GoTrax G4 Review – Most Theft-Resistant Budget Scooter Ever

person riding the GoTrax G4

In this comprehensive GoTrax G4 review, we will examine all the use cases, features, and details of the GoTrax G4, and see why this innovative model hits the nail right on the head when it comes to security, and why it’s not only a great budget commuter, but also the best possible option for a certain category of scooterists.

Should you buy the GoTrax G4?

I simply love when budget scooter brands dare to try out new features and challenge the status quo in their new models, instead of just doing business as usual and waiting to see what Xiaomi does next and rushing to replicate that.

That’s why I have a great deal of respect for the GoTrax G4, which strikes a great balance between value and performance, but most importantly, comes with a combination of two security features that no other scooter has had before (most budget scooters actually have 0 of those), that makes it the most secure budget electric scooter made so far.

The GoTrax G4 comes with a built-in 4-digit combination cable lock in the stem, and a 3-digit electronic lock. While turned on, unless you unlock the digital lock, the will scooter beep, flash the lights, panic, activate the electronic brake, shut down the motor, and alert everyone in the vicinity that something fishy is going on. That combination will already deter most thieves, and when we factor in the fact that the scooter doesn’t really cost that much, the GoTrax G4 becomes one of the least likely electric scooters to get stolen.

But the scooter has a lot more going for itself than just security.

With large, cushy 10-inch pneumatic tires, a perfect range and charging time for commuters, higher top speed and climb angle than most other budget models, and a bang-for-buck that’s almost impossible to match, the GoTrax G4 is certainly one of the best budget models available today, and I would recommend it to any first time owners, daily commuters, and probably to anyone looking for a great versatile scooter priced around the $500 mark (many owners have claimed they would have happily paid $200 or even $300 more for this scooter).

And, of course, anyone concerned about their scooter possibly being stolen, should definitely check out the GoTrax G4, as no other budget model will come with even a remotely similar level of security.

Ordering, shipping, warranty, returns

deck of the GoTrax G4, leaning on its kickstand

Probably the best place to order the GoTrax G4 from will be Amazon, as you will not only get free shipping, but also the quickest delivery time as well. Just to make sure you’re getting the best price, check the GoTrax store as well, although I believe the prices there are almost always the same.

As usual with every GoTrax scooter, you get a 30-day return period, and a warranty period of 90 days. If you return the product because you don’t like it (and not because of a defect on arrival), the return shipping costs will be on your end, and the scooter will have to have remained undamaged. If you happen to get a defective product, you can get a repair on it or a new product, free of charge.

Also, the GoTrax support team is one of the best in the electric scooter industry. They are based in Dallas, Texas, and you can reach them through pretty much all the possible channels (email, phone, live chat).

Unboxing, assembly

The scooter arrives in a plain box with lots of styrofoam and protective covers, partially assembled, and your only job will be installing the handlebars inside the stem, connecting the cables and the screen, and tightening the screws. It’s also a good idea to check if all the other screws are charged, and also if the brakes are working properly, and that the tires are inflated.

The box will contain:

  • scooter
  • 4 screws
  • Allen wrench
  • charger
  • tire pump valve
  • user manual
  • warranty card

Make sure your scooter is charged fully before the first time you ride it.

User manual

page from the user manual of the GoTrax G4

The user manual for the GoTrax G4 is not too long, and not too boring, so I recommend skimming over it at least to make sure you are not missing out on some important specifics for your unit. It includes tips about proper usage, riding, maintenance, and also explains all the console functions.

Basics, folding, how to use

folding mechanism of the GoTrax G4

The scooter powers on and off by a long press of the power button. It has a standard thumb-throttle accelerator that doesn’t tire your fingers even when riding for longer periods of time.

When the throttle is held down for 8 seconds, the cruise control mode is activated, and the scooter will move on its own even if you don’t hold the throttle (using the brake disengages the cruise control). While cruise control is active, the scooter will beep to let you know, and display the cruise control icon on the screen.

When the scooter is on, holding the power button for 3 seconds toggles the lights on and off.

