Best Electric Scooters Under $2500

I’ve tested a lot of the best electric scooters in the world, and many of them are in the $2500 price range.

Let’s go over my list of the best electric scooters under $2500 and see what each has to offer.

Best Electric Scooters Under $2500

These are the best electric scooters under $2500 with their use cases.

Electric scooterUse casePrice
Apollo PhantomBest For Commuting$2399
Wolf Warrior XBest For Off-road$1999
Kaabo Mantis ProBest Value$2299
EMove CruiserLongest Range$1499
Blade GT+Fastest$2099
Dualtron MiniMost Portable$1499
NanRobot N6Best Alternative$1899

Best For Commuting: Apollo Phantom

The Apollo Phantom is a premium, high-performance electric scooter with all the features you could ever want. It’s an ideal commuting electric scooter that gives the rider a refined riding experience. With its quadruple suspension system and 10-inch tires, the scooter can handle off-road terrains, but only moderate ones. 

What really makes the electric scooter stand out from the other options is its sporty, sleek design that adds to its premium appeal.

Another unique thing about this model is that you can personalize your riding experience through its HEX display. The display has 20 adjustable settings that you can use to customize it according to your preference. 

Check out my comprehensive Apollo Phantom review for more details.

Who should get the Apollo Phantom?

In my experience, this is the best expensive scooter that’s great for commuting (if you spend even more, you will end up in power/off-road category, and those are often not convenient for commuting).

The model has everything you usually see in other high-end electric scooters, but the features are often much better to enhance your riding experience.

With a powerful 2800 W dual hub motor paired with a high-capacity battery, the scooter is reliable and can give you about 40 miles on a single charge. If you’re looking for a classy electric scooter that delivers both performance and looks, you can’t go wrong with the Apollo Phantom.

Best store
Typical price
Discount code
$50 worth of accessories
Shipping time
Shipping cost
Customer support
Return period
Alternative store
Typical price
Discount code
Shipping time
Shipping cost
Customer support
Return period
A closeup of Apollo Phantom

Apollo Phantom Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed61 kmh / 69.2 kmh
Top speed38 mph / 43 mph
Range64 km
Range40 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power2400/2800 W real, 3200/3740 W peak
Climb angle25 °
Battery1216 Wh, 52 V
Battery type126 x 18650 (23 400 mAh) Lithium Battery Structure, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, temperature resistance, undervoltage auto-sleep protection
Charging time12 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight35 kg
Weight77 lbs
Weight limit136 kg
Weight limit300 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic
Tire pressure50 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialforged aluminum
Brakesdual disk or hydraulic
Shock absorbersquadruple spring suspension
Lights1000 lumen headlight + two front deck lights + rear turn signals + break lights
ControlHEX dashboard
Speed modes3
Cruise controlyes
Alarmno (customization available)
Warranty12 months
Return period14 days
Deck dimensions (L * W)51 cm * 21.6 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)20 in * 9 in
Deck to handlebar height104 cm
Deck to handlebar height41 in
Adjustable handlebarno

Who should not get the Apollo Phantom?

If you want an absolute beast of a scooter that can ride smoothly over tough terrains, I wouldn’t recommend the Apollo Phantom. The somewhat more delicate design is more suited for commuting and wouldn’t cut it for a rugged off-road adventure.

Also, if you’re looking for truly amazing performance, there are much more powerful scooters on this list.

Best For Off-road: Wolf Warrior X 

With its durable build and sturdy frame, the Wolf Warrior X is the perfect electric scooter for off-road terrains. The vehicle’s front hydraulic + rear springs are usually found in more advanced, even more expensive electric scooters. Getting them for $1999 is actually a great deal.

In addition to the suspension system, the scooter’s wide deck and 10-inch, knobby pneumatic tires make it a smooth ride for even the most challenging off-road terrains. 

The Wolf Warrior X boasts exceptional off-road capabilities with its high traction tires, and is powered by a 2200W dual motor system. This means you’ll be prepared to handle unexpected obstacles on off-road terrains.

Who should get the Wolf Warrior X? 

If you’re an avid off-road rider looking to upgrade to a higher-end electric scooter that has more capacity for challenging terrains, Wolf Warrior X may be exactly what you need.

The scooter is also one of the fastest scooters in its price range and can serve as an affordable entry option to the world of premium electric scooters.

Its high and wide handlebars are ergonomic, making the scooter a comfortable option for taller riders.

Where to buy the Wolf Warrior X from?

