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Ninebot E25E Review

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Quick summary: The Ninebot E25E is ideal for beginners with its user-friendly design and a top sped of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, a range of up to 15 miles / 24 km that can be doubled with a second battery, and a climb angle of 5% / 8.5°. It has solid tires and you won’t have to worry about getting a flat. For the price of 649$, there isn’t a better commuter.

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Overall score
Ranked #6 in price range $601 – $699
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • beginner-friendly
  • great for commuting
  • good range
  • good power
  • very stylish
  • low maintenance


  • solid tires
  • low weight capacity
  • low acceleration

When to buy

The Ninebot E25E is a versatile scooter with a touch of extra performance. Ideal for commuters, urban scooterists, students, or young professionals navigating the city. Casual riders seeking a stylish and easy neighborhood cruise will also appreciate this scooter. Slightly more powerful than other Ninebot scooters, it’s suitable for beginners and serves as an upgrade for those transitioning from ride-sharing scooters, offering modern features and performance enhancements.

When not to buy

The Ninebot E25E is an excellent scooter for many riders, but it is not the best choice for everyone. While it is versatile, powerful, and stylish, it may not be the best option for those who need a long-range scooter, a scooter for hilly areas, or a scooter for heavy riders. If you are looking for a scooter that can go further on a single charge, a scooter that can handle steep inclines or a scooter that has a higher weight limit, you may want to consider a different model.

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In this detailed Ninebot E25E review, we will see what makes this latest Ninebot scooter a great general-purpose scooter, how it can serve your needs, and when it might be your perfect scooter.

Just a little side note before we continue – the Ninebot E25, the Ninebot E25E, and the Ninebot E25A are all practically the same scooter, with some adjustments to be street-legal in the different markets where they sell. The E25 version is sold in Australia, the E25A version is sold in the US, and the E25E is sold in Europe.


Ninebot E25/E25E/E25A Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 kmh
Top speed15.5 mph
Range25 km
Range15.5 mi
Power300 W
Climb angle8.5 °
Battery215 Wh, 36 V
Battery typesupports extra battery
Charging time4 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX4
Weight14.3 kg
Weight32 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size9 in
Tire typedual-density flat-free tires
Foldable handlebarsno
Brakesfront electronic & regenerative, rear magnetic and foot brake
Shock absorbersfront shock absorber
Lightsfront + rear + brake LED + reflectors
ControlLED screen
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)119 cm * 42 cm * 36 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 17 in * 14 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)116 cm * 42 cm * 117 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)46 in * 17 in * 46 in
Adjustable handlebarno


Here are some of the basics you should know about the Ninebot E25E.

Unboxing and assembly

deck of the Ninebot E25E

Your scooter will arrive in a white Ninebot box. There is quite a lot of protective nylon and styrofoam, so there shouldn’t be any faults or damages because of the shipping.

In the package, you will find:

  • Ninebot E25E scooter
  • handlebars
  • Allen key
  • 8 M5 Flathead screws
  • bell
  • user manual
  • warranty
  • quickstart guide

You need to install the handlebar inside of the stem and tighten the screws with the Allen key. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Before you rush outside to try out your brand new scooter, I recommend going through the following checklist:

  • make sure all the brakes work properly
  • see if the scooter can power on and connect to the app
  • make sure all the other screws are tight

Also, it’s recommended to fully charge the battery before you ride for the first time.

Ninebot E25E/E25 user manual and basics

page from the user manual of the Ninebot E25E

I always recommend reading the manual, or at the very least, scanning it quickly.

As with all Ninebot scooters, you must download the app and connect your scooter with your phone through bluetooth before you can start riding.

The basics of the scooter are pretty standard:

  • pressing the power button turns the scooter on
  • pressing the power button two times changes the speed mode (eco, standard, sport)
  • pressing the power button three times toggles the lights

The Ninebot E25E is a kick-to-start scooter, which I find safer than the zero-start option.

The kick-to-start eliminates the risk of unintentionally launching the scooter or spinning the wheels accidentally. You can enhance your rides by utilizing cruise control, with all settings accessible through the app.

As usual, don’t forget to wear your helmet (see the guide on the best electric scooter helmets if you’re looking for some excellent value picks).


the front of the Ninebot E25E

I don’t believe it’s possible for the folding mechanism of the Ninebot E25E to be simpler or more user-friendly.

Press the front latch/pedal with your foot to unlock the folding mechanism.

