Speedway 5 Review – Should You Buy This Evergreen Scooter?

In this detailed review of the Speedway 5, we will see how this evergreen scooter has managed to establish a name for itself in the highly competitive world of power scooters, and more importantly, whether you should consider buying it.

Who should buy the Speedway 5?

At this time, I probably wouldn’t recommend the Speedway 5 to anyone.

It’s not that it’s not an excellent scooter (because it really is), but there’s one pretty big issue with it, and that’s the fact that the main online store that used to sell this scooter, EWheels, has now discontinued it, and that’s usually a strong indicator that the scooter model might be discontinued entirely pretty soon.

And while discontinuing a scooter doesn’t have to mean that the scooter model is bad, it usually means that the interest in the scooter hasn’t been strong enough over the years for a company to keep selling it.

Even more importantly, if the other major distributors of the scooter discontinue it (which may easily happen), finding spare parts and support will become a problem, and that’s not something you want for a scooter that can cost several thousand dollars.

I would recommend getting either the EMove Cruiser (full review here) if you’re after an amazing general-purpose high-quality scooter with tons of range and solid performance (and save a few hundred in the process), or the Inokim OXO (full review here) for another high-quality scooter that’s more similar to the Speedway 5 because of the dual motors.

However, you should know that some people still choose to go ahead and buy the Speedway 5 despite the major distributor discontinuing it, and that’s because the scooter is truly great.


the Speedway 5

EWheels is the original place that sold the Speedway 5 first, and is the most well-known for selling it. However, if you head over to the EWheels listing for the Speedway 5 scooter, you will see that the scooter has been discontinued.

At this time, the best place to buy the Speedway 5 would be AliExpress, especially if you live in Europe and want to save a few hundred euros, and don’t mind waiting a bit for the delivery. Also, RideFatDaddy is a good option for buying the Speedway 5 in Europe.

You can go ahead and get it from Minimotors USA as well, although be prepared to pay a lot more (double almost). In the US and Canada, that will probably be your only option.


If you live in the US or Canada, you will order the scooter through Minimotors and have it delivered to your doorstep in just a few days, probably less than 2 days for most cities and states. Shipping will be free.

In Europe and other countries outside of North America, you will have to order the scooter through AliExpress, and shipping will usually take much longer. In fact, for an item as big, fragile, and difficult to ship as the Speedway 5, you may have to wait for more than 40 days to get it shipped to you. Also, shipping will not be free and will cost a few dozen Euros or Pounds, but the price of the scooter will be so much lower than ordering it in the US that the shipping price will be negligible. You can choose a faster shipping option if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

Customer support

If you order through Minimotors, you can contact their customer support team through several channels, including talking to them on the phone, through email, through their contact form, or via the chat widget on their website.

If you order through AliExpress, you will probably not get as swift responses, but you will still get your requests handled eventually, as AliExpress really aims to compete with Amazon and does everything in their power to satisfy the demands of their customers.


The Speedway 5 comes with a 6-month warranty period when ordered through Minimotors, and 75 days when ordered through AliExpress.

As usual, the warranty covers manufacturing defects, and doesn’t cover physical damage, wear and tear, and expendable parts.

Return policy

When ordering in the US or Canada, you will get a return period of 7 days. You will have to cover the return shipping costs.

In the rest of the world, you will get the standard AliExpress return period of 15 days in case you don’t receive the right product, or the product arrives defective.

Remember to keep the original packaging and not throw away anything until you’re 100% sure you’re not gonna return the scooter.

The Speedway scooter line

Speedway scooters come from the Minimotors brand, which is the name behind some of the most legendary scooters ever made, like some of the Dualtron models. Speedway scooters are a less powerful, cheaper version of the Dualtron scooters, more accessible to everyday scooterists.

