Electric Scooter Rental Guide – Bird, Lime, Sharing Apps, And Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by Matt

Renting an electric scooter through one of the popular sharing apps and services is the most common way for future scooterists to get their first scooter experience.

While the apps are simple to use, I remember having some problems the first time I tried to use them, and also there were a few things I wish I knew but I couldn’t find any good resources on.

That’s why I decided to put together this complete guide on everything related to renting an electric scooter through Bird, Lime, or some of the other popular rental and sharing apps.

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Electric scooter rental and sharing

many different kinds of electric scooters spread around

Let’s see how the most popular electric scooter sharing and rental services and apps compare against each other.

CompanyPriceLocations availableApps
Lime$1 start, $0.15 – $0.25 / minInternationallyiPhone, Android
Bird$1 start, $0.15 / minInternationallyiPhone, Android
Lyft$1 start, $0.20 – $0.39 / minseveral US citiesiPhone, Android
Boltfree start, €0.25 / minEuropeiPhone, Android
Spin$1 start, $0.29 / minUS mostlyiPhone, Android
Tier€1 start, €0.15 / minEurope, Middle EastiPhone, Android
Razor$1 start, $0.15 – $0.39 / minseveral US citiesiPhone, Android
Unagi$50 setup, $34 – $39 / monthseveral US cities/
Scoot$1 start, $0.29 / minSan Francisco mostlyiPhone, Android
Voi£1 start, £0.20 / min60 European citiesiPhone, Android
Wind€1 start, €0.15 / minseveral citiesiPhone, Android
Skip$1 start, $0.15 / minfew US citiesiPhone, Android
BunnyCAD 1.25 start, CAD 0.25 / minCanadaiPhone, Android
Beamfree start, $0.45 / minSingaporeiPhone, Android
Veo$1 start, $0.33 / minseveral US citiesiPhone, Android

What is the cheapest electric scooter to rent?

In the US and Canada, the cheapest electric scooter sharing app is Bird, charging $1 to unlock the scooter, and a fixed rate of $0.15 per minute of usage. In Europe, the cheapest scooters come from Bolt, they are free to unlock and cost €0.25 per minute.

What cities have electric scooters?

Electric scooter rentals are available in pretty much every major city in North America and Europe, and a few cities in the Middle East. They are also available in some smaller cities and university campuses.

Are rental scooters legal?

Since electric scooters are not legal for private use in some countries, it’s only logical that Bird scooters will not be legal everywhere. However, in all of the countries where Bird operates, they are 100% legal.

You can check the electric scooter legal guide to find out about your specific location.

Where can I ride rental scooters?

If there’s a designated scooter or bicycle track, that will be the primary place where you should ride with your scooter. If no such tracks exist, your location will either have a specific preferred place where you should ride, which will typically be either by the side of the road, or maybe even the sidewalk.

If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is to just ride slowly and be mindful of other traffic participants. As long as you’re respectful and do not interfere or jeopardize others, you will be fine. See the scooter legal guide to find out the traffic laws regarding electric scooters for your location.

Can you leave a rental scooter anywhere?

several rental electric scooters on a sidewalk

Usually, scooter-sharing companies let you leave their scooters wherever is most convenient for you, but there are often other factors that will affect where you can leave your scooter. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to local traffic laws, and not park irresponsibly on sidewalks or in no-ride or no-park zones. In general, don’t park in a way that hinders the accessibility or movement of other traffic participants or pedestrians.

Should you wear a helmet while riding a rental electric scooter?

Helmets are usually required by law for operating an electric scooter in most countries.

It’s a very common sight to spot scooterists without helmets. That might give novices the impression that helmets are not required, but that’s rarely the case. Consult your local authorities, but chances are, you will need a proper electric scooter helmet, both to save you from a traffic ticket, and from a dangerous head injury.

Are rental electric scooters better than public transport?

In many cases, rental electric scooters can be a complete replacement for public transport, but most of the time, they are just a last-mile solution and are used in tandem with other modes of transport.

