How to lock an electric scooter?

We will explore how to lock your electric scooter properly in this guide. We’ll check out different locks you can use to protect your electric scooter, how to use them, and what other steps you can take to prevent electric scooter theft.

With electric scooter usage growing, the number of electric scooter robberies is also rising. Knowing how to lock an electric scooter to prevent theft is crucial to securing your vehicle and giving you much-needed peace of mind.

How do you lock an electric scooter?

A close up of an electric scooter with a U-lock

To lock an electric scooter, find an immovable object (a fence, lamp post, bike rack) in a well-lit place with surveillance or decent foot traffic. Then, optimally position your electric scooter and lock the attachment point of your e-scooter to the immovable object. Once done, tug the lock a few times to make sure it won’t disengage easily.

Where to lock an electric scooter?

My Xiaomi M365 Pro is pretty portable, so if I don’t find proper parking space for it, I prefer to carry it inside instead. However, that doesn’t work for all electric scooters because some are too heavy to be carried around, and some places don’t allow them inside the building.

In such cases, I recommend locking your electric scooter in one of the following places:

  • First, look if the facility you’re visiting has a designated parking space for electric scooters. These spaces are usually equipped with surveillance cameras, which lowers the chance of electric scooter theft.
  • If there isn’t a designated place to park your electric scooter, most places will have bike racks that you can use instead. Lock your scooter to a bike rack after making sure it’s firmly anchored to the ground.
  • When I can’t find a proper parking space for my scooter, I lock it to any object, firmly anchored to the ground e.g. lamppost, railing, fence, etc. I make sure it’s parked in a well-lit area, visible to passersby. A thief is less likely to steal your electric scooter when it’s in a visible area, and the chances of them getting caught are higher.

Can you lock a scooter to a bike rack?

You can easily lock an electric scooter to a bike rack. Bike racks are primarily designed to secure bikes, but luckily scooters have a similar frame structure.

This means that with the right lock, you can secure your scooter to a bike rack. Just make sure that the bike rack you pick to lock your scooter to is big enough to accommodate it.

How to lock an electric scooter to a bike rack?

To lock an electric scooter to a bike rack or any other immovable object, follow these steps:

Find a safe area

Find a safe place to park your electric scooter. Somewhere well-lit, preferably with surveillance cameras and a good flow of people is best, as thieves avoid such areas to evade unnecessary attention.

Choose a suitable bike rack or immovable object

Look for a bike rack or immovable object that you can anchor your electric scooter to. Make sure the bike rack is wide enough to accommodate the scooter. It should be well-built and sturdy so that no one can cut through the lock and steal your scooter.

In case of an anchored object, make sure locking your electric scooter to it will not breach any local laws or regulations.

Correctly position your electric scooter

A closeup of an electric scooter with a cable lock

Be considerate and position the scooter in a way that doesn’t block the rack for other riders. Park your electric scooter parallel to the bike rack in such a way that you can access the attachment points easily. Common attachment points that riders go for are the handlebars, stem, or frame of the electric scooter. 

Lock the scooter to the bike rack

Align the attachment points of the scooter and bike rack, leaving enough clearance space to maneuver in the lock. Use a high-quality lock to hold the scooter to the bike rack and activate it by its specific mechanism, like a combination lock, a key, etc.

Double-check the lock

After locking the electric scooter to the bike rack, pull on the lock to double-check that it is securely fastened and won’t easily disengage.

Use two locks (for expensive scooters)

Use a second lock to lock your electric scooter, different from the first one, in order to increase the security of your scooter.

A thief may know or be prepared to defeat one lock, but the chances of them being able to defeat two different locks of different types are much lower.

I usually recommend this as a best practice for more expensive scooters, since they are usually targeted by experienced thieves.

Can electric scooters be left outside?

Parking your electric scooter outside isn’t against any laws or rules, but I definitely don’t recommend it, especially if you’re going to leave it unattended for a long time.

The first thing wrong with this scenario is the high chance of someone stealing or damaging your vehicle. Even if you do lock it, determined thieves may still find a way to bypass the lock. I parked and locked my electric scooter outside a supermarket once. Thankfully, it didn’t get stolen, but there were key marks on its stem when I got back.

The other thing that could go wrong by leaving your electric scooter outside is exposure to unfavorable weather. Leaving your electric scooter in sunlight or extremely cold weather for an extended period of time can damage its battery’s performance and decrease its lifespan. 

An extended exposure of an electric scooter’s lithium-ion battery to direct sunlight can also be a fire risk.

Some signs of a damaged battery include swelling, leaks, and overheating.

Are electric scooters easy to steal?

Electric scooters can be easy targets for thieves because of how compact and lightweight they are. Most electric scooters don’t come with anti-theft mechanisms such as integrated locks, alarms, or apps for locking them, which makes stealing them a lot easier.

