Speedway 5 Review – Should You Buy This Evergreen Scooter?

Speedway 5 Review

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Quick summary: The Speedway 5 stands out as a well-built and powerful electric scooter catering to mid-level commuters who desire both performance and range without high costs. Its foldable design, impressive 70 / 112 km range, dual motors, and comfortable ride make it a good all arounder.

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Overall score
Ranked #2 in price range $2001 – $2100
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • good ride quality
  • okey speed
  • good brakes
  • good suspension
  • good range


  • low portability
  • not the cheapest
  • low charge cycles

When to buy

Currently, I wouldn’t recommend the Speedway 5 due to its major distributor discontinuing it (EWheels). This often indicates potential full model discontinuation. While this doesn’t necessarily reflect the scooter’s quality, it suggests waning interest. If other major distributors follow suit, obtaining spare parts and support might become challenging, a concern for a high-cost scooter. Despite this, some still opt for the Speedway 5, drawn to its excellent features.

When not to buy

Avoid the Speedway 5 due to its discontinuation by EWheels, a major distributor. This poses risks, as finding spare parts and support may become challenging. Despite its excellent features, consider alternatives with ongoing manufacturer support for a more reliable ownership experience.

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In this detailed review of the Speedway 5, we will see how this evergreen scooter has managed to establish a name for itself in the highly competitive world of power scooters, and more importantly, whether you should consider buying it.


Speedway 5 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed60 kmh
Top speed37 mph
Range75 km
Range47 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power1600 W real, 3600 W peak
Climb angle20 °
Battery1385 Wh, 59.2 V
Battery typeSincpower
Charging time15 h
Weight32 kg
Weight71 lbs
Weight limit140 kg
Weight limit309 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless
Tire pressure45-50 psi
Foldable handlebarsyes
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaviation grade aluminum
Brakesdual disk 140 mm
Shock absorbersdual spring
Lightsfront + deck + rear + stickers + low deck
ControlEY3 LCD
Speed modes3
Keysno (customization possible)
Warranty6 months
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)125 cm * 25 cm * 40 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)49 in * 10 in * 16 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)122 cm * 58 cm * 118 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 23 in * 46 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)55.9 cm * 22 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)22 in * 9 in
Deck to handlebar height98 cm
Deck to handlebar height39 in
Adjustable handlebaryes


In some ways, the Speedway 5 is a typical scooter, and it is used in the same ways that most other regular scooters are used. There are a few differences in the way it is used though.


unboxing the Speedway 5

Considering the scooter’s size, the scooter arrives in a fairly small and compact box. It has a lot of protective covers and materials. The box includes:

  • the scooter
  • charger
  • user manual
  • warranty car
  • Allen multikey


The scooter arrives almost fully assembled, requiring less than 3 minutes for setup.

Once you remove the protective cover, adjust the handlebar height, set the throttle and brake positions, install the headlight, and ensure everything functions correctly, including electronics, brakes, tire inflation, and screw tightness.

User manual

page from the user manual of the Speedway 5

The illustrated user manual for the Speedway 5 is very short, yet packed with useful information.

It will take you a few minutes to go over it, and I highly recommend doing so, as the specific manual for your unit may include information that’s not available elsewhere.

How to fold

folded Speedway 5

The scooter’s handlebars are foldable, significantly reducing the folded volume. This folding mechanism is sturdy, providing rare stability during rides.

It is recommended to first fold the handlebars, followed by folding the scooter at the middle.

Additionally, you can lower the handlebar height for storage or if it doesn’t fit in your car trunk. The sturdy folding mechanism requires a deliberate effort to unlock by pulling the safety pin, ensuring safety.

Collapse the scooter until you hear a click for proper folding, noting that a too-high handlebar height may prevent proper locking.


Let’s see the most important performance aspects of the Speedway 5.


the rear wheel motor of the Speedway 5

The Speedway 5’s robust performance stems from its high-quality dual motors. With two integrated hub BLDC motors, each boasting 800 Watts of real power, the scooter delivers a combined real power of 1600 Watts and an impressive peak power of 3600 Watts.

This dual-motor configuration provides advantages such as increased top speed, faster acceleration, enhanced climb angle, and stronger torque.


The official top speed of the Speedway 5 is 40 mph / 65 kmh.

