Dualtron Storm Review [My Favorite Advanced Scooter]

Dualtron Storm Review

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Quick summary: The Dualtron Storm is one of the most powerful scooters in the Dualtron series. With a 1500 W motor mounted in each wheel for a combined real power of 3000 W and peak power of 6640 W, and a 72V 31.5 Ah LG removable battery, it provides a top speed of 55 mph / 80.5 kmh, a range of 80 mi / 129 km, and high climb angles of up to 35°.

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  • Top-notch quality
  • Elite performance and speed
  • Great range
  • Great for climbing
  • Amazing for heavy riders
  • Great for advanced riders


  • Quite expensive
  • Not suited for beginners
  • Headlights may not be too bright
  • No official water resistance rating

When to buy

Consider buying the Dualtron Storm if you’re an experienced rider seeking an exceptionally powerful and premium scooter with top-tier quality, high speed, impressive range, and cutting-edge features.

When not to buy

Avoid purchasing the Dualtron Storm if you are a novice or casual rider, as it is designed for experienced users who can handle its high speed and power.

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In this complete review of the Dualtron Storm based on my experience with it, we’ll see why this newer Dualtron model quickly became one of the most popular power/advanced scooters in the world.


Dualtron Storm Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed95 kmh
Top speed59 mph
Range128.7 km
Range80 mi
Motorsdual hub BLDC
Power3000 W real, 6640 W peak
Climb angle35 °
Battery2268 Wh, 72 V
Battery typeremovable LG 3500
Charging time21 h
Weight46.2 kg
Weight102 lbs
Weight limit150 kg
Weight limit330 lbs
Tire size11 in
Tire typepneumatic tubeless
Build materialaviation grade aluminum alloy + steel + plastic
Terrainsall terrains
Brakes160 mm hydraulic brakes
Shock absorbersfront + rear arm
Lightsstem lighting, dual LED headlight and taillight, brake light, turn signals
ControlEY3 LCD
Cruise controlyes
Keysfingerprint optional
Warranty1 year
Return period30 days
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)121 cm * 31.8 cm * 60.5 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 13 in * 24 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)121 cm * 60 cm * 130 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)48 in * 24 in * 51 in
Adjustable handlebaryes


This is the 101 of the Dualtron Storm.


Dualtron Storm unboxing

The Dualtron Storm arrived in a big box that is neatly packed with lots of Styrofoam for great protection.

The box included:

  • scooter
  • LED controller
  • charger
  • multitool
  • owner’s manual


The scooter arrived almost completely assembled, with the exception of a few minor handlebars arrangements. The bars were folded, so you will have to lift them up and tighten them, and you’ll also need to screw in the handles and the display up top.

That’s it. After you complete those two minor steps, and make sure that the battery is fully charged, the tires are inflated, and the brakes are functional, the scooter is ready to go.

Folding and unfolding

The Storm, like any Dualtron scooter, is fully foldable. You can fold both the stem and the handlebars, with the sturdy Dualtron folding mechanism that uses two clamps on the bottom of the stem.


The Dualtron Storm is a mean machine in the truest sense of the word. This is what one of the most powerful electric scooters in the world is capable of.

Speed and speed tests

Dualtron Storm ride test

The official top speed of the Dualtrom Storm is 55 mph / 80.5 kmh.

It’s worthy to note that some users have managed to go even higher than the speed limit, so it’s fair to assume Dualtrom have made some underreporting on their part.

If you’re a part of the speed enthusiasts group, check out my list for fastest electric scooters.

I’m usually not prepared to test the top speed limits of these scooters, and I managed to reach around 41 mph / 67 kmh, although I gotta say the scooter felt very safe and secure even at those speeds.

This is pretty much a racing type of scooter. It has an acceleration of 0-30 mph in just 4.5 seconds.


The astonishing performance of the Dualtron Storm is thanks to the dual motors integrated into each wheel. Together, they have 3000 Watts or real power, and 6640 Watts peak power.

Both of the motors are brushless direct current motors.

Range and range tests

The Dualtron Storm has an official range of 80 miles / 129 km with a single battery, going up to 160 miles / 258 km with two of them.

I’ve managed to get around 70 mi / 113 km with the single-battery version, starting with a fully charged battery and almost draining it completely over the course of a few rides.

I rarely rode faster than 31 mph / 50 kmh.

