EVOLV Pro-R Review [High-Powered Electric Scooter With Impressive Performance]

EVOLV Pro-R Review

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Quick summary: The EVOLV Pro-R is a mid-range performance and high-powered foldable electric scooter that comes with an excellent build quality and stylish look. It has a peak power of 3600W and can reach a top speed of 70 kph / 43 mi. It runs on a 60V 21Ah Samsung battery that provides 65-70 km / 40 -43 miles of range. The EVOLV Pro-R also comes with dual hydraulic disc brakes, dual spring shocks, and many other features for a smooth and comfortable ride.

EVOLV Pro-R Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 60 kmh 37 mph
  • Range: 70 km 44 mph
  • Motors: dual hub BLDC
  • Power: 2400 W real, 3600 W peak
  • Battery: 1260 Wh, 60 V
  • Battery type: Samsung Li-ion
  • Charging time: 8 h
  • Weight: 36 kg 79 lbs
  • Weight limit: 150 kg 330 lbs
  • Tire size: 10×3 in
  • Tire type: pneumatic
  • Foldable: yes
  • Terrains: all terrains
  • Brakes: dual hydraulic 140 mm disk brakes
  • Shock absorbers: dual spring suspension
  • Lights: double-LED headlights, dual rear LED tail-lights
  • Return period: 7 days

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked # in price range $ – $
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • very good design and execution
  • solid integration and finishing
  • great brakes
  • excellent suspension
  • robust quality


  • somewhat heavy, mediocre portability
  • jerky at higher speeds
  • tires can make loud sounds
  • mediocre lights
  • mediocre lights

When to buy

Consider the EVOLV Pro-R if you’re looking for a sturdy, strong, reliable all-terrain scooter that you can take off-road but also have absolutely no issue riding in the city as well.

When not to buy

The EVOLV Pro-R is not the best option for beginners, commuters, or anyone looking for a lightweight or affordable scooter.

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In this comprehensive EVOLV Pro-R review, we’ll present all the good and bad sides of this model based on the results of my tests and see whether this is the ultimate choice for you.

Build quality and design

A closeup of the EVOLV Pro-R electric scooter

There aren’t many electric scooters with such a carefully thought-out and cohesive design. This EVOLV model is built solidly and features high-grade components, due to all of which it exudes reliability and durability.

The EVOLV Pro-R is packed with some excellent features, such as powerful twin motors, grippy tires, strong disc brakes, and sturdy, stable handlebars.

Add to these the 60V battery, dual suspension system, and top speed of 44 mph / 70 km the EVOLV Pro-R comes with, and it’ll become clear to you why this scooter can conquer any terrain. It can simply make going over bumps, potholes, stones, grass, sand, or mud feel so smooth and effortless, be it at a low, moderate, or high speed.

Colors and look

The EVOLV Pro-R comes with an all-black frame with some dark grey detailing on it, which gives it a stealthy, stylish, and attractive look. Riding this scooter at night with its lights turned on will certainly turn some heads.

Known issues and problems

The EVOLV Pro-R is solid, stable, incredibly fast, and well-built. But as is the case with the rest of other e-scooters, this one, too, has few flaws – minor, though.

The first thing I noticed on my first ride with this scooter was that when riding it in speed mode 3 and trying to keep it at low speeds, it becomes jerky.

Also, this isn’t a loud model, but I can’t say the same about the tires. They sound like a truck sometimes. But if you ask me, this is not a big deal at all, and it’s something that any rider can get used to fast.

I also wish this EVOLV model came with brighter lights since the ones it does do a great job at increasing your visibility to others, but if you ride at night, you’ll likely want to get brighter ones to illuminate the road ahead of you.

One commonly reported issue regarding the EVOLV Pro-R is the LCD display. Not being overly bright, it might be difficult to read all the information shown on the screen in direct sunlight.

Everyday use

A closeup of the front brake and front tire of the EVOLV Pro-R

The EVOLV Pro-R is intended for both urban and off-road terrains. Riding along uneven pavements or poorly maintained, bumpy streets or hitting rocks, pebbles, and potholes is something this scooter can handle with ease. That’s mainly thanks to the combination of excellent build quality, ferocious power, and impressive braking and suspension systems.


Let’s see what the performance features of the EVOLV Pro-R are like.

Motor and power

The EVOLV Pro-R comes fitted with dual hub motors, each with a nominal output of 1200W. Combined, the two motors can reach a peak power of 3600W. So, now it’s clearer why many riders call this scooter a “monster machine.”

Batteries and range

The EVOLV Pro-R is equipped with a 60V 21Ah Samsung Li-ion battery, which offers an estimated range of 40 -43 miles / 65-70 kilometers.

However, as is the case with most scooters out there, whether you’ll be able to cover that much of a range depends on your weight, the terrain you’ll be riding on, and the environmental factors. In my opinion, if this scooter came with a higher capacity battery, covering the 43 mi / 70 km range wouldn’t be a problem.

Also, the battery is positioned inside the deck, which gives the scooter some extra stability.

Now, compared to the EVOLV Corsa, replacing the battery of the EVOLV Pro-R with a spare one tends to take some time, so keep this in mind, especially when going on longer rides.

