Dualtron Storm Limited Review [The Longest Range Scooter In The World]

Dualtron Storm Limited Review

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Quick summary: The Dualtron Storm Limited is currently the longest-range electric scooter in the world, with a range of 137 mi / 220 km on a single charge. It is also insanely powerful, fast, and comes with the top quality that most Dualtron models have.

Dualtron Storm Limited Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 112 kmh 70 mph
  • Range: 220 km 137 mph
  • Motors: dual hub BLDC
  • Power: 11500 W
  • Climb angle: 37 °
  • Battery: 3780 Wh, 84 V
  • Charging time: 11 h
  • Weight: 50 kg 110 lbs
  • Weight limit: 150 kg 330 lbs
  • Tire size: 12 in
  • Tire type: pneumatic tubeless
  • Foldable: yes
  • Foldable handlebars: yes
  • Build material: Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, UltralightCarbon Fibre, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene
  • Terrains: all terrains
  • Brakes: Nutt Hydraulic brake+160mm disc
  • ABS: ABS
  • Shock absorbers: 45-step adjustable, new rubber suspension, 9 step variable suspension system + 5 kinds of rubber cartridge, replaceable design
  • Lights: headlights + brake lights + deck lights + turn signals
  • Control: EY3 LCD
  • Cruise control: yes
  • Keys: fingerprint optional
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Return period: 30 days
  • Folded dimensions (L * W * H): 121 * 32.3 * 60.5 cm 47.64 * 12.72 * 23.82 in
  • Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H): 121 * 61 * 130 cm 47.64 * 24.02 * 51.18 in
  • Adjustable handlebar: yes

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked #1 in price range $4000 – $4500
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • longest range in the world
  • excellent performance
  • top quality
  • feature-complete
  • amazing breaks
  • great suspension


  • low portability
  • expensive

When to buy

If you’re after the most range you can get, definitely get the Dualtron Storm Limited. Also, it’s generally a great option if you’re looking for a top-performing scooter, although range is where this model shines.

When not to buy

This is not a good scooter for beginners, as it’s too heavy and too powerful.

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In this thorough Dualtron Storm Limited review, we will discuss every aspect of this amazing scooter, which is the longest range scooter in the world right now. We will go through all of its advantages and flaws based on the results from the tests I performed on it and see if it’s the ideal choice for you.

A closeup of a person riding the Dualtron Storm LTD

Should you buy the Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter?

You should buy this Dualtron model if you’re an experienced rider that is comfortable with high-performance electric scooters. If you’re an adrenaline addict and your needs match what the Dualtron Storm Limited has to offer, this scooter will be your ultimate choice.

Also, if your daily activities include long rides, you’ll find the Dualtron Storm Limited perfect for you because it offers long range and ludicrous top speed. But more importantly, it provides a stable and comfortable ride at high speeds on various terrains thanks to the excellent braking and suspension systems, steering dampener, and tires.


I recommend buying the Dualtron Storm Limited from Voromotors for the following 4 reasons:

  • Voromotors is one of the leading American and international e-scooter brands.
  • They provide free and fast shipping for all their U.S. orders.
  • They offer the option to extend the protection period of your scooter.
  • They offer customers in the U.S. the option to split their payment into equal payments over 3 to 18 months through Affirm, Klarna, and Shoppay.
  • They offer you the chance to see and test-ride your scooter before buying it. You can schedule a test ride on their test ride page.

Voromotors have three stores – one in LA, the other in NYC, and the third in Hawaii. You can purchase the Dualtron Storm Limited from one of their stores or order it directly from their website.

Price and value for money

The Dualtron Storm Limited costs $4,195.

Yes, it’s a bit pricey. But in my opinion, considering its top performance, excellent build quality, and all the features it comes with, this e-scooter is worth every penny.


As mentioned above, Voromotors offers quick and free shipping for products purchased within the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Orders to the U.S. are delivered within 2 to 4 business days, whereas products to Canada and Hawaii are delivered within 3 to 6 business days. Shipping to Europe and other parts of the world has a delivery time of 10 to 15 business days.