Unofficially, there are not too many independent user tests that verify the top speed, but luckily, I tested the scooter and can confirm that the Speedway 5 can easily reach the advertised top speed.

The scooter accelerates somewhat quickly. You can adjust the P-settings for the degree of acceleration, but nonetheless, the acceleration can be quite powerful.

If this speed isn’t enough for you adrenaline junkies, check out my guide on the fastest electric scooters.


The specified climb angle of the Speedway 5 is 20° / 37%.

Same as with the top speed, there are not too many owner tests to challenge this climb angle, but I challenged it and handled even steeper hills at 25° / 46% without too many issues.

And it’s no wonder – the two very powerful motors deliver a lot of torque and traction, and that’s the key component when it comes to climbing performance.

If this isn’t enough for your hill-climbing hobby, check out my guide on the best climbing electric scooters.


Officially, the Speedway 5 is capable of going 70 mi / 112 km on a single charge. To achieve this range, you’ll have to ride in the eco mode and preferably with a single motor.

There have been a few owner tests and reports about the real range of the Speedway 5, and they mostly confirm that the scooter can travel that kind of distance.

I didn’t manage to surpass the official range, but if you want a scooter with even more range check out my guide on the longest-range electric scooters.

Ride experience and smoothness

While riding the Speedway 5, I experienced little to no movement, vibration, or wobbliness, especially in the folding mechanism, which is very sturdy.

Since the scooter has both large wheels and a solid shock absorption system, the rides are generally very smooth.

Speedway 5 vs other electric scooters

The Speedway 5 is among the top choices in its price and performance categories, but there are a few models that are often compared against it that may give it a run for its money.

Speedway 5 vs Zero 10X

speedway 5 vs zero 10x

The Speedway 5 and Zero 10X are often compared as contenders for the best $2000 scooter. Speedway 5 offers slightly better range, peak power, and weight limit, while Zero 10X boasts a slightly higher top speed and real power.

Both feature 10-inch pneumatic tires, excellent braking and suspension, and come from reputable brands, with similar pricing. The Speedway 5’s lighter weight, compact size, and better weight limit make it a preferable choice overall.

Speedway 5 vs EMove Cruiser

speedway 5 vs emove cruiser

In my opinion, the EMove Cruiser is the biggest challenger to the Speedway 5.

Both scooters share a similar appearance and features, including 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tires and foldable handlebars with adjustable height.

However, the EMove Cruiser stands out with a significantly lower price (around $700 less), greater range (15 mi / 25 km more), and a lighter weight.

The EMove Cruiser features higher-quality batteries and boasts the world’s best IPX6 water protection standard, whereas the Speedway 5 lacks an official IP rating.

On the performance front, the Speedway 5 excels in speed, climbing ability, torque, and motor power.

Speedway 5 vs Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

kaboo mantis pro se

Despite having more powerful motors, the Speedway 5 is slightly slower than the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE. Nevertheless, it outperforms in climbing and acceleration.

The Speedway 5 also boasts an additional 7 mi / 11 km of range compared to the Kaabo model.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE holds a price advantage, being approximately $400 cheaper, while both scooters share comparable features.

So I’d recommend you check out my Kaabo Mantis Pro SE review if you’re looking for a bit more value from your scooter and you wouldn’t mind having a bit less range.

Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Victor

speedway 5 vs dualtron victor

Despite being in different price categories, the Speedway 5 competes well with the Dualtron Victor, which is $600 more expensive.

The Speedway 5 offers advantages such as a higher weight limit and greater portability due to its lighter weight and foldable handlebars.

The Dualtron Victor, while faster with more range and better climbing, comes with solid tires, potentially leading to a less smooth ride compared to the Speedway 5.

If those advantages are worth $600 to you, see my Dualtron Victor review.

Speedway 5 vs Dualtron Mini

speedway 5 vs dualtron mini

The Dualtron Mini, being the least powerful in the Dualtron lineup, makes it less ideal for many scenarios. It is slower, has less range, a smaller weight limit, and smaller tires compared to the Speedway 5.

Despite being more affordable, there are better choices in lower price categories, making the Speedway 5 a preferable option in most cases.

If you’re still curious about this unusual Dualtron model, you can check it out at Voromotors.

Build quality

The Speedway 5 is a high-quality luxury scooter that justifies its higher price with excellent build quality.

