Electric Scooter Speed

These are some of the most common questions about fast electric scooters and electric scooter speed.

What electric scooter is the fastest?

Weped SST with LED lights turned on

The fastest electric scooter in the world right now with a proven top speed is the Weped SST. It has been recorded reaching a speed of 82 mph / 132 kmh.

How fast do electric scooters go?

top speed weped ffs

The average top speed for electric scooters is 28 mph / 45 kmh. Most of the standard commuter scooters will have top speeds between 15 mph and 28 mph (25 kmh and 45 kmh).

These numbers are the result of a full case study on the top speeds of electric scooters. You can check out the research here.

While that’s not slow at all, it wanes when compared to some of the rocketships we’ve seen here. That’s the difference between scooters built for everyday use, and ones built to launch you into orbit.

What are the best fast electric scooters?

Some of the fastest electric scooters are one-trick ponies and are not much good for anything besides going fast. If you’re looking for very fast scooters that are also great scooters all-round and have some more versatility, you may want to check out the following scooters:

What fast scooter has the biggest range?

Dualtron Storm electric scooter

The super-fast scooter that also has the longest range is the Dualtron Storm, which can go for 137 mi / 220 km on a single charge.

Typically, this kind of scooters here are optimized for speed, and getting more RPMs from the motor is what eats up most of the battery.

But they also can get a lot of range too. The motors are often in the thousands of Watts, which is a lot of power, and while going faster reduces the potential range, you are still covering a lot of distance in short periods of time.

How is the top speed in electric scooters measured?

Sometimes owners complain that their new scooter can’t reach the advertised top speed. While this is not common, the reason behind it is very simple – the scooter’s top speed is obtained in ideal lab conditions.

Ideal conditions for testing electric scooter top speeds include:

  • flat road, with no curves, and no ups and downs
  • relatively light rider, at least for a guy (around 155 lbs / 70 kg)
  • brand new, fully charged scooter
  • no wind, or no adverse wind

For some people, like for example heavier riders, the top speeds obtained in these conditions may not apply.

Are fast scooters good for beginners?

If you’ve never ridden an electric scooter before, or if you’ve only tried some rented ones a few times, you may want to think twice before getting a very fast machine for your first scooter. You will want to gain some general scooter experience before jumping into the shark tank.

Not only are fast scooters more dangerous, but they are also a lot more expensive. That’s why you may want to try things out on a cheaper scooter first. If you’ve never ridden a scooter, rent out a few and try them out before dishing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a scooter.

How safe are fast electric scooters?

At first, it may seem obvious that the faster the scooter, the less safe it should be, right? However, most electric scooter accidents are not because of ultra-high speeds. The primary reasons for accidents are negligence in traffic, worn-out brakes, and even broken stems and handlebars. These are actually characteristic of cheaper scooters, something which fast scooters are definitely not. So an argument can easily be made that fast scooters themselves are safer than lower-quality ones.

But in a way, the scooter is ultimately as safe as the person who rides it. When riding at high speeds, the danger will always be there, and of course, the greater the speed, the greater the danger. And yes, the faster you ride, the worse the potential injury can be. So, always wear all the protective gear you can get your hands on, and ride responsibly.

What should I know before buying a fast scooter?

The faster the scooter, the better it needs to be in terms of power and quality. Almost all of the time, that will mean more expensive. If you’re looking for the fastest scooters out there, don’t be surprised when you see prices in the thousands of dollars.

If you’ve ridden a scooter but never a fast one, you should know that these things can really go! Electric scooters had a somewhat casual, unserious vibe about them when they first came out. That is no more the case, especially with the scooters mentioned here.

They easily rival cars in terms of speed, which means they have a real pull and will accelerate very quickly. Be cautious when starting and braking, do both gradually.

Since they use a lot of power, they have larger batteries in general.

