Ninebot E25E Review – Great-Quality All-Rounder Scooter

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side view of the Ninebot E25E

In this detailed Ninebot E25E review, we will see what makes this latest Ninebot scooter a great general-purpose scooter, how it can serve your needs, and when it might be your perfect scooter.

Just a little side note before we continue – the Ninebot E25 (notice the missing “E” at the end) is practically the same scooter, with some adjustments to be street-legal in Australia.

Who should buy the Ninebot E25E?

The Ninebot E25E is a versatile, feature-complete scooter, with just a touch of extra performance.

Naturally, it will be perfect for commuters, urban scooterists, students or young professionals making their way in the big city, as it can be a trusted companion in the urban jungle.

However, the more casual riders, looking for a laid-back way to cruise around the neighborhood with style and ease, will also fall in love with this scooter.

The scooter is a bit more powerful than some of the other Ninebot scooters, but not over-powered, so it will still be great for beginners, but at the same time, since it comes with all the bells and whistles a modern scooter should have, it will be great as an upgrade for someone that has only been using ride-sharing scooters and now wants an upgrade.

Where to buy the Ninebot E25E from?

UK, Europe
You can get the Ninebot E25E from Amazon UK for both the UK and many European countries.

Segway Ninebot brand and scooters

two Ninebot Max electric scooters

Ninebot is one of the best electric scooter brands in the world, and this is news to nobody in the scooter world.

Segway is the brand that basically single-handedly jumpstarted the whole electric rideable craze, back in the early 2000s, way before scooters were cool. Today, they are merged with Ninebot, and stand behind some of the most popular and commercially successful electric scooter lines in the world.

The Ninebot ES line may as well represent about a third of all electric scooters in the world, not just because the scooters went off the shelves like hotcakes, but because they were the main scooter models in the fleets of the biggest ride-sharing companies like Lime and Bird.

It’s clear that Ninebot know what they’re doing.

The more recent line of scooters, unofficially called the “E2” line, has learned a lot from its ultra-successful predecessors, and naturally, offers even better value and performance.

Warranty and return policy

The Ninebot E25E comes with the standard Ninebot warranty, which is 1 year on the main components and critical electronic parts, 6 months on the battery and charger, and 3 months on the wear-and-tear parts. The first two warranty periods are pretty much the standard for scooter warranties, but the last one is very generous, as most warranties on wear-and-tear parts last just one month.

If the scooter comes with some damage, you can get a replacement or a refund. Also, if you just wish to return it, you can do so in 30 days.

Ordering and shipping

The Ninebot E25E is available in the UK and Ireland (and possibly in some other European countries). The best place to get it from is the Amazon UK listing, as they have the best delivery terms, and may also ship to some other European countries besides the UK as well.

Unboxing and assembly

deck of the Ninebot E25E

Your scooter will arrive in a white Ninebot box. There is quite a lot of protective nylon and styrofoam, so there shouldn’t be any faults or damages because of the shipping.

In the package, you will find:

  • Ninebot E25E scooter
  • handlebars
  • Allen key
  • 8 M5 Flathead screws
  • bell
  • user manual
  • warranty
  • quickstart guide

You need to install the handlebar inside of the stem and tighten the screws with the Allen key. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Before you rush outside to try out your brand new scooter, go through the following checklist:

  • make sure all the brakes work properly
  • see if the scooter can power on and connect to the app
  • make sure all the other screws are tight

Also, it’s recommended to fully charge the battery before you ride for the first time.

Ninebot E25E/E25 user manual and basics

page from the user manual of the Ninebot E25E

I always recommend reading the manual, or at the very least, scanning it quickly. Even though this is a complete review and informs you on pretty much everything you need to know about the scooter, sometimes there can be small changes between the different batches of the same model, and the manual will probably be the only place that has that information.

As with all Ninebot scooters, you must download the app and connect your scooter with your phone through bluetooth before you can start riding.

The basics of the scooter are pretty standard:

  • pressing the power button turns the scooter on
  • pressing the power button two times changes the speed mode (eco, standard, sport)
  • pressing the power button three times toggles the lights

The Ninebot E25E is a kick-to-start scooter. This, in my opinion, is a lot safer than the zero-start option, where you can unintentionally launch your scooter forward while pushing it, or spin the wheels while carrying it if you press the acceleration by accident.

You can also make your rides more enjoyable by using cruise control. Everything about the cruise control can be set through the app.

As usual, don’t forget to wear your helmet (see the guide on the best electric scooter helmets if you’re looking for some excellent value picks).


the front of the Ninebot E25E

I don’t believe it’s possible for the folding mechanism of the Ninebot E25E to be simpler or more user-friendly.

There’s just one latch/pedal on the front of the deck, which you press with your foot to unlock the folding mechanism, and then just fold the handlebars down until they lock in the folded position. The rear fender has a small frame that connects with the small hook on the stem, and makes the scooter convenient for carrying.

