GoTrax XR Ultra Review [Best Electric Scooter Under $450]

GoTrax XR Ultra Review

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Quick summary: The GoTrax XR Ultra is one of the most popular, highest-rated, best-selling budget electric scooters ever, and likely the best scooter under $450 right now. With great quality, a full set of features, and decent performance, it has everything an electric scooter should have, so it’s the perfect choice for many riders.

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked #4 in price range $401 – $500
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • Impressive range
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Decent speed
  • Affordable


  • Limited suspension
  • Charging time
  • Lighting

When to buy

If you have a short to medium-distance commute and prioritize a portable and user-friendly scooter, the GoTrax XR Ultra is a practical choice, especially when promotions align with your need for an affordable and efficient electric ride.

When not to buy

Avoid purchasing the GoTrax XR Ultra if you are willing to invest in a higher-end model with stronger specs. If your daily commute involves long distances or frequently traverses rough terrain, you may want to explore electric scooters with more powerful motors and advanced suspension systems.

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Today, we will review the GoTrax XR Ultra, probably the best electric scooter in the $400 price range in the world right now. We will take a look at every possible detail, but also a view of the scooter as a whole, and see for whom is the GoTrax XR Ultra perfect.

Let’s see what makes the GoTrax XR Ultra one of the best budget scooters ever made.

GoTrax XR Ultra specifications

GoTrax XR Ultra Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed25 kmh
Top speed15.5 mph
Range25.7 km
Range16 mi
Motorssingle hub front-drive
Power300 W real, 430 W peak
Climb angle15 °
Battery252 Wh, 36 V
Battery typeLG Smart battery management system
Charging time4 h
Ingress protection (IP)IP54
Weight12 kg
Weight26.5 lbs
Weight limit100 kg
Weight limit220 lbs
Tire size8.5 in
Tire typepneumatic
Tire pressure50 psi
Foldable handlebarsno
Trunk or basketno (customization possible)
Build materialaluminum alloy
Brakesdual, rear disc + electric regenerative front
Shock absorbersno
LightsLED headlight
Controlscreen display
Speed modes2
Cruise controlyes
Warranty12 months
Return period14 days
Rider age13+
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)110 cm * 43.4 cm * 37 cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H)43 in * 17 in * 15 in
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)110 cm * 43.4 cm * 115 cm
Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H)43 in * 17 in * 45 in
Deck dimensions (L * W)47 cm * 15 cm
Deck dimensions (L * W)19 in * 6 in
Ground clearance9 cm
Ground clearance4 in
Deck to handlebar height105 cm (est)
Deck to handlebar height41 in (est)
Adjustable handlebarno


There are many electric scooters priced between $350 and $450. Most of them are not good, mostly because it’s hard to make a good scooter for under $500.

The GoTrax XR Ultra is one of the very few exceptions there.

GoTrax outdid themselves with the GoTrax XR Ultra – the levels of quality and value this scooter provides for $419 are just out of this world. I’ve mentioned this scooter in several other articles, and I usually say the same thing – this is the one of the best electric scooter under $500.

Unboxing, assembly, manual

page from the GoTrax XR Ultra manual showing how to assemble the scooter

The box will include:

  • electric scooter
  • handlebars
  • charger
  • screws
  • Allen key
  • safety pin
  • tire gauge pipe
  • user manual
  • warranty card

After removing the protective cover, make sure all the parts have arrived intact.

There will be some minimal assembly needed. You need to first remove the cap from the top of the stem, then connect the brake cable from the stem to the brake lever from the handlebar, make sure it’s in place, then put the handlebar in the stem and screw the screws.

The process will take you 5-10 minutes.

If you don’t read the manual carefully (as few of us do), at least quickly scan it – electric scooter versions and details change even within the same model, and you should be aware of possibly important changes and safety instructions.

Before riding, quickly make sure the tires are inflated and the brakes work properly.

Folding and unfolding

side view of a folded GoTrax GXL Commuter

The folding mechanism of the GoTrax XR Ultra hits a good balance between safety and ease of use.

To fold the scooter, you first need to pull out and twist the red pin on the front left lower stem, and then pull the red lever between the stem and the deck down. The scooter locks in place by using the reliable hook and frame method, you’ll hear a click when it’s done. The hook on the stem can also serve as a neat way to hook bags or other items while riding.

To unfold, just unhook the little hook and lift the stem, and the scooter unfolds itself.

