Electric Scooter Power – Explained Simply

electric scooter hub motor diagram

Electric scooter power is often misunderstood, especially by electric scooter beginners.

In this brief guide, we will shed some light on this key topic and go over everything you need to know, explaining in simple terms.

Why is motor power important in electric scooters?

weped ff rear motor

For any electric scooter, the motor power will be the determining factor for most of its traits and features.

The maximum speed the scooter can achieve will be determined primarily by the motor.

The ability of the scooter to climb hills as well.

Motor power will also play a big role in other important properties:

  • the rate of acceleration
  • the ride comfort
  • the maximum range on a single charge

In fact, pretty much everything related to performance will be closely tied to motor power.

Motor power is far from the only factor in these features. But as you can see, it is a very important one.

Real vs peak power

This is one of the most useful distinctions to know about electric scooter motors.

There are two ways to describe the power levels of a motor. They are the real power and the peak power.

The amount of power that a motor will unleash will vary, depending on several factors.

If you ride your scooter with an average speed and in average conditions, the motor will typically output average power.

What is called “real power” will be somewhere close to this level. It is what you can expect from your motor most of the time.

If you push your throttle to the maximum, and your battery is full, the scooter will perform as best as it can. This is when the motor will reach “peak power”.

This is worth knowing and keeping in mind.

Most scooter manufacturers only report one power level. Very few of them will bother to specify whether that’s real or peak power. It’s simply better marketing for them to report as high a number as possible.

That’s why I always assume manufacturers list the scooter’s peak power instead of its real one.

Sometimes, manufacturers will specifically say it’s the scooter’s real power.

In a few instances, manufacturers report both the real and the peak power. Of course, that is my favorite type of data. Those brands deserve the most trust and respect.

Aside from these, there’s also the term “rated power”. It denotes the power level of the motor that would not exceed the capabilities of the rest of the electronics. This term is the most rarely used out of the three.

If you only know the real power of a scooter and you want to find out the peak power, or the other way around, check out the real and peak motor power converters.

How to calculate real power when only peak power is available?

As we can see, oftentimes, only the peak power of the motor is available. It could be the real power for all we know, since nothing is specified.

But more often than not, it’s the peak power.

What if we still want to know the real power?

We can do some simple calculations to figure this out.

If we look at the motors that have both values available, we can extrapolate a trend.

When dividing the real power with the peak power, we get a range of ratios. The smallest is 0.37 and the largest being 0.91. The average of all ratios is 0.57.

That means, on average, you can take the peak power and multiply it by 0.57, and you will get the real power.

Often, this will be close to the actual real power of the motor.

You can also figure out the possible range within which the real power can be.

Multiply the peak power by 0.37, and that’s likely the lowest possible value.

Then multiply the peak power by 0.91, and that will be the highest possible value.

This will produce very different numbers, so it’s not a very useful value. But it should give you an idea.

These will all be approximations. However, in the absence of the actual values, they will still be useful information.

Other factors that affect performance

Motor power is not the only metric that determines the performance of the scooter.

Among the other important factors will be:

  • the torque of the motor
  • the voltage of the motor and other electronic parts such as the controller and the battery
  • the battery capacity.

With all this information, getting a clearer picture of the real power of the scooter is much easier.

The issue is, manufacturers rarely provide all this information for their scooters.

That may be somewhat understandable. They may be trying to protect their brand or technology.

Still, that is not so good for consumers.

Luckily, motor power is almost always available as public information. That’s true for pretty much every electric scooter out there.

Even that information is enough to give you a somewhat better picture of the scooter you are considering buying.

Can I make my electric scooter more powerful?

dualtron x limited sideview

Technically, adding more power to your scooter is possible.

However, it is something that I believe even the greatest experts, mechanics, and scooter enthusiasts would not recommend, at least not if you care about your scooter.

Modifying the battery, either replacing it, adding a new one, or both, is doable. Sometimes it’s even easy.

But replacing or upgrading the motor is very complex, and prone to errors.

I often compare it to replacing the motherboard or the CPU in your computer. If you need to do that, you’re better off buying a new computer.

The same applies to scooters.

If you need a more powerful motor, you should probably go for a new scooter.