Most important of all, keep in mind that in many places, such as in many states in the USA, and in some European countries, the scooters may ship with their speed limited. You will have to bypass that if you want to reach the true potential of the machine. See my complete guide on how to remove your scooter’s speed limit for details.

Finally, never forget to follow the electric scooter safety guidelines, and wear safety gear. This applies for every time you step on a scooter, but it is especially true when you are riding fast scooters. A helmet is the bare minimum, and a full motorcycle armor along with elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves, is highly recommended.

How much do fast electric scooters cost?

Almost all of the top 30 fastest electric scooters cost more than $3000, with their average price being around $4500. The fastest electric scooter right now, the Rion Thrust, costs $10000, and there are 5 more models that cost more than $6000.

What does electric scooter speed depend upon?

diagram showing differences between brushed vs brushless dc motors

The primary factor behind the top speed an electric scooter can provide will be the motor, and the motor’s power in particular. The motor torque and RPMs will be important stats well. The scooter’s battery is also very important, especially its voltage.

Other important features of the scooter that affect its top speed are the scooter’s weight and its tires. Naturally, lighter scooters will be faster because of their smaller weight, but at the same time slower because they will not have big batteries and motors. Scooters with road or racing tires will be faster than scooters with off-road tires.

Aerodynamics can be a minor factor in the speed as well. It does play a small role, and that’s why some scooters specialized in racing have an aerodynamic design.

How fast are electric scooters allowed to go?

In most Western countries, electric scooters will have legal speed limits ranging from 15 to 25 mph / 25 to 40 kmh.

In many of them, however, the laws may not be so strict, so a casual but safe 20 mph / 32 kmh ride may go unnoticed even if the law says 15 mph / 25 kmh.

In many other countries, electric scooters are either not yet regulated, or have adopted the same laws as bikes or motorcycles.

Can I make my electric scooter faster?

Aside from making sure that there’s nothing limiting your speed, the answer will be doing one or more of these:

  • upgrading the battery
  • adding one or more extra batteries
  • charging your battery fully
  • turning off unnecessary electronics
  • cleaning your scooter, especially your wheels
  • rewinding the motor
  • changing the sprockets

Check out how to speed up your scooter to find out all the ways you can do that.

Electric scooter top speeds

Here’s a complete list of all the top speeds of the most popular electric scooters.