How to ride GoTrax XR Ultra

screen of the GoTrax XR Ultra

This is a real electric kick scooter, meaning you need to use the initial kick off the ground and then press the throttle for the scooter to start moving. In general, electric kick scooters are a bit safer, since there is no risk of the scooter accelerating if you accidentally press the throttle while not riding.

The GoTrax XR Ultra accelerates with a thumb throttle on the right handlebar. There are different tastes and opinions on this matter but I believe that the thumb throttle is the best throttle mechanism.

The cruise control is activated after 10 seconds of holding the throttle, and it is stopped after engaging the brake.

The XR Ultra has two-speed modes. The lower speed mode limits the top speed to 9 mph / 15 kmh, and results in more efficient battery use, so choose it if you want to conserve battery and get the most range.


Let’s dive into the performance aspects of the GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooter.

Speed, speed test, and acceleration

The official top speed of the GoTrax XR Ultra is 15.5 mph / 25 kmh. I can confirm that by countless speed tests in real-world scenarios and different circumstances. Riding downhill, the scooter can even reach 20 mph / 32 kmh.

The 300 Watt motor + 252 Wh LG battery combo helps the scooter accelerate pretty fast, and you will be hitting the top speed in just a few seconds.

If you need a faster electric scooter check my article about the fastest electric scooters.

Climb and climb test

20 percent climb angle traffic sign

The GoTrax XR Ultra has an advertised climb angle of 15°. The power upgrade that the motor has, compared to the regular GoTrax XR version, and the fact that the scooter gets extra torque because the motor is in the front wheel, make this climb angle very realistic, if not under-reported.

In practice, I can confirm that the XR Ultra can climb reasonably well, but as with all budget scooters, it will struggle on steeper hills and with very long climbs, and the speed will be reduced as well.

If you are looking for an electric scooter with better stability for your off-road rides check out my article on the best electric scooters for climbing hills or the best off-road electric scooters.

16 mi
official range

Range and range test

The range of the GoTrax XR Ultra is 16 mi / 26 km. That is the range claimed by GoTrax, so it may not be what all of the owners get in the real world, but it’s pretty close, and you can expect at least 14 mi / 23 km, which is a rough average of all of my range tests.

Motor, power, torque

front hub motor in the front tire of the GoTrax XR Ultra

The hub motor of the GoTrax XR Ultra has 300 Watts of real power, but it’s able to develop peak power of up to 430 Watts.

As in most modern scooters, the motor is integrated into the front wheel. That is the better wheel to host the motor, as the scooter will be more performant overall and provide more torque and efficiency. The tradeoff is that usually, control suffers a little, but the XR Ultra compensates with pretty wide handlebars, so the front motor is a sound concept overall.


The GoTrax XR Ultra features an LG-manufactured battery, with a capacity of 7Ah / 252 Wh, and a voltage of 36 Volts. When it comes to scooters, LG batteries are at the top of the food chain and are only rivaled by Samsung, so seeing one in a scooter this affordable is pretty unusual and gives a big boost to the scooter’s overall quality.

Unlike most scooters, the XR Ultra has a battery in the stem instead of inside the deck.

Charging and charging cost

gotrax ultra charging

Even though GoTrax claims that the GoTrax XR Ultra takes 4 hours to fully charge, my experience showed that charging it in 3.5 hours can be enough. As usual, the red light on the charger means the scooter is still charging, and the green light means the battery is full.

The charger port is located near the handlebar, and it’s protected by a rubber cover.

Charging the scooter fully during off-peak hours costs just 1 cent in the US and 2 pennies in Canada, while charging during peak hours costs 4 cents in the US and around 3 pennies in Canada.

Ride experience

The GoTrax XR Ultra has a fun, smooth ride. It handles small potholes, cracks, bumps, and even some low curbs, pretty well, especially for a scooter with no suspension. However, don’t go over larger curbs – the scooter will not handle those easily.

The balance is pretty good, as the deck is quite low and has a low center of gravity. Turning and control are decent, but they do suffer a bit because of the front-drive motor.

While riding, the only sound you hear is the gentle hum of the motor, there is no squeaking scratching, or any other weird noises.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs other electric scooters

The scooters often compared against the GoTrax XR Ultra are most often used as further proof of GoTrax’s domination in the budget category, as this model is most often compared to other GoTrax scooters. However, it’s worth comparing it to other budget and popular brands as well.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter

gotrax xr ultra vs gotrax v2 commuter

This is another case of bickering siblings and even more proof of GoTrax’s dedication to the budget demographic.