The biggest issue is availability – you simply can’t plan your entire day based on the uncertain availability of shared electric scooters, and you can’t afford to be late to work because there were no free Birds around your downtown bus station.

Now, owning an electric scooter for yourself is a different story. In a way, commuting with a scooter was the primary problem that scooter visionaries were trying to solve, so you will have a reliable transport partner available at all times.

Lime scooters

several Lime rental electric scooters parked on a sidewalk

Lime is the original initiator of the scooter sharing revolution. They are the first scooter rental company that got extremely popular and successful, and secured themselves a place in scooter history forever. Besides scooters, Lime is also well-known for renting electric bikes and mopeds as well.

Today, they are still one of the top scooter rental companies, if not the top one.

How do I rent a Lime electric scooter?

Follow these steps to rent a Lime scooter:

  • install the Lime app, available for iPhone and Android
  • create an account
  • enter your payment information
  • on the map, locate a free Lime scooter and go to it
  • scan the QR code on the top of the scooter’s handlebars by pressing the “Scan” button (or enter the vehicle code manually)
  • your ride will start

How many cities are Lime scooters in?

Lime is available in more than 140 cities worldwide (143 as of June 2021), and 16 college campuses in the US.

Check the Lime locations page for more.

How to find Lime scooters near me?

Through the Lime app, you can easily find available Lime scooters on the app’s homescreen, which is a map with the available scooters highlighted.

How do I pay for my Lime scooter?

Typically, you pay for each Lime ride at the end of the ride. However, you can choose to preload your account with funds, and deduct the cost of the ride from that balance.

How much does it cost to ride Lime scooters?

Lime prices vary depending on your location. In general, it costs $1 to unlock the scooter, and then $0.15 for every minute, although the price can go up to $0.25 in some countries and in some instances.

How do you ride a Lime scooter for free?

There are two ways to ride a Lime electric scooter for free.

You can share your invite code:

  • open the app
  • tap the Account icon in the top left corner
  • tap Get Free Credits
  • use the Share Your Invite Code feature, or simply have a friend enter your code when they register with the Lime app
  • both of you will get $5 in free ride credits

Also, you can enter a promo code yourself, and earn free credits that way. In some cases, you can earn much more than $5 worth of rides.

How to use a Lime scooter?

two Lime rental electric scooters on a dock

After installing the app and activating the scooter, you need to:

  • put one foor on the deck
  • push off the ground with the other foot
  • develop some speed initial speed, then press the button on the right handlebar to accelerate
  • use the button or lever on the left handlebar to brake

Do you need an Internet connection for Lime scooters?

In general, you need an Internet connection and Bluetooth connectivity on your phone to ride a Lime scooter without interruptions. If the scooter is disconnected from your phone for 5 minutes or more, it will turn off and the ride will end. That means, some interruptions in your Internet connection may not be a problem, but in general, you should have an Internet connection.

What does it mean if a Lime scooter is beeping?

A Lime scooter can beep for several reasons:

  • it is being pushed without being rented
  • its battery is nearly empty
  • it has some fault or defect that needs addressing

How far will a Lime scooter go?

How far a Lime scooter can go depends on the particular model of the scooter. The Lime-S Generation scooters have an official range of 20 mi / 32 km. Older Lime scooters used to be Ninebot ES4 models, and those have a range of 28 mi / 45 km.

What happens if your phone battery runs out on a Lime scooter?

If your phone battery runs out in the middle of a Lime ride, your ride will continue for another 5 minutes, and then end automatically. This is a very user-friendly method of handling this situation, as there will be no unnecessarily-large overcharges (Bird can charge you up to $100 if you forget to end your ride).

Are you insured while riding a Lime scooter?

Based on Lime’s user agreement, section 7e, Lime may provide coverage in some cases of personal accidents, as long as you’ve used the scooter in compliance with their terms. In other instances, your own motor vehicle insurance may cover the costs. Keep in mind that there may be situations when none of those apply.