On its own, Speedway is one of the most famous electric scooter lines in existence, especially when it comes to better-performing scooters. The Speedway 5 is currently the most powerful scooter from the lineup, but the Speedway Leger, the Speedway 4, and the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, will all be great options if you need a strong scooter but not as strong as the Speedway 5.


unboxing the Speedway 5

Considering the scooter’s size, the scooter arrives in a fairly small and compact box. It has a lot of protective covers and materials. The box includes:

  • the scooter
  • charger
  • user manual
  • warranty car
  • Allen multikey


The scooter arrives almost fully assembled, and it takes less than 3 minutes to set it up.

After you remove all the protective cover, all you have to do is adjust the handlebar height, set the position of the throttle and the brakes, install the headlight, and make sure everything works as intended (the electronics are functional, the brakes are operational and well-adjusted, the tires are inflated, all the screws are tightly screwed, etc).

User manual

page from the user manual of the Speedway 5

The illustrated user manual for the Speedway 5 is very short, yet packed with useful information. It will only take you a few minutes to go over it, and I highly recommend doing so, as the specific manual for your unit may include information that’s not available elsewhere.


In some ways, the Speedway 5 is a typical scooter, and it is used in the exact same ways that most other regular scooters are used. There are a few differences in the way it is used though.

How to fold

folded Speedway 5

The handlebars of the scooter are foldable as well, which greatly reduces the folded volume of the scooter. The folding mechanism for the handlebars is also pretty sturdy, and the handlebars stay firmly in place while riding, which is quite rare, as most scooters with folding handlebars tend to have some instability in that part while riding.

It’s best if you fold the handlebars first, and then fold the scooter at the middle. You can also lower the handlebar height in case you need to store the scooter somewhere or if it doesn’t fit in your car trunk.

The folding mechanism is very sturdy, and it actually takes a little effort to unlock it, which is always a great thing for safety. You simply need to pull the safety pin to unlock the folding mechanism, and then collapse the scooter until you hear the click (if your handlebar height is too high, the scooter won’t lock into the folded position.

How to use

This is not a kick-to-start scooter, so you don’t have to use the initial kick to get it going.

To power the scooter on or off, simply press and hold the power button.

The trigger throttle accelerates the scooter quite fast, especially if you’ve selected the quick start setting, but it only takes a bit of getting used to before you become comfortable with the acceleration.

It is recommended to start in the eco mode and with just one motor, and gradually work your way up to the turbo mode with both motors turned on. You will also use that configuration if you need to climb a steeper hill.

In addition to the choice between eco/turbo and single/dual mode, you can also choose between 3 different speed modes, all with a speed limit of their own.

Build quality

Overall, the scooter is very well made. Even though there are a few models out there that are of higher quality, the Speedway 5 is pretty much a high-quality luxury product, and the build quality reflects the higher price point.

Design and engineering

deck of the Speedway 5

The design of the Speedway 5 is unique in some ways, but also reminds me of several other high-quality scooters in some elements. In fact, some elements are exactly the same as in other great scooters.

The scooter is built for performance, endurance, and long rides in general, but it also focuses a lot on practicality and portability. There are three points where the scooter can easily be folded or extended (the main fold, the handlebar height, and the handlebar grips), which gives riders a lot of options to cater to their height, body frame, and riding style.

The stem of the scooter is not in the typical cylindrical form, but in the triangle form, which makes it both more stable and more rigid.

The cables and the wires do stick out a bit, especially around the part where the stem and the deck connect, but they are well protected and very sturdy.

Build materials

The frame of the scooter is made from aviation-grade aluminum, and there’s very little plastic and “chinesium” used for the parts.

The part that connects the stem and the deck acts as a stabilizer for the entire scooter, and is one of the strongest, toughest parts of the entire scooter. It’s made out of hardened metal and it does its job very well.

The fenders are quite strong and almost don’t shake at all, even when riding over rougher terrain.

The grips on the handlebars are quite solid, and provide a lot of traction, even if your hands are sweaty.

Ride experience and smoothness

There’s little to no movement, vibration, or wobbliness, especially in the folding mechanism, which is very sturdy.

Since the scooter has both large wheels and a solid shock absorption system, the rides are generally very smooth.

Durability and lifespan

The Speedway 5 is a high-ticket item, and it is definitely one of those scooters that will likely be the last scooter you ever buy.

