Electric Scooter Insurance (Do Electric Scooters Need Insurance + Best Insurance Companies For Scooters)

Electric scooter insurance is not exactly a simple matter. Still, even though electric scooters are a fairly new mode of transport, some insurance companies have managed to provide range of options.

The rules and practices differ based on the country and the insurance companies operating there.

electric scooter insurance

What does electric scooter insurance cover?

Electric scooter insurance can mean coverage for any of the following:

  • your personal injuries and related expenses, such as medical costs;
  • injuries to others, including medical and potential legal expenses;
  • damage to your electric scooter
  • theft of your electric scooter
  • damage to others’ property in accidents involving you and your electric scooter.

Most major insurance companies might not offer a dedicated package for electric scooters, but it’s likely you can secure coverage under motorcycle or regular scooter insurance.

Do you need insurance to use an electric scooter?

Electric scooter insurance in the US is a legal necessity only in the state Illinois, and in Texas for motors exceeding 750 Watts. In Europe, only Germany requires electric scooter insurance. In other major countries, you can operate your electric scooter without insurance.

You can check out my electric scooter laws guide for more information about electric scooter rules and regulations.

Can you get electric scooter insurance?

Electric scooter insurance is widely available in most countries and is often a financially viable choice. Coverage for damage or theft is widely accessible, but personal insurance for riding accidents can be more complex, contingent on the location.

Electric scooter insurance companies

These are policies for electric scooters from major insurance companies. I reached out to all of them, but only a few responded, providing definitive answers. Much of the information is sourced from their websites, and it’s important to note that, in many cases, the details were provided for motorcycles, mopeds, or regular gasoline scooters instead of electric ones, leading to potential discrepancies.

The rows with the * symbol next to the company’s name are smaller companies that specialize in electric scooter insurance, and often they will be the best option for insuring your electric scooter.

Insurance companyCountryScooter damageScooter theft or vandalismOther people’s property damageBodily injuryOther people’s injuries
AllstateUSAscooter insurancescooter insurance or home insurancescooter insurance or umbrella policyscooter insurancescooter insurance or umbrella policy
NationwideUSAscooter insurancescooter insurance or home insurancescooter insurance or liability coveragescooter insurancescooter insurance
State FarmUSAumbrella policyumbrella policy
FarmersUSAcollision coveragecomprehensive coverageliability coverageliability coverage
American FamilyUSA/////
ProgressiveUSAcollision coveragecomprehensive coverageproperty damage liabilitybodily injury coverage
AmicaUSAavailableliability coverageavailable
GeicoUSAcollision coveragecomprehensive coverageproperty damage coveragepersonal injury coveragebodily injury liability coverage
Voom *USApopular or extendedavailableavailableavailable
The PersonalCanada/////
Allianz (partnered with Lime)UK, EUavailableavailableavailable
Direct LineUK/////
HastingsUKcomprehensivetheftthird partycomprehensivethird party, comprehensive
Cycleplan *UKe-scooter insurancee-scooter insurancee-scooter insurancee-scooter insurancee-scooter insurance
Laka *UKbicycle insurancebicycle insurancebicycle insurancehealth insurance
Zego *EUpersonal usetheftthird partypersonal usethird party
Munich ReGermany/////
ElviaSwitzerlandhousehold insuranceprivate liabilityprivate liability
Luko *Francecollision damagetheftpersonal accidentpublic liability
Assicurazioni GeneraliItaly/////
ClevereaSpainE-Scooter InsuranceE-Scooter InsuranceE-Scooter InsuranceE-Scooter InsuranceE-Scooter Insurance
AG InsuranceBelgium/////
YouiAustraliacomprehensivetheftthird party
Budget DirectAustraliacomprehensivetheftthird party
AA InsuranceNew Zealandavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable

Insurance companies that specialize in electric scooter insurance

Companies like Voom in the US, Cycleplan and Laka in the UK, Zego in the EU, and Luko in France are smaller, specialized insurers for electric scooters.

They might be your top choice for coverage, offering tailored packages not provided by larger insurers.

Does regular insurance cover electric scooters?

Coverage for electric scooters varies among insurance packages and companies.

Typically, regular insurance and even vehicle insurance rarely include electric scooters, as they often exclude two-wheeled vehicles.

What kind of insurance do you need for an electric scooter?

The type of insurance you get for your electric scooter depends on what you want to cover.

  • Liability insurance – essential for electric scooter riders, it protects against damages claims. Ensure coverage of at least $15,000 for bodily injury liability and $5,000 for property damage liability.
  • Medical payments insurance – covers medical expenses post an electric scooter accident. Aim for at least $1,000 per person and $2,000 per accident.
  • Collision insurance – while not mandatory, it helps with repair costs if your scooter is damaged in an accident—consider if you have a valuable scooter or ride in high-traffic areas.

Additionally, you can also consider further coverage:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – this coverage protects you if you are injured in an accident caused by a driver who does not have insurance or who has insufficient insurance.
  • Warranty extension – coverage that helps pay for repairs to your electric scooter if it is damaged outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Roadside assistance – coverage that helps you get your electric scooter towed or repaired if it breaks down.

How much does insurance for an electric scooter cost?

The price for electric scooter insurance will vary based on your location and the company providing the package, but on average you can expect to pay between $20 and $30 in most cases.

Does auto insurance cover electric scooter accidents?

None of the large insurance companies allow your auto insurance to cover electric scooter accidents, as they don’t cover vehicles with less than 4 wheels.

If you want to get insurance for when riding your electric scooter, you will have to either insure your scooter separately for damages and theft, and get some form of umbrella insurance for expenses related to personal injuries to yourself or injuries you’ve caused others.

Does medical insurance cover bodily injury expenses from electric scooter accidents?

There is a good chance that your medical insurance covers some or all of your medical expenses if you’re involved in an accident with your electric scooter.

However, your medical insurance will not cover the expenses for the injuries of other people involved in the accident.

Can home insurance cover electric scooter theft?

It is possible in some cases for your home insurance package to cover the theft of your electric scooter, especially if the scooter has been stolen from your home.

Does umbrella insurance cover electric scooter accidents?

Umbrella insurance policies can be set up in a way so that they cover electric scooter accidents, depending on the insurance company.

Generally, they offer liability coverage for damages or injuries to others, and possibly your injuries, but not for damages to your scooter.

Insurance from ride-sharing companies

Some of the biggest ride-sharing companies like Bird and Lime don’t really cover accidents with their scooters, unless the scooter itself has been defective and that defect has been the reason for the accident. Meaning that the electric scooter is insured, but the rider not really.

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