Voromotors also provides free shipping for orders above $3000 for customers from Canada and from the rest of the world.

So, you’ll get free shipping everywhere.

Check out the Voromotors shipping policy for more information.

Customer support

The Voromotors team provides great customer and post-sale service.

You can contact them via chat, phone, and email through their contact page for any questions that you might have.


The Dualtron Storm Limited comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers the repair or replacement of a faulty motor, battery, LCD display, and controller.

Voromotors warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear, improper repair, unauthorized modifications, water damage, cosmetic damages, as well as any type of damage resulting from aging, accidents, misuse, or neglect of the scooter.

Voromotors also offers you the option to get a free one-year product protection from Extend, which covers damage caused to the scooter during the first 30 days of owning it.

See the Voromotors warranty policy and extend warranty for more information.

Return and refund policy

If you wish to return your Dualtron Storm Limited and it’s still unopened, you can return it within 10 business days of delivery. On the other hand, if you’ve already ridden your scooter, you can return it within 30 business days of receiving it as long as it has less than 10 miles of usage.

Keep in mind that you’re required to return the scooter in the same packaging you’ve received it in, and it must not be damaged.


A closeup of a guy getting ready to ride the Dualtron Storm Limited

The Dualtron Storm Limited is a high-powered electric scooter, and its impressive performance sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Besides the dual 5750W hub motors, this model also comes with the biggest, 84V 45 Ah LG, battery, which offers an estimated exceptional range of up to 58 mi/93 km.

The Dualtron Storm Limited is also packed with great features, such as dual Nutt hydraulic brakes, durable 11” x 3.5” tubeless tires, an EY3 display, and dual charging ports, to name just a few. Thanks to its high-grade build quality and performance, this model offers an incredibly fast, fun, and comfortable ride.


The Dualtron Storm Limited comes packaged in a cardboard box, which includes:

  • A branded steering damper
  • A 4A charger
  • An extra small charging port
  • A remote for the swag lights
  • An accessories bar
  • A toolkit
  • A user manual


This Dualtron model already comes pretty much assembled. So, all you need to do is take it out of the box, lift up the stem carefully and lock it into place. Then, lift the handlebars and latch them into place. You’ll just need to install the steering damper.

Tip: If you notice the stem is a little bit wiggly at the bottom, just tighten the clamps, and you shouldn’t feel any wiggles anymore.

Build Quality

Just like the original Storm, the Dualtron Storm Limited boasts excellent build quality with some extra features, such as the EY3 LCD display, fingerprint scanner, upgraded grip ends, which don’t move around when you’re riding, dual charging ports, and removable rims.

Unlike the original Storm, this model comes with 3 bolts at the base of the stem, which is why you can no longer hear the familiar Dualtron squeak.

This model also comes with a very roomy rubber deck and an accessory bar, which you can install on the front of your scooter and hang additional lights or any other accessories you might need on it.

Another accessory the Dualtron Storm Limited comes with is the steering dampener, which truly smooths out the ride.

Known issues and problems

A closeup of the footrest of the Dualtron Storm Limited

As is the case with other high-performance e-scooters, this powerhouse has its own flaws as well.

One commonly reported issue is the short stem and the standard Dualtron squeak. I know this can be annoying for many of you, but fortunately, it’s an easy fix. You can make the stem taller by using a bar riser.

As for the squeaky sounds, as I said, this Dualtron model comes with 3 bolts at the base of the stem, which is supposed to eliminate that issue. However, if, say, after 100 miles ridden, you do hear the stem squeaking, you can just loosen the bolts a bit, apply some grease, and tighten them up again.

The rear footrest is another thing some owners seem to be bothered by. The footrest is comfortable enough considering its size and the grip tape it’s covered with, but it does require some getting used to. The thing is that when you hit the throttle hard, push on the footrest with your foot, or just hit a bump, it moves. But like I said, most owners don’t mind it and adjust to it quickly.

One more not that often reported issue is the controller. A few owners have reported that the controller tends to get faulty, i.e., burn out due to the cover screws entering it and causing shorts. But, like I said, this is a rarely reported issue.