Can Lime scooters fold?

Lime scooters can’t be folded, no matter the version or generation of the scooter.

Can Lime scooters go uphill?

How well a Lime scooter climbs will depend on the specific model being rented. However, all Lime scooters are budget to mid-priced scooters, and as such, they will conquer mild and even some moderate hills with almost no issues, but may struggle on steeper hills.

Can you ride a Lime scooter at night?

Lime scooters are available all the time, both day and night. It’s possible that fewer Lime scooters are available at night because chargers pick them up for charging.

What happens if you break a Lime scooter?

According to Lime’s user agreement, you will be held responsible for any damage to one of their scooters while it has been rented by you. The normal wear-and-tear damage that occurs from regular use is an exception here.

Can you reserve a Lime scooter?

You can reserve a Lime scooter 10 minutes in advance, free of charge. You can only reserve one scooter at a time.

Can you rent multiple Lime scooters at once?

Through the feature called Group Ride, a single Lime user can unlock up to 5 scooters at the same time.

What brand are Lime scooters?

The first scooters used in the Lime fleet were from the Ninebot ES4 series, being almost identical to the popular model, minus the folding feature. Later, Lime started introducing the Lime-S Generations 1, 2, 3, and 4, which continued to share some similarities with Ninebot models, but were mostly custom-made for Lime and can’t really be found elsewhere.

Is Lime a good scooter?

The first Lime models were almost identical to the Ninebot ES4, which is a very good electric scooter overall. The later Lime models, especially the Lime-S Generation 3 an Lime-S Generation 4, are even better than the initial versions, with larger tires, better controls, and better build quality overall.

Can I buy a Lime scooter?

At one point, Lime scooters were available for purchase through a dedicated Lime online store. However, that seems to no longer be the case, and the webpage where the store used to be doesn’t exist anymore.

Do Lime scooters have Bluetooth?

Every Lime scooter needs to be connected to a user’s phone to be used (otherwise, the wheels don’t even get unlocked). That’s only possible by pairing the scooter with the phone through Bluetooth, so every Lime scooter comes with the Bluetooth feature.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Lime scooter?

To connect a Lime scooter to your phone through Bluetooth, you need to either scan the QR on the top of the scooter’s handlebars with the Lime app, or enter the code in the app manually.

How long does it take to charge a Lime scooter?

For the newer generation Lime scooters, charging the battery fully takes 6 hours on average.

Older models used to take around 3 hours to charge because they had smaller batteries and less range.

How much money can you make charging Lime scooters?

On average, chargers have reported making between $10 and $15 per hour.

You can make between $5 and $12 for every Lime scooter you charge. Charging each will cost somewhere between $0.05 and $0.15, depending on the battery level and whether you charge during peak or off-peak hours. So, electricity cost is just a small expense. The biggest factor may be existing competition in your city, as many people have chosen to charge Lime scooters as a way of earning extra income.

Is there an age limit for Lime scooters?

As per Lime’s user agreement, users must be of legal age to enter into binding contracts, which means that only adults can ride them. So, whatever is the legal age for adulthood in your country is the minimum age required to ride a Lime scooter.

Can I put a Lime scooter in my car?

Chargers are allowed to put Lime scooters in their cars so that they can charge them at their homes.

Can you take a Lime scooter home?

If you are a charger, you can take Lime scooters at your home to charge them. People that only rent Lime scooters should avoid doing this, as they may easily create confusion and be mistaken for thieves, and face quite large fines (up to $500 if you forget your Lime scooter in your backyard, for example).

What is Lime Access?

Lime Access is a program by Lime to provide discounts of up to 70% for riders that qualify in the US. Some categories of riders that may qualify include people that are enrolled in a local, state or federally-run assistance program, and need to present an EBT card, discounted utility bill, or discounted transit fare. You can find out more about the program here.

What is Lime Corporate Partners?