Overall, the scooter is very well made.

As a premium item, it’s likely to be the last scooter you ever buy, with no reported breakdowns online and the expectation of several trouble-free years of use.

deck of the Speedway 5

The design of the Speedway 5 is unique in some ways, but also reminds me of several other high-quality scooters in some elements.

In fact, some elements are the same as in other great scooters.

The scooter is designed for high performance, endurance, and extended rides while prioritizing practicality and portability. It offers three folding points (main fold, handlebar height, and grips) to accommodate various rider preferences.

The triangular stem design enhances stability and rigidity. Though cables protrude slightly, especially near the stem-deck connection, they are robust and well-protected.

The scooter frame features aviation-grade aluminum, minimizing the use of plastic and lower-quality materials. The stem-deck connector serves as a robust stabilizer, crafted from hardened metal.

The fenders exhibit strength and minimal vibration on rough terrain. The handlebar grips offer solid traction, ensuring a secure hold even if your hands are sweaty.


The Speedway 5 is almost feature-complete, and lacks almost no feature, except an IP standard.

Battery and charging

The Speedway 5 features a decent battery from Sincpower, a Chinese manufacturer. While not as top-tier as Samsung or LG, it still offers a lot of reliability.

The official 300-500 charge cycles may see diminished capacity sooner (around 150-200 cycles).

Replacement may be needed after a year of active or two years of semi-active use, depending on charging habits. With a voltage of 60V, capacity of 23.4Ah, and 1404Wh, the battery, while not the highest quality, delivers good range and performance.

The scooter has two charging ports, and using two 1.7A chargers takes 6-7 hours, while fast 5A chargers cut it to 4 hours.

Tires and wheels

front wheel and suspension of the Speedway 5

The Speedway 5’s pneumatic tires are tubeless, minimizing the risk of flats. The separated rim and motor ease tire changes.

With a 10-inch diameter (larger than budget scooters’ 8.5 inches) and a 2.7-inch width, the tires offer excellent balance and traction without compromising turning and control.

I was really surprised on how comfortable the ride was.

Brakes and suspension

The Speedway 5 features mechanical disk brakes with 140-mm rotors on both wheels, ensuring a short stopping distance of under 7 meters from 30 mph.

Equipped with regenerative braking and ABS, the scooter’s front brake is controlled by the right handlebar lever, and the rear brake by the left.

Prioritize the rear brake for normal stops, use both only for emergencies to avoid potential tipping.

The front wheel has dual suspension forks, while the rear employs a spring suspension, providing effective ride softening, though off-road performance may not be optimal (if you enjoy going off-roading, check out my guide on the best off-road electric scooters).

Cockpit and dashboard

dashboard and buttons of the Speedway 5

The Speedway 5 features the EY3 LCD display, a standard high-contrast screen in top-tier electric scooters.

Located on the right handlebar alongside the display are the trigger throttle for acceleration, power button, mode button, and gear button.

The left handlebar hosts another small dashboard with a few other buttons used for:

  • turn signal
  • horn
  • lights
  • eco or turbo mode
  • single or dual motor mode

The button for the deck lights is actually located on the deck itself.

The screen will show:

  • current speed
  • speed mode
  • battery level
  • trip time / trip meter / odometer / voltage

Lights and riding at night

the Speedway 5 with its lights turned on at night

The front headlight on the Speedway 5 is mounted on the stem, just above the wheel, providing decent illumination. It’s adjustable for optimal positioning.

Two additional lights are present in the deck. Rear lights turn red when braking, and the scooter includes turn signals and reflective stickers for enhanced visibility.

Additional lighting under the deck further improves visibility, though it’s not as powerful as a typical LED strip.

All in all, the scooter is very well lit in my opinion, and will be very visible both during the day and the night.


The deck is quite spacious, with a length of 22 in / 56 cm and a width of 8.6 in / 22 cm. The top of the deck features two sandpaper tapes on top of it to reduce slipping.

The kickstand is firm and secure overall, although personally, I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit thicker, as a scooter of this size and weight should have as small chances of tipping over as possible.

The deck has rounded corners with protective plastic, enhancing portability by minimizing potential damage to objects when carrying the scooter.


The latest versions of the Speedway 5 come with a fingerprint lock that will greatly deter theft.

