Dualtron Compact Review – An Unusual Dualtron Model That Doesn’t Disappoint

Dualtron Compact Review

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Quick summary: The Dualtron Compact has two strong motors, each giving 3,400 watts peak power. It comes with drum brakes and ABS for easy carefree rides. The eight-inch solid tires mean no flat worries. The 60-volt 30Ah battery with LG cells provides a 60-mile range.

Dualtron Compact Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 64.4 kmh 40 mph
  • Range: 80 km 50 mph
  • Motors: dual hub BLDC
  • Power: 1600 W real, 3400 W peak
  • Climb angle: 25 °
  • Battery: 1260 Wh, 59.2 V
  • Battery type: LG 3500 cells
  • Charging time: 12 h
  • Weight: 32 kg 71 lbs
  • Weight limit: 120 kg 265 lbs
  • Tire size: 8 in
  • Tire type: solid rubber
  • Tire pressure: 45-50 psi
  • Foldable: yes
  • Foldable handlebars: yes
  • Build material: aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy + SCM440 steel + plastic covers
  • Terrains: urban
  • Brakes: front and rear drum + electronic
  • ABS: ABS
  • Shock absorbers: front + rear arm
  • Lights: Brake Light, Dual LED Headlight, Taillight
  • Control: EY3 LCD
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Folded dimensions (L * W * H): 106 * 61 * 48 cm 41.73 * 24.02 * 18.90 in
  • Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H): 106 * 61 * 117 cm 41.73 * 24.02 * 46.06 in
  • Deck to handlebar height: 99 cm (est) 38.98 in (est)
  • Adjustable handlebar: yes

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked #3 in price range $ – $
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • excellent suspension
  • superb braking system
  • good range
  • good for city use
  • wide tires


  • the scooter is not waterproof
  • slow charging
  • limited portability

When to buy

Get the Dualtron Compact if you want a more or less true Dualtron power scooter, but one that doesn’t completely sacrifice portability. You will get great speed, range, acceleration, torque, and climb angle, while not breaking your back when carrying it.

When not to buy

Since this scooter strikes a balance, in some ways it’s neither here nor there – not a complete Dualtron monster that’s solely focused on extreme performance, nor a casual commuter. If you’re certain you need any one of those, choose a different scooter.

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In this Dualtron Compact review, we will explore its performances, features, build quality, and how this scooter can give you the best ride experience ever.


Let’s discover the process of unboxing and assembly of Dualtron Compact and see what you can expect when the scooter arrives at your home.

Unboxing and assembly

unboxing dualtron compact

Upon opening the box, I immediately noticed how well-secured every part was. I was initially concerned about delicate items, but the protective measures seemed effective. The seller had checked and packaged items meticulously.

The scooter was well-preserved. Overall, the unboxing experience was exciting and well designed.


Let’s explore the most important performances of Dualtron Compact.


This setup includes two hub BLDC motors, each capable of delivering a maximum of 3,400 watts. The result is strong acceleration and a responsive ride, making it an excellent choice for city streets.

Speed and speed test

The Dualtron Compact is known for its impressive top official speed, reaching a maximum of 40 mph / 64.4 kmh.

In fact, during my rides, I achieved a top speed of 39.4 mph / 63.5 kmh. This firsthand encounter with the scooter showcased its remarkable ability to meet expectations.

Range and range test

The Dualtron Compact, released in early 2020, lives up to the excitement with its impressive 60 mi / 96.5 km range.

This scooter stands out for having one of the longest ranges in its price range. I’ve personally tested its range, and it goes the distance, making it a reliable choice for riders who want both endurance and excitement in their electric scooter experience.

Climb and climb test

The Dualtron Compact conquers inclines with ease, boasting a climbing capability of 25° / 47% (this varies depending on the scooter’s charge state and the rider’s weight).

I’ve experienced firsthand the impressive climbing ability of this scooter, navigating inclines without a hitch during my rides. The flexibility in tackling different terrains adds to the overall appeal of the Dualtron Compact, making it suitable for riders who encounter diverse landscapes in their journeys.