The Lime Corporate Partners Program offers Lime scooters as perks to employees in some companies. You can find out more about the program here.

Bird scooters

Bird rental electric scooter leaning against a fence

Bird is a major player in the scooter rental industry, and is one of the first companies of its kind. Founded in September 2017, by Travis VanderZanden, a former executive at Lyft and Uber, the company has almost 1000 employees today, and is present in most major US and European cities.

How do I rent a Bird electric scooter?

Bird scooters are rented through the Bird mobile phone app, available for iPhone and Android, in the cities where Bird operates.

In the Bird app, you need to:

  • create your account
  • add your payment method
  • find a scooter on the map and go to it
  • use the app to scan the QR code on the handlebars, or enter it manually in the app
  • your ride will then start

How many cities are Bird scooters in?

Bird scooters are available in more than 100 cities worldwide (109 as of June 2021).

Check out the Bird map to find out exactly where Bird scooters operate.

How to find Bird scooters near me?

home screen of the Bird app

To find a Bird scooter near you, all you have to do is open the app and look for available scooters on the map. Every Bird scooter’s location is tracked in real time through GPS, and you can choose the one that’s closest to you.

How much does it cost to ride a Bird scooter?

Every Bird ride has an initial cost of $1 in the US, or €1 in Europe, and then 15 cents for every minute of riding. In case you forget to stop your ride after you’re done, the maximum amount you may end up paying is $100 in 24 hours.

Also, in some cities, Bird offers a monthly package, where you can rent the scooter for an entire month for just $25.

How do I pay for my Bird scooter?

In most markets, Bird charges the ride fee after the end of every ride, charged in the local currency through the default payment method you’ve selected. In some countries, you can (or must) select a balance auto-update plan, that will load funds in your account as a credit, which will later be applied to your rides, and the funds will be refilled when they reach 0.

Is the first Bird ride free?

Typically, every Bird ride follows the standard pricing model. However, when you refer someone to start using the Bird app for the first time, both of you will get $5 worth of ride credit, which is enough to start a ride ($1) and then go on to ride for about 26-27 minutes ($4 / $0.15 = 26.667).

How to ride Bird for free?

free rides with Bird app

To earn free ride credits, you need to:

  • open the Bird app
  • open the menu
  • tap “Free Rides”
  • on the next screen, tap “Send Free Rides” and share your referral link with your friends
  • if they register for the app, you both get $5 worth of ride credit

Also, if you obtain a valid promo code, you can enter it in the app and get free ride credits.

Can you reserve a Bird scooter?

You can reserve a Bird scooter for up to 30 minutes. Reserving the scooter costs the same as riding it, $0.15 per minute.

Do you need an Internet connection for Bird scooters?

Technically, you don’t need to have an Internet connection on your phone during the entire ride, but you will need to be connected to the Internet with your Bluetooth turned on to stop your ride, otherwise, you may end up getting charged more than what your ride cost.

How to ride a Bird scooter?

Once you’ve started your ride through the app, you can start riding the scooter in the following way:

  • stand with one foot on the deck
  • use your other foot to gently push off the ground
  • after you’ve developed some speed, press the thumb-throttle button on the right handlebar to accelerate
  • use the thumb button on the left handlebar (or lever, depending on the model) to brake

What does it mean when a Bird scooter is beeping?

There are several possible reasons why a Bird scooter may beep. Some of them might be because of an error or a defect in the scooter itself, or possibly because of a near-empty battery, but more often, the scooter beeps because it’s been used improperly, like when a person tries to ride it without paying first, or ride it manually without kicking without paying.

How far will a Bird scooter go?

Bird electric scooter leaning on its kickstand

Bird has several different scooter models in their fleet, so exactly how far a scooter will go on a single battery charge depends on the specific model you’re riding. The Xiaomi M365 can cover 18.6 mi / 30 km, the Ninebot ES2 can go 15.5 mi / 25 km, and the Ninebot ES4 will go 28 mi / 45 km.

