EVOLV Corsa Review [High-Powered All-Terrain Electric Scooter]

EVOLV Corsa Review

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Quick summary: The EVOLV Corsa is a solid, powerful scooter focusing on build quality and robustness, primarily meant for off-road rides. It will provide strong performance and low defect rates.

EVOLV Corsa Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 70 kmh 44 mph
  • Range: 60 km 37 mph
  • Motors: dual hub BLDC
  • Power: 2400 W real, 4800 W peak
  • Battery: 1440 Wh, 60 V
  • Battery type: removable battery pack
  • Charging time: 7 h
  • Ingress protection (IP): IP54
  • Weight: 45 kg 99 lbs
  • Weight limit: 150 kg 330 lbs
  • Tire size: 11 in
  • Tire type: pneumatic off-road
  • Tire pressure: 50-55 psi
  • Foldable: yes
  • Brakes: hydraulic front + rear
  • Shock absorbers: front + rear spring suspension
  • Lights: dual halo LED front lights, in-deck lights & taillight, rear brake lights, turn signals
  • Control: LCD screen
  • Keys: ignition key
  • Return period: 7 days
  • Folded dimensions (L * W * H): 150 * 56 * 60 cm 59.06 * 22.05 * 23.62 in

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked # in price range $ – $
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • removable battery is a big win
  • very solid quality
  • great design and integration
  • decent performance
  • nice acceleration
  • great brakes
  • great suspension


  • mediocre value for money
  • weak rear light
  • heavy
  • average value for money

When to buy

Get this scooter if you want a steady, reliable off-road machine. Usually, the weight is a tradeoff, but in this case, thanks to a pretty well-thought-out design and integration, it’s almost a strength, and the EVOLV Corsa will provide extra stability and safety during challenging rides.

When not to buy

This is definitely not your everyday casual commuting scooter. Not a great choice for first-time owners either.

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In this EVOLV Corsa review, we will go through all its positive and negative sides in detail and see if this e-scooter is the right choice for you.


As usual, let’s start with the basics.

A closeup of a folded EVOLV Corsa


The scooter comes delivered in a cardboard box, which includes:

  • The scooter
  • A charger
  • An LCD display
  • Toolkit


Assembling the EVOLV Corsa doesn’t require a lot of effort or time. It involves 2 installing processes, which are the following:

Installing the handlebar:

  • Remove the 4 screws from the stem
  • Adjust the handlebar to your desired position
  • Tighten all 4 screws equally

Installing the LCD panel:

  • Loosen and take out the 2 screws from the top of the handlebar
  • Attach the LCD panel to the handlebar by using both screws
  • Connect the panel to the main wiring

Build Quality

Besides having an attractive and modern look, the EVOLV Corsa has been thoughtfully designed. In my opinion, the great build quality of this model can be attributed to the top-notch components and features it comes with, such as its:

  • Detachable 60V battery
  • Dual 1200W motors
  • Pneumatic tubeless 11” tires
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Dual suspension
  • Dual HALO LED headlights

Known issues and problems

I must be honest and say that I haven’t come across any issue, at least a serious one, regarding this model so far.

However, there’s one thing that I consider to be a minor flaw of this scooter, and that’s the signal lights in the rear. They aren’t very bright and are a bit low in position, so if you ask me, I think it’s better to have a signal on your jacket or helmet.

Also, those of you who are fans of foldable handlebars might not like the ones the EVOLV Corsa comes with, as they don’t fold. However, considering how solid and stable the handlebars are, I think you won’t find this a big deal.

One more minor drawback of this scooter might be its weight. Weighing 99 lbs / 45 kg, you’ll probably find it heavy to lift by yourself. However, remember that you have nice handles to carry it around when you do.

Everyday use

My favorite part about The EVOLV Corsa is that no matter if you’re riding it on smooth roads, uneven, bumpy streets, or off-road tracks, this does not affect the ride quality this model offers.

The EVOLV Corsa comes with great braking and suspension systems. It’s powerful, stable, and corners well. It provides a controlled and comfortable ride at higher speeds. Even when you hit bumps, potholes, or puddles, nothing seems to disrupt the system.