Battery and charging

lights dualtron compact

The Dualtron Compact has a strong 60V 21Ah LG Li-ion battery that gives enough power for long rides. When you use the charger that comes with it, it takes about 12 hours to fully charge the battery.

But, if you’re smart about it, you can cut that time in half by using a second charger. This means you can get back on the road faster. Having the option to use a second charger makes it convenient for riders who want a quicker turnaround time.

Ride experience

folded handlebars dualtron comapct

Riding the Dualtron Compact is a blast! The powerful motor makes acceleration smooth and quick. It’s super fun to zip around, and the scooter feels stable and secure. The 40 mph top speed gives a thrilling rush, and the 60 mi range means I can go on long rides without worrying about running out of battery. Climbing hills is a breeze with the 25° incline capability.

The battery, though taking around 12 hours to charge with the stock charger, can be fast-tracked with a second charger or a fast charger, ensuring less downtime and more time on the road.

Overall, the Dualtron Compact delivers an exciting and reliable riding experience.

Dualtron Compact vs other scooters

Let’s take a look at how the Dualtron Compact compares to other scooters within a similar price range.

Dualtron Compact vs Dualtron Victor

dualtron compact vs dualtron victor

While the Compact has a slightly lower top speed of 64.4 kmh compared to Victor’s 74 kmh, it compensates with a higher peak power of 3400W.

The Compact also features a commendable range of 50 mi / 80 km, aligning with the Victor’s range. However, the Compact’s lower real power of 1600W might be a consideration for those prioritizing consistent power output.

Notably, the Compact offers a quicker charge time of 12 hours, enhancing its convenience for riders. The battery capacity of the Compact is 1260 Wh, and its weight of 70 lbs / 32 kg contributes to a slightly better portability than the one of the Dualtron Victor.

Dualtron Compact vs Apollo Phantom

dualtron compact vs apollo phantom

Even though the Dualtron Compact has a bit slower top speed at 40 mph / 64.4 kmh compared to the Phantom’s 41 mph / 65.9 kmh, it makes up for it with a much higher peak power of 3400W.

Both scooters have the same 50 mi / 80 km range, but the Compact wins in charging time, taking only 12 hours compared to the Phantom’s 12-14 hours. With a battery capacity of 1260 Wh and a weight of 32 kg, the Compact offers a good balance of power and portability.

So, for a bit more in price, you get a scooter that packs a bit more punch and charges up faster.

I’d recommend the Apollo Phantom if you’re after a bit better build quality and integration.

Dualtron Compact vs Dualtron Spider 2

dualtron compact vs dualtron spider 2

Both scooters share the same top speed of 40 mph / 64.4 kmh.

However, the Compact outshines the Dualtron Spider 2 in terms of real power, boasting 1600W compared to the Spider 2’s 1320W. Despite the Spider 2 having a higher peak power of 3600W, the Compact offers a more balanced power profile.

In terms of range, once again as in the previous comparisons, both scooters provide an identical 50 mi / 80 km. The Compact, with a battery capacity of 1260 Wh, exhibits a quicker charge time of 12 hours compared to the Spider 2’s variable charging time ranging from 14 to 15 hours.

When considering climb degree and weight, the Compact boasts a climb degree of 25 degrees and weighs 70 lbs / 32 kg, while the Spider 2 has a climb degree of 23 degrees and a lighter weight of 57 lbs / 25.8 kg.

The Dualtron Compact emerges as a competitive choice with a slightly lower price, a more balanced power output, quicker charging time, and suitability for varied terrains.

Build quality

The frame and handle are made from aviation-grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and strength. The shaft is crafted from SCM440 steel, adding robustness to the structure. Additionally, there are plastic covers for added protection.

This combination of materials results in a solid and reliable construction, making the scooter sturdy and ready for various riding conditions.

Take a look at Archies’s video if you want to explore the capabilities and the power of Dualtron Compact more visually.


Let’s delve into the impressive features of Dualtron Compact.


tire of dualtron compact

The Dualtron Compact comes with sturdy 8 x 3.5-inch wide solid rubber tires that last a long time without needing any maintenance.

