Electric Scooter Weight [How Much They Weigh+The Lightest And Heaviest Scooters]

Electric scooter weight is a critical factor affecting usability, portability, energy efficiency, stability, and durability.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into electric scooter weights and answer key questions.

>How much do electric scooters weigh?

Electric scooters for adults will weigh 28.6 lbs / 13 kg on average. Electric scooter weight can vary from 15 lbs / 7 kg all the way up to 155 lbs / 70 kg.

Electric scooter weight

heavy rider riding electric scooter

Electric scooters vary in weight, ranging from 15 lbs / 7 kg to 182.6 lbs / 83 kg.

Here’s a list of electric scooter models with manufacturer-specified weights, ranging from the lightest to the heaviest.

Electric scooterWeight lbsWeight kg
Razor Power A5 Black Label15.757.16
Volpam SP0615.827.19
Swagtron Swagger v1 (Pro)16.947.7
Kugoo Kirin S2 Mini19.328.78
Voyager Proton19.89
Hiboy S2 Lite20.99.5
Razor Black Label E9021.569.8
Razor Black Label E10021.569.8
Swagtron Swagger 32210
Swagtron Swagger Pro 32210
Inokim Mini 222.8810.4
Ninebot Kickscooter Air T1523.110.5
UScooters Eco24.211
Ninebot ES124.211
Kugoo Kirin S224.211
Kugoo S124.211
UScooters Booster V24.211
Razor E Prime 324.211
UScooters Sport24.4211.1
Ninebot ES1LD24.8611.3
Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost26.412
Xiaomi Essential26.412
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter26.412
Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite26.412
GoTrax XR Ultra26.412
Kugoo S3 Pro26.412
Glion Dolly 22526.412
Unagi Model One 500 W26.412
InMotion L8F26.412
UScooters GT Smart26.412
E-TWOW GT26.412
Razor Power Core E19526.412
GoTrax Rival26.412
Razor Icon26.412
Kugoo S1 Plus27.512.5
Xiaomi 1S27.512.5
Sencor S2027.512.5
Glion Dolly27.9412.7
Macwheel MX Pro27.9412.7
Myria City Traveler +28.3812.9
Ninebot ES228.613
Riley RS128.613
Smartkick X7 Pro28.613
Swagtron Swagger 728.613
YYD ROBO28.613
FFR City Rider28.613
Uscooters GT Drum28.613
E-TWOW GT Smart Edition28.613
FFR Mosquito29.0413.2
QiCycle Euni29.0413.2
Ninebot E22/E22E29.713.5
Turboant M1029.713.5
Uscooters GT Sport29.713.5
Unagi Voyager29.713.5
Razor T2529.713.5
Inokim Light 2 Hero29.9213.6
Inokim Light 229.9213.6
Inokim Light 2 Super29.9213.6
Levy Plus29.9213.6
E-TWOT GT Sport29.9213.6
Inokim Light 2 Max30.1413.7
Turboant M10 Lite30.814
Hiboy S230.814
Hiboy S2R30.814
Swagtron Swagger 7T30.814
Ninebot ES430.814
Ninebot ES330.814
Synergy Sidekick30.814
Xiaomi M365 Pro30.814
Razor RX200 Jeep30.814
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 231.2414.2
Ninebot E2 Plus E31.6814.4
Ninebot E25/E25A31.6814.4
Eskuta KS-35031.914.5
HiMo H131.914.5
GoTrax XR Elite31.914.5
Ninebot F2532.1214.6
GoTrax Apex32.1214.6
Razor C3532.1214.6
Ninebot D18E32.5614.8
Hiboy KS4 Advanced32.5614.8
Razor C2532.5614.8
Varla Wasp32.7814.9
Solar E132.7814.9
Ninebot F25I3315
EVOLV City v23315
Turboant X7 Pro3315
Riley RS23315
Ninebot F3033.2215.1
Ninebot D28E33.6615.3
Splach Swift34.115.5
Turboant X7 Max34.115.5
Myria City Traveller UEV34.115.5
Kugoo M2 Pro34.3215.6
Ninebot F4034.7615.8