Now, I’d like to emphasize that your speed may start dropping down when riding this scooter on steeper hills, especially if you’re using the single-motor option.

Also, as it is the case with most e-scooters, this model, too, should not be ridden in heavy rain or snow.


Now, let’s discuss the performance features of the EVOLV Corsa.

Motor and power

The EVOLV Corsa is equipped with two 1200W motors. You can choose to ride it with a single motor or shift to the dual-motor feature, in which case this powerful machine will provide you with a peak power of 4800W.


A closeup of the EVOLV Corsa's battery positioned in the deck

This model runs on a detachable 60V 26Ah battery. Owning a scooter with a removable battery provides you with 2 options: You can either park the EVOLV Corsa and charge it or remove the battery and take it to charge inside – at home, in your office, or wherever you find convenient.

Also, if you’re on the road and riding, and you notice you need more range for the day, you can just swap the battery with another extra one and get back on the road right away.

Now, there’s one safety feature regarding the battery, which I believe many of you will appreciate. The only way to remove the battery is to enter a PIN code to open the deck, which means the battery is well-protected from theft.

It’s noteworthy that by removing the battery, which weighs 19.8 lbs /9 kg, you also make the scooter easier to transport.


This model offers a 34-37 mi / 55-60km of range. However, keep in mind that this might change depending on whether you’re using on or both motors and what type of terrain you’re riding on.

Speed and acceleration

The EVOLV Corsa can reach a top speed of 44 mph / 70 kmh in the dual mode. Needless to say, whether you’ll be able to reach the maximum speed or, perhaps, even surpass it depends on a few factors, such as your size, the terrain you’re riding on, and whether you’re riding at the single- or dual-motor feature.

As for the acceleration this model provides, all I can say is that it’s buttery smooth and won’t disappoint you.

Hill climb

The EVOLV Corsa is supposed to climb hills of up to 40 degrees, which is great.

I seriously doubt that the scooter will be able to achieve that, since that’s a pretty steep incline.

That said, I did try the scooter on some pretty steep hills and it performed well, it’s just that they weren’t 40 degrees.


A closeup of the charging port of the EVOLV Corsa e-scooter

Charging this model from empty to full will take you 7 hours. You’ll find an external port for easy charging on the left side of the deck.

Weight limit

The maximum weight limit of the EVOLV Corsa is 330 lbs / 150 kg, which is enough to support heavier riders.

However, keep in mind that any damage caused to the model as a result of exceeding the weight limit will not be covered by the warranty.


Let’s now go through all of the different features the EVOLV Corsa comes with.

Weight and dimensions

This EVOLV model weighs 99 lbs / 45 kg – a feature that might bother some riders.

And, indeed, that kind of weight is typical for scooters that perform a bit better. So, generally, this can be considered a relatively heavy scooter.

When folded, the EVOLV Corsa has these dimensions: 51 X 22 X 24 in / 130 X 56 X 60 cm.

Folding mechanism and portability

A closeup of a person folding the EVOLV Corsa

This electric scooter comes with a folding mechanism, and it’s very easy to fold and unfold it.

It’s recommended that you secure the stem during transportation by hooking it to the kick plate.

As for the portability of the EVOLV Corsa, I must say that it isn’t the easiest one to carry around. So, as such, I can’t say it’d be the ideal choice for anyone who regularly commutes to work and works in an upper office.

Cockpit and controls

The cockpit of the EVOLV Corsa features a nice LCD display that shows all the important information, such as the battery level, speed, gear, miles ridden, and time. The lights and turn signals are also shown on the screen.

The cockpit also features a thumb throttle, which will help you get used to riding this e-scoter easily. Then, right below the throttle, you can find the single and dual motor switch. The front brake lever, turn signal buttons, and horn are positioned on the left-hand side, whereas the rear brake lever is positioned on the right side.

Brakes and suspension

The EVOLV Corsa is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. This braking system provides you with incredible stopping power and allows for less skidding on the surface you’re riding on, both at moderate and high speeds.