A closeup of Wolf Warrior X

Wolf Warrior X Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed70.8 kmh
Top speed44 mph
Range64.4 km
Range40 mi
Motorsfront + rear
Power2200 W
Battery1260 Wh, 60 V
Battery typeli-ion FST
Charging time14 h
Weight35.8 kg
Weight79 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10×3 in
Tire typepneumatic inner tube
Brakesfront and rear Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable regenerative
Shock absorbersfront hydraulic + rear springs
Lightsfront + side + rear LEDs + turn and hazard signals + ambient LED lights
ControlEY3 display
Warranty12 months
Return period15 days

Who should not get the Wolf Warrior X?

If you live a rainy city and need a more waterproof electric ride that won’t get damaged in the rain, the Wolf Warrior X may not be for you, as it seems to lack an IP rating. The scooter hasn’t been tested for water resistance, and at a price this high, you shouldn’t risk buying it if you aren’t sure about its IP rating.

Best Value: Kaabo Mantis Pro

I know the price of this electric scooter is one of the higher ones on this list, but the value you get makes it worth it. The Kaabo Mantis Pro packs a punch with both its performance and design. 

You get a powerful 1000W dual-drive hub BLDC motor, a large battery, and a dual suspension system. The scooter also has ABS, which adds to its value by increasing its safety.

The design stands out among other scooters because of the gold accents on the handlebars and the strip of blue LED mood lights running along its deck’s length. In short, the electric scooter is a full package.

Who should get the Kaabo Mantis Pro?

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is for riders looking for a bit of everything in their electric scooter. It stands out in terms of design, has excellent performance, and is a good premium electric scooter to ride until you work your way up to more advanced models (if you ever need them, which will be the case for very few super-advanced users).

It can be used for both off-road riding and as a commuter electric scooter, adding to its value-for-money factor.

In summary, it performs great, looks exceptional, and isn’t limited to one kind of terrain. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Where to buy the Kaabo Mantis Pro from?

There are many different versions of the Kaabo Mantis, which only bears witness to how great the scooter line is. If you’re looking for the Kaabo Mantis Pro specifically, then you can find it at FluidFreeRide.
Close up of Kaabo Mantis Pro

Kaabo Mantis Pro V2 Fluid Edition Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed64.4 kmh
Top speed40 mph
Range72.4 km
Range45 mi
Motorsfront and rear hub BLDC
Power2000 W real, 3300 W peak
Climb angle16.7 °
Battery1470 Wh, 60 V
Battery typeLG/Samsung
Charging time16 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX5
Weight29.5 kg
Weight65 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10×2.5 in
Tire typepneumatic
Foldable handlebarsno
Brakesdual disk Zoom hydraulic brakes, electronic regenerative braking
Shock absorbersfront and rear springs
Lightsfront and rear LED, LED strips
ControlEY3 LCD
Cruise controlyes
Warranty12 months
Return period15 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)124 cm * 61 cm * 48.3 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 24 in * 19 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)124 cm * 61 cm * 127 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 24 in * 50 in

Who should not get the Kaabo Mantis Pro?

In my opinion, the Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the most beginner-friendly electric scooter. You need some prior scooter experience to handle this monster. 

While its tires are good enough for moderate off-road trails, I wouldn’t say they’re the best for the obstacles found on more challenging terrains. If you’re looking for something that can handle difficult terrains, see the previous scooter.

For more on the Kaabo Mantis Pro electric scooter, check out my detailed review here.

Longest Range: EMove Cruiser

The EMove Cruiser can take you up to 62 mi / 100 km on a single charge, while weighing only 52 lbs / 23.5 kg, and costing less than $1500!

This is impressive because most electric scooters with this range either weigh too much or cost more than $2000.

The scooter also has an exceptional weight limit of 352 lbs, another specification you won’t commonly find at this price point.

Another feature worth mentioning about the EMove Cruiser is its IP rating of IPX6. The rating’s last digit represents the electric scooter’s water protection level. In this case, the last digit is “6”, which means the electric scooter can tolerate being subjected to jets of water without being damaged.

While that doesn’t make the model completely waterproof, it is still one of the most water-resistant electric scooters in the market.

Here’s my thorough review of the EMove Cruiser if you want more information.

Who should get the EMOVE Cruiser?

If you like taking long trips on your electric scooter, the Emove Cruiser has a range that outdoes some of the more expensive models as well. Its weight limit and wide deck also make the electric scooter comfortable for heavier riders and those who can’t avoid riding with extra baggage.

If you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot, there isn’t a better electric scooter than this. I’ve ridden the scooter in medium rain plenty of times, and it’s always worked great. 

