What Height Should My Scooter Handlebars Be [3 Methods + Visual Charts]

Knowing your ideal scooter handlebar height is a must when buying an electric scooter.

Luckily, figuring out your ideal handlebar height is very easy. We will provide you with a few ways to find out the ideal handlebar height for your body height and build.

What height should my scooter handlebars be?

The perfect scooter handlebar height is 2 in / 5 cm below your belly button when you stand on the deck. The angle between your forearm and upper arm should be between 100° and 120°. This will make controlling the scooter effortless and provide you with the best balance and stability.

electric scooter handlebar shown in several different heights

Where should scooter handlebars be?

anatomy of the bars

The best way to figure out how tall and where your scooter handlebars should be is through experience! Nothing will be better than you trying out a few heights and finding your answer that way.

However, as there’s no one final answer for everyone, and I know that figuring it out through experience may not be possible, we provide three different methods of figuring out your ideal handlebar height.

Method 1: a bit below the belly button

This is the easiest method to figure out the electric scooter handlebar height for you. It will give you a pretty accurate answer.

Simply put, the handlebar height should be 1-2 in / 2-5 cm below your belly button, up to the same level as your belly button.

Some say a few centimeters above your hips, and some say about the same as the waistline. That’s pretty much the same answer.

Method 2: most comfortable elbow angle

diagram showing the difference between the general height of an electric scooter and its deck to handlebar height

I believe this is the best method to find out your handlebar height.

It is tailored to take into account your exact body measurements, and it works in accordance with your body. It only takes a minute to do.

The way it works is the following:

  • Get a pencil or something you can use to note the height (don’t use pens or magic markers if you don’t want to mess up your stuff)
  • Stand next to a wall or somewhere you can make a mark
  • Let your arms fall by the side of your body
  • Slowly start bending the arm close to the wall. Your arm should be positioned so that your palm is facing downward.
  • Try 3 or 4 different angles. At each, move your arm around, and see how comfortable you are. Visualize how you would ride your scooter. See and decide which angle would be ideal for that.
  • Usually, you will end up with an angle of 100 ° to 120 ° between your forearm and your upper arm.
  • Spend a few dozen seconds with your arm at that angle. Make sure you don’t get unusually tired, as this should be a very neutral, natural position for your arm.
  • When you are confident you have the correct angle, make a fist. Mark the top of your fist on the wall with your pencil. This is your perfect handlebar height.

Method 3: based on your height

adjusted handlebar height on razor

The reason I don’t like this method is that it can be very imprecise.

While your height is important, the length of your arms is equally important. The height of your shoulders is important as well.

Still, the human body follows certain ratios for most people. You may have heard that the span of your arms is your height plus a few centimeters (source).

For most people, this table will work great to determine their handlebar height range (you can also use the handlebar height calculator).

Imperial Metric

Body Height (cm)Ideal Handlebar Height Range (cm)
15079 – 87
15179 – 88
15280 – 89
15381 – 89
15481 – 90
15582 – 90
15682 – 91
15783 – 92
15884 – 92
15984 – 93
16085 – 93
16185 – 94
16286 – 95
16387 – 95
16487 – 96
16588 – 96
16688 – 97
16789 – 98
16890 – 98
16990 – 99
17091 – 99
17191 – 100
17292 – 101
17393 – 101
17493 – 102
17594 – 102
17695 – 103
17795 – 104
17896 – 104
17996 – 105
18097 – 105
18198 – 106
18298 – 107
18399 – 107
18499 – 108
185100 – 108
186101 – 109
187101 – 110
188102 – 110
189102 – 111
190103 – 111
191104 – 112
192104 – 113
193105 – 113
194105 – 114
195106 – 114
196107 – 115
197107 – 116
198108 – 116
199108 – 117
200109 – 117
201110 – 118
202110 – 119
203111 – 119
204111 – 120
205112 – 120
206113 – 121
207113 – 122
208114 – 122
209114 – 123
210115 – 123
Body Height (feet and in)Ideal Handlebar Height Range (in)
4’11”31-35 in
5′31.5-35.5 in
5’1”32-36 in
5’2”32.5-36.5 in
5’3”33-37 in
5’4”34-37.5 in
5’5”34.5-38 in
5’6”35-39 in
5’7”35.5-39.5 in
5’8”36-40 in
5’9”36.5-40.5 in
5’10”37.5-41.5 in
5’11”38-42 in
6′38.5-41.5 in
6’1”39-43 in
6’2”39.5-43 in
6’3”40.5-44.5 in
6’4”41-45 in
6’5”41.5-45.5 in
6’6”42-46 in
6’7”42.5-46.5 in
6’8”43-47.5 in
6’9”44-48 in
6’10”44.5-49 in
6’11”45-49.5 in

Why is scooter handlebar height important?

Scooters hight

When trying out scooters in the store, you may easily miss the importance of the height of the handlebars.

If you only play around with a scooter for a few minutes, you may not be aware of the potential issues.

But after long periods of riding, you will start to notice them.

These problems have proven so serious for some users, that they’ve had to return their scooters or even get new scooters altogether.

Here is a list of several reasons why scooter handlebar height is important.