This model comes with front and rear spring coil suspension. This type of suspension system makes the EVOLV Corsa ideal for riding on bumpy, rough terrains since it provides maximum shock absorption. In simple terms, this means that riding over bumps, potholes, or curbs will feel buttery smooth.

Tires and deck

A closeup of the deck of the EVOLV Corsa

The Evolv Corsa comes fitted with 11-inch, tubeless, pneumatic front and rear tires. It’s recommended that you keep the tire pressure at 50-55 PSI and always check it before riding.

So, if you ask me, with dual 1200W motors, dual coil suspension, and 11’’ tires, riding along rough paths and climbing steep hills will no longer be a problem for you.

As for the deck, being 10-in / 25-cm wide and 30-in / 76-cm long, I can say it’s pretty roomy. A deck of this size will definitely provide you with an excellent standing position, no matter if you’re cruising, accelerating, or braking.

What surprised me the most was the fact that the deck is 8” off the ground.

Ignition key

The ignition key is another safety feature I greatly appreciate about the EVOLV Corsa. Without its key, this model can’t be started.

Lights and night use

A closeup of the headlights of the EVOLV Corsa

This model is fitted with various light sets. It has two HALO LED headlights, which you can adjust to your preference.

Then it also has accent lighting along the side of the deck, rear brake lights, and a tail light that flashes red when you brake.

The EVOLV Corsa also features turning lights that are positioned low on the back side of the deck, which means other riders and pedestrians will always know when you’re turning.


This electric scooter has an officially certified IP54 rating. I find it necessary to emphasize that this EVOLV model is resistant to water, but it isn’t waterproof.

Therefore, I don’t recommend riding the EVOLV Corsa in heavy rain or spraying the whole of its surface with water to clean it. Water damage can happen anytime, and you don’t want that.

That said, I was able to test this scooter on a rainy day once, and there were no issues at all.

How does the EVOLV Corsa compare against other popular e-scooters?

This electric scooter is usually compared to the EVOLV Pro and EVOLV Terra. So, let’s see their differences.

EVOLV Corsa vs EVOLV Pro

Besides being cheaper and lighter, the EVOLV Pro has a higher range than the Corsa model – 56 mi – 37 mi / 90 kmh vs 60 kmh.

However, considering the fact that the EVOLV Corsa can reach a higher top speed, has way better peak power, and comes with a more powerful battery than the EVOLV Pro, I’d say this model wins.

EVOLV Corsa vs EVOLV Terra

Both models take up to 7 hours to charge and have the same IP54 rating.

However, the Terra model is cheaper as well as much smaller and lighter than its counterpart.

So, consider it if you’re looking for a more regular, everyday scooter.

Who should not buy the EVOLV Corsa e-scooter?

One person I wouldn’t recommend buying this model to is someone who doesn’t want or can’t spend $2500 on a scooter. In case that person is you, you might want to check my article on the best electric scooters under $1000.

Also, anyone whose job or daily activities involve a lot of moving around or climbing up and down stairs may find this EVOLV model difficult to transport. This is not exactly a commuter scooter.

It will also not be a good fit for most beginners.

Who should buy the EVOLV Corsa e-scooter?

You should buy the EVOLV Corsa if you’re looking for a high-quality off-road scooter that is well-built, boasts ferocious power, and can reach a high speed.

Judging from the tests I performed on this scooter, I believe many electric scooter enthusiasts will find the EVOLV Corsa to be perfect for them since it won’t disappoint them in terms of build quality and performance.

And if you’re anything like me, you appreciate an extra-smooth, controlled, and comfortable ride, even at high speeds. Well, this is another aspect where the EVOLV Corsa scooter won’t disappoint you either.

I would also warmly recommend this model to anyone planning to advance from their first budget-friendly scooter, as well as anyone that might be looking to overlook the low-priced models and go for the top ones.

All those electric scooter enthusiasts looking for a high-powered electric two-wheeler that boasts high speed, smooth acceleration, excellent stopping power, and high-grade build quality will find the EVOLV Corsa to be ideal for them.

I’d also recommend this model to anyone appreciating scooters with an interesting, modern, and attractive design. The removable battery and good folding mechanism make this scooter more convenient and more portable to use and transport.

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