There are actually no reports of the scooter simply breaking down online. While that may be because of the relatively small number of units being sold, it may just as well be because of the excellent quality of the scooter. You will definitely get several years out of the Speedway 5 without a beep.

Defects and known issues

One of the biggest downsides of the Speedway 5 is that the battery doesn’t come from a high-end manufacturer, and it doesn’t really have that many charge cycles.

One owner has reported that the handlebar grips become wobbly after a lot of use, but that seems to be an isolated incident and not a real problem.

Other than that, owners haven’t really reported other serious issues.


Let’s see the most important performance aspects of the Speedway 5.

Motors and power

the rear wheel motor of the Speedway 5

The strong performance of the Speedway 5 is due to its celebrated high-quality dual motors. The two hub BLDC motors are integrated into the wheels, and have 800 Watts of real power each, for a real power level of 1600 Watts, and a peak power level of incredible 3600 Watts.

The Speedway 5 has all the benefits of dual-motor scooters, like greater potential top speed, faster acceleration, bigger climb angle, and stronger torque.


The official top speed of the Speedway 5 is 40 mph / 65 kmh.

Unofficially, there are not too many independent user tests that verify the top speed, but luckily, there are a few, and they all confirm that the Speedway 5 can easily reach the advertised top speed.


The scooter accelerates somewhat quickly. You can adjust the P-settings for the degree of acceleration, but nonetheless, the acceleration can be quite powerful.


The specified climb angle of the Speedway 5 is 20° / 37%. Same as with the top speed, there are not too many owner tests to challenge this climb angle, but most owners report that the scooter climbs really well, and can handle even steeper hills without too many issues, especially if the rider is not too close to the weight limit.

And it’s no wonder – the two very powerful motors deliver a lot of torque and traction, and that’s the key component when it comes to climbing performance.


Officially, the Speedway 5 is capable of going 70 mi / 112 km on a single charge. To achieve this range, you’ll have to ride in the eco mode and preferably with a single motor.

There have been a few owner tests and reports about the real range of the Speedway 5, and they mostly confirm that the scooter can travel that kind of distance.

Weight capacity

The current official weight capacity of the Speedway 5 is 265 lbs / 120 kg. While that will be enough for the majority of people, it’s still quite low for a scooter this strong and powerful.

Unofficially, however, I think that Speedway has purposefully chosen to underreport the weight limit so that all riders get similar performances. The scooter has been tested by much heavier riders, and shows no degraded performance even for riders up to 310 lbs / 140 kg.


The Speedway 5 is almost feature-complete, and lacks almost no feature, except an IP standard.

Cockpit and dashboard

dashboard and buttons of the Speedway 5

The Speedway 5 comes with the EY3 LCD display, which is the standard high-contrast display found in some of the best electric scooters in the world today.

The trigger throttle for acceleration is right next to the display on the right handlebar, along with a small dashboard with the power button, the mode button, and the gear button.

The left handlebar hosts another small dashboard with a few other buttons used for:

  • turn signal
  • horn
  • lights
  • eco or turbo mode
  • single or dual motor mode

The button for the deck lights is actually located on the deck itself.

The screen will show:

  • current speed
  • speed mode
  • battery level
  • trip time / trip meter / odometer / voltage


The battery of the Speedway 5 is pretty decent, although not the best one out there.

It comes from Sincpower, which is a Chinese battery manufacturer that produces good batteries in general, but not as good as Samsung or LG.

While the official charge cycles of the battery are between 300 and 500, a few owners have reported the battery capacity diminishing quite sooner than that (around 150 to 200 full charge cycles), so you shouldn’t be terribly surprised if that happens and you have to replace the battery after a year of active usage or two years of semi-active usage. Also, this will depend on how you charge your scooter – whether you’re using a single charger, two chargers, and whether you’re using a fast charger.

The voltage of the battery is 60 Volts, with a capacity of 23.4 Amp-hours and 1404 Watt-hours. Even though the battery is not exactly of the highest quality, it’s still good enough to rarely break down and it provides a lot of range and good performance.


