more manageable 70 Ibs / 33kg.

Each excels in ride quality and features, with the Wolf Warrior’s hydraulic suspension and the VSETT 10+’s pneumatic tires.

Overall, the Wolf Warrior is a premium choice for power enthusiasts, whereas the VSETT 10+ provides a budget-friendly option with excellent value for everyday riders. I’d suggest the VSETT 10+ only if your budget is a bit more limited.

Build quality

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT is praised because of its strength and durability.

Firstly, it’s made from strong materials. The main part is built with sturdy aluminum, so it’s not too heavy but won’t easily bend or break.

The forks, deck, and tires are all tough and made to resist punctures, making riders feel secure during their journeys. Plus, it’s designed to stay safe from rust, so you can ride it in different weather conditions without worrying.

In terms of how it’s put together, the scooter is carefully assembled with tight welding and accurate machining, ensuring all the parts fit well and reducing the chances of it breaking.

Its unique design with two stems adds stability, especially when riding at higher speeds. While it doesn’t have an official IP rating, I can confirm that the GT can handle water splashes and light rain.

However, it’s important to know that no scooter is invincible. Even a really well-made scooter can get damaged from hard hits or rough use.

So, regular cleaning and checks are needed to keep it in good shape over time.

Generally, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT stands out thanks to its durability and strong materials, careful construction, and great ride experience it provides.


Moving on, let’s see the distinctive features the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT has.

Tires and wheels

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT tire and wheel

The Wolf Warrior GT is equipped with large 11″ x 3.5″ tubeless tires, with hybrid thread patterns designed specifically for off-road adventures.

These tires are tough as nails, and will provide enhanced traction and stability on uneven terrains.

The pneumatic nature of the tires helps absorb shocks and bumps, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable ride even when navigating rough paths.

The Wolf Warrior GT features a dual-motor setup, and each motor is connected to a separate wheel. This configuration, often referred to as a dual-wheel drive, contributes to the scooter’s powerful performance, especially when conquering inclines or challenging surfaces.


The suspension system of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless ride and outstanding off-road performance.

Highlighting its features and advantages, the hydraulic fork suspension stands out as a superior choice, surpassing spring-based alternatives by offering exceptional shock absorption for a smoother experience over bumps and rugged terrain.

Notably adjustable, the preload and rebound damping can be fine-tuned to accommodate varying rider weights, riding styles, and terrains.

Overall, I’d say that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT’s suspension system is a multifaceted feature that elevates the scooter’s comfort, control, and off-road prowess. I wouldn’t change a thing here.


Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT lights

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT offers a range of lighting features, which makes this scooter suitable for riding at night.

In terms of standard lighting, the scooter is equipped with a powerful LED headlight that ensures visibility during nighttime rides and LED deck light.

The rear light, also LED, serves a dual purpose by functioning as a brake light, enhancing overall safety.

If you seek additional flair and visibility, certain versions, such as the Wolf Warrior GT Pro, may come with optional deck lights in the form of LED strips, providing both a stylish aesthetic and increased visibility.


Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT brakes

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT is equipped with a reliable and robust braking system to ensure rider safety and control.

The main feature is, of course, the almost-legendary dual hydraulic disc brakes for both the front and rear wheels.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT also comes with an ABS system featuring regenerative braking which will allow you to come to a stop quickly and safely.

While the brakes are excellent overall, I did find the braking to be a bit less than 100% smooth at times.

Weight and weight capacity

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT weighs 110 lbs / 49 kg. Even though I generally don’t mind heavier scooters, I did find this one to be a bit awkward to carry, store, and maneuver.

With an impressive weight capacity of 330 lbs / 150 kg, this electric scooter will accommodate riders of varying sizes, ensuring a sturdy and reliable experience for users within its weight range.

I’ll just say it plainly – the scooter’s limited portability may be a drawback for some. If you’re frequently on the go or need to transport the scooter onto a bus or train, I recommend looking into other options from my list of the most portable electric scooters.

Display and controller

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT display

The Wolf Warrior GT features Kaabo’s latest colorful display placed at the center of the handlebars.

This 3.5-inch screen shows key info like the battery level, current speed, trip details, power mode, and time.

I really liked that the display is easily visible, even in bright sunlight, and it works on Kaabo’s special software, making it straightforward and helpful for riders.

Featuring a brand-new cockpit, the Wolf GT places all controls right at your fingertips.

The sleek thumb throttle ensured precise power control, and gears, along with riding modes, and were easily within reach on the right side of the handlebar.

I could manage headlights, turn signals, and the horn with my left thumb while on the move.

Accessories and customization

For essential accessories, a front bag provides a practical storage solution for items like your phone, wallet, and tools, with waterproof options ensuring added peace of mind.

Additionally, a phone mount is crucial for easy access to navigation, music, and calls, so choose a robust mount that securely holds your phone during bumpy rides.

Investing in a sturdy lock helps deter theft, especially when leaving your scooter in public places.

Lastly, a helmet is a non-negotiable safety essential and may be mandatory in many regions, so choose a comfortable and certified helmet that fits snugly. I used a full-face helmet while riding this scooter, and I would recommend you do the same.

Take a look at my electric scooter accessories article for additional inspiration.

Tradeoffs and issues

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT, while offering exceptional performance, comes with some tradeoffs to keep in mind.

First, its weight of approximately 110 lbs / 49 kg can be a drawback for users relying on public transportation or those with limited storage space, as it is less convenient to carry or store compared to lighter models.

Additionally, the premium performance and build quality of the GT come with a higher price tag, making it a substantial investment compared to more budget-friendly scooter options. If this scooter’s price tag is more than what you can currently afford, I recommend checking out my guides on the best scooters under $1500 or the best scooters under $1000.

Furthermore, the GT’s advanced features and potential for customization might be intimidating for users seeking a more straightforward plug-and-play experience, and troubleshooting or repairs may require a higher level of technical knowledge compared to simpler scooters made for beginners.

Other smaller issues I already mentioned include the lack of an official IP rating for water protection, and the less-than-smooth braking at times.

I don’t consider any of these issues to be more than minor annoyances.


Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT

Overall, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT stands out as a high-quality electric scooter that’s perfect for both off-road fun and everyday commuting.

From the moment you unpack and assemble it, you’ll notice its super-cool features.

With its strong dual motors, big tires and top-notch battery, it’s speedy, has a great range, and handles off-road adventures like a champ.

The comfortable ride, thanks to the hydraulic suspension, makes it enjoyable on all sorts of terrain.

Plus, it’s built tough with durable materials, and the smart design, including a handy folding feature, adds to its appeal.

Now, it’s not without its tradeoffs – it’s a bit heavy and comes with a higher price tag.

But if you’re into high-performance scooters, especially for off-road rides, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT is a top pick!

So, overall, is the latest iteration of the celebrated Kaabo Wolf Warrior line worth it? The simple answer is – 100% yes!

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