Objectively, the XR Ultra is a better choice than the GXL V2.

It has a more powerful motor, more range, a better battery from LG, the folding mechanism is simpler…

But! The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter has several things going for it as well.

Market adoption is one of the strongest sides of the XR Ultra, but in this case, the GXL V2 matches it, and maybe even beats it – it has been around for longer, and it has sold even better than the XR Ultra!

The GXL V2 Commuter is, remarkably, even cheaper. Like, significantly cheaper – it now costs around $248, and that is just unbelievable value.

I still recommend the XR Ultra here, as it’s obviously more powerful, and probably better quality as it learned from some of the GXL V2’s mistakes as well, and is clearly the future.

You can check out the full review of the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter to find out if it may be a better choice for you, or you can find it at the links below if you are interested in buying.

Where to buy the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter from?

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is available in the US from the the official GoTrax store.

GoTrax currently don’t ship to Canada. Fortunately for Canadians, the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter can sometimes be available on Amazon Canada.

UK, EU alternative
As GoTrax scooters are not available outside the US, the best equivalent to the GXL V2 in Europe would be the Kugoo S1 Pro on Geekbuying. As usual, shipping is free and takes about a week.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs GoTrax G3

Gotrax xr ultra vs gotrax g3

The GoTrax G3 is part of a newer series of GoTrax scooters, but still, it doesn’t come with any major differences compared to the more established GoTrax models.

Its motor is the same as the one of the XR Ultra, as well as the top speed.

Where these two scooters differ is the range. The G3 has about 2 mi / 3 km extra range, which is not that much of a difference. For some reason, the G3 weighs 9 lbs / 4 kg more, even though it doesn’t perform that much better.

The only reason why I would seriously recommend the G3 over the XR Ultra is the IPX6 ingress protection rating, which is two levels above the IP54 rating of the XR Ultra. The G3 is also about $50 more expensive.

In general, if water protection is critical to you, check out the GoTrax G3, otherwise, stick with the GoTrax XR Ultra.

Where to buy the GoTrax G3 from?

The best place to buy the GoTrax G3 from will almost always be the official GoTrax online store.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs Xiaomi M365

In my opinion, I believe that for many people and use cases, the GoTrax XR Ultra has what it takes to take on the current budget champ.

First of all, the XR Ultra will save you a hundred dollars or more, and that’s an excellent start.

Most of the specs are quite similar, and I believe the XR Ultra can neutralize one of the biggest advantages of the Xiaomi M365 – its popularity and brand recognition. The XR Ultra simply matches that, as it’s also a very popular and well-accepted model.

The advantage of the XR Ultra comes from its tires. While they have the same dimensions, and both are air-filled, the XR Ultra seems to get fewer flats, which is one of the most vulnerable spots of the Xiaomi M365.

Where to buy the Xiaomi M365 from?

If you live in the United States, the best place to get the Xiaomi M365 from is Amazon. You will get free shipping, quick delivery times, and great warranty and return periods.

The best place to buy the Xiaomi M365 from in Canada is Amazon Canada. You will get all the usual Amazon perks, like very fast and free delivery.

For the UK, but also as a great alternative in many other European countries, you can find the Xiaomi M365 on GeekBuying. The shipping times will be very short (2-7 days), and usually shipping will be free.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs Ninebot ES2

While the Ninebot ES2 is almost in a different price category, costing around $150 more than the XR Ultra, the two often get compared to one another.

Curiously, even though the Ninebot ES2 is quite a bit more expensive, it doesn’t have that much more to show for the extra price. The top speeds and the ranges of both scooters are pretty much the same, as well as the weight limit, the water protection, the weight, and even the dimensions.

Arguably the biggest advantage that the Ninebot ES2 has is the brand recognition, and possibly a bit better build quality. If that’s worth $150 more to you, check out my Ninebot ES2 review.

Where to buy the Ninebot ES2 from?

The best place to get the Ninebot ES2 in the USA currently is from Amazon. Check the official Segway store as well to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

The above Amazon link can work for Canada too, but for better efficiency, faster delivery, and smaller shipping and tax costs, you can get the Ninebot ES2 from the Amazon Canada listing.

