Electric Scooters For College Students [Buying Hacks + Most Affordable and Practical Scooters]

I wish electric scooters were a thing when I was a student.

It would have made life much easier – being on time for both my class and my part-time job, being ready and rested the whole time instead of tired and sweaty (I used a bike), and, of course, my transport expenses completely eliminated.

Today, students can rely on electric scooters to make their lives much easier, and help them be more productive.

Let’s see what makes a good scooter for a student, which are the best models available currently, and a few other useful tricks students may want to know to save a bit more when getting their perfect electric scooter.

Electric ScooterUse Case For StudentsBuy
Xiaomi M365best electric scooter for students overallCheck price
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuterbest electric scooter for students under $300Check price
GoTrax XR Ultrabest electric scooter for students under $400Check price
Aovo Probest waterproof electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Unagi Model Onecoolest-looking electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Levymost practical electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Xiaomi Pro 2best long-range electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Macwheel MX Probest price-range balanceCheck price
Hiboy Max3best alternative electric scooter for studentsCheck price

Are electric scooters good for college students?

student with a backpack on an electric scooter

Electric scooters are a very good idea for students. Navigating the campus and the city with ease, saving a ton on transport costs, being less late for class or for the part-time job, and not having to drag that bulky backpack, make the electric scooter a powerful ally for any student.

What makes an electric scooter good for a student?

For a scooter to be a great fit for a student, it must satisfy three major criteria:

  • it must be portable, so that you can carry it with you anywhere, and maybe even fit under the classroom desk
  • it must have a trunk or a bag, or the ability to support such an accessory, so that you can carry your books or your backpack in it
  • it must be cheap, because as well all know, most students are perpetually broke

One more factor that should be considered is the scooter’s range. Obviously, the more range the scooter has, the better. However, even most budget scooters today have sufficiently large ranges for cruising around most campuses, so while important, range will be a secondary factor.

Best electric scooters for college students

Let’s go over some of the best electric scooters for students, scooters that are light in weight, small in size, practical, and affordable.

Xiaomi M365 – best electric scooter for students overall

Xiaomi M365 standing on a road

The Xiaomi M365 became the most popular electric scooter of all time primarily because of its versatility. The evergreen scooter’s features and specs are very well balanced, and it serves many different types of owners in many different types of scenarios.

College students are no exception. In fact, they represent one of the biggest owner groups of this scooter.

The famous 500 Watt hub BLDC motor gives the scooter the standard top speed of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh (you probably won’t be legally allowed to ride faster than that anyway). The 280 Watt-hour gives you a nice range of 18.6 mi / 30 km.

This mega-successful scooter weighs just 26 lbs / 12 kg, and folds down to very small dimensions. It’s very easy to carry around, even for people of smaller stature or body frame, and it will easily fit everywhere, from under the classroom desk, to the small unoccupied corner in your dorm room.

All the regular bells and whistles are present in the Xiaomi M365 – a weight limit of 220 lbs / 100 kg, anIP54 water protection standard, a 14-degree climb angle, and, of course, an actual bell (no whistle though). The 8.5-inch pneumatic tires provide comfortable rides.

One of the most useful aspects of this scooter for students is that, as the most popular electric scooter out there, it will fit any and every accessory item under the sun. Most accessory manufacturers probably design the accessories around this exact scooter, so you can be certain that whatever upgrade you choose to buy for it will fit it easily. And, for students, accessories and upgrades are half the utility and fun, which gives this scooter a lot of extra points.

The Xiaomi M365 is everything a student may need. It’s probably the most well-balanced budget scooter out there. Its balance of price, portability, and practicality, is hard to beat by any other budget model.

Where to buy the Xiaomi M365 from?

If you live in the United States, the best place to get the Xiaomi M365 from is Amazon. You will get free shipping, quick delivery times, and great warranty and return periods.

The best place to buy the Xiaomi M365 from in Canada is Amazon Canada. You will get all the usual Amazon perks, like very fast and free delivery.

For the UK, but also as a great alternative in many other European countries, you can find the Xiaomi M365 on GeekBuying. The shipping times will be very short (2-7 days), and usually shipping will be free.