There are several ways you can charge the Speedway 5.

The scooter has two charging ports, located on the front right side of the deck, protected from water and dirt by a black plastic cap.

The default chargers are 1.7 Amps, and charging the scooter with just one charger takes 12-13 hours. You can use two chargers to cut the charging time down to 6-7 hours, but you can also use the fast 5 Amp chargers to get the scooter charged for just 4 hours.

Tires and wheels

front wheel and suspension of the Speedway 5

The pneumatic tires of the Speedway 5 don’t have inner tubes, which makes them a lot more resistant to flats than tires with inner tubes. The rim is separated from the tire and from the motor itself, which makes changing tires a lot easier.

The diameter of the tires is 10 inches, which is much better than the average diameter of 8.5 inches found in budget scooters. Also, the width of the tires at 2.7 inches is quite big and will provide excellent balance and traction, without really sacrificing turning and control.

Brakes and suspension

Both wheels have mechanical disk brakes on them, with 140-mm rotors that provide a very short stopping distance of just a few meters (less than 7 m / 23 ft when stopping from 30 mph / 48 kmh). The scooter has both regenerative braking and ABS features.

The front brake is activated with the brake lever on the right handlebar, and the rear brake is activated with the left brake lever. Always remember to brake with the rear brake first, and only brake with both brakes if you need an emergency stop. Avoid braking with just the front brake – the scooter may easily tip over if you’re riding at a high speed.

The front wheel has two suspension forks, while the rear has a spring suspension. The suspension is quite good and will really soften the rides, although not world-class, and riding off-road might not be as smooth.

Water resistance

The Speedway 5 has no official IP rating. That means you should really do your best to avoid riding in the rain or other wet conditions, as the scooter probably only has minimal water protection. The battery compartment is sealed and well-protected against water, but there’s still no guarantee of what might happen if you ride in very wet weather.

There are no reports of how the scooter actually handles riding in the rain. I’m fairly confident that a short ride through a bit of rain won’t destroy your scooter, but still, I recommend doing everything in your power to avoid riding in the rain. Also, no scooter warranty in the world covers water damage, which is another thing to keep in mind.

Lights and riding at night

the Speedway 5 with its lights turned on at night

The front headlight is mounted on the stem, right above the wheel, which is a good position for the headlight (not as good as the top of the handlebars, but not as bad as the deck itself). The light is fairly strong, and you can adjust the angle to your preference. The front of the scooter also features two additional lights in the deck.

The rear lights will turn red whenever you use the brakes. In addition, the scooter has turn signals and reflective stickers that further enhance your visibility in traffic, especially at night. There’s some extra lighting under the deck for that reason as well, although it’s not really strong as it’s not the typical LED strip.

All in all, the scooter is very well lit, and will be very visible both during the day and the night.


The deck is quite spacious, with a length of 22 in / 56 cm and a width of 8.6 in / 22 cm. The top of the deck features two sandpaper tapes on top of it to reduce slipping.

The kickstand is firm and secure overall, although personally, I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit thicker, as a scooter of this size and weight should have as small chances of tipping over as possible.

The corners of the deck are somewhat rounded and covered with protective plastic, which is actually a great portability feature – sometimes you will hit objects with your scooter while carrying it, and the rounded corners will make sure you don’t cause a lot of damage to the objects you hit.


The latest versions of the Speedway 5 come with a fingerprint lock that will greatly deter theft.

Given how this is quite an expensive item, I recommend a higher-quality scooter lock as an additional security feature. I wouldn’t mind spending even $100 or more on it, as thieves will quickly recognize this scooter and may be more determined to try and steal it because of its higher price tag.


white Speedway 5

The scooter comes in two basic color patterns: white and black/dark grey.

I always like it when scooters are available in white as well, as that color is much better for summer rides and hot places. If you live somewhere hot, go with the white option, as it will retain much less heat and extend the battery life that way.


Overall, the Speedway 5 is a scooter of medium portability. Its weight is not exactly light, but it has a few other portability features that help make it easier for carrying and maneuvering.


