Average Electric Scooter Handlebar Height (Calculated From 73 Models)

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The electric scooter handlebar height is critical for comfort. If not suitable for your height, you will have difficulties riding. This can often be a major problem for tall scooterists.

I’ve tried riding many different scooters. I had trouble controlling the scooter when the handlebar was too low. My forearms hurt when it was too high.

It must be just right for you. That’s why you need to know the handlebar height when buying a scooter, but also your ideal personal handlebar height.

The electric scooter with the tallest handlebar today is the Nami Burn-E 2 Max. Its handlebar height is 43 in / 109 cm. It is one of the best scooters for very tall people.

The electric scooter with the shortest handlebar is the Speedway Leger. This scooter has a handlebar height of 35.4 in / 90 cm.

We obtained this data by analyzing 73 electric scooter models. We will go over some common questions electric scooter owners have about handlebar height. In addition, we will go over the data at the end of this article.

diagram of an electric scooter with many arrows pointing out its dimensions with the biggest arrow pointing the deck to handlebar height

Why is electric scooter handlebar height important?

You will be spending a lot of time on your electric scooter. If your scooter fits you perfectly, it will give you safer and more enjoyable rides.

Your electric scooter handlebar height will have an impact on the following:

  • your steering and control
  • your comfort
  • your safety

When your handlebar doesn’t fit your body and build, you may have problems when riding.

If the handlebar is too high, your forearms will exert more effort.

Your entire ride may soon get very uncomfortable. It’s very possible you have muscle aches after it. Your control will suffer as well.

On the other hand, if your handlebar is too low, you will have really big problems steering.

Controlling and using an electric scooter is pretty easy, but you do need a good range of arm movement. The handlebar will simply be too far away from the distance where your arms have full control.

Personally, I noticed these issues quite soon after trying scooters with unfitting handlebars.

Chances are, these issues will become big problems in the long run. Possibly even make your scooter useless, or not fun to ride.

That’s why it’s very important to pick a model that fits you. At the very least, pick one that has adjustable handlebars.

How do you measure scooter handlebar height?

Some of the time, manufacturers provide the handlebar height of their models. While researching this post, I found that many manufacturers simply don’t provide this information publicly, so I was forced to try and estimate it myself based on the scooter’s general height, its tire size, and how tall was the top of the deck in relation to the tires.

Keep in mind, handlebar height is not the same as the general height of the scooter.

We measure handlebar height as the vertical distance between the top of the deck and the highest point of the handlebar.

diagram showing the difference between the general height of an electric scooter and its deck to handlebar height

The name “handlebar height” is common for this metric, but it may be easily misinterpreted. Many people get confused and think they should measure the stem itself.

That’s not useful very information. If the stem is too inclined, the handlebar height will be low, even when the stem itself is long.

How to find out the scooter handlebar height if that information is unavailable

Sometimes manufacturers don’t provide the handlebar height. In that case, the piece of data may not be available anywhere online.

If you are curious about a model, take a look at our list at the end of this article. It has about half the scooter models today.

If your desired scooter is not on the list, you will have to do a bit more work.

When you don’t know the handlebar height for a scooter, you have three options:

  • measure it yourself
  • calculate it
  • ask about it in an online forum or community

Of course, measuring the handlebar height requires access to the scooter. That will probably rarely be the case for anyone.

If you do have access, however, this will be the superior method by far.

When that’s not an option, you can always post a question in some of the online forums.

Sadly, while some of these forums have big numbers of registered users, few of them are truly active.

Also, chances are, users will only be able to help you with the more popular scooters.

Luckily, we can easily figure out the handlebar height by calculating it.

True, it will not be the most accurate information. But it will be much better than nothing.

How to calculate handlebar height

To calculate the handlebar height, you will need three pieces of information. Usually, all of them are easily available online. You will need the following:

  • the height of the electric scooter when unfolded
  • the diameter of the tires
  • an image of the electric scooter

Do a quick inspection of the scooter image. See where the top of the deck is positioned in relation to the tire.

Often, the deck will be around half of the height of the tire. Usually, it will be between two-thirds or three-quarters of the tire height. In some cases (usually off-road scooters), the deck will be almost at the same height as the top of the wheel.

According to that, calculate how high is the top of the deck.

the three heights of the electric scooter described in a diagram, the general height, the tire size, and the top of the deck height

For example, if the tire size is 8 inches, and the top of the deck is at about 3/4 of the tire height, then the top of the deck is:

8 inches * 3/4 = 6 inches

Tire sizes are usually expressed in inches. If you have the scooter height in centimeters, convert the deck height to centimeters too (just multiply it by 2.54).

With all of those pieces of information, you can now calculate the handlebar height.

Simply subtract the top of the deck from the general scooter height:

[Handlebar height] = [Electric scooter height] – [Top of deck height]

Formula for calculating handlebar height

Now we can easily calculate the handlebar height for any scooter. But what height exactly should the handlebar be for you?

What height should my scooter handlebars be

Finding out the perfect handlebar height for you must come through experience. You will not be able to know this without trying out some scooters.

However, in most cases, there is a very good rule of thumb you can use. That way, you will not have to spend hours on different scooters to figure out your ideal height.

