Kugoo G-Booster review

Kugoo G-Booster Review

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Quick summary: The Kugoo G-Booster is one of the most powerful scooters in the $1500 price range, and it is the best in some important categories, like long range, climb angle, motor power, and torque. It is also the best offroad scooter and one of the best value-for-money scooters ever.

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Overall score
Ranked #6 in price range $1601 – $1700
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • Powerful motor
  • Long range
  • Great climbing ability
  • Foldable
  • Off-road tires
  • Smooth ride


  • Heavy
  • Not easily portable
  • Absence of cruise control

When to buy

With robust off-road capabilities and unmatched power, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled performance, extended range, optimal climbing angles, impressive torque and speed, or a rugged off-road companion.

When not to buy

Kugoo G-Booster may not be the best choice for casual riders or commuters who prioritize portability due to its weight and size, and it might not be suitable for beginners seeking their first scooter.

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In this review, we’ll see what makes the Kugoo G-Booster that great, and what is it all about.


Kugoo G-Booster Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed55 kmh
Top speed34 mph
Range85 km
Range53 mi
Motorsdual motors
Power1200 W real, 2400 W peak
Climb angle35 °
Battery960 Wh, 48 V
Battery type18650
Charging time10 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight30 kg
Weight66 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic, vacuum, offroad
Foldable handlebarsno
Seatyes (removable)
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum alloy 7005
Terrainsall terrain
Brakesfront + rear disc and electronic brakes
Shock absorbersfront + rear arm
Lightsdual 10W headlights + deck + rear brake
Controlmultifunction LCD + voltage display
Speed modes3
Cruise controlno
Keysremote control
Warranty12 months, 6 on battery
Return period7/14 days
CertificatesCE, FCC, RoHS
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)120 cm * 26 cm * 52 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 10 in * 20 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)120 cm * 26 cm * 115 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)47 in * 10 in * 45 in
Deck to handlebar height97 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height38 in (est)
Adjustable handlebarno


Before hopping on your scooter, these are some useful information you should keep in mind.

Unboxing and manual

The scooter arrived in a quite large product box (124 x 30 x 65 cm, 38 kilograms). The package contained:

  • fully assembled scooter
  • charger (charger + cable)
  • user manual
  • warranty
  • remote controller
  • multikey
  • bell
  • seat kit

Once I removed the protective covers, the only assembly required was positioning the handlebar. Optionally, you can easily add the seat or bell if desired. It’s highly recommended to complete a few basic steps:

  • use the multikey and make sure there are no loose bolts or screws
  • check that the brakes work
  • make sure the tires are sufficiently inflated before riding
  • adjust the height and position of the lights

Also, I was able to immediately ride it, as the battery had at least 50% juice in it.

Folding and unfolding

folded Kugoo G-Booster

The folding mechanism of the Kugoo G-Booster is distinctive and, in my view, significantly safer.

Unlike conventional mechanisms such as latches or levers, this scooter utilized a secure folding mechanism.

It involves turning a large screw on the front of the stem above the wheel, resembling a vent. While this adds a few seconds to the folding process, the enhanced safety it provides is crucial, especially given the scooter’s high speeds.

Other than that, it’s very easy to use – I was able to fold and unfold the scooter in just a few minutes.

The risk of the stem unfolding abruptly at 50 km/h, a concern with some cheaper scooters, is mitigated.

Note that the handlebars are not foldable.

When unfolding, the kickstand can be used for added stability.

How to ride the Kugoo G-Booster?

Unlock the scooter using the remote control and power it on by pressing the middle button on the right handlebar near the screen.

Begin in the slowest gear initially, especially since it has a powerful kick. It’s advisable to start in the single motor mode to familiarize yourself with the scooter’s capabilities before exploring further.

No need to kick-start – simply press the throttle to get going.


Take a closer look at the performance of the Kugoo G-Booster for more detailed insights.

Speed and speed tests

Kugoo G-Booster speed test

For me, The Kugoo G-Booster truly stands out in its price range due to exceptional performance.