How long does a Bird scooter battery last?

How long your ride with a Bird scooter lasts will depend on the specific model you’re riding, the battery level of the scooter, and the speed with which your moving. With a Xiaomi M365 or a Ninebot ES2 scooter from the Bird fleet, your rides can last between one and two hours, while if you ride with the Ninebot ES4, you may even ride for a maximum of three hours if you go slowly.

How do you end a Bird ride?

To end your Bird ride, you just need to select the option in the app, and take a photo of the parked scooter. You must not be in a “No Ride/Non-Operational Zone”, otherwise you will not be able to end the ride. Also, you must have an Internet connection and Bluetooth turned on on your phone.

If all of the above are correct and you’re still having trouble ending the ride, try moving the scooter a few feet and then ending the ride, or resetting your Internet connection.

What happens if your phone dies on a Bird scooter?

If your phone dies during a Bird ride, the worst-case scenario is getting charged the maximum daily amount because you weren’t able to end the ride (see Bird’s rental agreement, section 1.16), which may end up being $100 in 24 hours. In practice, however, Bird has proven to be relatively understanding when this happens, and they either give customers a refund or compensate them with ride credits.

How do I dispute a Bird scooter charge?

The only thing you can do if you think you’ve been overcharged is to contact the customer support team, through the “submit a request” button in the app. You will only have to include the date of the ride, and the reason why you believe you were overcharged.

Also, if you don’t recognize a charge, you should contact customer support, with a bit more information about the payment method included in the inquiry and a screenshot of the transaction from your bank or payment method.

How can I make my Bird scooter faster?

There may be custom firmware packs and installs available for privately-owned Bird scooters, but increasing the speed of a rental Bird scooter will typically not be feasible, nor recommended.

Can Bird scooters fold?

Bird uses almost the same Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES2/ES4 scooters that are sold to the general public, but the most notable difference is that they are not foldable. One exception is the recently released Bird Air model, which is foldable, although that model is not used as a rental and can only be bought separately.

Can Bird scooters go uphill?

All of the scooters in the Bird fleet are budget scooters, and as all budget scooters, they will be capable of climbing some mild hills, and even some moderate ones, but they will struggle with steeper hills, and may require a few additional kicks to go over the steepest hills.

At what time do Bird scooters stop working?

Bird scooters never stop working, and are available 24/7. However, at night, Bird chargers start to collect more scooters to charge, and it can be harder to find a scooter available.

What happens if you break a Bird scooter?

As per Bird’s rental agreement, you might be charged for any damage done to a Bird scooter while you have been renting it, including vandalism, water damage, or theft, done by your or others. However, you are not responsible for any wear-and-tear damage to the scooter incurred through ordinary use of it.

What happens if you have an accident while riding a Bird scooter?

According to Bird’s rental agreement section 1.12, you may be held responsible for any damages in the case of an accident. Bird advises reporting any damage or crash to them, and if there’s personal or property damage in the accident, you should also file a police report. Also, citations, fines, impound charges, and parking fees, may be at your expense as well.

Will my auto insurance cover damages done to a Bird scooter?

Your automotive insurance may not cover any damages that the scooter has sustained in case of an accident. You will have to contact your insurance agent to find out about the specifics, or explore some electric scooter insurance options.

Why did the Bird app charge me $20?

In some countries and markets, the Bird app operates by crediting your account before the ride, and one of the predefined amounts that it might credit is $20. This amount will be used to deduct your future rides from it. If you believe you will not use a portion of that amount, you can contact Bird’s support team and ask for a refund.

Can you rent multiple Bird scooters at once?

At this time, you can only rent one Bird scooter through a single account, so each ride must create their own account. You are free to use the same payment method in several accounts.

What brand are Bird scooters?

Xiaomi M365 standing on a road

The three main scooter models in the Bird fleet are modifications of the Xiaomi M365, the Ninebot ES2, and the Ninebot ES4.

Can I buy a Bird scooter?