The simple, but very effective rule for figuring out your ideal handlebar height is this:

  • Stand up and let your arms hang
  • Bend your arms at the elbows, with your knuckles facing up. Your forearms and your upper arm should form an angle between 100 ° and 120 °.
  • It’s very important that you can keep your arms that way for some time. It should not be very tiring. This will be the position in which your arms will stay most of the time when riding. If it’s uncomfortable, try a bigger angle.
  • Take note of where your palms are. The distance between your palms and the ground is your ideal handlebar height.

If you want the full, detailed version of this method, check out method number 2 in our scooter handlebar height guide.

sketch of the correct elbow angle for riding an electric scooter, with the angle being between 100 and 120 degrees

For most people, this will effectively be a few centimeters above their hips, but not above their belly button.

While this is a great way to find out your handlebar height, finding this out through riding will still be superior.

We are all different, and sometimes formulas don’t work well for everybody.

If you don’t own a scooter yourself, rent one through a ride-sharing app, or borrow it from a friend that owns one. Spend some time with it. Ride it for as long periods as you can.

You will get a very good feel of how high should your handlebars be.

Are electric scooter handlebars adjustable?

Many electric scooters come with adjustable handlebars. In fact, around 70% of them have this feature. You can easily change the handlebar height on those models.

Usually, electric scooters will have several handlebar height levels.

They will sometimes have latches or levers that let you change them. Other times, you will have to unscrew some screws around, set your height, and tighten the latch back up.

Sometimes, scooters will have just a pipe and no fixed levels. In that case, you will have a more fluid choice of your height levels.

What to do if the scooter I like doesn’t have adjustable handlebars?

Sadly, some scooters don’t allow their height to be adjusted at all.

In some of these instances, the manufacturers will still try to accommodate users of different heights. They will provide several options for the length of the stem.

So while the handlebar will be fixed, at least it will be fixed close to your ideal height.

If you have your eyes set on a scooter, but you find out that its handlebar height will not work for you, contact the manufacturers. They might have other different stem sizes that may fit you.

In any case, only get that kind of scooter if you are 100% certain its handlebar height will work for you!

Other than that, you can see if your model has a customization part that you can install to extend the handlebar height.

For example, you can get a specialized part for the Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi M365 Pro that you install between the stem and the handlebar. It will give you an extra 2 inches of handlebar height. You can find it on Amazon, and other scooters may have similar parts for them too.

Electric scooter handlebar height data

We got the average by going through the data for the scooters in this list.

These are all the electric scooters for which handlebar height was available.

As mentioned, when the handlebar height data was not available, but the general scooter height and its tire size data were available, a visual estimation and calculation was used. Even though I reached out to all of the companies for this data, only some of them responded. The estimated handlebar heights are marked as such.

By looking at this data, you can make an informed choice when getting your scooter.

Electric scooterHandlebar height (cm)Estimated?Adjustable handlebar
Nami Burn-E 2 Max109estno
Inokim Mini 2106estyes
Hiboy S2106estno
Zero 11X105estyes
Inokim OXO105estyes
Inokim OX 21Ah105yes
Inokim OX 13Ah105yes
GoTrax XR Ultra105estno
Levy Plus104estno
FFR City Rider104estyes
Dualtron Spider104estyes
Apollo Phantom 52V Mechanical104no
Zero 10X103estno
Varla Pegasus103no
UScooters GT Smart103yes
UScooters Eco103estyes
UScooters Booster V103yes
Kugoo S1 Pro103estyes
Kugoo S1103estyes
Ninebot Max102no
NanRobot LS7102estno
Currus NF102estno
Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite101estno
Kugoo M2 Pro101estno
Kugoo ES2101estno
Swagtron Swagger 7100estyes
Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost (update)100estno
Macwheel MX Pro100estno
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE100yes
Emove Touring100estyes
Varla Eagle One Pro99.8no
Zero 999yes
Turbowheel Swift99yes
Swagtron Swagger Pro 399estno
Ninebot ES499estno
Ninebot ES399estno
Ninebot ES299estno
Ninebot ES199estno
Ninebot E45/E45E99estno
Glion Dolly 22599yes
Glion Dolly99yes
Dualtron Compact99estyes
Xiaomi M365 Pro98no
Turbowheel Lightning98estyes
Speedway Mini 4 Pro98yes
Speedway 598yes
Kaabo Skywalker 10S98estyes
FFR Horizon98estyes
Emove Cruiser98estyes
WePed GT97estno
Kugoo G-Booster 20Ah97estno
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 1197estyes
InMotion Lively97estyes
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter97no
GoTrax GXL Commuter97no
Unagi Model One 500 W96estno
Razor E30096estno
Hiboy Max96estno
Dualtron Thunder96yes
Xiaomi M36595.2no
Varla Eagle One95no
NanRobot D5+95estno
Kugoo M4 Pro95estyes
Inokim Light 295estyes
GoTrax XR95no
Swagtron Swagger 3 (update)94estno
Mercane Widewheel Pro94estno
GoTrax G293no
Kugoo Kirin S292estyes
Kugoo Kirin S192estyes
Kugoo G2 Pro92yes
Speedway Leger90estyes

Again, I need to say that for the scooters with estimated data, the height may not be 100% precise.

It is better than nothing though, and it’s a good starting point if you need this data point. If you need the exact data for a scooter for which I only have the estimated data, I suggest reaching out to the brand yourself, you may have better luck than me.

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