Best Summer Electric Scooters (That Can Handle Heat And Sun)

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side diagonal view of the EMove Cruiser in an urban setting

Not all scooters are built to withstand the trials and challenges of a brutally hot and sunny summer.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time riding electric scooters in hot and sunny places over the last few years, and I’ve learned a few very useful things about which scooters are good for the summer, but also for any place that gets a lot of sun and heat throughout the year as well.

Let’s briefly see what makes a good summer electric scooter first, and then see which models satisfy those criteria the best.

Which electric scooters are best for the summer?

There are several details and features that make an electric scooter particularly good for summer rides.

The first, and probably most obvious one, is the color. The darker the scooter’s color, the easier it will absorb heat, and it will heat up faster. If that happens too often, or too much, the chances that some of the critical electronic components get damaged increase. Most of the popular choices come in white color as their base color, or a shade of grey or some other lighter color, and that’s a great starting point when picking a scooter for a sunny place.

It would also be good if the scooter’s operating temperature is capable of withstanding some heat. For many scooters, this number is not available, but some of the better scooters include the temperature range in the manual, and we want the upper limit to be as high as possible.

Then, we want the scooter to not have any known issues about overheating and similar problems, as that would be a huge downside for riding on a hot day.

Also, we don’t want scooters that have known issues with their battery, or their chargers. This is often related to the above, but not always. In any case, scooters that are well made and of higher quality will not suffer from these issues.

The scooters that come with a smart BMS (battery management system) will have a big advantage, as that kind of modern battery and charging system provides protection against overheating, both while charging and while discharging, which is especially helpful during hotter days and helps extend the life of the battery.

Another point we should take into account is the readability, brightness, and contrast of the screen. This is not as important as the points above, but it’s still a factor for bright days, as the screen can be barely readable on some scooters, and riding without the screen can be anything from slightly annoying to dangerous, so it’s good for the scooter to have a readable screen.

Finally, it would be good for the scooter to have a decent range. Why? So that it doesn’t require charging it too often. Why? Because if you have to charge it too often, the chances increase that you forget or ignore the rule that you shouldn’t charge your scooter while it’s hot or too soon after riding it. This is not a critical point, but scooters with a longer range will have a minor advantage as well.

Those are all the criteria that make up a good summer scooter. Let’s now see which scooters satisfy them the best, and for what scenario or budget is each of them the best choice.

Best electric scooters for summer

The following electric scooters will be the best models for riding in the summer, or for riding in hot and bright days.

Electric ScooterSummer Use CaseBuy
EMove CruiserBest electric scooter for summer overallCheck price
Inokim Quick 4Best high-end electric scooter for summerCheck price
Speedway 5Most powerful electric scooter for summerCheck price
Ninebot Air T15Most portable electric scooter for summerCheck price
EMove TouringBest electric scooter for summer under $1000Check price
Xiaomi M365Best electric scooter for summer under $500Check price
GoTrax XR UltraBest budget electric scooter for summer (North America)Check price
Kugoo S1 ProBest budget electric scooter for summer (Europe)Check price

Best electric scooter for summer overall – EMove Cruiser

If you’ve read some other articles on this blog, you probably already know that I believe the EMove Cruiser to be one of the best electric scooters of all time, if not the best one ever!

That’s got a lot to do with its feature-completeness, and a lot of those features are perfect for riding at summer.

The scooter comes in a predominantly white color choice, and in fact, that’s one of the most popular color choices for it.

The battery of the EMove Cruiser comes from LG, which means it really can’t get much better, as LG is arguably the best battery manufacturer for electric scooters (maybe rivaled only by Samsung batteries). Issues with the battery overheating or suffering any other charging or discharging faults are virtually unheard of, as well as issues with the scooter overheating in general. The charging system is very modern and there’s no danger of damage while charging, even if the temperature is hotter.

All in all, the scooter’s battery and charger can handle a bit of heat pretty well.

The round LCD display has a lot of contrast, and it will actually be brighter than most other of the newer, integrated displays that are barely visible even on regular days.

And, of course, with a range of 62 mi / 100 km, the EMove Cruiser will only need to be charged once a week, which drastically reduces the chances of you plugging in the charger immediately after riding and risking damaging the battery.