Philippines, Asia
In the Philippines, and in other Asian countries in general, you can find the Xiaomi M365 on Lazada Philippines. The delivery time is 4-12 days, and shipping may be free.

GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter – best electric scooter for students under $300

person carrying the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter

If you’re primarily concerned about your budget, then the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter will probably be your best bet. It’s typically priced at around $250, and I truly believe that’s the lowest price point in the electric scooter world at which you can still get a decent scooter.

Actually, the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is more than decent.

The hub BLDC motor of 250 Watts will provide you with the common top speed of 15 mph / 25 kmh, a solid 14-degree climb angle, and 220 lbs / 100 kg of weight capacity. The range of this scooter is probably the weakest point, but with 12 mi / 19 km, it’s still plenty for navigating around campus.

The scooter folds down to a very small package, and weighing just 26 lbs / 12 kg, it’s very easy to carry around and it will fit everywhere. The 8.5-inch tires of this scooter are more puncture-resistant than what you might expect from a scooter this cheap, and the IP54 water protection standard will make sure nothing goes wrong even if you have to ride through some light rain.

GoTrax offers plenty of options for customizing the scooter, but since it’s pretty standard in its build and design, it will also fit a lot of generic scooter accessories as well.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more budget-friendly scooter for a student (that doesn’t suck) than the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter. If your budget is around $250, it is definitely your best option.

Where to buy the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter from?

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is currently only available in the US. The best place to get it from is the official GoTrax store. If you buy through this link, there is a 10% discount on this scooter. Shipping is free and should take 3-5 days. The scooter can also be found on Amazon, and you should check that listing as well in case there’s a better deal available there.

GoTrax currently don’t ship to Canada. Fortunately for Canadians, the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter can sometimes be available on Amazon Canada.

UK, EU alternative
As GoTrax scooters are not available outside the US, the best equivalent to the GXL V2 in Europe would be the Kugoo S1 Pro on Geekbuying. As usual, shipping is free and takes about a week.

GoTrax XR Ultra – best electric scooter for students under $400

The GoTrax XR Ultra is a step above the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter. As usual with GoTrax models, it’s also excellent value for money, but the performances of the Ultra are much more useful.

While not an ultra-budget pick like the V2, the GoTrax XR Ultra is still a very low-budget choice, typically priced around the $350 mark. And, at that price point, GoTrax is still the go-to brand. In fact, I don’t even think any other brand for adults comes even close, and that’s why I often refer to the GoTrax XR Ultra as the best electric scooter for adults under $400.

While the top speed of the scooter is at the same standard level as the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter, the range is better, and the scooter can go up to 16 mi / 26 km on a single charge. You get the same standard goodies, like the 220 lbs / 100 kg weight limit and the IP54 rating, and a slightly improved climb angle of 15 degrees.

More importantly, the scooter also weighs around 26 lbs / 12 kg, and has very small folded dimensions (even smaller than the V2, despite having a bigger battery). This scooter will fit everywhere you need it to fit, and it will not be a problem to carry it anywhere you need to carry it.

And, of course, coming from GoTrax, it will fit all the native GoTrax accessories, but also many of the generic accessories because of its fairly standard build and design.

As I said, I don’t think there’s a better scooter for adults under $400 in general, and given this model’s excellent portability and practicality, it is probably the best scooter for students for that price as well, at least in the US and Canada (see the next pick if you’re studying in Europe).

Where to buy the GoTrax XR Ultra from?

US, Canada
If you live in the United States, the best place to get the GoTrax XR Ultra from is the official GoTrax store. Shipping is free and takes 3-5 days. You can also check their Amazon listing, although I’ve noticed the scooter can be temporarily out of stock quite often there (Amazon may also ship to Canada too).

UK, EU alternative
For the UK and EU, one good equivalent to the GoTrax XR Ultra is the Kugoo S1, which you can find on Geekbuying. Shipping should be free.