You can choose between two Bird models to buy for your own personal use: Bird Air, and Bird One. They are similar to the scooters that are rented, but have some notable differences as well (the Bird Air is foldable, for example).

Do Bird scooters have Bluetooth?

Every Bird scooter needs to connect to the app before it can be used, so all Bird scooters have the Bluetooth feature.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Bird scooter?

Once you open the Bird app, you need to tap the large black button in the low center of the screen to open the QR scanner. Then, you simply scan the QR code on the top of the handlebars of the scooter, or enter the code manually, and your phone will connect to the Bird scooter.

How long does it take to charge a Bird scooter?

Depending on the specific model, and the general condition and age of the scooter’s battery, charging a Bird scooter from empty to full may take from 3.5 to 7 hours.

How much money can you make charging Bird scooters?

Charging one Bird scooter can typically earn you between $3 and $7. The charging cost for a single Bird scooter varies between $0.02 and $0.10, depending on the scooter model, battery level, and whether charging during peak or off-peak hours. In highly-populated areas, where Bird scooters are very popular and frequently used, and also there’s not a lot of competition from other chargers, some people manage to earn up to $100 a night from charging Bird scooters.

Is there an age limit for Bird scooters?

Bird scooters can only be used by persons of age 18 or older.

Can I put a Bird scooter in my car?

If you are charging Bird scooters, you can take them with you in your car. It’s not specified whether regular riders and users who rent Bird scooters are allowed to take them in their cars, but keep in mind that Bird can probably detect when a scooter is being moved while not being rented, and they consider scooters that move more than 30 feet while not rented and while not being charged to be at risk scooter theft.

Can you take a Bird scooter home?

Chargers are allowed to take Bird scooters at their home for charging them.

Bird vs Lime

On average, Lime scooters will have more range and provide longer ride times. Top speeds will usually be the same. Since the latest releases of Lime scooters have larger 10-inch tires, rides with Lime scooters will tend to be more comfortable.

Lime has some features that Bird lacks, like the ability to rent more scooters through one account. Also, Lime has a better policy of dealing with an empty phone battery, as it will simply end the ride after 5 minutes, while Bird may continue charging you for the ride for hours.

While Lime only lets you reserve one of their scooters for 10 minutes, the reservation is free. With Bird, you can reserve a scooter for 30 minutes, but you are charged the same price as riding the scooter. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but I believe Lime to be more fair here, and if Bird were to charge for reservation, they might have made the cost smaller than the ride cost at least.

How much chargers make will vary on several factors, but in general, chargers may expect to earn a bit more for charging Lime scooters than Bird scooters.

Overall, Lime has a few advantages in terms of features and user-friendliness, but Lime rides can end up costing a bit more in some countries and situations.

Which is cheaper, Lime or Bird?

In general, prices are almost the same, but Lime can be a bit more expensive at times. Both Lime and Bird charge $1 to unlock the scooter, and Bird always charges $0.15 per minute, while Lime mostly charges $0.15 per minute, but Lime’s price can go up to $0.25 per minute in some cases. Both companies offer similar promotions and referral programs and terms.

Lyft scooters

Lyft scooters come from the same company behind the popular ridesharing service, and as such, provide a very convenient way for users who already use the app to for sharing cars to try electric scooters as well. Naturally, the app is available for both iPhone and Android.

How many cities are Lyft scooters in?

Lyft scooters are available only in a few cities in the US, most notably Minneapolis, Denver, Washington DC, San Diego, UCLA, Miami, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.

How much does it cost to rent a Lyft scooter?

Unlocking a Lyft scooter costs $1, and riding it costs between $0.20 and $0.39 per minute.

Which scooters does Lyft use?

Lyft uses custom-made versions of the Ninebot Max as the primary model for the majority of their scooters.


two green Bolt rental electric scooters

Bolt is a major electric scooter rental company that rents its unique-looking scooters to several locations throughout Europe. Their scooters are available through their iPhone and Android apps.