Speed and acceleration

This model can hit a top speed of 44 mph / 70 kmh in the dual mode. Riding the EVOLV Pro-R in the eco mode will allow you to reach 19 mph / 30 kmh.

Thanks to the finger throttle, this scooter also allows for smooth acceleration, no matter if you’re riding it on city roads or up hills.


The EVOLV PRO-R comes with two charging ports on the right side of the deck, and charging it takes 8 hours.

Weight limit

The maximum load of this model is 330 lbs / 150 kg. If we compare this to the industry’s standard of 265 lbs / 120 kg, we’ll see that the weight limit of this scooter is enough to support heavier riders.


This mid-range performance e-scooter offers several impressive features. Let’s dive into them.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

The EVOLV Pro-R weighs 80 lbs / 36 kg, which makes it medium-portable, if not on the heavy.

When folded, it has the following dimensions: 128 x 25.4 x 50 cm / 50.4 x 10 x 19.7 inches.

With these dimensions and being foldable, it may not be the most lightweight scooter out there, but it’s not that difficult to carry around and fit in places.

In addition, the EVOLV Pro-R comes with one of the easiest and quickest folding systems, as it takes only a few seconds to fold it down.

Cockpit, handlebars, and controls

A closeup of the cockpit and right handlebar of the EVOLV Pro-R

The cockpit of the EVOLV Pro-R features an LCD display that shows all the essential information you might need when riding it.

This model also offers an ergonomic grip on the handlebars. They are pretty comfortable and grippy. They also come with lockers on the right and left end, which makes them even more stable and prevents them from slipping around. The collar also helps keep the handlebars locked in place.

Riding a scooter with such handlebars is important, especially when riding at high speeds, because you don’t want to deal with any play then.

The cockpit also includes a finger throttle, a bell, and buttons to shift between single and dual motors and the eco or power mode.

Brakes and suspension

A closeup of the rear hydraulic disc brake and spring suspension of the EVOLV Pro-R

The EVOLV Pro-R comes with high-quality dual 145-mm hydraulic disc brakes and dual spring suspension. Thanks to these 2 features, the scooter disperses shock well when riding on uneven, bumpy terrains. And when you want to drive aggressively, you have the rear footplate and spring shock to give you some additional support.


A closeup of the kickstand, rear tire, and rear lights of the EVOLV Pro-R

The EVOLV Pro-R comes fitted with 10 x 3-inch pneumatic, grippy tires, which, combined with the impressive power and suspension system this scooter comes with, make it ideal for off-road riding.

Also, the wide rubber on the tires helps you turn with stability and ease.

Ignition key

This is another safety feature of the EVOLV Pro-R. The ignition key helps keep your two-wheeler protected since the only way to start it is to use that key.

Lights and night use

A closeup of the deck, rear kick plate, front tire and deck lights of the EVOLV Pro-R

The EVOLV Pro-R is equipped with a nice lighting package. It comes with two LED headlights and dual LED taillights. The lights in the rear illuminate when you brake, which contributes to your safety, especially at night.

But like I said, some riders might not find the lights of this model bright enough.

How does the EVOLV Pro-R compare against other popular e-scooters?

Electric scooter enthusiasts usually compare the EVOLV Pro-R to the Apollo Ghost and Zero 10X. Let’s see how it differs from each of them.

EVOLV Pro-R vs Apollo Ghost

Besides being cheaper, the Apollo Ghost is lighter than the EVOLV Pro-R, which makes it more portable as well.

However, I’d say the EVOLV Pro-R is the winner here in terms of performance and build quality. It has way better peak power and can reach a better top speed and longer range than the Apollo Ghost model. It can also carry more load and takes less amount of time to charge than its rival.

EVOLV Pro-R vs Zero 10X

Both models come with the same weight limit and weigh approximately the same. The top speeds are almost the same as well.

The EVOLV Pro-R has a peak output of 3600W and 43 mi / 70 km of range compared to the 3200W peak power and 40 mi / 64 km of range of the Zero model, respectively. It also takes less amount of time to charge and costs less than its counterpart. So, if you ask me, I’d go for the EVOLV model.

Who should not buy the EVOLV Pro-R?

As a somewhat expensive scooter, this is not an ideal choice for beginners who are not sure what they might need yet. See my guide on the best scooters for beginners to make sure you know what to look for.

Also, this is not a very lightweight and portable scooter, which makes it not so convenient for commuters and casual riders.

And, of course, priced north of $2500, this is not an affordable scooter, so see my guides on the best scooters under $1000 and the best scooters under $500 if you’re on a limited budget.

Who should buy the EVOLV Pro-R?

The EVOLV Pro-R is a great choice for any scooterist out there that is a speed or adrenaline addict. You should buy this model if you’re looking for a high-powered electric scooter that has excellent build quality and offers a super-fast and yet ultra-smooth, stable, and comfortable ride on any terrain.

I’d also recommend this model to anyone who loves riding on urban as well as rougher, off-road terrains, as the EVOLV Pro-R offers a fast, balanced, and smooth ride on any surface.

I also believe that anyone who prioritizes e-scooters coming with solid build quality and excellent performance features will absolutely love this model since it’ll meet most or all of their riding needs and expectations.

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