I like these tires because they never give me the trouble of dealing with flats, but they are not the most comfortable configuration, both because of their small size and their rigidity, and some bumps on the road might be felt strongly.

While they might not leave much room for personalizing, the tires on the Compact do a great job on the road, offering excellent handling and a smooth ride.


brakes dualtron compact

The Dualtron Compact is equipped with front and rear drum brakes, along with an electric brake featuring ABS. This combination ensures effective braking, providing riders with reliable control and safety.

Whether you need to slow down gradually or make a quick stop, the diverse braking system on the Dualtron Compact enhances overall rider confidence and ensures a secure riding experience.


dualtron compact suspension

The Dualtron Compact has dual 15-step adjustable rubber suspensions, and you can change them out for different cartridges.

These suspensions, both in the front and back, make sure your ride is steady and comfy on any kind of road. You can tweak the suspension in three steps to match your weight and the road conditions.

Plus, for even more customization, the Compact gives you five options for replaceable suspension cartridges: soft (green), medium-soft (blue), medium (tan), medium-hard (red), and hard (black).

The harder the cartridge you choose, the more bounce and comfort you get for a more enjoyable ride.


display dualtron comapct

The Dualtron Compact relies on the EY3 dashboard, a top-tier choice in the world of scooter controllers. Minimotors is so proud of this tech that they’re practically including it in every scooter they release.

This dashboard not only shows the basics like speed, trip distance, and battery level but also offers some cool features. You can set it to auto power off after a time you choose, anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. There are three speed levels to pick from, and you can decide if you want to kick-start or use the throttle to get going.

Adjusting brake strength, using cruise mode, changing LCD brightness, and switching speed units (kmh to mph and back) are also options. One feature that caught my eye is the slow start.

It’s great for new riders who want a gentle takeoff without worrying about going too fast right away. This handy addition adds an extra layer of safety and comfort for beginners.


lights dualtron compact

The Dualtron Compact comes with standard front and rear LED headlights and tail lights, complete with built-in brake lights.

The inclusion of built-in brake lights adds an extra layer of safety, making it clear to those around you when you’re slowing down or coming to a stop.

Overall, the standard lighting setup on the Dualtron Compact contributes to a safer and more visible riding experience.

Weight, weight limit, and dimensions

deck dualtron compact

The Dualtron Compact, weighing 70 lbs / 32 kg, is a robust electric scooter designed for stability and durability during rides. It caters to a diverse range of riders with a weight limit of 265 lbs / 120 kg, ensuring versatility for various users.

Dimensions of Dualtron Compact when folded and unfolded:

  • Folded: length 41 in / 106 cm, width 24 in / 61 cm, height 19 in / 48 cm
  • Unfolded: length 41 in / 106 cm, width 24 in / 61 cm, height 46 in / 117 cm


Ensuring your safety is paramount, and that starts with an indispensable accessory – the helmet.

Consider investing in a sturdy and reliable lock, a fundamental component that not only safeguards your scooter but also provides peace of mind, particularly when parking in public areas where theft may be a concern.

For a comprehensive guide on the best electric scooter accessories tailored to your needs, make sure to check out my recommendations on the link.

Problems and tradeoffs

While the Dualtron Compact offers impressive features, it’s essential to consider some trade-offs and potential issues.

One notable aspect is the slow charging time when using standard chargers. While this may require more patience, riders may also benefit from other charging options like a second charger or a fast charger, allowing for more flexibility.

Another consideration is the presence of stem wobble, which, although a minor inconvenience, can impact the overall riding experience.

Additionally, the Compact is not waterproof, posing a limitation in inclement weather conditions.

Lastly, its weight may make personal carry portability a bit challenging. However, this weight contributes to the scooter’s stability and durability during rides, so it’s not all negative.


This is a good choice for riders looking for that next level in terms of performance, but don’t want a truly humongous classic Dualtron model.

You will get strong performance, although not the strongest. At the same time, you will get a relatively lightweight scooter when it comes to power models, and that’s the main use case of the Dualtron Compact.

Of course, quality, design, and day-to-day experience will be stellar, so you’re winning with this choice in any case.

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