The scooter has two speed modes (L1 and L2), and while in the first speed mode, the speed is limited to 15 mph / 25.5 kmh.

This is a kick-to-start scooter, so a light kick off the ground is required before you can get going. Opinions on this matter differ, but I believe this is a great safety feature, and it also does wonders for the battery over the long run, so it’s an overall win.

The screen of the scooter is pretty bright, even on very sunny days. It displays the current speed, the battery level, covered distance, and the lights status.

Digital lock

The initial password for the digital lock of the scooter is “000”, and obviously changing that will be one of the first things you want to do.

Operating the digital lock is a bit involved. You will have to toggle through the numbers with the plus and minus buttons, and use the power button to confirm the number choice. Once you’ve entered the password, you press the power button two times to deactivate the lock. To set your own lock code, you press and hold the power button and the plus button at the same time for 10 seconds, then use the same operations to set the new password, and press the power button twice to confirm (check your manual for this as well).

Cable lock

the lock of the GoTrax G4

After the digital lock, the combination cable lock will be the last line of defense against theft, and it will make the lives of thieves miserable, as it’s integrated into the frame of the scooter itself, and trying to forcefully break it might damage the scooter easily and reduce its value. The lock has 4 digits for 10.000 combinations, so trying to guess it will take a while.

With not one but two built-in locking systems integrated into the scooter, the need for an additional scooter lock will be minimal, unless you truly want to make sure your scooter doesn’t get stolen no matter what.

Folding and unfolding

The scooter’s folding mechanism is pretty secure, and the stem doesn’t shake too much while riding. And yet, folding the scooter is very simple, as all that’s required is unlocking the folding button and latch on the stem, and connecting the hook on the stem with the small port on the rear fender.

Besides for locking, the hook on the stem is also very convenient for hanging bags or other objects off of it. In fact, the hook locks into place, and if you hang something on it, there’s no way it’s falling off of it, so this is possibly the best hook on an electric scooter yet.

The handlebars are not foldable, and the height of the handlebars is fixed.

Push assist mode

If you want to walk with your scooter, you can activate the push assist mode by holding the minus button, and the scooter will move along with you at a speed of 1.8 mph / 3 km. This is an interesting feature, although I’m not sure how practical it is, as the walking speed is fixed, and pressing the button while walking for a longer distance is not very ergonomic.

Build quality, lifespan

frame of the GoTrax G4

The build quality of the GoTrax G4 is pretty good, but I wouldn’t describe it as great. A number of issues are present that affect the overall build quality, and while they’re being addressed in newer editions of the scooter, we still can’t say this is an excellent quality scooter.

Still, except for a handful of dead-on-arrival cases (which can happen with every scooter and the customer is always either given a new scooter or refunded), the GoTrax G4 serves its owners well, and you can probably expect a few years out of it in most cases.

The scooter’s frame is made out of aluminum, which results in a body that’s both tough and light. The deck and the stem are both ergonomic and comfortable even for prolonged rides. The brake cable is integrated inside the stem and is barely visible, which is a big indicator of good design and engineering in my book, and I always give the scooters that achieve that a few extra points. The deck is wide enough for most people and has a rubber mat on top to prevent slipping, and the kickstand is secure and durable. The bell is conveniently placed on the left handlebar and is loud enough for most traffic participants to hear it even on busier days.

Known issues

The biggest known issue with the GoTrax G4 has to do with its battery. It has been known to wear out rather quickly in some units, and even completely die after just a few months of usage. We can probably say this is the exact same issue as the real-world range of the scooter being much less than the advertised one in many cases, as it also has to do with the battery getting weak relatively quickly. Interestingly, this issue seems to have been more present in the reports from 2020, and it’s not that common in the last few months, so hopefully GoTrax has addressed this and both the range and the battery should perform better now.

One strange issue with the GoTrax G4 is the occasional need to double-press the throttle to start the motor in some units. While this is not that big of a deal, it’s still a somewhat weird bug that some units may ship with.