Aovo Pro – best waterproof electric scooter for students

the Aovo Pro going through water

At the moment, I believe that the Aovo Pro is the best alternative to the Xiaomi M365. True, some may describe it as a copy attempt, or an outright clone, but that doesn’t mean the scooter doesn’t hold any value as a product. Quite the contrary, the Aovo Pro is a great bang for buck, in many ways even more so than the Xiaomi M365, and you will get some very useful improvements, while saving a nice chunk of change as well.

The scooter is available globally, but for some reason, it has gained a cult following in the UK and in the rest of Europe, at least more so than in the US. The IP65 water protection rating may be one of the main reasons, as it’s one of the strongest water protections in the scooter world currently, certainly the strongest when it comes to budget scooters. This is one of those scooters that you can ride through the rain or any body of water confidently.

While on the outside the Aovo Pro looks a lot like the Xiaomi models, things are pretty different on the inside. The Aovo Pro performs quite better than the standard Xiaomi M365. The top speed of 20 mph / 32 out of the box is certainly better, and the scooter is actually capable of even faster top speeds. The scooter also has a climb angle of 20 degrees, which is the best on this list, and a larger weight limit of 265 lbs / 120 kg.

The range of the scooter is also very formidable. The 378 Watt-hour battery will provide a range of 22 mi / 35 km, which is simply incredible, given the scooter’s typical price of $399.

Another piece of great news is that the scooter does all of that while weighing just 26 lbs / 12, the same as the lightest scooters on this list. The scooter’s folded dimensions are very small as well, and the scooter has a very natural center of gravity right around the middle of the stem, making it very convenient for both carrying and storing.

The Aovo Pro is a relatively new model, but it’s no wonder it’s making such a splash hit. I see no reason not to choose it over some of the established models if you’re looking to save some money – you will definitely get a great budget scooter.

Where to buy the Aovo Pro from?

The only place to get the Aovo Pro is the official Aovo store. You will get free shipping in 2-7 days, and great customer support and warranty terms.

Unagi Model One – coolest-looking electric scooter for students

side view of a Unagi Model one electric scooter with headlight turned on in a dark room

Some students will want their scooter to look cool before everything else.

The Unagi Model One is almost always the choice for scooterists that want a great-looking scooter. The Model One famously has one of the best designs in the scooter world today. Engineered to perfection, flawlessly executed, it is the iPhone of scooters that are appropriate for students, and is certainly the most luxurious scooter on this list.

Besides the excellent design, the Unagi Model One offers a lot more in terms of features, user-friendliness, and overall build quality.

The scooter has a very high weight limit of 275 lbs / 125 kg, and puncture-proof solid tires with a diameter of 7.5 inches.

The strongest weapon of this scooter is its portability. Weighing just 23 lbs / 10.5 kg, it is the lightest scooter for students, and one of the lightest electric scooters for adults in the world in general. Also, when folded, the Unagi Model One occupies the least space out of all the scooters for students.

The top speed of this scooter is limited at the standard 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, and the range is 15.5 mi / 25 km on a single charge.

All in all, the Unagi Model One performs well, but its portability, build quality, and practicality are its strongest weapons.

Where to buy the Unagi Model One from?

The Unagi Model One may be available on several different stores, but usually, you will find the best deal on Amazon.

Levy – most practical electric scooter for students

The Levy, and its older brother, the Levy Plus, are both one of the most original and the most modular electric scooter choices today. They can be easily customized even before you buy, and provide easy ways to use and maintain them after buying as well.

The trademark feature of the Levy scooter is its removable battery. You can simply detach it from the scooter any time you need to recharge it, and leave your scooter locked outside while you take your battery in your room and charge it. You can also take out the battery if you’re worried about someone stealing your scooter – the scooter will be useless without the battery, and probably not as good of a target for theft as other scooters.

The Levy is a bit more performant than the typical budget commuter, and can reach speeds of up to 18.6 mph / 30 kmh. It has a range of 15 mi / 24 km, and if that’s not enough for your needs, you can always get the upgraded Levy Plus version, which has a range of 22 mi / 35 km.

The Levy weighs 26 lbs / 12 kg, and has very portable dimensions when folded.