Best store
Typical price
Discount code
$50 discount
Shipping cost
Customer support
Return period
A closeup of EMOVE Cruiser

Emove Cruiser Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed52.9 kmh
Top speed33 mph
Range100 km
Range62 mi
Motorssingle hub BLDC
Power600 W real, 1600 W peak
Climb angle9 °
Battery1560 Wh, 52 V
Battery typeLG
Charging time12 h
Ingress protection (IP)IPX6
Weight23.5 kg
Weight52 lbs
Weight limit160 kg
Weight limit350 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless car-grade
Tire pressure45 psi
Foldable handlebarsyes
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum alloy
Brakesfront + rear semi-hydraulic disc brakes, 140 mm
Shock absorbersfront dual-form spring-loaded suspension, and dual rear air suspension, adjustable
Lightsfront + rear + turn + deck
ControlLCD, voltmeter
Cruise controlyes
Warranty12 months
Return period30 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)124.46 cm * 25.4 cm * 35.56 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 10 in * 14 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)121.92 cm * 58.42 cm * 118.11 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 23 in * 46 in
Ground clearance20 cm
Ground clearance8 in
Deck to handlebar height98 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height39 in (est)
Adjustable handlebaryes
NotesLG battery ISO certified; foldable handlebars; 3 colors: black, white, orange; tested range; 2-4 bus days shipping; horn; $250 – $350 for shipping

Who should not get the EMOVE Cruiser?

As someone who appreciates a good fast electric scooter, I was a bit disappointed with the 33 mph / 53 kmh top speed of the Emove Cruiser. While it’s a decent top speed, I was expecting more, considering its price. So, if you’re looking for something fast, then this model isn’t for you.

Other than that, this scooter is pretty much complete, and is kinda my all-time favorite, so I can’t really find a lot more downsides.

Fastest: Blade GT+

The Blade GT+ is a great everyday scooter thanks to its moderate weight and robust build. It’s also very comfortable, with a wide deck and adjustable stem to suit both tall and short riders.

But that’s not what makes this scooter special.

The model is powered by 3000 W dual hub motors but is also easy to control. In addition, it has a top speed of 52 mph / 83.7 kmh, which makes it the fastest scooter in this price range.

Who should get the Blade GT+?

The Blade GT+ is for anyone who wants an electric scooter that’s great for everyday use and commuting, but also for someone who occassionaly wants to ride at faster speeds. It’s comfortable, powerful, and easy to control.

Where to buy the Blade GT+ from?

The Blade scooter line is not really available in that many stores online, and even a fewer of them are reputable brands. The best place where you can buy the Blade GT+ is Minimotors USA, but you can also check Rydology as well to make sure you are getting the best deal.
side diagonal view of a black Blade GT+ electric scooter with orange details

Blade GT+ Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed83.7 kmh
Top speed52 mph
Range80 km
Range50 mi
Motorsdual hub motors
Power3000 W
Climb angle21.8 °
Battery1800 Wh, 60 V
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight35 kg
Weight77 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size11 in
Tire typepneumatic 3-inch wide
Foldable handlebarsno
Shock absorbersfront and rear adjustable spring suspensions + steering damper
LightsLED lights front + rear + deck
Control3-inch display
KeysNFC card reader and backup key lock
Warranty1 year

Who should not get the Blade GT+?

There isn’t much to hate about the Blade GT+. The few things that disappointed me about the model are the steering damper and the indicator lights.

The steering damper offers more control to the rider but also limits the turning radius.

The indicator lights aren’t that visible during the day, which kind of defeats the purpose of the feature.

Also, users have complained about the electric scooter not being that portable (although in my view, it’s not the least portable scooter out there for sure). So, if any of these cons are a dealbreaker for you, it’s best to avoid the Blade GT+. 

Most Portable: Dualtron Mini

The Dualtron Mini is a combination of good looks and durable build. The electric scooter may not be the most powerful scooter on this list, but it offers a decent performance for commuting and everyday use. You can count it as an entry-level scooter, but with very high-quality components.

It has a built-in ABS, which is why it beats other entry-level scooters when it comes to safety. Plus, with a weight of 48 lbs / 21.7 kg, it’s quite light in weight, especially compared to the other scooters in this price range. You can easily carry it around wherever you go.

You can switch between three speed modes, and with the quadruple suspension system, you will enjoy comfortable rides while easily controling the scooter even when riding at top speeds.

The rippling LED lights on the deck and stem look pretty cool, and the white-on-black finish makes it stand out among other scooters.

Who should get the Dualtron Mini?