The official top speed Kugoo G-Booster has is 55 kmh / 34 mph.

I reached a 51 kmh / 32 mph top speed on a flat road and I felt like it still had some extra power left.

Motor and motor tests

Priced under $1500, this is one of the most powerful electric scooter that I’ve tried in this price range.

Featuring dual hub motors boasting a combined peak power of 2400 Watts, it’s notably powerful, a feat that typically comes at a much higher cost.

Thanks to its dual motors, the Kugoo G-Booster delivered incredible torque, impressive climbing capabilities, and powerful yet gradual acceleration for a secure riding experience.

Range and range tests

The Kugoo G-Booster boasts an official range of 85 km / 53 mi on a single charge.

During my tests, the scooter reached an impressive 46 mi / 75 km range.

Remarkably, it holds the title for the electric scooter with the longest range within it’s price range, a feat often associated with higher-priced models.

A useful tip for maximizing range: considering the scooter’s powerful lights, turning them off during daytime rides can positively impact battery levels and extend the overall range.

Battery and charging

Kugoo G-Booster charging port

The impressive range is attributed to its substantial 18650 lithium-ion battery, featuring 960 Watt-hours of energy storage, 48 Volts of voltage, and 23 Ampere-hours of electric capacity.

Charging the battery from 0 to 100% took a maximum of 10 hours.

The conveniently located charging port on the front of the deck is discreetly protected by a plastic cap.

When connected to a wall socket without linking to the scooter, the indicator light, initially green, confirms the charger’s proper functionality.

Upon plugging into the scooter, the light turns red during the charging process and shifts back to green when the battery reaches full capacity.

Climbing angle and climb tests

Since the Kugoo G-Booster has two powerful motors, and insane torque, it climbed very well. The official climb angle is 35°.

With that, the Kugoo G-Booster is the best climbing electric scooter for under $1500.

During my ride, the Kugoo G-Booster took on some pretty steep hills without a problem.

Waterproofing and IP rating

waterproofing and water protection features of the deck of the Kugoo G-Booster

Crafted for serious offroad adventures, the Kugoo G-Booster boasts durability against various forms of punishment.

Kugoo G-Booster offers a good level of water resistance with an IP54 rating, although exposure to heavy rain or strong water streams is not recommended.

The IP54 standard, common among quality scooters, provides protection against a few drops of water.

Nonetheless, adhering to the electric scooter golden rule, it’s advisable to avoid riding in the rain.

The manual suggests steering clear of puddles deeper than 2cm, hinting that shallower water may not harm the scooter, but minimizing exposure to rain is still recommended.

Ride experience

a guy riding Kugoo G-Booster on rough terrain

The Kugoo G-Booster ensured a stable ride through its robust build, substantial weight, and excellent suspension. These three factors collectively provided me with a safe and enjoyable experience.

It effortlessly navigated dirt, grass, gravel, tarmac, sand, pebbles, rocky roads, and mud. Urban challenges like bad roads, cobblestones, bumps, cracks, and sidewalks were a breeze for this scooter.

It’s worth noting that the scooter did not feature cruise control.

The Kugoo G-Booster is designed for offroad use, so as I said it exceled in handling challenging road conditions, making urban rides effortless and enjoyable.

I tried the Kugoo G-Booster on rough terrain and the ride was quite smooth, thanks to the scooter’s suspension.

Steering and controlling the electric scooter were hassle-free.

Kugoo G-Booster vs Other scooters

Check out how the Kugoo G-Booster compares to other scooters in the same price range.

Kugoo G-Booster vs Kugoo G2 Pro

Kugoo G-Booster vs Kugoo G2 Pro

Both the Kugoo G-Booster and Kugoo G2 Pro are high-performance electric scooters, offering impressive power, portability, and a comfortable ride.

The Kugoo G2 Pro is suitable for both urban and suburban environments, featuring a single 1,000W motor capable of reaching speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h) and offering a range of up to 31 miles (50 km) on a single charge.