The scooter also looks very elegant and slick, and it definitely helps if you want to stand out a bit instead of being another one of those people with a Xiaomi scooter or one of its many clones.

Where to buy the Levy from?

US, Canada
At the moment, the Levy scooter is only available in the US and Canada. You can find it only at the official Levy store. They provide free shipping, but an additional tax cost of up to $50 may be calculated at checkout.

Xiaomi Pro 2 – best long-range electric scooter for students

person carrying the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

I wrote this guide with portability, practicality, and affordability as the primary criteria a good scooter for students should satisfy. Out of all the scooters on this list, the Xiaomi Pro 2 will usually be the most expensive one, the heaviest one, and the largest one in volume.

It’s still a very good choice for a lot of students for several reasons. It comes with a proven track record and a very solid build quality, possibly even the best out of all the scooters in this guide. That alone is worth the bigger price tag.

Also, with a range of of 28 mi / 45 km, it is definitely one of the longer-range scooters that are still suitable for students.

The average weight for commuter electric scooters is around 31 lbs / 14 kg, and that’s exactly how much the Xiaomi Pro 2 weighs. It can’t really be said that it’s a lightweight scooter, at least not when compared against the other options here.

Still, objectively speaking, 31 lbs / 14 kg will be a manageable weight for most people, and no other scooter weighing the same or less will have more range. So, if you’re looking for as much range as you can get out of a scooter that can still be considered fairly portable, then the Xiaomi Pro 2 will be an ideal choice for you.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 from?

In Europe, the best places to get the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 from are Amazon UK and GeekBuying. If buying through GeekBuying, try the coupon code GKB527S for a special discount.

Macwheel MX Pro – best price-range balance

If you need a scooter with a more serious range, but the price tag of the Xiaomi Pro 2 looks a bit too steep, then you may want to take a look at the Macwheel MX Pro.

Yes, it does look suspiciously similar to the Xiaomi Pro 2, and yes, it’s another one of those knockoffs, but the good news is, it’s one of the best knockoffs out there, and you will end up saving around $150 – $200.

The Macwheel MX Pro vastly outperforms its price. The 350 Watt brushless hub motor provides a top speed of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh. The range of 25 mi / 40 km, however, is this scooter’s strongest weapon, and that kind of range is rarely found in a scooter that costs just $399.

While the scooter packs some serious range, it still manages to keep the weight down to just 28 lbs / 12.7 kg, and folds down to a very compact and easily transportable package as well. The scooter also comes with an IPX4 water protection standard, and 8.5-inch solid tires which help you avoid the usual headaches related to the tires as with the standard Xiaomi M365 model.

Make no mistake about it – the Macwheel MX Pro does look similar to the Xiaomi models, but it shouldn’t be discarded as a useless offer. If the range is your primary concern, and you want to save some money as well, then you should check this scooter out.

Where to buy the Macwheel MX Pro from?

The best place to get the Macwheel MX Pro from in the US is from the official iMacwheel store.

Hiboy Max3 – best alternative electric scooter for students

side view of the Hiboy Max3

The Hiboy Max3 is one of the best wildcard scooter options around, very commonly bought by people who can’t find the right pick for them, for any number of reasons. It is especially good for students because of several interesting features, some of which are quite unique and not often found in many other models.

The popular solid-tire option is the one of the few scooters on this list that can be carried rather easily because of its smooth design, and you can just roll your scooter with you when you’re not riding it. Coupled with the very manageable weight of just 34 lbs / 15.4 kg, and very small folded volume and dimensions, this is one of the more portable electric scooters for adults.

The Hiboy Max3 also performs pretty decently, with a top speed of 18.6 mph / 30 kmh, and a range of 16.7 mi / 27 km on a single battery charge, outperforming most budget models.

The scooter is especially popular for scooterists looking for a sturdy, tough, durable budget model that will stand the test of time, and it has proven to be one of the most reliable low-price scooters ever made.

You can see my complete review of the Hiboy Max3 to find out more.

Where to buy the Hiboy Max from?