Quality, lifespan, ride experience

The Ninebot E25E is one well-made scooter. It is solid, reliable, sturdy, with lots of attention to detail and fine engineering. It comes with a comfortable deck, strong handlebars, and a good build quality overall. It’s no wonder it provides smooth and stable rides, with minimal to no wobbliness or vibration.

Since the scooter has only been around for a short time, we can’t really be sure about its lifespan, but early signs are very promising and owner reports indicate that this scooter is a true fighter and will last for many years. Defects are rare, and major breakdowns are practically unheard of.

Battery, charger, range

charging port of the Ninebot E25E

The Ninebot E25E comes with a 215 Watt-hour, 36 Volt lithium-ion battery (5960 mAh), and a Smart Battery Management System that protects the battery from overcharging, overheating, overcurrent, and other common battery defects, which drastically prolongs its lifespan.

Plus, Ninebot has been researching and producing scooter batteries for a very long time now, and as a result, their scooters come with some of the best batteries in the game. The typical scenario where the battery wears out and becomes useless after 6 months will not be the case for the Ninebot E25E.

The scooter takes 4 hours to charge fully.

Now, this only applies to the standard version of the scooter, which means having just a single battery. Adding the extra battery (which is something a lot of owners choose to do) will basically double the range of the scooter up to 28 mi / 45 km. This is the tradition with many Ninebot models, where you get to choose your own range, and if you want longer rides, then definitely consider adding the extra battery.

How much does it cost to charge the Ninebot E25E?

Charging the Ninebot E25E during off-peak hours will cost around 6 pence in the UK and Ireland, around 4 cents in most European countries, and just 1 cent in the US. If you charge the scooter in peak hours, it will cost you 7 pence in the UK and Ireland, 6 cents in Europe, and around 4 cents in the US.

Motor, power, speed, climbing

person riding the Ninebot E25E on a hill

The hub motor of the scooter is located in the front wheel, and has 300 Watts of power.

The advertised speed of the Ninebot E25E is 15.5 mph / 25 kmh. That speed is easily developed by the scooter even for heavier riders and on a partially discharged battery, as user reports suggest. Probably the only reason why the scooter doesn’t go any faster is to remain street-legal in most of the places where it’s sold, because the acceleration and the general performance hint that the scooter is physically capable of going faster.

The scooter climbs pretty good, and is among the best climbers in the Ninebot scooter family, despite almost all of the scooters having the same official climb angle of 15% / 8.5°.

Adding the extra battery will improve the climb angle to 20% / 11.3°, and will provide a small bump in the top speed of around 3 mph / 5 kmh extra.


With a total of 4 different light configurations, the Ninebot E25E is one of the best-lit scooters ever.

The main LED headlight is quite good, and it will do a relatively good job of keeping you safe and visible during night rides. Keep in mind though, that it’s not the brightest light out there, and if you need to ride at night a lot, you will probably need a stronger light (see the guide on the best scooter accessories for some great suggestions).

The rear brake light will blink in red when you engage the brake. Same as with the front light, it will be pretty strong, not the brightest one but because of the blinking it will provide some extra visibility, so you may not need to get an after-market rear brake light as well.

The scooter has an ambient light under the deck. Opinions are divided on this matter in the scooter world, but I believe this is an overall win, as it increases your visibility even more (plus, it kinda makes the scooter more fun and gives it some life).

In addition to all the lights, the scooter has many reflector lights, including one on the rear fender, two on the rear sides of the deck, and five on the front of the deck (two red ones on the side of the deck, two yellow ones on the sides of the stem, and a white one on the front of the stem).

Waterproofing, IP rating

The Ninebot E25E comes with a water protection standard of IPX4, which means the scooter is water-resistant, but not fully waterproof.

Riding in some rain will almost certainly not do any harm to the scooter, although as with any electronic device, there’s always a small chance of water damage. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to avoid riding in wet environments as much as possible. Plus, the warranty will not cover water damage, which is another good reason to stay away from the rain.

Portability, weight, dimensions

a folded Ninebot E25E

Weighing 31.5 lbs / 14.3 kg, the Ninebot E25E is almost at the exact average of how much does an electric scooter weighs (around 32 lbs / 14.5 kg).

The folded dimensions of the scooter are also close to the average, with the scooter’s length possibly being a bit longer than usual.

That means the Ninebot E25E is a relatively portable scooter, which you can carry with you without too much trouble.

Weight limit and usage by large adults

The official weight limit of the Ninebot E25E is 220 lbs / 100 kg, which is about the average for commuter scooters. Unlike most other scooters with this capacity, this scooter truly delivers on this promise, and even riders close to the weight limit have reported steady performance.