Finally, there have been a few reports of the tires suffering flats, although these reports are not very common, especially when compared against some other budget models (looking at you Xiaomi…).

User experience

person riding the GoTrax G4

Since the scooter is a bit heavier than the typical commuter scooter, it will also be more reliable, and the rides will generally be stabler. Also, since the air-filled tires are quite big in both diameter and width, the rides will be quite comfortable, even when riding over some smaller bumps or cracks, and also handling and cornering will be easy and elegant.

Braking and folding are all both safe and easy, and riding the scooter is fun, so the general experience of owning the scooter will be positive. The only part that’s somewhat more involved is unlocking the digital screen lock, which, while adding a tremendeous amount of security to the scooter and strongly detering theft, will still add a few seconds extra to the process of starting the ride.

Speed, power

the motor of the GoTrax G4

With a continuous 350-Watt BLDC hub motor, the GoTrax G4 can outperform most competing scooters in its price category.

The top speed of the GoTrax G4 is 20 mph / 32 kmh, and that speed has been confirmed many times in owner tests. The scooter takes between 5.5 and 7 seconds to reach its top speed, depending on the rider’s weight and the battery level.

The motor is integrated into the rear wheel for maximum torque and traction, and gives the scooter an official climb angle of 15° / 27%, which has been largely confirmed in a few climb tests. In fact, the scooter is probably capable of even more. So, the GoTrax G4 should be strongly considered for anyone riding somewhere with lots of ups and downs, as it will conquer most mild but also a lot of moderate hills without any problems.

Range, commuting

This is one of the longest-range GoTrax models, or at least that’s the claim.

The official range is 25 mi / 40 km on a single battery charge.

Reports from owners and independent tests are not exactly in line with this claim, with most of the tests averaging around 16 mi / 26 km. That’s close to the claimed range, and I’ve seen worse cases of over-reporting the range, but it’s still not good enough.

Now, to be fair, the claimed range will probably be achieved if riding the scooter in a lower speed and for conserving power. However, most of us will never ride that way.

Anyway, the actual range itself, even if riding faster, isn’t that bad, and coupled with the large air-filled tires that provide comfortable rides, the relatively portable weight and folded dimensions, and the short charging time, the scooter is actually a very good choice as a commuting companion.

Battery, charger

The lithium-ion battery of the GoTrax G4 has a voltage of 36 V, and a capacity of 10.4 Ah and 374 Wh. The quality of the battery cells is good, and while the battery may fail to provide the specified range in some cases, it will generally achieve a fairly long lifecycle before it needs to be replaced. There are a few reports of the battery dying rather quickly after the purchase, but those are not very common, and they seem to have been addressed in the latest batch of this scooter.

The battery is replaceable, and if it wears out after a few years, you can get a new one from GoTrax at an affordable price.

Charging the GoTrax G4 takes between 4 and 5 hours if you’re charging the battery from scratch, and it costs less than 2 cents for a full charge during off-peak hours.

It’s best if you don’t let the battery get completely discharged though, so charging the scooter will probably take you around 3 hours usually, which is much lower than the typical charging time of most budget commuter scooters. The charging port is situated on the front ride side of the deck, and it is protected by a rubber cover. As usual, while charging, the indicator light on the charger will be red, and when the battery is full, it will turn green. You shouldn’t charge the scooter in too hot (104 °F / 40 °C), or too low (32°F / 0°C) temperatures, and you should only use the original charger.

Brakes, safety

rear disk brake of the GoTrax G4

The GoTrax G4 features a redundant braking system, with a disk brake, and an electronic brake that cuts power to the motor, and they are both engaged by pressing the brake lever on the left handlebar. Both of the brakes target the rear wheel, which goes a long way in preventing the scooter from tipping over when braking. The braking distance, when stopping from full speed, will be around 23 ft / 7 m. You can adjust the disk brake with the Allen key if you need to. The electronic brake also features an E-ABS, which prevents the wheel from locking while braking, and also has some regenerative braking, but most owners have reported that the feature is not really noticeable and doesn’t really regenerate that much battery juice.


front wheel of the GoTrax G4

The tires of the GoTrax G4 are pneumatic, and 10 inches in diameter, which makes them quite bigger than the typical 8.5-inch tires found in most budget scooters, and the difference in the ride comfort and stability will be significant because of that. Since they are quite big and absorb a lot of the shock from riding, the scooter doesn’t come with any additional suspension.