Razor Vector35.0715.94
Okai Neon II ES2035.216
Speedway Mini 4 Pro35.216
GoTrax XR Elite Max35.216
Ninebot D38E35.8616.3
GoTrax G435.8616.3
GoTrax G3 Plus35.8616.3
Hover 1 Alpha36.0816.4
Hover 1 Alpha Pro36.0816.4
Ninebot E45/E45E36.0816.4
GoTrax G336.316.5
EVOLV Sprint36.316.5
Yadea KS5 Pro36.316.5
Hiboy S2 Pro36.316.5
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro36.316.5
1Plus Pro36.5216.6
Gotrax GX436.7416.7
Stigo B136.7416.7
Cybersoul X3 Pro37.1816.9
Glion Balto X2*37.417
Emove Touring37.417
Sencor S7037.417
Okai Neon37.8417.2
Apollo AIr38.2817.4
Ninebot F238.517.5
Ninebot Max G30 LE II38.517.5
Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium38.517.5
Apollo Air 202338.517.5
Ninebot F2 Plus38.9417.7
Apollo City38.9417.7
Hiboy Max 339.618
VSETT Mini39.618
Lehe K139.618
EVOLV City39.618
Fiido Q1S e-bike39.618
Glion Dolly XL*39.618
Turbowheel Swift39.618
EVOLV Tour v239.618
Zero 939.618
FFR Horizon39.618
Razor C4540.1318.24
Niu KQi3 Sport40.4818.4
Niu KQi240.4818.4
Ninebot F2 Pro40.718.5
Hiboy Nex540.718.5
Volpam SP0140.718.5
Speedway Leger40.9218.6
Razor C25 SLA41.5818.9
Razor C35 SLA41.5818.9
Fiido Q141.819
Himo L241.819
Ninebot Max41.819
Razor E30042.919.5
Bezior S500 Max42.919.5
Gotrax G543.7819.9
Ninebot Max G30E II43.7819.9
Fiido Seated Electric Scooter43.8919.95
Anyhill UM24420
InMotion Lively4420
EverCross HB24 / H54420
Gotrax G64420
VSETT 84420
Dualtron Spider4420
Futecher Gun Pro4420
Hover 1 Blackhawk4420
Niu KQi3 Pro44.6620.3
Splach Turbo44.8820.4
Splach Ranger44.8820.4
Inmotion Climber45.7620.8
VSETT 8+45.7620.8
GoTrax GMax45.9820.9
Okai Neon Pro ES3046.221
GoTrax GMax Ultra46.221
Inokim Quick 446.221
Niu KQi3 Max46.4221.1
Gotrax Flex e-bike47.321.5
EVOLV Tour XL 13 Ah47.321.5
Turboant V8 Dual-battery47.5221.6
Dualtron Mini47.7421.7
Speedway Leger Pro47.7421.7
Ninebot F6547.9621.8
Mercane Jubel47.9621.8
Bird Flex48.422
Hiboy VE1 Pro48.8422.2
Kugoo M4 Pro49.522.5
Varla Falcon49.7222.6
Apollo Go49.7222.6
Solar P1 2.049.7222.6
Hiboy Titan49.9422.7
Dualtron Raptor 249.9422.7
Ninebot S Max50.1622.8
Splach Transformer50.623
Kugoo Kirin M450.623
Kugoo G2 Pro50.623
EVOLV Stride50.623
EVOLV Tour XL 18.2 Ah50.623
VSETT 950.623
EVOLV Tour XL-R50.623
Gotrax G Pro 3 Wheel51.723.5
Emove Cruiser S51.723.5
Apollo Explore51.9223.6
Synergy Aviator52.824
Inmotion S152.824
Inmotion L952.824
Splach Twin52.824
EVOLV Terra52.824
Zero 1052.824
Ninebot Max G253.4624.3
Mercane Widewheel Pro53.924.5
EMove RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter54.7824.9
VSETT 9R5525
Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite Plus5525
Kaabo Mantis Lite Plus5525
Kaabo Skywalker 10S5525
Kugoo Kirin G35525
Emove RoadRunner5525
Synergy Aviator
Apollo City Single Motor56.7625.8
E-way E-35057.226
Apollo City Pro 202257.226
Inokim OX 13Ah57.226
Hero X857.226
Dragon GTR v257.226
Okai ES50057.226
Dualtron Spider 257.6426.2
Gotrax F2 e-bike58.0826.4
Synergy Dual Sport59.427
Fluid Vista59.8427.2
Kaabo Mantis 859.8427.2
Arvala M1060.7227.6
Ninebot P65E61.628
Hiboy Titan Pro61.628
Inokim OX 21Ah61.628
VSETT 9+61.8228.1
Razor EcoSmart SUP62.728.5
Okai Stride Commuter EB4063.829