Besides all of the summer-ready features, the EMove Cruiser is, as I said, one of the best electric scooters overall, and I believe it’s never a mistake to choose it. It is a scooter of the highest quality, with the best water protection rating in the world, a dual adjustable suspension that provides very comfortable and safe rides, excellent weight limit and climbing abilities, and a top speed of 28 mph / 45 kmh that’s more than enough for pretty much any scooterists out there.

In summary, the EMove Cruiser is the best electric scooter for the summer or for riding in hot and sunny environments. If you ride somewhere hot and sunny, I don’t think you can find a better choice than the white color version of the EMove Cruiser. Check out my full review of the EMove Cruiser if you want to find out more.

Where to buy the EMove Cruiser from?

The best (and probably only) place to get the EMove Cruiser from is the official Voromotors store (make sure to enter the code “escooternerds” without quotes for a $50 discount). As one of the most trusted brands in the industry, they do a great job and ship very fast. Shipping is free within the continental US and it will take between 2 and 4 days. For other countries the usual expenses are added to the original price, and the waiting times will be between 3 days and 2 weeks. In the UK, Canada, and most EU countries, you get free shipping on orders above $3000 as well, so if you need two EMove Cruisers, you can add a few cheap accessories to the order as well, and you will get free shipping.

Best high-end electric scooter for summer – Inokim Quick 4

white Inokim Quick 4

Inokim is known as one of the best manufacturers of premium electric scooters, and the Inokim Quick 4 provides an excellent balance of features, quality, and color choices, all of which make it the best high-end summer scooter.

The scooter only comes in a white color with some grey and black details, and it will retain almost no heat during the summer days.

With a Samsung lithium-ion battery of 52 Volts, things can’t get much better in the battery department. There are no known issues with the battery and the charging process. The charging management system will also do a good job of protecting the battery if you charge it in a hotter environment (although you should still avoid doing that as much as possible).

Also, the scooter tolerates heat pretty well, as there seem to be no reports of the scooter overheating ever.

The screen of the scooter is fairly bright, and you shouldn’t have a problem reading it even on sunnier days.

The overall level of build quality, the attention to detail, and the quality of every single component in the Inokim Quick 4, will make sure the scooter keeps running smoothly even in the hottest months. That’s the scooter’s main focus, as it aims to provide a premium, even luxury experience to its owners. That’s why defects are very rare with this scooter, and it will take you through the summer without any problems.

Where to buy the Inokim Quick 4 from?

As usual, the best place to get any Inokim scooter, including the Inokim Quick 4, is FluidFreeRide. They have several warehouses worldwide, and they provide international shipping for either free or very cheap prices.

Most powerful electric scooter for summer – Speedway 5

front diagonal view of a white Speedway 5 electric scooter with black details

If you’re after a summer model that is much more than just a commuter scooter, and truly packs a punch, then you will want to check out the Speedway 5.

The scooter is available in white, in fact that’s probably the more common color choice, and it doesn’t really retain a lot of heat, even during the hottest days.

The battery is just insane, with 60 Volts and 23.4 Amp-hours, and it will give you a range of 75 mi / 120 km! Chances are, you will only charge your scooter a handful of times during the entire summer.

This is the only scooter on this list with two motors, with a combined power of 3600 Watts. That insane amount of power gives the scooter a top speed of 40 mph / 64 kmh, a climb angle of 37% / 20°, and a weight limit of 265 lbs / 120 kg.

Since the brand behind the Speedway 5 is the same brand behind the Dualtron scooters, it comes with the celebrated EYE/EY3 display, and that means it will be easy to read even on the brightest of days

The scooter’s quality is top notch. It is built for performance primarily, which means it will almost certainly never overheat or have any similar issues caused by the hot summer sun.

All in all, the Speedway 5 is a true performance scooter, and its features and color options make it a great choice for a summer scooter as well. See my full review of the Speedway 5 if you wish to find out more.

Where to buy the Speedway 5 from?

The Speedway 5 used to be available on EWheels, but is now discontinued there. Today, you can find the Speedway 5 at AliExpress (worldwide), RideFatDaddy (in Europe), and Minimotors USA (in the US and Canada).

Most portable electric scooter for summer – Ninebot Air T15

person pulling the folded Ninebot Air T15 like a trolley

The Ninebot Air T15 is one of the most portable electric scooters for adults available today. It weighs just 23 lbs / 10.5 kg, and it folds down to a very small volume that fits literally everywhere without an issue. Plus, the folding mechanism is very cool, and in fact the entire concept of the scooter, from its design to its execution, is very modern and so avant-garde that I think we might start seeing it copied by other models very soon.