In contrast, the Kugoo G-Booster, equipped with dual hub motors delivering a combined peak power of 2400 Watts, excels in torque, making it ideal for powerful off-road rides.

For those seeking a robust scooter with off-road capabilities, high speed, and extended range, the Kugoo G-Booster stands out.

Conversely, if you prioritize affordability and portability for urban commuting, the Kugoo G2 Pro is an excellent choice.

Kugoo G-Booster vs Apollo Explore

Kugoo G-Booster vs Apollo Explore

The Apollo Explore, known for its durability and versatile commuting capabilities, offers a smooth ride with a dual-suspension system.

This scooter is powered by a single 500W motor that can reach a top speed of 31 mph / 49 kmh. It has a range of up to 34 mi / 54 km on a single charge. The Apollo Explore is equipped with 8-inch pneumatic tires and dual suspension.

While the Kugoo G-Booster excels in power and off-road prowess, the Apollo Explore caters to commuters with a balance of performance and comfort.

The choice between these two depends on individual preferences, with the Kugoo G-Booster suiting those craving power and off-road adventures, while the Apollo Explore appeals to riders seeking a well-rounded scooter for daily commuting.

Build quality

Kugoo G-Booster electric scooter

The Kugoo G-Booster boasts a robust and durable design, featuring a bulletproof look and feel.

The deck was covered with anti-slip tape, featuring the logo of the scooter on it (the colors may vary depending on your choice). It was wider than the usual deck you would find in the average commuter model.

The frame of the Kugoo G-Booster is made from 7005 aluminum alloy, while the details and finishes are made from plastic and polished steel.

The extraordinary product quality and sturdiness that Kugoo G-Booster offers, surpass many scooters priced twice as much. The metallic red details on the wheels and suspension add vibrant color accents.

Kugoo G-Booster not only impressed me with its appearance but also embodied strength and reliability, featuring a sturdy stem, handlebars, a spacious deck, and a mean offroad look.


Let’s see some of the features this scooter has to offer.


brakes system and suspension on the wheel of the Kugoo G-Booster

The Kugoo G-Booster boasts dual independent 140 mm single-disc brakes for impressive stopping power, activated by the brake levers.

I would advice you to brake smoothly, primarily using the rear brake (left lever) and resorting to the front brake (right lever) only when necessary.

Despite its weight, the scooter has some risk of tipping, but the powerful motor warrants cautious braking.


Kugoo G-Booster tire

Kugoo G-Booster excels in tire quality, featuring 10-inch deep-patterned, water-resistant, offroad vacuum tires for enhanced grip.

The tires were integrated seamlessly, accompanied by mudguards, making the scooter an excellent choice for offroad adventures.


In my opinion, another strong point of this scooter is its suspension.

As any offroad scooter worth its salt, the Kugoo G-Booster sports a great shock absorption system, in the form of arm suspensions on both the front and the rear wheel.

The high-quality suspension is what provides great comfort during regular and urban rides, and what makes all the offroad adventures possible without the scooter (or you) breaking in half.


The Kugoo G-Booster features dual 10-Watt LED headlights on the front stem, providing useful and bright illumination.

Additionally, the front deck included two side lights, while the rear deck boasted two orange-red brake lights that activated when I used the brakes.

Controls and handlebars

Kugoo G-Booster controls and handlebars

The throttle was located on the right handlebar, right under the screen. You accelerate by pressing it with your right thumb.

The left handlebar has two buttons:

  • red button for the motor usage mode (dual when pressed, just the rear one when not pressed)
  • yellow button for the lights (you can choose between extra bright, regular, and blinking modes)

In addition to the brake levers, the handlebars have two display screens.

While older models feature an ignition keyhole next to the buttons on the left handlebar, newer models exclude it, replacing it with a remote controller.

Screens and speed modes

display screen and buttons of the Kugoo G-Booster

There are two display screens on this scooter.

The left screen showed the battery voltage, ideally maintaining a level of at least 47V, preferably exceeding 48V.