This makes the Dualtron Storm one of the best long-range scooters in the game right now.

Battery and charging

Dualtron Storm charging port

The LG 3500 removable battery, with a 2268 Wh and 31.5 Ah capacity, and a voltage of 72 V, is one of the strongest features of this scooter.

It can be easily detached from the body of the scooter with almost no effort. This gives you the option to buy additional batteries and use two of them, which brings one great benefit – you can use one while the other is charging, saving a lot of time, or simply extend the range of the scooter if you plan a longer trip.

The charging time is also pretty low, mainly because of the dual charging port. The two ports halve the usual charging time of 21 hours down to 10 hours with 2 standard chargers, or 4.8 hours with the quick ones.

Climbing angle and climbing tests

The official climbing angle of the Dualtron Storm is 35 degrees. This makes it one of the best climbing scooters currently.

The steepest hill I tested this scooter on was about 25 degrees, and the Storm ate it for breakfast.

Water resistance

Dualtron guarantee that the Storm model is water-resistant and its electronic parts probably won’t be damaged if it comes in contact with water. This is especially important for wet days if you live somewhere where it often rains.

Placing the charging port on the top of the deck further helps with the water resistance of the scooter, as any splashing water won’t get inside and damage the electronics.

This is somewhat different than what’s typically found in other scooter models, where the charging ports are typically mounted on the side of the deck.

I only rode this scooter on a rainy day once, and I didn’t have any issues.

Ride experience

The Dualtron Storm is a premium, power scooter made to handle high speeds.

It had the sturdiness, suspension, and deck placement that provided stable rides, even on the occasional rough terrain.

This is a truly fun and potent scooter, and I enjoyed every minute of testing it.

Riding it will likely give you the best experience you can get from an electric scooter. It is very stable, secure, and with its powerful acceleration, it will surely give you a big adrenaline rush.

The great power this scooter has is used for much more than reaching high speeds.

The scooter effortlessly handled many hard terrains and offroad tracks. The tires had a great grip, and the very strong motor easily dealt with various dirt paths.

Aside from the motor power, Dualtrom Storm has its deck very high from the ground, which further allowed it to handle any rougher or uneven terrains and bumps that you will encounter on offroad rides.

However, it is definitely not made primarily as an offroad scooter and it will not be able to handle any rocky or mountainous terrains.

So if you’re looking for that kind of scooter, check out my list for best off-road electric scooters.

Dualtron Storm vs other electric scooters

The Dualtron Storm is almost in a league of its own, and it’s no wonder it’s almost always compared only against other Dualtron scooters.

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Storm may be considered the next-gen upgrade of the Thunder model.

Both are similar in size, have the same tires and the same brakes, but on almost every other level the Storm is simply superior. It has better suspension, higher off-ground clearance, and significantly more powerful motors and battery, while also offering to option to use two batteries at the same time, meaning potentially much greater travel distance.

The kickstand is an upgrade as well. Dualtron designed a much bigger, sturdier, and more stable kickstand for the Storm, something users have wanted from the other models for quite a long time.

Aside from their specifications, the Storm definitely has a better, more modern, futuristic look thanks to the RGB LED lights mounted on all sides of the scooter. Naturally, this all comes at a nice price difference as well, as the Thunder is about $800 cheaper than the Storm model.

Check out my full review of the Dualtron Thunder if you want to find out more about it.

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Ultra 2

Dualtron Storm vs Dualtron Ultra 2

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is a kind of an off-road alternative to the Storm model.

These scooters have several differences. Probably most notable here would be the price, with the Ultra 2 being around $1500 cheaper than the Storm. The lower price, however, brings several downsides to some of the parts and components, such as the motor power, the battery capacity, the top speed, and even the max load.

However, the Ultra 2 comes with much better tires for off-road adventures on rough terrains. Additionally, Dualtron have provided special heat sinks that cool the motor on the Ultra 2 model, helping it keep a reliable temperature when challenged by rides on difficult grounds.

The Storm will easily survive the occasional dirt ride, but it’s still primarily an urban scooter. The choice between the two will largely depend on what you want from your scooter. If you only plan to use it within city limits or on asphalt roads and streets, and don’t plan on testing it up in the mountains, then the Dualtron Storm is definitely the way to go. Otherwise, take a look at my review of the Dualtron Ultra 2.