The best place to get the Hiboy Max3 from will be the official Hiboy store, as you can get $30 off the price by using the coupon code HBMAX. To make sure you are getting the best deal possible, check out the scooter’s listing at Amazon.

Best electric scooter accessories for students

All of the best electric scooters for students can be endlessly customized with accessories that can make them twice as useful. After all, what’s a scooter to a student, if it offers no way to make carrying the books or the backpack easier?

Take a look at the guide on electric scooter accessories if you want the full range of options on how to personalize your scooter more and make it more “yours”. The following accessories will probably be the most useful to students in particular.


trunk for Hiboy scooters

Probably the number one accessory that most students will think of first is the bag. If the capacity and the dimensions of a scooter bag fit your needs, and the items you frequently carry can fit inside it, then it’s the best scooter accessory for students without a doubt.

The main problem with most bags for electric scooters is that they may not be big enough. As a student, in particular, you will want that extra storage space for your books or your entire backpack maybe, and most of the popular bags for electric scooters will simply not be big enough.

Now, there’s a good reason why bags are not made too big. They are placed at the front of the scooter, at the top of the stem, and if they allow for too much weight to be stored in them, they will make the scooter too front-heavy and interfere with its balance and ride quality.

However, even though most scooter bags are not too big, they can still fit a few bags easily. And, if you were a student like me, that didn’t really carry a ton of books around, you will certainly have no issues here.

Take a look at the Epessa storage bag on Amazon. The larger option has a capacity of 3 liters, and dimensions of 10 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches, which may be enough for your needs. If not, take a look at a basket for your scooter.


small black electric scooter with a seat and a basket in the front

Any container capable of fitting an object the size of the typical backpack will do the trick for a container accessory. However, a basket will be a simple and very affordable option, one which any scooter can support, while providing a lot of storage space because it doesn’t need to be closed on top.

The front bags are also easy to install on any scooter model out there, but they may be small for some situations, like if you have to carry a lot of books or a large backpack. And the trunk, while probably the most robust solution, is also the most involved one, and it will take the most work to choose, set up, and maintain later. Plus, it will not be as cheap.

That’s why a good scooter basket will be just right for the majority of students. Something like the Retrospec steel basket for bikes on Amazon is an affordable and good-quality pick.


While a trunk installed at the back of the scooter will provide you with the most storage space, and also potentially the most peace of mind as it can be closed, this accessory has several downsides that I believe make it less practical for students than a good bag or basket.

For starters, trunks will tend to cost more. For many students, that makes them a poor choice right off the bat.

Also, trunks will add a hefty amount of bulk to the scooter, both in terms of weight and volume. If portability is not that important to you, that may not be a big deal, but for most students, that will be a dealbreaker.

The trunk will usually require an involved installation process as well. It’s not like you need to be a mechanic to get it done yourself, but it will not be as easy as strapping the bag on the front.

Finally, unlike most of the other student accessories, this item can easily not fit your scooter, and you may have to return it.

If all of those downsides are acceptable to you, then you can check out some scooter trunks on Amazon and see which one would fit your scooter the best.


a Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 leaning on a kickstand with a helmet off its handlebars

You may already be aware that you should (or are legally required) to wear a proper scooter helmet while riding your electric scooter at all times.

And, in case you are, you will probably get notified by the security guards on campus very soon once they notice you.

The helmet is actually the only accessory that you must own for your electric scooter. You can get by with a good but affordable bike helmet like the Schwinn Thrasher on Amazon, or you can go with something like the Shoei RF-SR if you’re after something a bit more stylish.


Almost all of the scooters on the list above will probably fit easily under your classroom desk, and in your dorm room. Still, in some colleges, that may not be the case, and also, there will probably come a time when you have to leave your scooter outside.

In most cases, a simple scooter lock will do the trick (see my guide on the best electric scooter locks for the best picks). You can go with something like the Via Velo on Amazon for a great budget pick, or the Master Cuff Locks on Amazon if you have a more expensive scooter that you wish to protect better.

Chances are, your college campus is a pretty safe place, and all you will have to do to protect your scooter from theft is leave it somewhere visible, or where other students leave their scooters and bikes, and nothing will happen. Getting even the cheapest lock will decrease the risk of theft many times.