They are self-regenerative and come already filled with anti-puncture slime, and that’s probably the main reason why punctures are very rare. The recommended tire pressure is 50 PSI.

Tire replacement

If your tire suffers a flat, or wears out because of overuse (you can tell by the disappearance of the treads), you can find spare tires for cheap from the GoTrax store or on Amazon. Replacing the tires is pretty easy and you should be able to do it yourself even if you’re not a mechanic (this video from GoTrax does a good job of demonstrating the process).

Water resistance, IP rating

The GoTrax G4 comes with an IP54 water protection rating, which means it is water-resistant but not fully waterproof, and it can handle water splashes from all angles, but not being submerged into water.

GoTrax advises to avoid riding in the rain despite the scooter’s resistance to water damage. Still, many owners have dared to try that out, and yet, defects caused by water are almost unheard of with this scooter. My two cents is to avoid riding in wet conditions as much as you can, but not worry too much if you do it at times.

Weight limit

The official weight limit of the GoTrax G4 is 220 lbs / 100 kg, which is the gold standard to weight limits for budget scooters and it’s the most common weight limit out there.

It’s worth mentioning that riders up to that weight will probably not see a decrease in performance, especially in regards to speed and climbing, but interestingly, some owners that have weighed even above that limit have reported riding without any issues. Still, it’s best to stick to the official weight limit, as there are no guarantees for people above it (they should probably check out the best electric scooters for heavy adults guide).

Weight, dimensions, portability

rear view of the GoTrax G4

The GoTrax G4 weighs 36 lbs / 16.3 kg, which puts it a bit above the average weight for a budget electric scooter.

The dimensions of the scooter are also on the bigger side, with folded dimensions of:

  • length: 42.3 in / 107.4 cm
  • width: 17.9 in / 45.5 cm
  • height: 20.5 in / 52 cm

Despite of that, the scooter is still relatively portable because of its natural center of gravity, and the lack of awkward parts sticking out of it and getting caught in other objects. It will fit into most car trunks, public transport, and offices without a problem.

Lights, riding at night

The scooter has an LED headlight on the top of the stem, slightly angled downwards for a better lighting distance. It also has 6 reflective stickers (2 on the front wheel, 2 on the rear wheel, 1 on the front, 1 on the rear fender), and a rear brake light that flashes in red when you use the brakes. The main headlight is strong and you will be visible at night.

Accessories and gear

Besides the necessary scooter helmet, you can find several other interesting customizations available specifically for the GoTrax G4. It’s best if you check the GoTrax accessories and see which ones will you like the most (I recommend the trunk, and the phone mount as the two must-haves). In addition, you can also check out some of the standard electric scooter accessories, as most of them will fit the GoTrax G4.

While some owners have reported installing a seat, I haven’t been able to find one online that would fit this scooter. It may be possible for something custom to be done, but that will almost certainly not be worth the effort for most people (get yourself a scooter with a seat if that’s what you need).

Spare parts, maintenance

the handlebars of the GoTrax G4

While your scooter is under warranty, you should get most spare parts you need for free, unless the part has been damaged by improper use (including water damage).

After that, all the parts you need are available at the GoTrax spare parts page, almost always for very cheap.

To take proper care of your scooter and make sure it serves you well for a long time, I recommend the following maintenance routine once a week:

  • clean it with a soft, damp cloth, don’t use any corrosive solutions
  • inspect all the screws and make sure they are tight, including the ones inside of the folding mechanism
  • check the tires, they should be inflated at about 50 PSI
  • make sure the brake is strong enough, and adjust it if needed

Design, colors

Most GoTrax scooters have a unique touch when it comes to design, and the G4 certainly has that going for it as well. A modern, smooth, sligthly futuristic look and feel overall, with elegance and comfort buil into both the engineering and the execution, the scooter looks like it should cost more than it does.