Dualtron Storm vs Nami Burn E-2

Dualtron Storm vs Nami Burn E-2

When it comes to how far they can go on one charge, the Storm is the winner because it has a big battery that can take you up to 70 miles. The Burn E-2 is good too, with a smaller battery that gives you about 45 miles.

Both scooters have great suspension and brakes, but the Storm’s brakes are a bit better. The Burn E-2 has regenerative braking, which helps charge the battery while you ride.

The best scooter for you depends on what you want. If you want the fastest and most powerful one, go for the Dualtron Storm. But if you want a versatile and fun scooter, the Nami Burn E-2 is a good choice.

Build quality

Dualtron Storm build quality

This is quite possibly the sturdiest, most safely built, big power scooter I’ve ever reviewed. Dualtron is known for making those types of scooters that can smash any competitor, but the Storm offers a much higher quality design than most of the previous models.

The frame and handles are made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, while the shaft of the scooter is made from steel with plastic covers. Dualtron also took care of the kickstand, designing it immensely larger to offer great stability while the scooter is stationary.

The first thing you notice on the Dualtrom Storm is its futuristic look. It has very sharp, bold edges which are adorned with multiple LED lights and modern-looking aesthetics.

It has a big, shining deck, giving off a feeling like you are riding some modernistic hoverboard instead of an electric scooter. Its design is very pleasant to look at and definitely passes our eye test.


As with any premium scooter, the Dualtron Storm lacks no features, and we can easily describe it as the complete package.


Dualtron Storm tire and wheel

The Dualtron Storm comes with wide tubeless pneumatic tires, 11 inches in diameter. These tires are a key component for a powerful speeding machine like this one.

The same tires have been used in other similar models of the Dualtron brand, and have had great feedback from the users.

It seems like they’ve stuck with them as they were definitely able to support the scooter at the high speeds.


Dualtron Storm brakes

The Storm comes with 160 mm fully hydraulic discs, and they were one of my favorite features of this scooter.

This is one of the best braking systems on the market, it gave the scooter excellent stability and added to its secure build.

It comes with an anti-lock Brake System (ABS) that reduces tire skidding and locking up during braking, a feature often overlooked that many high-speed riders love.

This feature can be deactivated through the P-settings if it doesn’t fit your personal riding style.


Dualtron Storm suspension

As with most scooters from the Dualtron brand, the Storm has great, high-quality suspension which comes with 5 different adjustable types. You can set it to anything from very soft to very hard, depending on your personal preferences.

Unlike other models, it has noticeably chunky suspension arms, different from other Dualtron scooters.

On the plus side, they are nicely equipped with great-looking RGB lights, adding up to the futuristic looks of the scooter.


Dualtron Storm lights

The Dualtron Storm has a pretty good lighting system, although not a perfect one.

It comes with strong dual LED headlights and taillights, and brake light as well, which are all pretty standard, but the scooter also comes with turn signals, which are not that common yet.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the headlights were a bit stronger, but they still did the job for night rides.

Additionally, RGB lights are added on the suspension arms, on each side of the deck, on the stem bar, and they project the logo of the brand on the ground while the scooter is stationary. All of that can be changed, like on most other Dualtron scooters, but also controlled through the switch box on the handlebars.

Deck and handlebars

Dualtron Storm deck

The Storm comes with the standard Dualtron foldable handlebars. These are pretty much the gold standard of the industry, with natural positions for all of the controls and a great feeling while riding.

However, this model comes with one novelty here – the multi-switch.

This aluminum-made small box is placed on the left handlebar and controls the RGB LED lights of the scooter, and it also holds the buttons for the horn, the hazard lights, the indicator lights, and the eco-mode enabler. It’s actually quite a clever design hack to have all the important side-controls available to you at any moment.

The deck was really wide and sturdy, completely covered with a gripped surface to prevent slipping.

In my opinion, it’s a great-looking deck, comfortable for both feet, and is neatly designed to pack many RGB lights on it to make the scooter look sleek and modern.

Portability, weight, dimensions

Well, all the cool new features come with a somewhat great sacrifice. The Dualtron Storm is one of the heaviest scooters on the market right now, weighing in at 102 lbs / 46.2 kg. This means most of the people will not be able to carry it around easily, and definitely not carry it over a longer distance.