That said, riders above the weight limit will likely notice reduced top speed and range, so if you or the person you’re buying this scooter for are above the limit, consider another scooter. You can see the guide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults to see the best options.

Brakes and safety

rear magnetic brake of the Ninebot E25E

The scooter has a safe braking system, with three separate brakes that provide a lot of redundancy.

The front wheel has an electronic brake, which does recover a small amount of battery juice every time you brake. The rear wheel has a magnetic brake, but also a foot brake when you press the fender.

All of the brakes on the scooter are fairly strong on their own. The electronic brake and the magnetic brake are engaged by the brake thumb throttle, and when used together with the foot brake, the scooter brakes very quickly.

Tires and suspension

front suspension of the Ninebot E25E

The tires of the Ninebot E25E are solid, and filled with foam. That makes them immune to flats.

In general, ride quality would suffer because of solid tires, but this scooter employs some cutting-edge dual-density tire technology that largely mitigates that downside. Plus, the diameter of the tires is larger than the diameter of the typical solid tire, and with 9 inches it will further improve ride comfort.

You will not need to worry about maintenance with these tires.

The scooter has a spring suspension between the stem and the front wheel. It does help in making the ride smoother, although I believe the tires may be doing the bigger part of the job.

Controls and screen

controls and screen of the Ninebot E25E

Overall, the control configuration of the Ninebot E25E is very simple, probably the simplest it can be.

The LED screen of the scooter is fairly bright. On a very bright day, you may have a harder time reading the screen.

The screen will show you the:

  • current speed (in your preferred metric system)
  • battery level (5 bars)
  • speed mode
  • bluetooth status

The power button is right below the screen, and it’s the only control button on the scooter beside the thumb throttles.

The handlebars are covered with strong grips that prevent slipping when riding with sweaty hands. The right handlebar hosts the acceleration thumb throttle (green sticker), while the left one holds the brake thumb throttle (red sticker) and the bell.

Accessories and customizations

Strangely, there are not that many specific accessories for this scooter, given its popularity. Luckily, the design and the build of the scooter are fairly standard, so much of the usual electric scooter accessories will fit the Ninebot E25E like a glove.

Besides the extra battery, which is a must for anyone looking for some serious range and upgraded performance, probably the most useful customizations might be the seat and the phone holder, which are available custom-made for this model specifically.

Apps and security

The official Ninebot app will be required for you to connect with your scooter and be able to use it.

The app has a ton of features:

  • locking
  • speed status (current and overall)
  • ride time
  • mileage status (trip and overall)
  • cruise control and settings
  • KERS level
  • temperature
  • lights status and settings

You can find the app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

As we can see, the scooter can be locked through the app, which prevents anyone from turning it on and riding off with it. It doesn’t prevent anyone from simply taking the scooter though, and I recommend getting a medium-strong scooter lock to fully secure this scooter.

Also, you may want to take a look at the Universal Scooter App by EScooterNerds. It comes with some extra features (more than 30!) to manage your scooter, including:

  • checklists
  • calculators
  • resources
  • guides
  • tools
  • hacks

The app works great alongside the Ninebot app, and it is also available for both iOS and Android.


Ninebot E25E Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 kmh
Top speed15.5 mph
Range25 km
Range15.5 mi
Power300 W
Climb angle8.5 °
Battery215 Wh, 36 V
Battery typesupports extra battery
Charging time4 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX4
Weight14.3 kg
Weight32 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size9 in
Tire typedual-density flat-free tires
Foldable handlebarsno
Brakesfront electronic & regenerative, rear magnetic and foot brake
Shock absorbersfront shock absorber
Lightsfront + rear + brake LED + reflectors
ControlLED screen
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)119 cm * 42 cm * 36 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 17 in * 14 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)116 cm * 42 cm * 117 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)46 in * 17 in * 46 in
Adjustable handlebarno

Tradeoffs, downsides, and what to know

I believe the biggest tradeoff with this scooter will only be an issue to the more advanced riders, or the riders looking for that extra range, and that’s the need for the second battery to fully unlock this scooter’s true potential. The scooter will be perfectly fine without it, but riders looking for peak performance will have to pay a bit extra.

The other tradeoff is the solid tires. While you will never get flats and you will not have to worry about maintenance, they will reduce the ride comfort noticeably. The front spring suspension does help here a bit.

The scooter has no obvious flaws, or recurring issues that bother owners a lot. Given how many units have been sold, there have been very few defects so far, as the scooter’s quality is all in all pretty good, especially for this price range.

Ninebot E25E vs other electric scooters

The Ninebot E25E is often compared to other popular models, and of course, the other Ninebot scooters as well.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E25

The Ninebot E25E and the Ninebot E25 are essentially the same scooter, with their only differences stemming from the markets where they are being sold and the traffic laws that impose some adjustments.