  1. Comfort and Control: The handlebar height directly affects your riding comfort and control. The right height ensures a natural and relaxed riding posture, reducing strain on your wrists, back, and shoulders.
  2. Safety: A proper handlebar height improves your ability to react quickly to unexpected situations, enhancing safety while riding. It allows for better balance and maneuverability.
  3. Efficiency: Correct handlebar height optimizes your scooter’s performance. You can propel yourself more efficiently and maintain higher speeds when your posture is balanced and ergonomic.
  4. Preventing Injuries: Riding with handlebars at the wrong height can lead to discomfort and potential health risks or injuries over time, such as wrist pain, backache, or strained muscles. Proper height minimizes these risks.
  5. Personal Preference: Everyone’s body is unique, and handlebar height can be a matter of personal preference. Finding the right height ensures an enjoyable and customized riding experience.

What happens if my handlebars are too low?

sketches of two postures of the human body, one slouched with bad knees and labeled as bad, another standing straight and labeled as good

When your scooter handlebars are too low for your arms, you will have very poor control over your scooter.

Controlling and riding your scooter requires the handles and the buttons to be within your reach. You should be able to react fast and accurately.

If you have to reach too low, your steering ability will be hindered. Since your arms are extended, you simply have less freedom of movement.

As a result, you will have to ride slower.

Also, you will probably not have good access to the acceleration and brake buttons or levers.

That is not only inefficient, it can also be dangerous.

Finally, if your scooter handlebars are too low, you will probably slouch to reach them. This may cause you back pain or other postural problems.

What happens if my handlebars are too high?

When your handlebars are too high, your arms will be in a very tense, unnatural position the whole time.

That will tire your muscles sooner. You will probably feel aches and pains pretty often.

The awkward angles of your elbows will reduce your flexibility. Again, you will have less freedom of movement and less coordination.

Not only will you have poor control of your scooter, but you will also get tired more easily.

How to change the height of my scooter handlebar?

steps to setting the height of the handlebar of an electric scooter

Of course, your scooter must have an adjustable handlebar for this to be possible. Adjustable handlebars will most often be one of the two types:

  • several fixed height levels
  • adjustable fluid levels

If your scooter has a few height levels for the handlebar, it will usually be very simple to switch between them.

There will probably be a latch or a lever in most cases.

Sometimes, there may be some screws that keep the stem in place. You will just need a small wrench or an Allen key to get the job done.

Some scooters have no levels. They only have a pipe that lets you set the height as you please. Here’s an example of Micro scooter handlebar height for kids.

Recommended height for your individual needs

Most scooters will have adjustable handlebar heights that will fit most owners. But often, short or tall riders may have a problem.

They will need to do some research before buying.

This table provides a straightforward comparison of the recommended handlebar heights for various rider categories, making it easy to find the right fit.

Rider CategoryRecommended Handlebar Height
Beginners32 to 36 inches
Park Riders34 to 38 inches
Street Riders36 to 40 inches
Taller Individuals38 to 44 inches
39.26 in / 99.73 cm
avg. scooter handlebar height

How tall are electric scooter handlebars?

On average, electric scooters have a handlebar height of 39 in / 99.05 cm.

The tallest handlebar in an electric today is 43 in / 109 cm. It’s on the Nami Burn E-2 Max scooter.

The shortest handlebar height in an adult scooter is 35.4 in / 90 cm. It belongs to the Speedway Leger.

Check out our full guide for the average scooter handlebar height to learn more.

Electric scooter handlebar width

We’ve talked about the scooter handlebar height, but that’s not the only important handlebar dimension.

Same as the height, it also affects your control and comfort.

Electric scooter handlebar width

Your electric scooter handlebar width should be as wide as your shoulders in most cases.

If your handlebars are too wide, you will have to spread your arms too much. That will quickly tire your arms and hinder your control.

On the other hand, too narrow handlebars will make steering very hard. Even small turns of the handles will result in bigger turns of the front wheel. Your overall control of the scooter will suffer as a result.

You can always choose the point at which to hold onto the handlebars.

Also, many scooters will allow for the width of the handlebars to be adjusted. That’s a much simpler feature to implement, and more scooters will come with it.

Many scooters have adjustable handlebars for a personalized fit, but not all do. Opt for a scooter with adjustable handlebars to find your ideal height and share it with others. If you’re set on a non-adjustable model, contact the manufacturer; some offer different stem sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

For a child’s scooter, set the handlebars at a height that allows them to stand comfortably with extended arms, typically around hip to waist height. Adjust as the child grows for safety and comfort.

The tallest scooter bars can reach heights of 30 to 44 inches or more. Taller handlebars are often preferred by riders who are taller themselves or those who want a more upright riding position for tricks and stunts.

You can determine if your scooter bars are oversized by measuring the diameter of the handlebars. Standard scooter handlebars typically have a diameter of around 31.8mm (1.25 inches), while oversized bars have a larger diameter, usually 34.9mm (1.375 inches). To confirm if your bars are oversized, use a caliper or a ruler to measure the handlebar’s diameter. If it’s 34.9mm, then you have oversized bars.

Riding with overly wide handlebars may result in reduced control and maneuverability, making it challenging to navigate tight spaces or execute precise tricks. It can also strain your shoulders and arms, causing discomfort and potential injuries over time.

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