Fold the handlebars down until they lock in place. The rear fender has a small frame connecting to the stem hook, making the scooter easy to carry.


Here are some of the performance aspects of the Ninebot E25E


The hub motor of the scooter is located in the front wheel and has 300 Watts of power. The motor is very quiet and will never irritate you with its sound like other motors.

Speed and speed test

The Ninebot E25E achieves an advertised speed of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, easily attainable for heavier riders and on a partially discharged battery, according to user reports.

I took the Ninebot E25E for a ride on a long, straight road. I started by accelerating slowly and gradually increased my speed until I reached the scooter’s top speed of 15 mph / 25 kmh.

I can say that the manufacturer was right on point.

Its capability to go faster is hinted by its acceleration and performance, but the likely limitation is to comply with street-legal restrictions in most selling locations.

If you prefer faster scooters check out my guide on the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range test

Ninebot officially claims a range of up to 15 miles / 24 km for the E25E, which is quite respectable for a scooter in its class.

However, I was curious to put this claim to the test under real-world conditions. My range test involved a leisurely ride along a paved bike path, maintaining a moderate speed of around 12-15 mph.

After approximately 14 miles / 22 km, the scooter’s battery indicator started to show signs of depletion, eventually signaling a need for charging after covering an impressive 16.2 miles / 26 km.

Adding an extra battery is a popular choice among owners, doubling the scooter’s range to 28 mi / 45 km.

As with many Ninebot models, choosing an extended range is possible by adding the extra battery for longer rides.

If you need a commuter with an even bigger range, check out my guide on the best long range electric scooters.

Climbing and climb test

a guy climbing hill with his electric scooter.

The scooter is a moderate climber, but it still ranks among the best in the Ninebot scooter family, with an official climb angle of 15% / 8.5°.

When I was testing the climb angle, I managed to reach 17 % / 9.5°. Keep in mind that the model which I tested had only one battery.

Adding the extra battery enhances the climb angle to 20% / 11.3° and increases the top speed by approximately 3 mph / 5 kmh.

If you live in a hilly area and need a scooter that has a bigger climb angle, check out my guide on the best hill climbing electric scooters.

Ride experience

Taking the Ninebot E25E for a spin was an absolute joy for me.

The 9-inch wheels effortlessly handle smooth surfaces, complemented by a front shock absorber for bumps.

The 300W motor ensures ample power, with three riding modes for customization. Eco mode is ideal for a relaxed ride and cruise control for a hands-free experience.

It allows me to choose the type of driving that I’m in the mood for which is a great feature for me.

The three brakes (front electronic & regenerative, rear magnetic, and foot brake) offer strong stopping power. Whether commuting, running errands, or leisure riding, the Ninebot E25E is a comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly choice.

Ninebot E25E vs other electric scooters

The Ninebot E25E is often compared to other popular models. Let’s find out how does it go head to head with them.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E25

The Ninebot E25E and E25 are essentially identical scooters, with variations based on the markets and traffic laws. The E25E is primarily sold in the UK, while the E25 is currently exclusive to Australia.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E45

ninebot e25e vs ninebot 45

The Ninebot E45E mirrors the Ninebot E25E with an extra battery, similar to the Ninebot ES2 / Ninebot ES4 pair.

Despite comparable top speeds, the E45E features a more potent motor. Notably, the E45E has yellow reflectors, whereas the E25E has red ones.

See my full Ninebot E45 review if you wish to find out more.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot E22E

ninebot e25e vs ninebot e22e

The Ninebot E25E builds on the value offered by the Ninebot E22E, representing a clear performance upgrade at a higher price.

With a greater top speed, extended range, and a larger battery, the E25E outperforms the E22E. It’s slightly larger, weighs approximately 2 lbs / 1 kg more, and typically costs around $100 more.

Both scooters support an additional battery.

If you are looking for a lighter version of the Ninebot E25E, you may want to check out the full Ninebot E22E review.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot Max

ninebot e25e vs ninebot max

While both of these scooters come from Ninebot, they are very different.

The Ninebot Max features larger, air-filled 10-inch tires for a more comfortable ride but is prone to flats.

It offers more than double the range of the E25E. However, it is heavier at 42 lbs / 19 kg and usually costs around $150 more.Designed for different purposes, users can easily choose between the two based on their specific needs.

If you want to find out more about the Max, see the complete Ninebot Max review.

Ninebot E25E vs Ninebot ES2

ninebot e25e vs ninebot es2
The Segway Ninebot ES2

While the E25E isn’t a direct upgrade of the Ninebot ES2, it shares many similarities.