The scooter comes in primarily white, with some black details, and it will not retain too much heat during the summer. Coming from the proud Ninebot line, the quality of the model will be flawless, and everything will work perfectly even on hotter days. The battery is very efficient, and will probably never overheat. Also, the smart battery management system prevents overheating, overcharging, short circuits, charging faults, and is just a great feature overall, especially to protect the battery and charger during the summer heat. 

I believe the only weakness of this scooter, in terms of summer features, is the screen. It is not the brightest screen out there, and even though it looks very slick and cool, it will be hard to read during the brightest days.

In any case, the Ninebot Air T15 is still the most portable summer scooter around, and if you need a lightweight scooter that will be tons of fun for the summer (and also you like having a few extra eyeballs on you while you cruise down the street), then you may want to check it out. You can also read the full Ninebot T15 Air review.

Where to buy the Ninebot Air T15 from?

The Ninebot Air T15 is available on Amazon, and the price will almost always be the lowest price possible. As usual with Amazon, you will also get free and fast shipping in the US and Canada. The scooter is also available on the official Segway store, but for some reason it seems to be more expensive there much of the time.

Best electric scooter for summer under $1000 – EMove Touring

side diagonal view of a white EMove Touring

The EMove Cruiser’s little cousin, the EMove Touring, shares a lot of its great qualities, but it’s just a smaller, lighter version, that doesn’t perform as well, but still retains the same level of robustness, durability, and attention to detail.

The scooter also comes in white, and the battery is also from LG, which means overheating and problems because of the sun will not be an issue. Of course, the scooter comes with a smart battery management system, so the battery will not age sooner because of irregular charging patterns, but also it will not suffer too much if charged in a hotter temperature.

The range of the scooter is 25 mi / 40 km, which is nowhere near the range of the EMove Cruiser, but it’s still good enough for the casual rider or the daily commuter.

Overall, the EMove Touring has a good combination of features for the summer, and has a quality level that will prevent the scooter from getting damage because of excessive heat or unfavorable summer conditions. You can read the full EMove Touring review to find out more.

Where to buy the EMove Touring from?

The best (and probably only) place you can buy the EMove Touring from is the official Voromotors store. If you use the promo code escooternerds at checkout, you will get a $50 discount.

Best electric scooter for summer under $500 – Xiaomi M365

side diagonal view of a white Xiaomi M365

It’s no wonder that the best summer scooter under $500, is the best scooter under $500 overall, which is, of course, the Xiaomi M365 (we are talking about the version in white, of course, but even the other color choices will manage to survive some brutal summers as well).

I’m not sure if people like buying the white Xiaomi M365 because of it heating up less during the summer, or they simply prefer the color, but either way, I’ve seen so many white Xiaomi M365 pretty much everywhere I’ve went, that I think it’s the most common electric scooter in the white color pattern, besides being the most common scooter in general.

There are a handful of reports online about the Xiaomi M365 overheating during the hottest summer months, but we have to look at that data within the broader context – this is the most common electric scooter in the world, and it would even be weird if there were no reports like that.

In the vast majority of the cases, the scooter handles hot temperatures very well, and if you get the white version, you will probably never see the scooter or its battery overheat.

The battery of the Xiaomi M365 is one of the most tried and tested, most proven batteries in electric scooters ever. The world-famous, 36 Volt 280 Watt-hour battery has been through thick and thin, both in the scooters of millions of owners worldwide, and in the scooters of the biggest ride-sharing companies. It has proven to be reliable so many times, that you can count on it performing well in pretty much every condition. There’s also the smart battery management system that will protect the battery while charging, and some heat will not be a problem.

You simply can’t go wrong with the Xiaomi M365. It is the most successful electric scooter of all times, and there’s a very good reason for that – it’s a true general-purpose scooter meant for every use case and scenario, and some heat will not even touch it (especially the white color version). You can see the full review of the Xiaomi M365 to find out more.

Where to buy the Xiaomi M365 from?

If you live in the United States, the best place to get the Xiaomi M365 from is Amazon. You will get free shipping, quick delivery times, and great warranty and return periods.

The best place to buy the Xiaomi M365 from in Canada is Amazon Canada. You will get all the usual Amazon perks, like very fast and free delivery.

For the UK, but also as a great alternative in many other European countries, you can find the Xiaomi M365 on GeekBuying. The shipping times will be very short (2-7 days), and usually shipping will be free.