On the right side, the control dashboard, accompanied by buttons, allowed me to monitor and adjust various features of the Kugoo G-Booster:

  • battery status
  • current speed
  • speed mode
  • battery voltage
  • settings

The panel had three buttons stacked one under another. Logically, the top button is used for the plus/increase function, and the bottom one for minus/decrease.

You can choose between three speed modes:

  • 20 kmh / 12 mph
  • 40 kmh / 25 mph
  • maximum speed, 55 kmh / 34 mph

Paired with the single/dual motor mode, I could access a range of 6 riding modes, allowing me balance between maximum power and optimal battery conservation.


The Kugoo G-Booster weighs 30 kg / 66 lbs.

That is quite heavy for a scooter. There are much heavier scooters, but still, for the regular person, that kind of weight is not trivial.

While probably not a dealbreaker to most, it may definitely be to some.


The Kugoo G-Booster prioritizes power over portability due to its substantial motor and battery weight, making it unsuitable for classification as a portable scooter.

The lack of portability is evident in both weight and length, with the scooter’s 120 cm length exceeding the typical 105-110 cm range.

Personally for me, the greater problem was the scooter’s length rather than it’s weight.

Weight limit

The Kugoo G-Booster officially supports a weight limit of 120 kg / 264 lbs.

While there are no reported issues from a user weighing 115 kg / 253 lbs, I personally find this limit low for a 2400 Watt scooter, which could likely handle 150 kg / 330 lbs.

However, it’s advisable to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation, maintaining the weight limit at 120 kg / 264 lbs.

Accessories and customization

Two essential accessories for this scooter, in my opinion, are the front stem trunk or seat basket (or both) and, of course, the handlebar phone holder.

The scooter is highly robust and customizable, accommodating various features.

Explore our comprehensive guide on electric scooter accessories for more ideas.

Additionally, a helmet is non-negotiable for any electric scooter, and it’s critical for this powerful model.

I suggest at least an open-face helmet, as bicycle helmets may not provide sufficient protection.

Explore the electric scooter helmet guide to find the right match for this scooter.


The Kugoo G-Booster is typically sold with an optional seat that can be easily installed or removed using the included tools.

While the seat may make carrying the scooter more challenging and folding it is not an option, considering the scooter’s weight, carrying may not be a frequent concern, making the seat a valuable addition.

Remote control, locking, and alarm

The Kugoo G-Booster includes a handy remote control for locking and activating the alarm (key used in older models). This safety feature ensures the scooter can’t be unlocked or used without it, adding an extra layer of protection.

However, if leaving your scooter outdoors, it’s advisable to use an additional lock to prevent potential theft. A medium-strength U-lock provides ample protection (refer to my comprehensive guide on the best scooter locks for optimal choices in various situations).


In terms of design and functionality, there are no major issues, but I could think of a a few tweaks that would enhance the scooter’s perfection.

There are rare reports of defects or dead-on-arrival scooters for this model.

While its weight is substantial, it’s a common trait among high-performance scooters.

Some users might appreciate a cruise control feature, though it’s not a significant drawback for most.

Overall, for the majority, these are minor concerns, and the Kugoo G-Booster stands out as a nearly perfect power scooter at an unprecedented price.

Who should not get the Kugoo G-Booster?

The Kugoo G-Booster, weighing 30 kg and with a substantial folded size, may not be ideal for casual riders or commuters prioritizing portability.

If you’re searching for a more portable scooter, take a look at my list for most portable electric scooters.

Beginners might find its 2400 Watts of power overwhelming; in such cases, check out some other scooter from my list for best electric scooters for beginners.


Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter

For those seeking maximum power within a budget-friendly range, the Kugoo G-Booster is unparalleled.

Priced competitively, it rivals scooters priced at $3000 – $4000, delivering exceptional off-road performance. It offers unmatched power, robustness, and overall performance.

If your budget aligns and you desire top-tier power, extended range, optimal climbing angles, and a rugged off-road companion, the Kugoo G-Booster is an ideal choice.

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