How many cities are Bolt scooters in?

At the time of writing, Bolt scooters are available in 86 cities in Europe.

How much does it cost to rent a Bolt scooter?

Pricing for Bolt scooters can vary, but in general, unlocking them is free in many countries, and every minute of riding costs €0.25.

Which scooters does Bolt use?

Bolt uses their own proprietary scooters as the primary models in their fleet.

Spin scooters

several Spin rental electric scooters on a sidewalk

Spin is a scooter sharing company launched in January 2017, and acquired by Ford. Their app is available for iPhone and Android.

How many cities are Spin scooters in?

Spin is currently available in more than 70 cities and campuses in the US. They have just started expanding internationally, with the most notable non-US city they operate in being Cologne, Germany.

How much does it cost to rent a Spin scooter?

The pricing model of Spin is simple and clear – $1 to unlock the scooter and start the ride, and then $0.29 per minute of usage.

Which scooters does Spin use?

Spin relies mostly on a variant of the Ninebot Max as the primary scooter in their fleet. The scooter is customized for ride-sharing and is not exactly the same as the commercially available Ninebot Max.


several Tier rental electric scooters

Tier is a large Berlin-based scooter rental program available in several countries in Western and Northern Europe, but also in some other places outside of Europe. They offer iPhone and Android apps for renting their scooters

How many cities are Tier scooters in?

Tier scooters can be found in many cities in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the UAE. See Tier’s location list for the exact cities.

How much does it cost to rent a Tier scooter?

Unlocking a Tier scooter costs €1, and each minute of riding costs €0.15, or a bit more in certain cities.

Which scooters does Tier use?

Tier scooters are specially designed for the rental service, and they are one of the very few modular scooters, where parts can easily be swapped to fit specific market needs more dynamically.

Razor Share

Razor Share is a scooter sharing program by Razor, one of the biggest budget electric scooter brands in North America. They have an app available for iPhone and Android.

How many cities are Razor Share scooters in?

Razor Share is only available in several locations in the US. See their webpage for more.

How much does it cost to rent a Razor Share scooter?

Renting a Razor Share scooter costs $1 to unlock the scooter and start the ride, and then between $0.15 and $0.39 per minute, depending on the scooter model.

Which scooters does Razor Share use?

Razor Share has two of their standard scooters in their rental fleet – the Razor E300, and the Razor EcoSmart Metro in case you need a scooter with a seat and a basket.

Unagi All Access

side view of a Unagi Model one electric scooter with headlight turned on in a dark room

One of the best designers and manufacturers of electric scooters, Unagi, also provides a scooter renting service called Unagi All Access. There’s no app for this service, you need to register for the subscription through the website.

How many cities are Unagi All Access scooters in?

Currently, Unagi All Access is available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix, Austin, Nashville and Seattle.

How much does it cost to rent a Unagi All Access scooter?

Unlike most of the other scooter rental companies, Unagi only offers a monthly subscription plan. The plan involves a $50 setup fee paid the first time you create the account, and then $49 per month for unlimited use (or $39 per month if you pay annually).

Which scooters does Unagi All Access use?

Naturally, Unagi All Access relies on a rental variant of their trusted Unagi Model One scooter as the primary model for their fleet.


Scoot is a smaller electric scooter rental company that only operates in a small number of locations. They rent their scooters through their iPhone and Android apps. Their scooters have seats, which gives them an edge over other scooter rental companies with some audiences. The company also rents mopeds as well.

How many cities are Scoot scooters in?

The majority of Scoot’s fleet is available in San Francisco. They are also available in Barcelona in Spain, and Santiago in Chile.

How much does it cost to rent a Scoot scooter?

Scoot has a simple pricing model for renting their scooters – $1 to start the ride, and $0.29 for every minute of usage.


orange Voi rental electric scooter

Voi is one of the most popular electric scooter rental companies in Europe, based in Stockholm, Sweden. They rent both electric scooters and electric bikes, available through the iPhone and Android apps.