Philippines, Asia
In the Philippines, and in other Asian countries in general, you can find the Xiaomi M365 on Lazada Philippines. The delivery time is 4-12 days, and shipping may be free.

Best budget electric scooter for summer (North America) – GoTrax XR Ultra

The GoTrax XR Ultra has proven to be one of the best budget electric scooters in North America. Since it comes in a light-grey, almost white color, and also performs well under some pressure, it is the best choice for a summer scooter for those on a budget.

The strongest summer feature of this scooter is probably its 36-Volt LG battery. As with all LG batteries, overheating will not be an issue even when riding on hotter days. Also, the battery lives inside of the stem, rather than in the deck, so it will not be subject to as much vibration from the wheels, and will perform even better and the chances of overheating will be even smaller.

The screen of the GoTrax XR Ultra is unusually bright for a budget scooter, and it will probably be easy to read even on brighter days.

To top things off, the scooter includes a modern, smart BMS, that will prevent the battery from every overheating during charging.

The GoTrax XR Ultra usually costs around $350. It’s the best choice for a budget summer scooter, but also probably the best choice for a budget scooter overall. See the full GoTrax XR Ultra review if you’re curious.

Where to buy the GoTrax XR Ultra from?

US, Canada
If you live in the United States, the best place to get the GoTrax XR Ultra from is the official GoTrax store. Shipping is free and takes 3-5 days. You can also check their Amazon listing, although I’ve noticed the scooter can be temporarily out of stock quite often there (Amazon may also ship to Canada too).

UK, EU alternative
For the UK and EU, one good equivalent to the GoTrax XR Ultra is the Kugoo S1, which you can find on Geekbuying. Shipping should be free.

Best budget electric scooter for summer (Europe) – Kugoo S1 Pro

side view of a white Kugoo S1 Pro

In Europe, Kugoo scooters have established themselves as a strong budget brand, and the Kugoo S1 Pro is one of their best ultra-budget models.

The supply of color choices can sometimes vary, but usually either a white, a grey, or a white+black color version should be available. Naturally, the white version will be the best for the summer, but the other two will also not retain that much heat, and will be a better choice than the darker color versions.

Summers in Europe can get quite hot, especially in the more southern countries, but as things stand right now, there are no reported incidents of the scooter seriously overheating or the battery suffering some damage because of heat.

The screen is very bright, and has a lot of contrast (it’s actually a color screen), and it will be easily visible pretty much all the time.

The Kugoo S1 Pro is usually priced around $350, and as usual with Kugoo scooters, you truly get a lot of value, performance, and a pretty decent quality level. See the complete Kugoo S1 Pro review to find out more.

Where to buy the Kugoo S1 Pro from?

The best deal on the Kugoo S1 Pro for pretty much every European country is at GeekBuying. You will be charged no additional costs, neither duty taxes nor shipping, and your scooter will be at your home in 3-10 business days.

Electric scooter summer tips

person riding an electric scooter on a sunny day

Besides knowing which scooters are best for the summer, it’s also wise to know some other general tips on how to get the most out of your summer rides. This is a quick list of the most useful tips:

  • Wear a helmet with good ventilation and that protects against sweating
  • Wear polarized glasses
  • Don’t ride in flip-flops or other light footwear
  • Don’t ride if it’s hotter than your scooter’s maximum operating temperature
  • Don’t push your scooter’s performance too much
  • Don’t charge your scooter immediately after riding
  • Don’t leave your scooter under the sun for too long
  • Check the brakes and tires more often
  • Decrease the tire pressure by around 2-3 PSI
  • Be prepared to ride with the reduced visibility of the screen

See the guide on electric scooter summer tips for the details.


Those were the best electric scooters for the summer, and for riding in hot environments in general. The table below summarizes them one more time for reference.

Electric ScooterSummer Use CaseBuy
EMove CruiserBest electric scooter for summer overallCheck price
Inokim Quick 4Best high-end electric scooter for summerCheck price
Speedway 5Most powerful electric scooter for summerCheck price
Ninebot Air T15Most portable electric scooter for summerCheck price
EMove TouringBest electric scooter for summer under $1000Check price
Xiaomi M365Best electric scooter for summer under $500Check price
GoTrax XR UltraBest budget electric scooter for summer (North America)Check price
Kugoo S1 ProBest budget electric scooter for summer (Europe)Check price

Also, check out the video on the best summer electric scooters.

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