Currently, it’s only available in black as the base color, with about half of the stem around the logo with a white background, yellow reflective stickers, and a few touches of red for the hooks on the stem and the rear fender, and the small red logo on the front. At one time, the scooter was also available in light grey with purple details, which was a quite refreshing color choice, but it seems like that color has gone off the shelves a long time ago and is not coming back for some reason.

GoTrax G4 vs other electric scooters

Let’s see how the GoTrax G4 compares against other electric scooters.

GoTrax G4 vs GoTrax XR Elite

GoTrax XR Elite standing in a room

A little sibling rivalry can be healthy, and the competition between the G4 and the XR Elite models is probably the most common comparison in the GoTrax realm.

The G4 will be a bit more next-level than the Elite, as it will have more range, bigger top speed, quicker acceleration, and probably climb better. Also, it will have larger tires, which will make the rides noticeably more comfortable.

The Elite, however, will fight back with smaller weight, smaller dimensions, better portability, and of course, better price. For about $100 less (sometimes maybe more), the Elite is probably a better choice for beginners. See the full GoTrax XR Elite review if that’s what you need.

GoTrax G4 vs GoTrax XR Ultra

Since the GoTrax XR Ultra is even more geared towards beginners in the budget category, the differences between it and the G4 will be a bit more pronounced.

The G4 will be about 4.5 mph / 7 kmh faster, and have about 15 km / 9 mi more range. It will also climb better, and handle bigger loads, even though the specs are the same on paper (the G4 simply has a more powerful motor).

The tire size will be another advantage of the G4, as its 10-inch tires will trump the measly 8.5-inch tires of the Ultra.

Still, the Ultra has a few things going for it as well.

Obviously, with a price difference of $150 – $250, it will be much friendlier on the budget, and it will be especially good for anyone that’s looking for that first scooter but still doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Also, the Ultra will be a lot more portable, occupy much less space, and weigh about 9 lbs / 4 kg less. If that sounds like a better deal to you, check out the GoTrax XR Ultra review.

GoTrax G4 vs GoTrax G3

The previous scooter in this GoTrax lineup, the GoTrax G3, is weaker in terms of performance, as one might expect. Both the range and the top speed are higher with the G4.

Interestingly, their weight is the same, which is unusual for scooters with different performances. Also, for some reason, the GoTrax team has decided to make the G3 a bit more water-resistant with an IPX6 ingress protection level.

Also, the price discrepancy between these two models is often in flux, and currently, the G3 is around $200 cheaper than the G4. That’s not a good representation of the differences in performance and quality between these two scooters, and I believe that GoTrax are trying to make the G3 more attractive to buyers because the G4 has simply been way more popular while the G3 may have been lagging in sales. Currently, the G3 costs $399, and I believe that’s a good price for it, so if you’re looking to save some money and wouldn’t mind compromising on performance, check out the GoTrax G3 at the official GoTrax store.

GoTrax G4 vs GoTrax GMax

Simply put, the GoTrax GMax is a heavier, more expensive version of the G4 with more range and a slightly better braking system.

Pretty much everything else is the same – the general design and build quality, the top speed, the water resistance, the tires, everything.

If you’d like about 17 mi / 28 km more range, and wouldn’t mind spending an extra $150 for it, take a look at the GoTrax GMax at the official GoTrax store.

GoTrax G4 vs Xiaomi M365

Probably the biggest rival of the GoTrax G4 will be the Xiaomi M365.

They are both priced about the same a lot of the time, but still, the GoTrax G4 manages to outperform the Xiaomi M365 in almost every single aspect:

  • top speed (Xiaomi M365: 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, GoTrax G4: 20 mph / 32 kmh)
  • range (Xiaomi M365: 18.6 mi / 30 km, GoTrax G4: 25 mi / 40 km)
  • climb angle (Xiaomi M365: 14°, GoTrax G4: 15°)
  • motor power (Xiaomi M365: 250 W, GoTrax G4: 350 W)
  • battery capacity (Xiaomi M365: 280 Wh, GoTrax G4: 374 Wh)

Now, we all know that specs are important but they can also mean very little in some scenarios. The Xiaomi M365 has a lot of clout because of its world-known brand, which does carry some advantages with it, and the level of quality will probably be on the side of the Xiaomi M365.