Its length also comes at about 47.8 in / 121 cm, making it too big to fit into most small to medium car trunks.

Personally, I sometimes struggled quite a lot at times by having to put it in the elevator of the building where I was staying at the time.

All in all, the Storm is definitely not a portable scooter.

Weight limit and use by heavy adults

The official weight limit of the Dualtron Storm is 330 lbs / 150 kg.

Since this is definitely one of the most powerful scooters around, with a sturdy, thick deck and stable suspension, it can easily hold this weight with no problem, and almost certainly a lot more in fact.


Dualtron Storm controller

The Storm comes with the standard EY3 Minimotors LCD Display, placed on the right handlebar. The display shows:

  • current speed
  • current battery level
  • mode
  • voltage
  • distance traveled
  • time traveled

On the left side, there is an additional control box, or the switch box. It has 5 buttons in total, the clicking ones that control all the lights, the eco-mode toggle, and one left-right switching button which controls the turning signals.

It also comes with a remote that controls the color of the RGB LED lights mounted in the deck and the stem.

Accessories and customizations

The Dualtron Storm is very well suited for riding right out of the box. However, there might be some additional accessories and upgrades you will want to additionally get for the complete experience.

First of all, since this is a very fast scooter, riding without a helmet would be insanity, so make sure to check out my guide on the best electric scooter helmets, and get a full-face helmet if you can, as anything less than that might be riskier.

The most important upgrade is a second battery. The removable battery feature offers a lot of possibilities and is a huge improvement over other, older models, but it’s almost worthless if you only use the one battery you get with the scooter.

Another gadget you need to definitely check out is the fingerprint lock. The Dualtron Storm is one of the most expensive scooters ever, and if you invest in such a vehicle, you definitely want it to be as safe and secure as possible. A strong scooter lock is still a must-have, but the fingerprint lock will make sure that the security of your scooter is rock-solid.

To see all of the possible options you can customize electric scooters with generic parts and upgrades, see my guide on electric scooter accessories.

Problems and tradeoffs

LED lights on the deck of the Dualtron Storm

I was really trying to find any major issues with this scooter, but I simply wasn’t able to find many.

Although the scooter is fairly new to the market, there aren’t any serious problems with it so far. I was simply in awe of its quality and performance.

Of course, thanks to its weight, this scooter is not really portable, but that’s a tradeoff and not a downside.

So, if you’re a commuter who’d need to transport the scooter easily, it may not be the ideal choice for you. You can check out some other scooters from my list for most portable and lightweight scooters.

One minor issue I found was with the headlights, which weren’t too bright for night rides. Now while this might seem like a big thing, it’s largely up to the environment you ride in and how bright the street is. If it becomes a serious problem you can easily solve it after-market, by upgrading to brighter LED lights.

Also, the scooter has no official IP rating. Personally, the scooter looks like it could handle some light rain, but I still recommend avoiding riding it during wet days. If you live in a rainy area, check out my list of the best waterproof electric scooters.

You should keep in mind that this isn’t a scooter for everybody. It’s a premium, expensive scooter that definitely warrants an experienced driver on it, and the very high price point may in fact be its biggest disadvantage.


Dualtron Storm electric scooter

When it comes to the Dualtron Storm, one thing is for sure – this scooter is definitely not your everyman’s scooter!

The Dualtron Storm is a scooter made for experienced riders. It’s fast, powerful, and truly fun, but warrants a competent driver that will use it properly at high speeds.

This is one of the most powerful, best-looking, futuristic scooters ever made. It costs a lot, but offers anything we can imagine a scooter can offer.

It is easily one of the fastest, sturdiest scooters that can drive, climb and handle all kinds of terrain at all types of speed. It will definitely satisfy those who are tired of constantly charging their vehicle as well. The Storm has the capacity to go up to 80 mi / 129 km on just a single battery, and with the removable battery as an upgrade, the range is effectively double that.

The price of the scooter is definitely on the premium side. In fact, this is one of the most expensive electric scooters currently available.

I recommend this scooter if you want an extremely powerful scooter that has it all – top-tier quality, insane top speed, amazing range, excellent on challenging grounds, and cutting-edge features like a high-capacity removable battery and a multi-switch. If you want one of the truly best electric scooters available in the world right now, and you can afford a product like this, then you will probably want to consider the Dualtron Storm.

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