If you’re someone who needs an electric scooter that is easy and light to carry, yet solid in terms of performance, the Dualtron Mini can be the right choice for you. The electric scooter is also great if you’re a beginner but don’t want to start out with one of the cheaper electric scooters.

See my complete Dualtron Mini review to find out more.

Where to buy the Dualtron Mini from?

The Dualtron Mini used to be available in several different stores, but at the moment you can only find it at MinimotorsUSA.
A closeup of Dualtron Mini electric scooter

Dualtron Mini Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed51.5 kmh
Top speed32 mph
Range54.7 km
Range34 mi
Motorsrear BLDC hub
Power1450 W
Climb angle20 °
Battery1050 Wh, 52 V
Battery typeLG MJ1
Charging time10 h
Weight21.7 kg
Weight48 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size9 x 2 in
Tire typepneumatic tube
Foldable handlebarsyes
Build materialaviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy + SCM440 steel + plastic covers
Brakesrear drum + electric brake
Shock absorbersquadruple suspension
ControlEY3 LCD
Warranty1 year
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)111 cm * 20.5 cm * 41 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)44 in * 8 in * 16 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)112 cm * 60 cm * 117 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)44 in * 24 in * 46 in

Who should not get the Dualtron Mini?

The handlebars of the Dualtron Mini don’t fold, which kind of messes with the whole portability aspect, but it isn’t that much of a deal breaker for most people.

Also, I feel the deck could be wider and that the electric scooter could have more features considering its price. However, that would take away portability points, which is one of the primary features of this scooter.

All in all, if you want a big, bad, powerful scooter, the Dualtron Mini may not be your best choice, but otherwise, I suggest you consider it strongly.

Best Alternative: NanRobot N6

The NanRobot N6 is a powerful electric scooter for a fairly decent price of around $2200. It folds three ways and has two charging ports. While you only get one charger with the scooter, you can buy one more to significantly reduce its charging time.

The scooter offers more power, battery capacity, and speed modes than most scooters on this list. You can use it as a regular commuter electric scooter, but its suspension system and high-traction wheels also make it great for off-road riding.

Who should get the NanRobot N6?

The NanRobot N6 is pretty versatile and can wear a lot of hats.

You get a high-powered electric scooter that is easy to control and has an ergonomic design. This model is great for riders who want a commuting electric scooter but also want to enjoy off-road riding.

Overall, if you’re looking for an electric scooter that can do a bit of everything, the NanRobot N6 fits the bill. Pretty good for its price if you ask me.

Where to buy the NanRobot N6 from?

The official NanRobot store is the best, and currently the only place where you can order the NanRobot N6.
A closeup of NanRobot N6

NanRobot N6 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed65 kmh
Top speed40 mph
Range60 km
Range37 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power2000 W
Battery1352 Wh, 52 V
Battery typelithium
Charging time12 h
Weight40 kg
Weight88 lbs
Weight limit150 kg
Weight limit330 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic offroad
Brakesdual hydraulic
Lightsfront LED, rear light, LED stirps
Controlcolor display
Return period30 days
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)135 cm * 63.5 cm * 136 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)53 in * 25 in * 54 in

Who should not get the NanRobot N6?

The 3-fold feature of the electric scooter may make it seem like the electric scooter is easy to carry around, but users have experienced the opposite because of its 88 lbs / 40 kg weight.

Also, its IP rating is only IP53, so I wouldn’t recommend getting the electric scooter if you live in a humid area.

What can you expect from a $2500 electric scooter?

With electric scooters under $2500, you can expect premium features, most notably powerful motors and great batteries. This is what separates them from cheaper, low-end escooters. You get high-quality components and better performance, including higher top speeds, better climbing angles, extended range, advanced braking systems, and excellent hydraulics.

You also get a larger range of design and color options which users find worth the extra money.

Is an electric scooter under $2500 worth it?

If you’re an experienced electric scooter rider, who knows exactly what type of features you want in your electric scooter, investing in an electric scooter under $2500 is definitely worth it. 

You get premium performance and features, and you can elevate your overall riding experience thanks to more powerful and advanced components.


That’s a wrap for my list of the best electric scooters under $2500. Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each scooter, you probably have a clearer idea of which one to get or at least shortlist.

Here’s a summary of the best models one more time for reference.

Electric scooterUse casePrice
Apollo PhantomBest For Commuting$2399
Wolf Warrior XBest For Off-road$1999
Kaabo Mantis ProBest Value$2299
EMove CruiserLongest Range$1499
Blade GT+Fastest$2099
Dualtron MiniMost Portable$1499
NanRobot N6Best Alternative$1899
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