GoTrax XR Ultra vs Swagtron Swagger v1

Swagtron may be one of the biggest competitors to GoTrax for the North American budget scooter market. They also produce scooters typically priced below $450.

While they are also well-known and trusted, Swagtron scooters seem to suffer a bit more from quality issues.

The Swagtron Swagger v1 is one of their most popular scooters, and in some ways, it is quite similar to the XR Ultra, especially in terms of specs. However, the XR Ultra is a clear winner in my opinion, as it is more feature-full, and it’s simply of higher quality.

Build quality

I wouldn’t exactly want to say that the scooter has great quality for its price, as I believe it has pretty good quality regardless of its low price.

The GoTrax XR Ultra follows the design principles established and tested by its predecessor, the GoTrax Ultra.

The scooter is made from aluminum alloy for the frame, and rubber and plastic for the secondary parts.

The standard version of the XR Ultra sports a matte-grey base, with black details and some touches of red, for a modern, a bit futuristic look and feel.

One distinctive feature is the brake lever, made out of metal. For those of us who owned BMXs or other bikes back in the day, this will evoke some nostalgia.

Usually, the scooter is available in grey, black, or purple.


Get ready to uncover the smart and innovative features that define the Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter.

Frame, deck, handlebars

The stem of the scooter is quite wide, and that adds to the scooter’s overall look of sturdiness and robustness.

The deck sports an anti-slip rubber surface, often in the main detail color of the scooter (black, purple). It is wide enough and comfortable for adults of all feet sizes, about 18.5 in / 47 cm long, and 6 in / 15 cm wide, with a deck clearance of around 3.5 in / 9 cm.

The kickstand is long enough to prevent the scooter from suddenly tipping over.

If you are a taller commuter check this article and never think again about muscle tension while riding or any kind of pain.

Waterproofing and IP rating

waterproofing of the GoTrax XR Ultra

The GoTrax XR Ultra has an official ingress protection rating of IP54, which means it will be protected against water splashes from all angles, although not from stronger jets of water. So, it will be very water resistant, but not fully waterproof.

Lots of owners have reported riding it through rain and puddles without defects, although I did find one that said riding in the rain fried the controller, so the usual recommendation stands – avoid riding in the rain, only do so if you must, but also know that if you do, most likely the scooter will be fine.

Brakes, safety

The GoTrax XR Ultra is a very safe scooter, mostly because of its braking system. The brakes perform great and have plenty of stopping power for a scooter like this. The brake distance will be somewhere around 13 feet / 4 meters.

It features an electric regenerative brake in the front wheel and a mechanical disc brake in the rear wheel. Both brakes are activated with the brake lever on the left handlebar. The electronic brake has a battery regeneration feature and replenishes the battery every time you use the brake, let go of the throttle, and even when you push the scooter manually.

The minimum age requirement for this scooter specified by GoTrax is 13+, and the scooter is suitable for both kids and adults.


rear tire of the GoTrax XR Ultra

The 8.5-inch, air-filled tires make sure the rides with the GoTrax XR Ultra are steady and comfortable.

Even though the tires are air-filled, they are not as susceptible to flats as with many other popular scooters, and owners of this scooter get fewer flats in general compared to Xiaomi owners.

However, similar to the Xiaomi models, replacing a tire if you get a flat can be complicated, especially the front one which has the motor in the wheel. Consider giving the tires some extra protection with a tire sealant (Green Slime on Amazon works best).

The XR Ultra has no suspension, but again, as a scooter with good pneumatic tires, it doesn’t need one that much.

Weight, dimensions, portability

folded GoTrax XR Ultra

When folded, the scooter has dimensions and volume similar to other budget scooters:

  • 43.3 in / 110 cm length
  • 17.1 in / 43.4 cm width
  • 14.6 in / 115 cm height

When folded, the center of gravity is not in the middle of the stem, but the balance is easy to find and the scooter is still easy to carry.

Considering all of the above, and the weight of 26 lbs / 12 kg, the GoTrax XR Ultra can be considered very portable, and certainly one of the most portable scooters with this kind of performance and range. It will have absolutely no issues fitting in car trunks, on buses and trains, in elevators or through hallways, or under office desks.

220 lbs
max. weight

Weight limit and use by heavy adult

The weight limit of the GoTrax XR Ultra is 220 lbs / 100 kg. This weight limit may even be a little under-reported, as some users above it have said they can ride the scooter without too many issues (some have weighed even 280 lbs / 127 kg!).