The product was built to work as it was for a reason. Tweaking something as essential as motor power may easily have unwanted consequences. Proceed at your own risk.

Ok, what if you are set on powering up your motor?

Well, most likely, you will want to increase the maximum voltage that your motor can handle. This may also include increasing the voltage of your controller too.

The power, expressed in Watts, is the product of the voltage (Volts) and the charge (Amperes) that the motor uses.

By increasing the voltage, you will increase the total power that your motor can output.

For this to have any meaningful effect, your battery also must have a strong voltage. However, it is key that the battery is not stronger in volts than what the motor and the controller are tuned to work with.

Otherwise, short circuits might happen.

I suggest checking out my guides on how to make your scooter faster and how to remove the speed limiter for related tips.

How powerful should my scooter be?

Some of the huge power values we see here can create a distorted image of how powerful a motor should really be.

The most popular and widely used electric scooters of today, like the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Ninebot ES2, have real power levels in the 250 – 350 Watt range. Their peak powers rarely exceed 1000 Watts.

These are scooters that take millions of owners to their destinations every day. They serve their owners perfectly well.

Getting a more powerful scooter is both very useful and very fun.

The better acceleration, the greater speed, and the better ability to climb hills, are all very welcome improvements.

If you need more of those features, or you simply enjoy faster rides, then getting a more powerful scooter is the right choice.

Either way, make sure that the scooter you get has at least 300 Watts of real power.

Less than that, and your scooter will struggle when challenged by a steeper hill, or when you’re late somewhere and need to hurry up a little.

Most powerful electric scooters

These are the most powerful electric scooters today:

See my guide on the most powerful scooters for more.

Electric scooter power – complete list

These are all the power levels of the best-known electric scooters.