Both scooters have the same top speed, range, weight, water protection, and weight capacity. They also support an additional battery.

The key difference is the tires, with the E25E having slightly larger ones and improved dual-density technology, providing added comfort and ride stability. As a result, the E25E typically costs slightly more than the ES2, ranging from $50 to $100 more.

I believe the E25E is clearly a better choice, as it’s a newer model that has fixed some of the faults and common defects of the ES2, but if you still think the ES2 sounds like a better option for you, you can see the full review of it here.

Ninebot E25E vs Xiaomi Pro 2

xiaomi mi pro 2

I think deciding between the E25E and the Xiaomi Pro 2 is not that difficult.

The choice boils down to the tire type, as both scooters share similar top speeds, motors, weight, water protection, weight limit, and cost.

Prefer avoiding flats entirely? Opt for the E25E.

Seek more comfort, even with the risk of flats? Consider the Xiaomi Pro 2.

Note that it is more cost-efficient in terms of range, matching the E25E’s range with the second battery. See my complete Xiaomi Pro 2 review to learn more about this scooter.

Built quality and lifespan

The Ninebot E25E is a well-crafted, reliable scooter with a solid build, attention to detail, and fine engineering.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the scooter’s comfortable deck. It’s wide enough to accommodate my feet comfortably, even on longer rides. The deck is also covered with a grippy material that helps keep my feet in place, even in wet weather.

The handlebars are also sturdy and well-positioned, making it easy to control the scooter with one hand. The frame is made from high-quality materials, and all of the components feel like they’re built to last.

All of this contributes to smooth and stable rides, minimizing wobbliness or vibration. I’ve never felt unsafe on the Ninebot E25E, even when riding on uneven surfaces or at high speed

Though it’s relatively new, early signs and owner reports suggest promising durability. Defects are rare, and major breakdowns are practically unheard of, indicating it’s built to last for many years.


Here are some of the features that you should know about.

Battery and charging

charging port of the Ninebot E25E

The Ninebot E25E features a 215 Watt-hour, 36 Volt lithium-ion battery (5960 mAh) with a Smart Battery Management System, guarding against overcharging, overheating, and other common defects to extend its lifespan significantly.

With Ninebot’s extensive experience in scooter battery research and production, the E25E boasts one of the best batteries available, avoiding the typical issue of becoming useless after 6 months.

The scooter takes 4 hours to charge fully, which isn’t a bad time for that battery voltage and wattage.

How much does it cost to charge the Ninebot E25E?

Charging the Ninebot E25E during off-peak hours will cost around 6 pence in the UK and Ireland, around 4 cents in most European countries, and just 1 cent in the US.

If you charge the scooter in peak hours, it will cost you 7 pence in the UK and Ireland, 6 cents in Europe, and around 4 cents in the US.


rear magnetic brake of the Ninebot E25E

The scooter has a safe braking system, with three separate brakes that provide a lot of redundancy.

The Ninebot E25E features a front-wheel electronic brake that recovers a small amount of battery juice every time you brake, extending your range.

The rear wheel utilizes a magnetic brake, complemented by a foot brake activated by pressing the fender.

I’ve found that all three brakes are quite effective individually. The electronic and magnetic brakes are activated by the thumb throttle, and when combined with the foot brake, the scooter comes to a halt promptly.

This redundancy in braking mechanisms provides an extra layer of safety and control, especially when navigating urban environments or descending slopes.

Tires and suspension

front suspension of the Ninebot E25E

The Ninebot E25E has solid foam-filled tires, ensuring immunity to flats.

Despite the usual downside of solid tires affecting ride quality, this scooter uses advanced dual-density tire technology and larger 9-inch diameter tires to significantly improve comfort.

These tires require minimal maintenance, and the scooter also features a spring suspension between the stem and front wheel for added smoothness, although the tires play a substantial role in enhancing the ride.

During my daily commute, while I was testing this scooter, I effortlessly navigated various road surfaces, including cobblestone streets and paved sidewalks, without feeling excessive jolts or discomfort.

The tires’ performance is particularly impressive considering their solid nature, a testament to Ninebot’s innovative tire technology.


The Ninebot E25E boasts four distinct light configurations, making it one of the best-lit scooters. The main LED headlight is effective for night rides, providing good visibility.

However, for frequent nighttime riding, consider a stronger light, as it may not be the brightest available.