In the end, I think it might come down to the tires. The GoTrax G4 has larger 10-inch pneumatic tires, pre-filled with slime and anti-explosion foam, and prepared to withstand a lot of damage without getting flat. The Xiaomi M365, on the other hand, has one of the most notorious problem with flats in the scooter world. I believe that alone can be reason enough the go with the GoTrax G4.

Still, if you want to go with the proven model, with the scooter that probably jump-started the electric scooter revolution, nobody could blame you. See the review of the Xiaomi M365 if you want to find out more about this iconic scooter.

GoTrax G4 vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

The advantages of the GoTrax G4 will be a small advantage in price, but also some noticeable difference in the top speed, motor power, and climb angle.

Also, the GoTrax G4 will charge much faster, which is because it has a smaller battery, but at the same time, it doesn’t really have that smaller range, at least not as smaller as you would expect from the battery capacity.

The G4’s locking features are partially matched by Xiaomi’s app, which also has a lock feature similar to the digital lock of the G4, but the Xiaomi doesn’t have a match for the built-in combination cable lock.

Besides the huge branding and market popularity advantage, the Xiaomi M365 Pro will have a bit more range on its side, but it will also be a bit lighter (about 5 lbs / 2.3 kg), a bit smaller in dimensions, and probably a bit better build quality overall (although not by a lot). See the complete review of the Xiaomi M365 Pro to learn more about this scooter.

GoTrax G4 vs Ninebot Max

two Ninebot Max electric scooters

Comparing the GoTrax G4 and the Ninebot Max is a bit unfair towards the GoTrax G4, as it can cost almost half of the Ninebot Max.

Obviously, the Ninebot Max will have a tremendeous advantage in the range department, and not just because of the specs, but because of what user tests and reports confirm – with a range of 40 mi / 64 km, the Ninebot Max is a true range monster, and obviously a much better choice if range is your priority.

However, that range will come at a price, and that price will be almost 7 lbs / 3 kg of extra weight, larger dimensions, less portability, and, of course, around $300 more.

If that’s a price you think you’re willing to pay to get one of the most popular scooters ever, see the Ninebot Max review.

GoTrax G4 vs Turboant X7 Pro

The GoTrax G4 and the Turboant X7 Pro are often compared against one another, and that’s a very good matchup in my opinion.

Both scooters are similarly priced, weigh about the same, have similar portability, same tire size, and also have similar motors, top speeds, and climb angles.

It’s really a good comparison as we can see. It will come down to small use cases and specific advantages that fit a specific user’s scenario.

The GoTrax G4’s biggest advantage is its brand recognition, as GoTrax is one of the most renowned brands in the budget scooter category. Also, it will have better ingress protection with an IP54 against the Turboant’s IPX4, and of course, the advanced security features that are unique only to the G4.

The Turboant X7 Pro will have a bit more range, and that’s its biggest advantage. It should also be able to carry a bit more weight (275 lbs / 125 kg), and also has a detachable battery, which is an interesting feature that might be useful in some scenarios (although it might be disadvantageous in others as well). If that sounds like it might fit your needs better, check out the Turboant X7 Pro or my full Turboant X7 Pro review.

GoTrax G4 vs Hiboy S2 Pro

The GoTrax G4 and the Hiboy S2 Pro are very similar in many regards. Their top speeds, ranges, weights, IP ratings, and tire sizes, are almost identical. Even their prices are the same.

The main point of difference between the two is probably the tire type. The Hiboy S2 Pro comes with solid tires, while the GoTrax G4 has pneumatic ones.

Also, the Hiboy S2 Pro has a rear suspension system, while the GoTrax G4 has none. While the suspension will improve the ride quality somewhat, it will probably still not be as stable and comfortable as the ride of the G4. However, the risk of flats will also be eliminated.