The scooter weighs 68 lbs / 31 kg. The large weight is mostly due to the large number of battery cells that enable the long range of the scooter.

With such a weight, the Speedway 5 is definitely not a light scooter, although it’s not exactly among the heaviest scooters either, and most people will be able to carry it for at least short distances.


While the dimensions of the scooter are not exactly small, the foldable handlebars and the adjustable handlebar height provide the scooter with a lot of flexibility, and its folded volume can be a lot smaller than what you might expect from a scooter with this type of dimensions.

When unfolded, the dimensions of the Speedway 5 are:

  • length: 48 in / 122 cm
  • width: 22.8 in / 58 cm
  • height: 46.5 in / 118 cm

When folded, the dimensions become:

  • length: 49 in / 125 cm
  • width: 10 in / 25 cm
  • height: 15.8 in / 40 cm

Carrying and fitting

With an above-average weight, but relatively small volume when folded, the Speedway 5 can be considered a medium-portable scooter.

Probably the biggest problem for carrying the scooter is the lack of a convenient way to grab the scooter to carry it. The center of gravity when folded is somewhat awkward, although you can still probably carry it with just one hand.

The scooter may have some trouble fitting in the trunks of smaller cars, but larger trunks will easily fit it. Also, the scooter shouldn’t be too difficult for you to take on a bus or a metro.

Use cases and intended owners

This is clearly not a beginner scooter. Some people have bought it as their first scooter and never regretted their decision, but still, I wouldn’t recommend this scooter to beginners.

The Speedway 5 is excellent for an upgrade or a second scooter. It will blow away any previous budget scooter you’ve owned, not just in terms of performance, but in the overall user experience and enjoyment it provides you with.

While quite powerful, this is still not a racing or an off-road scooter, and we can probably say it’s still a civilian scooter that is meant to be used by regular scooterists every day. Commuting with it will be convenient, although the larger weight makes it harder to carry, so it may be an excellent choice for long commutes, but not so great if you have to switch lots of buses and trains and carry your scooter a lot.

The large tires and the dual suspension make most rides comfortable, but this is still not an off-road scooter, and it’s best used on urban terrains.

The scooter is very useful for casual rides, daily usage, running chores, and making all sorts of trips you might be too lazy to do on foot.

Rider height

Since the handlebar height is adjustable, the Speedway 5 is a great choice for people of many different heights. Shorter people will have no problem with the handlebar height, as well as taller people up to a height of around 6 feet.

Accessories and customizations

There are not a ton of accessories and customizations available for the Speedway 5, but luckily, its build and design are fairly conventional, and most of the generic scooter accessories will easily fit it.

One item that you must get for riding the Speedway 5 is a helmet for scooterists. The scooter is capable of some pretty serious speeds, and you shouldn’t risk riding without a proper helmet.


fingerprint reader for Speedway and Dualtron scooters

One common upgrade for the previous versions of the scooter was the fingerprint lock, which now may be included in the original packaging. You will have to check with the store you’re buying the scooter from for that.

My personal favorite upgrade for this scooter is the thumb throttle acceleration. I don’t like trigger throttles as they cause more finger fatigue than necessary, and if I’d have to choose one upgrade for the Speedway 5, it would be the thumb throttle.


The Speedway 5 can have a seat installed on its deck, and even though it’s not a seat made especially for this scooter (you will have to buy the seat for the Speedway 4), it will still fit perfectly.

Trunk or bag

There is no trunk or bag accessory specifically made for the Speedway 5, but the scooter will fit a generic trunk like Epessa.


The Speedway 5 is a relatively easy scooter to maintain. The level of quality is good, so you can expect little to no repairs needed, especially in the first few years of ownership, and all you will need to do is a quick and easy cleaning routine along with a quick maintenance check. I suggest the following quick routine performed once every two weeks:

  • clean the scooter
  • make sure the tires are sufficiently inflated
  • check the brakes and the suspension, and adjust them if needed
  • make sure all the screws are tightly screwed


The scooter is made from high-quality materials that will not rust nor corrode easily, but still, you should be mindful when cleaning the scooter to not use a lot of water, and never spray the scooter with a hose. You can use some toothpaste or soapy water to remove some harder stains, but don’t use any corrosive substances like gasoline or acids. Also, use a soft damp cloth for rubbing and cleaning, and avoid any abrasive materials.