Thieves can get a good price by reselling stolen electric scooters or dismantling them and selling their parts as replacements.

In short, if not secured right, thieves can easily steal your electric scooter and then quickly resell them to avoid being caught.

How do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen?

A closeup of an electric scooter locked securely with a U-lock

Here are some ways to protect your electric scooter from theft.

Store the scooter at home

The best place to store your electric scooter to protect it from thieves is inside your home. A lot of riders store their electric scooters in a shed or garage. While these are better storage places than just simply parking the scooter outside of your house, they aren’t the safest. 

Your home is harder for thieves to access. This gives you a better opportunity to detect the theft and take necessary action, like calling the police.

Park in well-lit and visible areas

Thieves prefer secluded and dark places to target so they can operate easily without being detected. This is why you should always park in well-lit areas with surveillance cameras and a steady flow of people. Thieves will avoid targetting your electric scooter in such areas, and even if they do try their luck at stealing it, there’s a high chance they’ll be caught.

Use robust locks

This is perhaps the most effective way to keep your electric scooter from being stolen. Heavy-duty locks can act as visual deterrents to potential thieves because they prefer quick and easy targets. 

Robust scooter locks require a lot of physical effort to break, making them unattractive compared to weak locks.

In addition, locks these days are designed to resist multiple theft techniques such as cutting, picking, prying, etc, and common tools that thieves might use to break them like bolt cutters, hacksaws, or lock-picking tools, etc. 

Hence, investing in a high-quality, durable lock can make all the difference in protecting your electric scooter from being stolen.

Install anti-theft alarms

alarm set for an electric scooter before being installed with two control tags

Anti-theft alarms are a great way of securing your electric scooter. They’re designed to detect any kind of tampering being done with your electric scooter and activate a loud alarm in response. This not only alerts you and the people nearby of the ongoing theft but also panics the thieves into giving up and running away.

These alarms are especially great if you store your electric scooter outside the house in a garage or shed. Some alarms even have a phone integration feature to notify you of any theft attempt through an app. This adds an extra layer of protection, especially if you’re far away from the escooter and can’t get to it soon enough. 

In such cases, no matter where you are, you can ask one of your neighbors to check on your scooter as soon as you get the notification or directly notify authorities that you suspect a robbery is happening back at your house.

Remove valuable accessories

Another way you can prevent electric scooter theft is by reducing the incentive for theft. Remove any valuable scooter accessories or electronic devices attached to it before parking it in public. 

Also, carry an e-scooter cover to cover your electric scooter when it is parked. This won’t do anything to stop thieves physically but can psychologically deter them from going for your scooter. The reason behind this tactic is the following – why take the time to uncover an electric scooter and steal it when there are other visible options available?

Avoid parking in risky areas

If you’re visiting an area known for theft, I suggest not taking your electric scooter at all or carrying it with you wherever you go. No matter what lock you use, there is a chance that experienced thieves will know what to do to defeat it. 

If you absolutely do have to park in such an area, use multiple locks and make sure your escooter is equipped with an anti-theft alarm. Be alert, and keep checking the escooter’s GPS location at regular intervals, just in case.

GPS tracking

An airtag and a phone with its location

You can never be too safe in securing your electric scooter, so I’ve included this method in case someone does get away with your vehicle, and you need a plan B. One of the first things you should do if your electric scooter gets stolen is track it. Having a GPS tracker installed in your electric scooter allows you to monitor its real-time location. This can help you or the police locate your stolen electric scooter and catch the thieves as well.

Some anti-theft alarms come with in-built GPS tracking, but you can also get one separately. I, myself, have hidden an Apple Airtag in mine, and it works great.

Here’s a video if you want to know more about how to use the device on your electric scooter.

How do you take the lock off an electric scooter?

Most electric scooter locks can either be unlocked using a key or combination code. Some are equipped with both for extra security. Some advanced smart locks like the LINKA LASSO Smart Chain Lock requires you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and unlock it using their app.

Types of electric scooter locks and how to use them

Here are some common types of locks you can use to secure your electric scooter:

  • chain locks
  • cuff locks
  • U-locks
  • wearable chain locks
  • folding locks
  • cable locks
  • disc locks
  • ring locks
  • grip locks
  • smart locks / app locks

Best electric scooter locks

These are the best electric scooter locks I’ve come across in my years of electric scooter experience:

  • Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 14 mm Chain & New York 15mm Disc Lock
  • Master Lock Street Cuff Locks
  • Kryptonite Evolution 1016 Mini 10mm Chain Bicycle Lock
  • Kryptonite Keeper 712 7mm Chain Combo Bicycle Lock
  • Kryptonite New York LS Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock
  • ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

See my complete guide on the best electric scooter locks for the most convenient prices and ways to buy them.

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