Given how this is quite an expensive item, I recommend a higher-quality scooter lock as an additional security feature.

I wouldn’t mind spending even $100 or more on it, as thieves will quickly recognize this scooter and may be more determined to try and steal it because of its higher price tag.

Portability, weight and dimentions

The Speedway 5 weighs 68 lbs / 31 kg and falls into the medium portability category.

Despite its weight, the foldable handlebars and adjustable height enhance flexibility and reduce the folded volume, making it manageable for short-distance carrying.

When unfolded, the dimensions of the Speedway 5 are:

  • length: 48 in / 122 cm
  • width: 22.8 in / 58 cm
  • height: 46.5 in / 118 cm

When folded, the dimensions become:

  • length: 49 in / 125 cm
  • width: 10 in / 25 cm
  • height: 15.8 in / 40 cm

The Speedway 5, falling into the medium-portable category, has an above-average weight but a relatively small folded volume.

While lacking a convenient grip, it’s manageable for one-handed carrying. It may pose challenges fitting into small car trunks, but larger trunks and public transportation are viable options.

I tried to put it in the trunk of my friend’s Fiat Uno but failed miserably.

Weight capacity

The current official weight capacity of the Speedway 5 is 265 lbs / 120 kg. While that will be enough for the majority of people, it’s still quite low for a scooter this strong.

Unofficially, however, I think that Speedway has purposefully chosen to underreport the weight limit so that all riders get similar performances.

The scooter has been tested by much heavier riders and shows no degraded performance even for riders up to 310 lbs / 140 kg.

Water resistance

The Speedway 5 lacks an official IP rating, so avoid riding in wet conditions as it has minimal water protection. While the battery compartment is sealed, there’s uncertainty about its performance in heavy rain.

No reports exist on how it handles rain, but a short ride in light rain likely won’t damage it.

I recommend doing everything in your power to avoid riding in the rain. Also, no scooter warranty in the world covers water damage, which is another thing to keep in mind.

If you still want to ride a scooter in the rain check out my guide on the best waterproof electric scooters.

Accessories and customizations

There are not a ton of accessories and customizations available for the Speedway 5, but luckily, its build and design are fairly conventional, and most of the generic scooter accessories will easily fit it.

One item that you must get for riding the Speedway 5 is a helmet for scooterists. The scooter is capable of some pretty serious speeds, and you shouldn’t risk riding without a proper helmet.


fingerprint reader for Speedway and Dualtron scooters

One common upgrade for the previous versions of the scooter was the fingerprint lock, which now may be included in the original packaging. You will have to check with the store you’re buying the scooter from for that.

My personal favorite upgrade for this scooter is the thumb throttle acceleration.

I don’t like trigger throttles as they cause more finger fatigue than necessary, and if I’d have to choose one upgrade for the Speedway 5, it would be the thumb throttle.


The Speedway 5 can have a seat installed on its deck, and even though it’s not a seat made especially for this scooter (you will have to buy the seat for the Speedway 4), it will still fit perfectly.

Trunk or bag

There is no trunk or bag accessory specifically made for the Speedway 5, but the scooter will fit a generic trunk.


The Speedway 5 doesn’t have any Bluetooth features, and can’t connect to any app natively.

I suggest the EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper App as a way to fill up the void here.

The app will also not have any capability of connecting with the scooter, but it will provide you with other features that you will find useful in your day-to-day experience with Speedway 5, including checklists, calculators, guides, resources, and other useful tools.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Defects and known issues

One of the biggest downsides of the Speedway 5 is that the battery doesn’t come from a high-end manufacturer, and it doesn’t really have that many charge cycles.

One owner has reported that the handlebar grips become wobbly after a lot of use, but that seems to be an isolated incident and not a real problem.

Other than that, owners haven’t really reported other serious issues.


rear wheel of the Speedway 5

Despite being an excellent scooter, the discontinuation by its major distributor is a red flag. The potential for the model’s complete discontinuation could lead to challenges in obtaining support and spare parts, impacting the overall owner experience.

Considering these uncertainties, exploring alternatives like the EMove Cruiser or the Inokim OXO may be a wiser choice for most users.

If you’re deeply passionate about this scooter, you can take the risk and go for it.

There’s a chance it might not get discontinued, and if so, you’ll have one of the best mid-to-high-end scooters at your disposal.

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