Spare parts and repairs

I expect a large number of owners to face some significant problems when it comes to getting spare parts for the Speedway 5, because, as I said several times throughout this review, the Speedway 5 is discontinued and is no longer sold by EWheels, which used to be the best place to get the scooter from.

Anyways, the scooter is still available from Minimotors, and you should be able to find a lot of the spare parts you may need there.

The most common issue users had with this scooter so far is with the controller, which might need to be replaced every few years. Lucky for us, Minimotors have done a great job explaining how to replace this part in a detailed video posted on their Youtube channel, seen below.


The Speedway 5 doesn’t have any Bluetooth features, and can’t connect to any app natively.

I suggest the EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper App as a way to fill up the void here. The app will also not have any capability of connecting with the scooter, but it will provide you with other features that you will find useful in your day-to-day experience with Speedway 5, including checklists, calculators, guides, resources, and other useful tools.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Speedway 5 vs other electric scooters

The Speedway 5 is among the top choices in its price and performance categories, but there are a few models that are often compared against it that may give it a run for its money.

Speedway 5 vs Zero 10X

The Speedway 5 and the Zero 10X are often pitted against each other, and for a good reason – both are vying for the crown of the best $2000 scooter.

The Speedway 5 has a slightly better range, but the Zero 10X has a slightly better top speed. The Speedway 5 has better peak power, but the Zero 10X has better real power (both are dual-drive scooters). Both scooters have 10-inch pneumatic tires, great braking and suspension systems, both come from highly respected scooter brands, and both are usually priced almost the same.

Some small details might be the decision-makers in this comparison. The Speedway 5 has a better weight limit, while weighing less and being more compact and smaller in volume, and that’s why I believe it is a better choice overall.

Speedway 5 vs EMove Cruiser

side diagonal view of the EMove Cruiser in an urban setting

In my opinion, the EMove Cruiser is the biggest challenger to the Speedway 5.

Both scooters look very similar in many elements, and have some similar features, like 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tires and foldable handlebars with adjustable handlebar height.

The EMove Cruiser has a lot of advantages over the Speedway 5. For starters, it’s a lot cheaper (around $700 less), and it has quite a lot more range (15 mi / 25 km extra), while weighing considerably less at the same time. The batteries are also of higher quality. The IPX6 water protection standard of the EMove Cruiser is currently the best in the world, while the Speedway 5 has no official IP rating at all.

However, the Speedway 5 is the clear winner in the other important performance aspects, such as speed, climbing, torque, and sheer motor power. The Speedway 5 will accelerate better, climb steeper hills easier, and just be more performant in general.

Speedway 5 vs Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

Interestingly, while the Speedway 5 has more powerful motors, it will still be a bit slower than the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE. It will still climb and accelerate better, however.

The range will also be an advantage for the Speedway 5, as it will have about 7 mi / 11 km extra range than the Kaabo model.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE will be about $400 cheaper, however, which will probably be its main advantage. All of the other features of both scooters will be comparable, so I’d recommend you check out my Kaabo Mantis Pro SE review if you’re looking for a bit more value from your scooter and you wouldn’t mind having a bit less range.

Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Victor

Even though these scooters are often compared, it’s not really a fair comparison, as the Dualtron Victor is about $600 more expensive, which puts it in a different price category.

Still, the Speedway 5 manages to win a few rounds, including some important ones such as a bigger weight limit. Also, since the Speedway 5 is less powerful, it will be slightly lighter weight and have more portability, the latter in large part because of its foldable handlebars.

The Dualtron Victor comes with solid tires, however, which is an unusual choice for a powerful scooter, and the rides will not be as smooth as you might expect, which is another possible advantage of the Speedway 5.