The E25E is mostly sold in the UK, while the E25 is only available in Australia for the time being.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E45

In short, the Ninebot E45E is almost the same as the Ninebot E25E with the extra battery. This is the same scenario as the Ninebot ES2 / Ninebot ES4 pair.

There are some other interesting differences, however. The E45E has a more powerful motor, even though the difference in top speeds doesn’t reflect that. Also, the reflectors on the Ninebot E45 will be yellow, while the E25E comes with red ones.

See my full Ninebot E45 review if you wish to find out more.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E22E

riding with the Ninebot E22E

The Ninebot E25E, in a way, takes the value proposition of the Ninebot E22E, and takes it a step further. It is almost like an exact next level to it, with the price difference perfectly reflecting the differences in performance.

Overall, the E25E will perform better, with a higher top speed, more range, and a bigger battery, but it will also be slightly bigger and weigh around 2 lbs / 1 kg more. Also, the E25E will usually cost about $100 more. Both scooters can support an extra battery.

If you are looking for a lighter version of the Ninebot E25E, you may want to check out the full Ninebot E22E review.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot Max

While both of these scooters come from Ninebot, they are very different.

The Ninebot Max comes with even larger tires than the E25E, with 10 inches in diameter. They are air-filled instead of solid, and provide a more comfortable ride (although they can get flat).

The Ninebot Max has a lot more range than the Ninebot E25E, more than double even. However, it also weighs quite a lot more (42 lbs / 19 kg), and typically costs about $150 more.

Both scooters are meant to play different roles, so most scooterists will know what they need and make the choice easy. If you want to find out more about the Max, see the complete Ninebot Max review.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot ES2

The Segway Ninebot ES2
The Segway Ninebot ES2

It’s not like the E25E is a direct upgrade of the Ninebot ES2, but in a lot of ways, it’s almost like that.

Both scooters have the same top speed, range, weigh about the same, and have the same water protection and weight capacity. Also, both scooters support an additional battery.

One difference is the tires, with the E25E coming with slightly bigger tires, and more importantly, with the improved dual-density technology. The 0.5-inch difference in diameters is not that great, but it does translate into some comfort gains, and the new technology further increases the difference in ride stability.

As a result, the E25E will generally cost more than the ES2, although not that much more ($50 – $100).

I believe the E25E is clearly a better choice, as it’s a newer model that has fixed some of the faults and common defects of the ES2, but if you still think the ES2 sounds like a better option for you, you can see the full review of it here.

Ninebot E25E vs Xiaomi Pro 2

I think deciding between the E25E and the Xiaomi Pro 2 is not that difficult.

It mostly comes down to the tire type, since both scooters have comparable top speeds, motors, weigh almost the same, have the same water protection level, and the same weight limit. They also cost about the same.

Do you hate flats, and want to eliminate every risk of getting one? Then stick with the E25E.

Do you want more comfortable rides, and are willing to bear the ever-present risk of a flat? Then see the Xiaomi Pro 2. It’s also worth noting that the Xiaomi Pro 2 will be more cost-efficient in terms of range, as it has the same range that the E25E has with the second battery.

See my complete Xiaomi Pro 2 review to learn more about this scooter.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the things any potential Ninebot E25E users might be interested in.

Can you ride the Ninebot E25E on grass?

The Ninebot E25E is a slim light scooter made for city streets. You can’t ride this scooter on grass, dirt tracks, or other rough terrains, as it doesn’t have the proper equipment to sustain such rides.

Can you make your Ninebot E25E go faster?

All Ninebot scooters use a mobile App for better control and ride customization, which also allows you to increase the max speed of your scooter. Go to the settings menu of the App, go to the “speed settings” page, and put the slider to the max, which is usually factory set at about 70%.

Can Ninebot E25E go uphill?

The Ninebot E25E has a base climbing angle of around 15% / 8.5°, which can be increased up to 20% / 11.3° if you add a second battery. It’s not enough to climb mountains, but the scooter can handle any small slopes and ramps that show up during your typical city ride.

How long do Ninebot scooters last?

Segway have done a great job in developing strong durable batteries, so their scooters can last from 3 to 5 years before they need a major repair or battery swap.


person riding the Ninebot E25E

In summary, the Ninebot E25E is one excellent scooter.

It will be great for first-time owners, as it is very beginner-friendly.

At the same time, it’s more than just a beginner scooter. Its performance, but also additional features and quality, fully reflect that.

So, somewhere between the beginner and the advanced scooters, there’s the Ninebot E25E, capable of playing any role you wish to assign to it. And it will play that role perfectly, providing smooth and fun rides, faithful in your commutes and adventures, giving you the ride of your life until that last battery bar goes out.

Where to buy the Ninebot E25E from?

UK, Europe
You can get the Ninebot E25E from Amazon UK for both the UK and many European countries.

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