Electric scooterTop speed MPHTop speed KMH
Slack Core 920R93149
Weped SST82132
EMove Roadster80128.7
Weped FS75120
Bronco Xtreme70113
Dualtron Storm Limited70112
Dualtron X Limited68110
Fobos X68110
Dualtron X265105
VSETT 11+ Super 72 35Ah65105
VSETT 11+ Super 72 32Ah65105
Kaabo Wolf King GTR65104.6
Kaabo Wolf King Pro GT63101
Dualtron Ultra 262100
NanRobot LS7+62100
Fighter Supreme6299.7
Dualtron Thunder 26096.6
Nami Burn-E 2 Max6096.6
Kaabo Wolf King6096.5
Inmotion RS6096.5
Dualtron Storm5995
Weped FF5690
Dualtron Thunder 35588.5
Arvala M115486.9
Blade 10 GT+5283.7
Teverun Fighter 11+5283.6
Dualtron City5182.1
Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT5182
EMove RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter5080.4
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 115080
Dualtron Victor Luxury +5080
Dualtron Thunder5080
VSETT 11+5080
VSETT 10+5080
Dualtron Achilleus5080
Roadrunner RS5 Max5080
Roadrunner RS5 Pro5080
Bluetran Lightning4775
Blade 10 Pro Limited4775
Dualtron Victor4674
Arvala M104674
Nami Burn-E 24572.4
Turbowheel Lightning+4572.4
Varla Eagle One Pro4572.4
Rovoron Kullter Luxury4572
Blade X4572
Apollo Pro4470.8
Wolf Warrior X4470.8
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT4370
EVOLV Corsa4370
Weped Fold D4370
Currus NF4370
Segway GT2 SuperScooter4370
Ninebot GT2P4370
Segway Transformer GT2 Megatron LE4370
Kaabo Mantis King GT4369.2
Wolf Warrior X Pro (deprecated?)4369.2
Dualtron Victor Luxury4369
Nami Klima4267.59
Dualtron Spider Max4267.59
Apollo Phantom4165.9
EVOLV Pro4065
Inokim OXO4065
NanRobot N64065
Dualtron Spider4065
Kaabo Mantis Pro V2 Fluid Edition4064.4
Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition4064.4
Varla Eagle One4064.4
Dualtron Compact4064.4
Dualtron Spider 24064.4
Varla Eagle One V24064.3
Dualtron Eagle Pro4064
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE4064
FFR Mantis Pro4064
NanRobot D4+ 2.04064
NanRobot D4+ 3.04064
NanRobot D6+4064
M YUME Scooter Y104064
Gotrax GX33861.9
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro3760
EVOLV Pro-R3760
Segway GT13760
Arvala M10 Pro3760
Dualtron Raptor 23760
Speedway 53760
Arvala C-Pro3760
Okai Panther ES8003759.5
Gotrax GX23556.3
Kaabo Mantis 83455.1
Emove RoadRunner3455
Kugoo G-Booster3455
Kugoo M53455
Apollo Ghost 2022 Hydraulic Brake3454.7
Apollo Ghost 2022 Regular Brake3454.7
Apollo Ghost3454.7
Blade Mini Pro3454.7
Emove Cruiser S3352.9
Hiboy Titan Pro3251.5
VSETT 9+3251.5
Dualtron Mini3251.5
Apollo Explore3150
Weped F123150
EVOLV Terra3150
EVOLV Tour XL-R3150
Fluid Vista3150
Kugoo Kirin G33150
Kugoo G2 Pro3150
Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite3149.89
Speedway Leger Pro3049
Futecher Gun Pro3049
Segway P100S3048.28
Gotrax GX13048.2
NanRobot Lightning 2.03048.2
EverCross HB24-H53048
Varla Pegasus2845.1
EVOLV Tour XL 18.2 Ah2845
EVOLV Tour XL 13 Ah2845
EVOLV Tour v22845
Inokim OX 21Ah2845
Inokim OX 13Ah2845
Chaos GT16002845
VSETT 92845
Speedway Mini 4 Pro2845
Kugoo M4 Pro2845
Speedway Leger2845
Apollo Go2743.4
Kugoo Kirin M42743
Mercane Widewheel Pro2642
VSETT 82642
VSETT 8+2641.8
Emove Touring2540.2
Apollo City2540
Hiboy Titan2540
Inokim Quick 42540
FFR Horizon2540
Mercane Jubel2540
Fluid Mosquito2540
Fiido Beast2540
Okai Stride Commuter EB402540
Turbowheel Swift2540
Inmotion L92540
E-TWOT GT Sport2540