Blade Mini Pro63.829
Apollo Ghost 2022 Hydraulic Brake63.829
Apollo Ghost 2022 Regular Brake63.829
Apollo Ghost63.829
Splach Titan63.829
Razor EcoSmart Metro63.829
Solar EQ64.6829.4
Apollo City Dual Motor64.6829.4
NanRobot Lightning 2.064.929.5
Apollo City Pro64.929.5
Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition64.929.5
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE64.929.5
Kaabo Mantis Pro V2 Fluid Edition64.929.5
FFR Mantis Pro64.929.5
Hiboy ECOM 1465.7829.9
Varla Pegasus65.7829.9
OKAI Beetle/EA106630
Splach Mukuta6630
Kugoo G-Booster6630
Dualtron Eagle Pro6630
NanRobot D5+6630
Rovoron Kullter Luxury6630
NanRobot D4+ 2.066.8830.4
Solar FF Lite69.7431.7
Solar P1 Pro69.7431.7
Dualtron Man EX+69.7431.7
NanRobot D4+ 3.070.432
Dualtron Compact70.432
Speedway 570.432
Apollo Explore70.432
Dualtron Victor71.9432.7
Segway P100SE72.3832.9
Dualtron Victor Luxury72.633
Weped Fold D72.633
Weped F1272.633
Razor EcoSmart Metro HD72.8233.1
Kaabo Mantis King GT73.733.5
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro74.1433.7
Wolf Warrior X Pro74.3633.8
Kugoo M574.834
Inokim OXO74.834
Weped FF74.834
Razor Ecosmart Cargo74.834
Gotrax GX175.6834.4
Gotrax GX275.6834.4
Varla Eagle One76.7834.9
Apollo Phantom76.7834.9
Zero 10X7735
EVOLV Pro7735
Apollo Phantom V2 60V Hydraulic7735
Apollo Phantom 52V Hydraulic7735
Apollo Phantom 52V Mechanical7735
Apollo Phantom V37735
Synergy Cyclone7735
Blade 10 Pro Limited7735
Blade 10 GT+7735
Turbowheel Lightning+77.8835.4
Wolf Warrior X78.7635.8
VSETT 10+78.7635.8
Teverun Fighter 11+78.7635.8
Nami Klima78.8335.83
EVOLV Pro-R79.236
M YUME Scooter Y1080.7436.7
Blade X80.7436.7
Varla Eagle One V281.437
Currus NF81.437
Dualtron Victor Luxury +81.437
Arvala C-Pro81.437
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT82.7237.6
Okai Ranger EB5083.638
Qiewa Q Force83.638
Chaos GT160083.638
Mercane MX6085.839
Fiido Beast86.939.5
Hollyburn P58840
Synergy Tsunami8840
NanRobot N68840
Dualtron Ultra 28840
Bluetran Lightning8840
Dualtron Achilleus88.4440.2
Varla Eagle One Pro89.7640.8
Dualtron City90.6441.2
Arvala M1191.7441.7
Apollo Pro92.442
Gotrax GX393.7242.6
Synergy Storm94.643
Dualtron Thunder94.643
Okai Panther ES80096.844
EVOLV Corsa9945
Nami Burn-E 299.8845.4
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11101.246
Qiewa Q Power 2101.246
Chaos Sport101.246
Dualtron Storm101.6446.2
Kaabo Wolf King102.346.5
Nami Burn-E 2 Max102.7446.7
Dualtron Thunder 2104.0647.3
Ninebot GT1E104.547.5
Segway GT1104.7247.6
Bronco Xtreme105.648
Fobos X107.849
Solar FF 2.0 Limited Edition109.5649.8
Dualtron Storm Limited111.150.5
EMove RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter113.7451.7
Wolf GT Pro114.452
Zero 11X114.452
NanRobot LS7+114.452
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro114.452
Weped SST114.8452.2
Ninebot GT2P115.7252.6
Segway GT2 SuperScooter115.7252.6
Qiewa Q Hunter118.854
Weped FS12155
Dualtron Thunder 3125.457
VSETT 11+127.658
Inmotion RS127.658
Solar E-clipse133.7660.8
Dualtron X2144.5465.7
VSETT 11+ Super 72 32Ah149.668
VSETT 11+ Super 72 35Ah149.668
Hunter Quad 2×2155.5470.7
Dualtron X Limited182.683