Everyday use

The Dualtron Storm Limited is intended for experienced riders and thrill-seekers that know how to handle high-powered and high-performance e-scooters.

It offers a fast, smooth, and comfortable ride on urban and off-road terrains thanks to its excellent suspension system. However, riding it safely does require you to have a certain level of self-control, especially when riding aggressively or on bumpy tracks.

Also, thanks to the big battery, long range, LED lighting package, swag lights, strong braking and suspension systems, and steering dampener this scooter comes with, it grants you exhilarating and reliable rides anytime.


Let’s see how this model performs.

Motor, power, and climbing

The Dualtron Storm Limited comes with two wide 5750W hub motors, which combined give 11500W of peak power.

This model is estimated to be able to climb 37-degree inclines. And it can, but it does so a bit slower than other e-scooters in its price range.

Batteries and range

The Dualtron Storm Limited boasts a big 84V 45 Ah LG battery. Unlike the battery on the original Storm, this one isn’t removable, which isn’t surprising at all, considering its weight and size.

This battery offers 58 mi / 93 km of range, which makes the scooter a great choice for those who need to travel long distances daily.

Speed and acceleration

A closeup of the steering dampener of the Dualtron Storm Limited

The Dualtron Storm Limited can reach a top speed of 68 mph/ 109 kmh.

Insane, right?

But this is not where all the madness ends. This e-scooter also comes with an excellent steering dampener, which is great at straightening out the wobbles and making the scooter feel extremely stable when riding at high speeds.

As for the acceleration of this two-wheeler, I can say it’s pretty addictive. Besides, you can double-tap the throttle when accelerating for an additional 15A boost.

Now, apparently, some owners have been having trouble hitting the top speed. In fact, some claim they’re only hitting 50 to 60 mph at the maximum.

Well, this is where the double-click throttle comes in handy. To reach the fastest speed, you need to double-tap the throttle at the right time so as to gain 10 seconds of acceleration at the right speed.


The Dualtron Storm Limited comes with a 4A charger, and charging it from empty to full takes around 11 hours. But, considering it has dual and well-protected charging ports, you can reduce that time to about 5 to 6 hours.

Weight limit

This model comes with a maximum load of 330 lbs / 150 kg, which makes it great for heavier riders.


Let’s check out the fantastic features of this model.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

This Dualtron model weighs 111 lbs / 50kg, and, if you ask me, I thought it’d weigh more than that, considering its massive battery. The scooter has the following dimensions:

  • Folded: 47.6″ x 12.7″ x 23.8″ / 121 cm x 32 cm x 60 cm
  • Unfolded: 48″ x 24″ x 50″ / 122 cm x 61 cm x 127 cm

Although the handlebars and the scooter itself are foldable, this model isn’t very portable. This thing is huge and heavyweight. So, unless you own an SUV, don’t expect to fit this scooter into the trunk of your car.

Cockpit and controls

A closeup of the cockpit of the Dualtron Storm Limited

The cockpit features the following controls:

  • An EY3 display
  • A finger throttle
  • Brake levers
  • A fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock your scooter without using an NFC key. ( Setting it is very easy, and you can add up to four different fingers.)
  • A metal control panel, which includes the master switch for all the lights, as well as the buttons for the right/left turn signal, eco/turbo mode, hazard lights, and horn.

Brakes and suspension

A closeup of the nut brakes of the Dualtron Storm Limited

Bringing the Dualtron Storm Limited to a stop is easy thanks to the Nutt hydraulic brakes in the front and rear part of the scooter. Unlike zoom brakes, these brakes allow you to set the throttle closer to the brake, which makes handling the scooter easier.

Besides the responsive braking system, this model also comes with a great rubber cartridge suspension system. In my tests, I noticed that the suspension tends to feel a bit stiff when riding over potholes and speed bumps, but the ride was still enjoyable and comfortable.

I must note here that the excellent braking and suspension systems of this scooter make it feel comfortable on uneven roads, even when riding at high speeds, and easy to control when braking hard.