Now, the Dualtron Victor will be about 9 mph / 14 kmh faster, it will have about 3 mi / 5 km extra range, and it will climb better. If those advantages are worth $600 to you, see my Dualtron Victor review.

Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Mini

The Dualtron Mini is the least powerful Dualtron scooter, which, in my view, immediately makes it a less-than-ideal choice in many scenarios. You just don’t buy a Dualtron scooter for standard performance.

The Dualtron Mini will be slower than the Speedway 5, it will have less range, a smaller weight limit, and smaller tires. While it would be quite cheaper, I think there are several other scooters even in the lower price categories that are much better choices, which is why I would recommend the Speedway 5 over it in most cases. If you’re still curious about this unusual Dualtron model, you can check it out at Voromotors.

User reviews and owner satisfaction

The Speedway 5 is a fairly expensive scooter, especially if you get it from online stores that deliver it quickly to North America. It’s understandable that it hasn’t really sold a ton of units over the years, despite being a great scooter.

Still, the scooter is very well-known and respected as a model by scooter enthusiasts. One of the most common categories of scooterists that show interest in the Speedway 5 is advanced scooter riders looking for their second scooter that will be more powerful than their initial Xiaomi or Ninebot scooter.

The people who do end up buying the Speedway 5 have nothing but good things to say about it, and the scooter has very high reviews on average. Now, there is one thing you should be aware of when looking at the reviews of the Speedway 5 – they are all reviews hosted by the online merchants that sell the scooter, and those merchants can (and sometimes do) easily filter out the negative reviews. However, given all that we know about this scooter, I’d say that’s almost certainly not the case here, and probably every single owner of the Speedway 5 has never regretted his or her choice.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most popular questions about the Speedway 5 scooter.

Is Speedway 5 waterproof?

The Speedway 5 doesn’t have an official IP rating, and you should avoid riding in the rain or washing it with a water hose. A short ride in light rain shouldn’t be a problem if the weather caught you off guard, but I would be careful over longer exposures.

Who makes Speedway scooters?

Speedway scooters are produced by Minimotors, one of the largest and most well-known e-scooter manufacturers. They make arguably the best scooter model ever put to market, the Dualtron, while Speedway is their entry-level scooter targeted at less-experienced riders.


rear wheel of the Speedway 5

While the Speedway 5 is an excellent scooter, ultimately, the fact that its major distributor has discontinued it is a red flag, and the scooter model might end up getting discontinued entirely, which will make getting support and spare parts for it a headache. You may simply end up with a subpar owner experience because of this, and while the scooter is great, I don’t believe you should take the risk, and some existing alternatives might be better choices for most people, alternatives like the EMove Cruiser or the Inokim OXO.

However, if you’re head-over-heels in love with this scooter (as many people are), you are still free to take the risk and go for it. It may as well end up not getting discontinued, and in that case, you will have one of the best mid-to-high-end scooters in your possession.

Where to buy the Speedway 5 from?

The Speedway 5 used to be available on EWheels, but is now discontinued there. Today, you can find the Speedway 5 at AliExpress (worldwide), RideFatDaddy (in Europe), and Minimotors USA (in the US and Canada).


Speedway 5 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed60 kmh
Top speed37 mph
Range75 km
Range47 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power1600 W real, 3600 W peak
Climb angle20 °
Battery1385 Wh, 59.2 V
Battery typeSincpower
Charging time15 h
Weight32 kg
Weight71 lbs
Weight limit140 kg
Weight limit309 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless
Tire pressure45-50 psi
Foldable handlebarsyes
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaviation grade aluminum
Brakesdual disk 140 mm
Shock absorbersdual spring
Lightsfront + deck + rear + stickers + low deck
ControlEY3 LCD
Speed modes3
Keysno (customization possible)
Warranty6 months
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)125 cm * 25 cm * 40 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 10 in * 16 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)122 cm * 58 cm * 118 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 23 in * 46 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)55.9 cm * 22 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)22 in * 9 in
Deck to handlebar height98 cm
Deck to handlebar height39 in
Adjustable handlebaryes

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