ScooterReal power (W)Peak power (W)Speed (kmh)Speed (mph)
EMove Roadster200015456128.780
Weped FF7200120009056
Weped SST1200013282
Dualtron Storm Limited1150011270
Dualtron Thunder 254001080096.660
Fobos X1008011068
Inmotion RS4000840096.560
Nami Burn-E 2 Max3000840096.660
Dualtron X2830010565
Bronco Xtreme820011370
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro4000720010163
Kaabo Wolf King3000672096.560
Dualtron Storm300066409559
Dualtron Ultra 2664010062
NanRobot LS7+4800600010062
Segway Transformer GT2 Megatron LE300060007043
Segway GT2 SuperScooter300060007043
Ninebot GT2P300060007043
Apollo Pro2400600070.844
Dualtron Thunder240057008050
Dualtron Thunder 35000540088.555
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11240054008050
Nami Burn-E 22000500072.445
Kaabo Wolf GT Pro2400480080.450
EVOLV Corsa240048007043
Dualtron Achilleus46488050
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro220044006037
Kaabo Mantis King GT2200420069.243
EMove RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter4000400080.450
Dualtron Spider Max2000400067.5942
VSETT 11+ Super 72 35Ah400010565
VSETT 11+ Super 72 32Ah400010565
Kaabo Wolf King GTR4000104.665
Dualtron X Limited400011068
Dualtron Victor Luxury40006943
Dualtron Victor40007446
Dualtron City398482.151
Apollo Phantom V2 60V Hydraulic2800374069.243
Turbowheel Lightning+2400360072.445
EVOLV Pro-R240036006037
Speedway 5160036006037
Dualtron Spider 21320360064.440
Dualtron Spider132036006540
Weped Fold D36007043
Dualtron Eagle Pro36006440
Currus NF36007043
Dualtron Compact1600340064.440
Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition2000330064.440
Kaabo Mantis Pro V2 Fluid Edition2000330064.440
Apollo Phantom V3240032006641
Apollo Phantom 52V Mechanical240032006138
Apollo Phantom 52V Hydraulic240032006138
Varla Eagle One2000320064.440
Arvala M10200032007446
Dualtron Raptor 2160032006037
Okai Panther ES8001500300059.537
Blade 10 GT+300083.752
Roadrunner RS5 Pro28008050
Roadrunner RS5 Max28008050
Varla Eagle One Pro2000260072.445
Inokim OXO200026006540
EVOLV Pro200026006540
Arvala C-Pro200024006037
Kugoo G-Booster120024005534
Ninebot S Max50024002012
M YUME Scooter Y1024006440
Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT24008251
Blade 10 Pro Limited24007547
EVOLV Terra120022005031
Wolf Warrior X Pro220069.243
Wolf Warrior X220070.844
Apollo Ghost 2022 Regular Brake1600200054.734
Apollo Ghost 2022 Hydraulic Brake1600200054.734
Apollo City Dual Motor1000200051.532
Weped F1220005031
NanRobot N620006540
NanRobot D6+20006440
NanRobot D4+ 3.020006440
NanRobot D4+ 2.020006440
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE20006440
FFR Mantis Pro20006440
Arvala M10 Pro20006037
Fluid Vista100018005031
Apollo Phantom2400160065.941
Varla Pegasus1000160045.128
Mercane Widewheel Pro100016004226
Emove Cruiser S600160052.933
NanRobot Lightning 2.0160048.230
Kaabo Mantis 8160055.134
Chaos Sport16004025
Chaos GT160016004528
Ninebot GT1E50015002516
Dualtron Mini145051.532
Apollo Explore100014005031
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro70014002516
Apollo Go700140043.427
Speedway Leger50013604528
Inokim OX 21Ah100013004528
Inokim OX 13Ah100013004528
EVOLV Tour XL-R100013005031
Kugoo Kirin G3100012005031
Blade Mini Pro1000120054.734
EVOLV Tour v260012004528
VSETT 965011004528
Okai Ranger EB5075010003220
Inmotion S150010003019
Apollo City Single Motor500100051.432
Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite100049.8931
Apollo City Pro100051.532
Ninebot P65E5009802516
Inokim Quick 46009004025
EVOLV Stride5009003522
Apollo Air50090033.721
Niu KQi3 Max4509003522
Ninebot Max G24509003522
Ninebot F2 Pro4509003220
Inmotion Climber45090037.823
Okai Ceetle Pro EA10C Seated3509002516
Glion Dolly XL*40085028.918
EVOLV Tour XL 18.2 Ah6008004528
EVOLV Tour XL 13 Ah6008004528
Apollo City6008004025
Unagi Voyager5008003220
Mercane Jubel5008004025
Fiido Beast5008004025
Ninebot F24008002516
Turboant M10 Lite3508002616
Ninebot ES43008003019
Kugoo G2 Pro8005031
EverCross HB24 / H58004830
Okai Stride Commuter EB405007504025
Glion Balto X2*5007502415
Emove Touring50075040.225
Anyhill UM24507503119
Kugoo M2 Pro3507502516
Okai Neon6007002516
FFR Mosquito5007004025