Wall mount

wall mount for an electric scooter also showing how a scooter looks on it

It is almost a certainty that you will not have enough room in your dorm room for your scooter. Even though the best scooters for students should be very portable and occupy very little space when folded, they will still take up valuable space when you live in a tiny room, which you also probably share with your roommate as well.

That’s why a wall mount for your scooter is an ingenious item. It only costs a few bucks, and it practically liberates those 20 square feet that your scooter takes up on the floor. See the Cleverr wall mount for bikes on Amazon for a solid yet affordable pick.

Carry strap or carry handle

If you need to carry your scooter around a lot, getting a carry strap, a carry handle, or both in some cases, is a no-brainer. Both of these items cost just a few dollars, and they can make your life so much easier, especially if your scooter isn’t that convenient to carry, like for example having a stem that’s too thick to grab for you, or the center of gravity of the scooter when folded not being close to the middle of the scooter.

You can find both of these items for cheap. I like the Epessa brand for this sort of accessories, and both their carry strap and their carry handle on Amazon are cheap options that will get the job done.

Phone mount

In general, I don’t recommend people getting a phone mount as an accessory. I don’t think it provides enough value for most riders, and the distraction it can create greatly increases the risk of an accident.

Anyway, there are scenarios when a phone mount makes a lot of sense, like when you constantly need to use your phone for navigation, for example.

If you need a phone mount, the best option is the IPOW phone mount for bikes on Amazon – it will fit almost any scooter and it’s really cheap.

Financing for electric scooters

Almost anyone who’s ever been a student knows that money is always short in that time of life. Even though an electric scooter is an investment, one that will pay for itself in just a matter of months, those few hundred dollars that you need to invest are still a non-trivial sum of money for a student.

A few companies and merchants today are fully aware of that, and provide some pretty favorable financing options. At some of the online store listings, you will typically notice the logos of some of the most popular financing companies like Affirm, Klarna or Katapult. Also, options like Shopabunda allow you to buy most of the products on Amazon with monthly payments, which makes dozens of very popular scooters available for pretty much anyone.

They will often provide payment plans broken into several smaller payments, or at times even spread over a year or more. With some cheaper scooters, you may end up paying somewhere around $30 or $40 per month for a year. In many places, that’s the exact amount of money you will end up saving on transportation costs, and in effect, you will get the scooter for free.

See my complete guide on electric scooter financing to find out more.

Electric scooter rentals on campuses

Renting an electric scooter is actually quite expensive over the long run, but it’s perfect for trying out scooters for the first time. You can easily see how riding a scooter feels, and think about how it might be useful to you in your day-to-day life on campus.

Several big scooter rental companies are well aware of how useful scooters can be for students, so they’ve created special ride-sharing programs for many university campuses in the US. See the guide on renting electric scooters to find out more – if you’re hesitant about getting an electric scooter, you will definitely want to try renting one for a bit and making a more educated decision after that.

Used electric scooters for students

Buying a used electric scooter will make a lot of sense for many college students. I recommend checking out our dedicated used electric scooter marketplace to see if you can find a good deal for you.

Also, make sure to consult my guide on how to buy a used electric scooter first, so that you are familiar with all the common tips, tricks, hacks, and pitfalls when looking at a used electric scooter.


Those were the best electric scooters for students, along with some other helpful tips students should consider when thinking of getting an electric scooter to best fit their needs. For reference, here’s a quick summary of the best scooters for students again.

Electric ScooterUse Case For StudentsBuy
Xiaomi M365best electric scooter for students overallCheck price
GoTrax GXL V2 Commuterbest electric scooter for students under $300Check price
GoTrax XR Ultrabest electric scooter for students under $400Check price
Aovo Probest waterproof electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Unagi Model Onecoolest-looking electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Levymost practical electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Xiaomi Pro 2best long-range electric scooter for studentsCheck price
Macwheel MX Probest price-range balanceCheck price
Hiboy Max3best alternative electric scooter for studentsCheck price

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