E-TWOW GT Smart Edition2540
UScooters Booster V2540
Chaos Sport2540
Inmotion Climber2337.8
Hiboy VE1 Pro2337
EVOLV Stride2235
EVOLV City2235
EVOLV Sprint2235
Hiboy ECOM 142235
Hiboy Max Pro2235
Inokim Light 22235
Ninebot Max G22235
Niu KQi3 Max2235
Inokim Light 2 Max2235
Varla Falcon2235
Volpam SP012134
Inokim Light 2 Super2133.8
Inokim Light 2 Hero2133.8
Apollo Air2133.7
Gotrax G52032.1
Stigo B12032.1
Turboant V8 Dual-battery2032
Turboant M102032
Turboant X7 Max2032
Turboant X7 Pro2032
Okai Neon Pro ES302032
Gotrax G62032
GoTrax GMax Ultra2032
GoTrax GMax2032
GoTrax G42032
Gotrax F2 e-bike2032
Gotrax Flex e-bike2032
Ninebot F2 Pro2032
Niu KQi3 Pro2032
Niu KQi Air2032
Niu KQi Air X2032
AovoPro ESMax2032
Aovo Pro M365 ES802032
AovoPro 365 Go2032
Unagi Model One2032
VSETT 9R2032
Okai Ranger EB502032
Unagi Voyager2032
Hiboy S2R1931
Anyhill UM21931
Hiboy S2 Max1930.6
Hiboy KS4 Advanced1930.6
Volpam SP061930.58
Hiboy Nex51930.5
EVOLV City v21930
Hiboy Max 31930
Hiboy Max1930
Hiboy S21930
Inmotion S11930
Razor EcoSmart Metro1930
Yadea KS5 Pro1930
Ninebot F401930
Kugoo S11930
Kugoo S3 Pro1930
Kugoo S1 Plus1930
Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite1930
Ninebot ES41930
InMotion L8F1930
Ninebot Max1930
Ninebot Max G30LP1930
Ninebot Max G30P1930
Hiboy S2 Pro1930
1Plus Pro1930
VSETT Mini1930
Hover 1 Alpha Pro1829
FFR City Rider1829
Razor Vector1829
Razor C251829
Razor C351829
Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost1829
Hover 1 Blackhawk1829
Levy Plus1829
Swagtron Swagger 7T1829
Hover 1 Alpha1829
Bird One1828.9
Glion Dolly XL*1828.9
Razor Icon1828.9
Niu KQi3 Sport1728
Niu KQi21728
Ninebot E25/E25A1728
Turboant M10 Lite1626
OKAI Beetle/EA101626
Varla Wasp1625.7
Swagtron Swagger v11625
Bird Flex1625
Razor EcoSmart Metro HD1625
Xiaomi M365 Pro1625
Xiaomi 1S1625
Macwheel MX Pro1625
Voyager Proton1625
GoTrax G3 Plus1625
GoTrax XR Elite Max1625
GoTrax G31625
GoTrax XR Ultra1625
GoTrax G21625
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter1625
GoTrax Rival1625
Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium1625
GoTrax XR Elite1625
GoTrax Apex1625
Inokim Mini 21625
Ninebot GT1E1625
Ninebot P65E1625
Ninebot F21625
Ninebot F651625
InMotion Lively1625
Okai Ceetle Pro EA10C Seated1625
Razor EcoSmart SUP1625
Kugoo M2 Pro1625
Ninebot F301625
Ninebot F251625
Okai Neon Lite ES101625
Okai Neon1625
Ninebot E2 Plus E1625
Razor T251625
AovoPro S3 EW41625
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 21625
Xiaomi M3651625
Ninebot ES31625
Ninebot ES21625
Swagtron Swagger Pro 31625
Eskuta KS-3501625
Riley RS21625
Riley RS11625
Swagtron Swagger 71625
AovoPro ESMini1625
Ninebot E45/E45E1625
Kugoo Kirin S21625
Kugoo Kirin S2 Mini1625
Glion Dolly1625
Bezior S500 Max1625
Himo L21625
Okai ES5001625
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro1625
Hover-1 Journey 21524.14
Razor E Prime 31524.1
Razor C25 SLA1524.1
Razor C35 SLA1524
Gotrax G Pro 3 Wheel1524
Glion Balto X2*1524
Hover-1 Journey1524
Razor E3001524
Razor E300S1524
Hiboy S2 Lite1320.9
Xiaomi Essential1220
Ninebot ES11220
Fiido Q1S e-bike1220
Ninebot E21220
Ninebot E22/E22E1220
Ninebot Kickscooter Air T151220
Ninebot S Max1220
Ninebot ES1LD1220
Razor RX200 Jeep1219.3
HiMo H11118
Okai Neon II ES20915
Razor C45812.36
Razor Ecosmart Cargo812.36
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