As we can see, the vast majority of electric scooters today weigh less than 44 lbs / 20 kg. Most models are found somewhere between 22 and 42 lbs / 10 and 19 kg.

We can now confidently answer the most important questions about electric scooter weight.

How much does a typical electric scooter weigh?

Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter leaning on its kickstand in a living room

Popular models usually range from 15 lbs / 7 kg to 44 lbs / 20 kg and rarely exceed 46 lbs / 21 kg.

This data is based on best-sellers from major online retailers and budget models discussed online.

These are the most popular scooters and their weights:

If we calculate their average weight, we get an average of 28.6 lbs / 13 kg. That is a much better representation of the average electric scooter weight for the regular person.

What is the lightest electric scooter?

side view of the Swagtron Swagger

The lightest adult electric scooter used to be the SoFlow Air Carbon at 15.4 lbs / 7 kg.

16.9 lbs / 7.7 kg
The lightest electric scooter

What is the lightest electric scooter?

The lightest adult electric scooter is the Swagtron Swagger V1 Pro at 16.9 lbs / 7.7 kg.

Its low weight is due to its carbon fiber frame, which is both lightweight and durable.

The Swagtron Swagger V1 is budget-friendly, typically priced at around $240, with a top speed of 15.5 mph / 25 km/h and a 15.5 mi / 25 km range per charge.

If you are in the market for the lightest electric scooter for adults you should consider the Swagtron Swagger Pro.

Where to buy the Swagtron Swagger Pro from?

The Swagtron Swagger Pro can be found on Amazon.

What is the heaviest electric scooter?

dualtron x limited
182.6 lbs / 83 kg
heaviest electric scooter

What is the heaviest electric scooter?

The heaviest electric scooter built to date is the Dualtron x Limited. It weighs an astonishing 182.6 lbs / 83 kg!

That is almost 11 times heavier than the lightest scooter.

However, there are a lot of very good reasons why the Dualtron X Limited weighs as much as it does.

Dualtron X Limited is one of the fastest scooters today, able to reach speeds of more than 70 mph / 112 kmh!

It’s the world’s longest-range electric scooter, covering up to 100 mi (161 km) on one charge, explaining its significant weight.

The Dualtron X Limited is among the best and also one of the most expensive electric scooters ever, priced at $6995.

Best store
Typical price
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Customer support
Return period

Where does the weight of an electric scooter come from?

The materials used for the large majority of electric scooters are very similar.

While scooters can differ in design, they will all pretty much have a deck, a handlebar, wheels, etc. This means that the materials used will only be a secondary factor.

Manufacturers often use aviation-grade aluminum alloy for a good balance of strength and lightness.

In some cases, carbon fiber is used for even greater strength and lightness, but it can be more expensive.

Most of an electric scooter’s weight comes from the battery and the motor. As scooters get more powerful, they require bigger batteries, resulting in increased weight.

What is the electric scooter weight important for?

easy portable folded electronic scooter

The scooter weight is a crucial aspect determined by design choices.

It plays a central role in portability, influencing how easy it is to carry when folded. While the race for lighter scooters is ongoing, there are constraints due to the weight of scooter batteries.

Lighter scooters consume less energy due to reduced motor load, resulting in improved energy efficiency.

Conversely, heavier scooters provide enhanced stability, reduce vibrations on uneven terrains, and generally offer greater durability.

Lighter scooters often feature smaller wheels, impacting stability, while heavier ones tend to accommodate heavier loads, though not always in a directly proportional manner.

In conclusion, scooter weight is often linked to its maximum speed and range, primarily due to the motors and batteries. Heavier scooters tend to offer higher speeds, greater ranges, or both.

Considering all factors, both heavy and light scooters have their advantages and disadvantages.

How much is the maximum load of electric scooters?

heavy duty weight measuring scale

As we mentioned before, there is some weak link between the scooter’s weight and the maximum weight it can pull.

On average, electric scooters will have a maximum weight limit of 263.7 lbs / 119.6 kg. Most scooters have 220-265 lbs/100-120 kilograms of load capacity.

There are only a handful of electric scooters for adults that can carry less than 220 lbs / 100 kg.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of scooters made for heavier adults, that can routinely carry 330+ lbs / 150+ kg.

Here is a video where Mitchell and Ramier are reviewing the best electric scooters for heavy riders.

Should I get a light or a heavy scooter?

a guy climbing hill with his electric scooter.

For first-time riders, selecting a lighter scooter is a smart choice. These scooters are usually more affordable and less powerful, which makes them ideal for your first scooter.

Additionally, you’ll find the ease of portability quite convenient.

Get a heavier scooter when you require improved performance (speed, torque, climbing), extended range, or greater stability, and you’re experienced consider a heavy model.

Lightening your scooter is usually impractical and ill-advised since the battery and motor are the main contributors to its weight. On the contrary, there are several ways to increase your scooter’s weight, such as adding seats, accessories, and extra batteries.

The Xiaomi M365 weighs 26 lbs (12 kg) out of the box, making it one of the lightest common electric scooters.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro weighs 31 lbs (14 kg), which is around 5 lbs (2 kg) more than the standard Xiaomi M365, making it an average-weight electric scooter.

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