Lights, night rides

front LED headlight of the GoTrax XR Ultra

The front LED headlight is bright, not simply just “bright for a budget scooter”. It is placed on the top of the stem and has a wide angle, so it will cast a light of several meters into the darkness of the night.

The scooter has a reflector on the rear but doesn’t include the typical rear brake light. If you plan on riding at night, this cheap piece of equipment is strongly recommended, and probably required by law as well. The official GoTrax tail light will be a perfect choice, but a generic red rear light for bikes will do just fine.

Screen, dashboard, controls

display of gotrax ultra

The LED display screen shows the current speed, the speed mode, the light status, and the battery level (4 bars). The display is bright enough for both night use and sunny days.

Everything on the scooter’s screen is done with the single red button on the stem right under the display:

  • holding the button for 1 second when the scooter is off, turning it on
  • holding the button for 2 seconds changes the speed mode
  • pressing the button while the scooter is on toggles the light

The left handlebar has a bell to notify other traffic participants about your presence. Pedestrians will hear it without a problem, but people in cars with their radios turned on will probably not.


black GoTrax XR Ultra

The scooter has no way of locking it. It is recommended you don’t leave it outside for too long. Even though it’s not that expensive of a scooter, potential thieves may mistake it for such and try their luck.

If you do plan on leaving it outside for longer, consider getting a lock (full scooter lock guide here).

Accessories, customizations

rear fender for the GoTrax XR Ultra

I can’t remember the last scooter that had this many accessories and customizations available. There are at least 10 cool accessories on the official GoTrax accessories page, although make sure that they can fit the GoTrax XR Ultra, as some of them can’t.

The generic accessories should also mostly fit the scooter, so make sure to check the detailed guide on electric scooter accessories as well.

While this scooter is not really capable of some truly dangerous speeds, that still doesn’t justify riding it without the proper scooter helmet. I would generally recommend a half-face helmet even for budget scooters just to stay on the safe side, but a bike helmet might also do a solid job if that’s all you have available and don’t want to buy a new helmet right now.

Maintenance, spare parts

needed materials for cleaning

The maintenance for the GoTrax XR Ultra is minimal and even less than with most other scooters. Since there have been very few reports of flats or screws getting loose or things like that, you can get away with very infrequent maintenance checks.

One of the best things about buying a scooter from a brand like GoTrax is that you will always have an abundant supply of cheap spare parts. You can always find pretty much all the spare parts you may need for the XR Ultra on the official GoTrax store page for parts.

Known issues

side view of a black GoTrax XR Ultra

A small number – around a dozen customers – have experienced issues with their scooters upon delivery, often due to damage in transit. Despite the overall low occurrence compared to total sales, it’s important to take note.

However, affected customers receive either a refund or a replacement, minimizing any real harm.

A few users have reported a potential discrepancy between the claimed and actual range of the XR Ultra scooter, experiencing about half the advertised range. It’s worth noting that such instances are limited and could be attributed to the inherent unpredictability of batteries, even high-quality ones like the LG batteries used in this scooter.

GoTrax scooters don’t have Bluetooth features, and thus there’s no official app for them. I recommend the Universal Scooter App by EScooterNerds as an alternative. It will not be able to connect with the scooter, but it will have some other useful features for improving the owner experience in general. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Every other potential issue would be nitpicking in my opinion. This is a relatively wholesome scooter, it’s not the first of its name so it has “wisdom” in it, the design is solid and the parts are well-integrated, so it works well most of the time.

Price, value for money

Currently, the GoTrax XR Ultra is heavily discounted and costs around $419. The regular price is much higher – it was $500 at one time!

The scooter is amazing value for money at both of those price points. Of course, for $419, it’s just an incredible deal, and probably one of the best bang-for-buck scooters ever.


two GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooters facing each other

This scooter has a lot going for it.

It comes from a well-known brand.

It has already proven itself in the eyes of countless owners.

It is safe, street-legal, has great build quality and design, smooth ride, and is a joy to ride overall.

The strong brakes, the great waterproofing, the nice performance stats, and the many features, really make the GoTrax XR Ultra the whole package. It’s really hard to ask for more.

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter under $450, then you should most definitely buy the GoTrax XR Ultra. There will not be a better scooter for that price, and honestly, many more expensive models will not be nearly as good.

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