Double-click throttle

Some owners like the double-click throttle, and others don’t.

Personally, I love it since when you touch it, it feels like it’s directly connected to the dual motors. So, no matter how stable the Dualtron Limited feels, I advise you never to touch the throttle unless you have both hands on the handlebars firmly.

Also, be careful with it when turning at corners.


The Dualtron Storm Limited comes with 11-inch tubeless, flat-resistant tires, and there’s a self-sealing coating inside of them.

Another cool feature I like about this model is that it comes fitted with removable rims, which allows you to switch between road and dirt tires without even detaching the tires from the rims.

Considering the impressive power output of this scooter, if you decide to install PMT road tires right at the onset, this won’t be surprising.


A closeup of a guy riding the Dualtron Storm Limited

I’m speechless when it comes to the size of the deck of this Dualtron model. I can say it has the longest deck, as it’s 23.5” long and 12.5” wide. This gives you a lot of room to move around and enjoy a comfortable ride when traveling long distances.

And that’s not all. The deck has an 8” clearance off the ground, which means a lot when riding off-road or simply jumping off curbs, as it prevents your scooter from bottoming out.

Lights and night use

The Dualtron Storm Limited surprises me in many aspects, including the lighting. The scooter is well-lit up and easy to see at night, and this is no wonder, considering the following:

This scooter is fitted with two bright headlights and two tail lights on each side of the deck, as well as five LED lights on the rear footrest, which are used as turn and brake signals.

And, here’s something all swag lovers will adore: this model comes with swag lights along the stem and deck that illuminate the logo.


This isn’t a waterproof scooter, and it’s recommended that you avoid riding it during heavy rain or snow.

How does the Dualtron Storm Limited compare against other popular e-scooters?

The Dualtron Storm Limited is usually compared to the Dualtron Thunder 2 and Dualtron Storm. So, let’s see how they differ.

Dualtron Storm Limited vs Dualtron Thunder 2

Both are powerful electric scooters, but in my opinion, the Dualtron Storm Limited wins in all aspects, except for the price, as it costs $100 more than the Dualtron Thunder 2.

Also, the Dualtron Storm Limited comes with a higher top speed, longer range, and more powerful battery, and it supports bigger rider weight. The Dualtron Thunder 2 also takes longer to charge fully, and it doesn’t come with headlights compared to the Dualtron Storm Limited.

Dualtron Storm Limited vs Dualtron Storm

Again, the Dualtron Storm Limited is pricier than the original Storm but also better as far as performance is concerned.

For example, the Dualtron Storm Limited can reach a higher top speed and cover longer range than the Dualtron Storm. It also comes with a more powerful battery and better peak power, and it takes 10 hours less to charge fully than its predecessor.

Anyway, if you find the original Storm to be a better fit for you and your needs, you might want to check my Dualtron Storm review.

Who should not buy the Dualtron Storm Limited e-scooter?

Being a ludicrously fast and powerful e-scooter, it might not be suitable for novice riders or those who don’t really like fast rides.

Also, I’d also add that considering this scooter’s weight and size, it may not be suited for regular commuters. So, if you’re looking for a lighter and portable scooter, the Dualtron Storm Limited may not be your ideal choice.

And, of course, if you’re anything like me, you’re a budget-conscious buyer, so you might want to look for other budget-friendlier scooters out there. Or you can at least measure the price tag of this model against its features and performance and, judging by the results, see if it’s the perfect choice for you.

Who should buy the Dualtron Storm Limited e-scooter?

Any rider who appreciates well-built and top-tier performance electric scooters will find this model to be ideal for them.
The top speed and peak power this model comes with, as well as its excellent braking and suspension systems make it a standout choice in the modern scooter market.

Also, those who demand comfort and reliability when off-riding will also love the Dualtron Storm Limited, as that is exactly what it can offer, even at high speeds.

Those who appreciate innovative features, such as a fingerprint scanner and swag lights, will find this model to be their best choice.

And, of course, if you’re after the most range an electric scooter can provide, go with the Dualtron Storm Limited, as it is THE longest range electric scooter in the world right now.

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