So, basically, if you’d like a scooter similar to the GoTrax G4 and you’d also like to completely eliminate the risk of flats, check out my Hiboy S2 Pro review.

GoTrax G4 vs Niu KQI2 Pro

The Niu KQI2 Pro is a relative newcomer to the electric scooter scene, and it has managed to quickly garner a lot of admirers.

Compared to the GoTrax G4, it will be slower and it will not climb as well because of the weaker motor. Also, it will be heavier for some reason.

The range will be the same, as well as the braking system and the ingress protection.

Since the scooters are priced almost the same, I’m not sure I can find a good reason to go with the Niu over the GoTrax G4. Still

User reviews, owner reports

The GoTrax G4 enjoys a great reputation, and can boast hundreds of favorable reviews from owners. Its ratings on online stores are universally high, often around the 4.5-star mark (out of 5 stars), which is not that easy for a budget electric scooter to achieve. While there have been a few negative reviews and some defects in the early days of ownership reported, it seems like those issues have mostly plagued an older version of the scooter, and today most units of the scooter ship with a near-perfect quality.

Issues and problems

The most common issue (and so far the only one I’ve found happening to more than one user) is the big decrease in battery life with time. Many riders have reported around 30%-40% battery life loss after only one year of riding. The scooter will start the first year with an expected range of around 16 mi / 26 km, but then drop down to less than 10 mi / 16 km after a year.

There are many things that can have an effect on this issue. Leaving the charger overnight frequently, and riding the scooter at max speed for the whole day, every day, are the most common ways to kill the battery of the scooter far too early.

You can solve, or prolong this issue by taking better care of the battery pack and going easier at the scooter, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Who is the GoTrax G4 perfect for?

lower view of a person riding the GoTrax G4

While the GoTrax G4 is an excellent general-purpose scooter, my impression is that the brand has attempted to create a scooter that’s first of all perfect for a certain category of owners, and only then caters to the regular scooterist.

While it’s a great pick for beginners, first-time owners, commuters, young professionals, and students, this scooter shines in one area where most other scooters either have partial features, or no features at all.

Anyone that’s worried their scooter might be a common target of theft attempts, or leaves their scooter outside in a rougher area, or needs to leave their scooter outside a lot (like going in the store or working in delivery), or is simply a bit more on the paranoid side, will find that the GoTrax G4 is a solid scooter that is probably the most theft-resistant budget choice out there.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s look at what users often want to know about the GoTrax G4 scooter.

Is the GoTrax G4 worth it?

My verdict is that the GoTrax G4 is the safest and one of the sleekest scooters under $500. If you aren’t looking for something extraordinary, and want o get a simple city commuter for a cheap price, this scooter should be somewhere on the top of your list.

Can I ride my GoTrax G4 in the rain?

The GoTrax G4 is perfectly safe for riding in light wet weather, as long as you avoid riding through puddles and during heavy rainfall.

Can I leave my GoTrax G4 scooter charging overnight?

You should never charge your scooter for longer than other recommended amount. Charging the GoTrax G4 overnight can result in decreased battery lifespan and a significantly shorter range after only a few months.

Where to buy the GoTrax G4 from?

There is no better place to buy the GoTrax G4 from than Amazon, but you should also check the GoTrax store just to make sure you are getting the best price. In both cases you will get free and quick shipping, and probably the same warranty and return periods.


GoTrax G4 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed32 kmh
Top speed20 mph
Range40 km
Range25 mi
Motorsrear hub
Power350 W
Climb angle15 °
Battery374 Wh, 36 V
Battery typesmart battery management system
Charging time5 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight16.3 kg
Weight36 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic
Build materialaluminum
Brakesdual electronic KERS
LightsLED headlight + rear brake
Controldigital display
Cruise controlyes
Keysdigital lock
Warranty12 months
Return period14 days
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)107.4 cm * 45.5 cm * 120.4 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)42 in * 18 in * 47 in

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