The rear brake light blinks in red when engaged, offering extra visibility along with the strong front light, reducing the need for an aftermarket rear brake light.

The scooter features ambient light under the deck, enhancing visibility and adding a fun touch.

Additionally, it includes various reflector lights: one on the rear fender, two on the rear sides of the deck, and five on the front of the deck (two red on the deck sides, two yellow on the stem sides, and one white on the front of the stem).

Controls and screen

controls and screen of the Ninebot E25E

Overall, the control configuration of the Ninebot E25E is very simple, probably the simplest it can be in my opinion.

The LED screen of the scooter is fairly bright. On a very bright day, you may have a harder time reading the screen.

The screen will show you the:

  • current speed (in your preferred metric system)
  • battery level (5 bars)
  • speed mode
  • bluetooth status

The power button is right below the screen, and it’s the only control button on the scooter beside the thumb throttles.

The handlebars are covered with strong grips that prevent slipping when riding with sweaty hands. The right handlebar hosts the acceleration thumb throttle (green sticker), while the left one holds the brake thumb throttle (red sticker) and the bell.


The official Ninebot app will be required for you to connect with your scooter and be able to use it.

The app has a ton of features:

  • locking
  • speed status (current and overall)
  • ride time
  • mileage status (trip and overall)
  • cruise control and settings
  • KERS level
  • temperature
  • lights status and settings

You can find the app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The app allows you to lock the scooter, preventing it from being turned on and ridden.

However, it doesn’t prevent someone from physically taking the scooter. For full security, consider using a medium-strong scooter lock.

Also, you may want to take a look at the Universal Scooter App by EScooterNerds. It comes with some extra features (more than 30!) to manage your scooter, including:

  • checklists
  • calculators
  • resources
  • guides
  • tools
  • hacks

The app works great alongside the Ninebot app, and it is also available for both iOS and Android.

Portability, weight, dimensions

a folded Ninebot E25E

Weighing 31.5 lbs / 14.3 kg, the Ninebot E25E is almost at the exact average of how much an electric scooter weighs (around 32 lbs / 14.5 kg).

The folded dimensions of the scooter are also close to the average, with the scooter’s length possibly being a bit longer than usual.

That means the Ninebot E25E is a relatively portable scooter, which you can carry with you without too much trouble.

Weight limit and usage by large adults

The Ninebot E25E has an official weight limit of 220 lbs / 100 kg, typical for commuter scooters. It reliably performs near the weight limit, with even riders close to it reporting steady performance.

However, those exceeding the limit may experience reduced top speed and range. If you or the intended rider surpass the limit, consider another scooter.

You can see the guide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults to see the best options.

Waterproof and IP rating

The Ninebot E25E has an IPX4 water protection standard, making it water-resistant but not fully waterproof. While riding in light rain is unlikely to harm the scooter, there’s a small chance of water damage, as with any electronic device.

To minimize risk, I strongly recommend to avoid wet environments.

Note that the warranty does not cover water damage, providing an additional reason to steer clear of rain.

Accessories and customizations

Strangely, there are not that many specific accessories for this scooter, given its popularity.

Luckily, the design and the build of the scooter are fairly standard, so much of the usual electric scooter accessories will fit the Ninebot E25E like a glove.

For those seeking extended range and improved performance, the extra battery is essential.

Additionally, the custom-made seat and phone holder, specifically designed for this model, are highly useful customizations.

Tradeoffs and downsides

I believe the biggest tradeoff with this scooter will only be an issue for the more advanced riders, or the riders looking for that extra range, and that’s the need for the second battery to fully unlock this scooter’s true potential.

The scooter will be excellent without it, but riders looking for peak performance must pay a bit extra.

The other tradeoff is the solid tires. They ensure no flats and minimal maintenance, but they slightly reduce ride comfort, partially addressed by the front spring suspension.

The scooter demonstrates rare defects and good quality, especially considering its price range. Still, keep in mind that, while the quality is pretty solid, this is still a budget scooter. You will want to check out the guides on the best scooters under $1,500 or best scooters under $2,500 for some more advanced and higher-quality options.


person riding the Ninebot E25E

In summary, the Ninebot E25E is an excellent scooter, ideal for beginners with its user-friendly design.

However, it surpasses the basic level with its performance, additional features, and overall quality. Positioned between beginner and advanced scooters, the E25E adapts to various roles seamlessly.

Whether for commutes or adventures, it delivers smooth and enjoyable rides until the last battery bar. I definitely recommend it for pretty much any casual rider on a lower budget.

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