E-TWOW GT Smart Edition5007004025
E-TWOT GT Sport5007004025
Ninebot F654007002516
Stigo B135070032.120
Riley RS23507002516
Riley RS13507002516
Niu KQi3 Pro3507003220
Niu KQi Air X3507003220
Niu KQi Air3507003220
Ninebot Max G30P3507003019
Ninebot Max G30LP3507003019
Ninebot Max3507003019
Levy Plus3507002918
EVOLV City3507003522
Ninebot E45/E45E3007002516
Varla Falcon7003522
E-TWOW GT7004025
Inokim Light 23506503522
Okai Neon Lite ES103006502516
EVOLV City v23506003019
Bird Flex3506002516
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 23006002516
Xiaomi M365 Pro3006002516
Niu KQi3 Sport3006002817
Ninebot ES32506002516
Ninebot ES22506002516
Glion Dolly2506002516
Niu KQi26002817
EVOLV Sprint4005763522
OKAI Beetle/EA103505602616
Volpam SP013505003421
Hiboy VE1 Pro3505003723
Gotrax Flex e-bike3505003220
Gotrax F2 e-bike3505003220
Okai Neon Pro ES303005003220
Okai Neon II ES20300500159
Ninebot E2 Plus E3005002516
Xiaomi Essential2505002012
Ninebot ES12505002012
Fiido Q1S e-bike2505002012
UScooters Booster V5004025
Unagi Model One 500 W5003220
Speedway Mini 4 Pro5004528
Razor EcoSmart Metro5003019
Kugoo M4 Pro5004528
Kugoo Kirin M45004327
FFR Horizon5004025
Apollo City Pro 20225004327
Apollo Air 202350033.821
Swagtron Swagger 7T3504502918
GoTrax XR Elite3004502516
Ninebot E22504502012
Turboant V8 Dual-battery4503220
1Plus Pro4503019
GoTrax XR Ultra3004302516
Hover-1 Journey3003502415
Yadea KS5 Pro3503019
Turboant X7 Pro3503220
Turboant X7 Max3503220
Swagtron Swagger 73502516
Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost3502918
Razor C353502918
Macwheel MX Pro3502516
Kugoo S1 Plus3503019
Kugoo S13503019
Hover-1 Journey 235024.1415
Hiboy S2R3503119
Hiboy S23503019
Hiboy Max3503019
GoTrax G43503220
Eskuta KS-3503502516
AovoPro S3 EW43502516
AovoPro ESMax3503220
AovoPro 365 Go3503220
Aovo Pro M365 ES803503220
HiMo H11803001811
Ninebot E25/E25A3002817
Ninebot E22/E22E3002012
FFR City Rider3002918
Voyager Proton2502516
Swagtron Swagger v1 (Pro)2502516
Swagtron Swagger Pro 32502516
Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite2503019
Razor T252502516
Razor E3002502415
Razor C35 SLA2502415
Razor C25 SLA25024.115
Razor C252502918
Ninebot Kickscooter Air T152502012
Ninebot ES1LD2502012
Kugoo Kirin S22502516
Inokim Mini 22502516
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter2502516
GoTrax Apex2502516
AovoPro ESMini2502516
Kugoo Kirin S2 Mini1502516
Bird One3628.918
Fighter Supreme800099.762
Bluetran Lightning50407547
Teverun Fighter 11+500083.652
Rovoron Kullter Luxury40007245
Dualtron Victor Luxury +40008050
Arvala M11320086.954
VSETT 11+30008050
Segway GT130006037
VSETT 10+28008050
Hiboy Titan Pro240051.532
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT22007043
Varla Eagle One V2200064.340
Nami Klima200067.5942
Gotrax GX3200061.938
Apollo Ghost200054.734
Futecher Gun Pro17604930
Gotrax GX2160056.335
Speedway Leger Pro14504930
VSETT 9R13003220
VSETT 9+130051.532
Gotrax GX1120048.230
Razor Ecosmart Cargo100012.368
Kugoo M510005534
Emove RoadRunner8505534
Hiboy Titan8004025
Segway P100S65048.2830
Hiboy Max Pro6503522
VSETT 8+60041.826
VSETT 86004226
Turbowheel Swift5004025
Inmotion L95004025
Hiboy S2 Max50030.619
Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium5002516
Gotrax G65003220
Gotrax G550032.120
Bezior S500 Max5002516
Razor C4545012.368
Hover 1 Alpha Pro4502918
Hover 1 Alpha4502918
Hiboy ECOM 144503522
Apollo Explore4504930
Volpam SP0635030.5819
Varla Wasp35025.716
TurboAnt M103503220
Razor Vector3502918
Razor EcoSmart SUP3502516
Razor EcoSmart Metro HD3502516
Okai ES5003502516
Ninebot F403503019
Kugoo S3 Pro3503019
Inokim Light 2 Super35033.821
Inokim Light 2 Max3503522
Inokim Light 2 Hero35033.821
Hover 1 Blackhawk3502918
Himo L23502516
Hiboy S2 Pro3503019
Hiboy Nex535030.519
Hiboy Max 33503019
Hiboy KS4 Advanced35030.619
GoTrax XR Elite Max3502516
GoTrax GMax Ultra3503220
GoTrax GMax3503220
Razor Icon30028.918
Ninebot F303002516
Ninebot F253002516
GoTrax G3 Plus3002516
GoTrax G33002516
Gotrax G Pro 3 Wheel3002415
Xiaomi 1S2502516
Razor E Prime 325024.115
InMotion L8F2503019
Hiboy S2 Lite25020.913
GoTrax Rival2502516
Razor RX200 Jeep20019.312
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