How many cities are Voi scooters in?

Currently, Voi scooters are available in 60 cities throughout Western and Northern Europe. Check out the Voi locations page to find out more.

How much does it cost to rent a Voi scooter?

Voi doesn’t specify a clear price for using their scooters, and the price will depend on several factors, most importantly location. In the UK, renting a Voi scooter costs £1 to start the ride, and then £0.20 per minute.

Which scooters does Voi use?

Voi uses several customized models in their fleet:

  • The Voi
  • Voiager 1
  • Voiager 2
  • Voiager 3X
  • Voiager 4


Wind is an international scooter sharing company that provides a scooter sharing alternative to Bird and Lime. They have an app for iPhone and Android.

How many cities are Wind scooters in?

Wind is available in several international locations, like Israel, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, and South Korea.

How much does it cost to rent a Wind scooter?

Renting a Wind scooter costs €1 to start, and then €0.15 per minute.


Skip is a US scooter-sharing company based in San Francisco. They rent their scooters through their iPhone and Android apps.

How many cities are Skip scooters in?

At the moment, Skip is available in Washington DC, Austin, San Diego, and San Francisco.

How much does it cost to rent a Skip scooter?

Unlocking a Skip scooter costs $1, and using it costs $0.15 per minute.

Which scooters does Skip use?

Skip relies on a modified version of the Ninebot ES4 as the primary model for their fleet.


Bunny is a smaller scooter rental company, offering their scooters through their iPhone and Android apps.

How many cities are Bunny scooters in?

Bunny scooters are only available in several locations in Canada.

How much does it cost to rent a Bunny scooter?

Starting the ride with a Bunny scooter costs CAD 1.25, and then CAD 0.25 per minute of usage.


Beam is an electric scooter and bike sharing company that operates in Singapore primarily. They have an iPhone and an Android app for renting their scooters

How many cities are Beam scooters in?

At the moment, Beam scooters are only available in Singapore.

How much does it cost to rent a Beam scooter?

Unlocking a Beam scooter is free, and then riding one costs 45 cents per minute.


Veo is a US-based scooter rental company founded in 2017. They rent their scooters through their iPhone and Android apps. The company also rents electric bikes.

How many cities are Veo scooters in?

Veo scooters are available in several US cities, in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. See Veo’s location list for the exact cities.

How much does it cost to rent a Veo scooter?

Veo uses an innovative pricing model, where they charge $3 to unlock the scooter, but give back $2 when the scooter is properly parked. Riding the scooter costs $0.33 per minute.

Which scooters does Veo use?

Veo relies on the Veo Astro proprietary scooter, designed from the ground up for the needs of the company.

Pros of rental electric scooters

Rental electric scooters have a few advantages that make perfect sense in several scenarios:

  • they let people try out an electric scooter and see whether they like it
  • they are a gateway to buying an electric scooter for the vast majority of people
  • they are very cheap
  • they are easily accessible and easy to use
  • they are perfect for exploring a new city

Cons of rental electric scooters

juicing Lime electric scooters

While there are some interesting advantages to renting an electric scooter, doing so is not without its downsides:

  • renting is not financially viable over the long run
  • almost all rental electric scooters are budget models of mediocre performance
  • often times rental scooters are not in a good shape, and may even have some critical components not work properly
  • they are shared by many people throughout the day, and thus not 100% sanitary
  • they may not always be fully charged and only be prepared for shorter rides

Should you rent an electric scooter or buy your own?

Over longer periods of time, rental electric scooters start to become very cost-inefficient compared to owning a scooter for yourself. While it’s generally a good idea to try out riding several different rental scooters, if you plan on using an electric scooter often, you are much better off getting one, and the sooner you do that, the more money you will save. Keep in mind that electric scooters pay themselves off in 4-6 months by cutting down your transport costs, and if you find yourself renting an electric scooter more than a dozen times, it’s probably time to buy one.

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