Aovo Pro Review – DO NOT BUY This Scooter Ever!

Important: the company behind this scooter is dishonest and can’t be trusted. While the scooter itself may look a lot like and remind of the Xiaomi M365, the brand that sells it is not an honorable group of people, and will eventually scam you and make you regret you decided to trust them. If you’d like to avoid a ton of headaches, simply avoid dealing with this company and get yourself something like the Xiaomi M365 (which, in many ways, is the original version that this scooter tries to emulate anyway).

Aovo Pro M365 ES80 Review

Quick summary: The Aovo Pro also known as the Xiaomi M365 Clone is a cheap electric scooter that offers speeds of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh with a max range of 20-22 mi / 32-35 km. Weighing 26.5 lbs / 12 kg, it’s foldable and intended for commuting. The company that sells it has proven to be very dishonest, which is why this scooter is best avoided.
Aovo Pro M365 ES80 riding
Aovo Pro M365 ES80 wheel
Aovo Pro M365 ES80 app

Aovo Pro M365 ES80 Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 32 kmh 20 mph
  • Range: 35 km 22 mph
  • Motors: hub BLDC front drive
  • Power: 350 W
  • Climb angle: 20 °
  • Battery: 378 Wh, 36 V
  • Battery type: smart BMS
  • Charging time: 5 h
  • Avg. charging cost: US: $0.06, Canada: $0.03, UK: £0.12, EU: €0.11
  • Ingress protection (IP): IP65
  • Weight: 12 kg 26.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 120 kg 265 lbs
  • Tire size: 8.5 in
  • Tire type: solid
  • Foldable: yes
  • Foldable handlebars: no
  • Build material: aluminum alloy
  • Brakes: rear disk brake
  • Shock absorbers: no
  • Lights: front LED + rear brake
  • Control: LED display
  • Speed modes: 3
  • Cruise control: yes
  • App: yes
  • Warranty: 2 years, 6 months on battery
  • Return period: 30 days
  • Folded dimensions (L * W * H): 107 * 43 * 53 cm 42.13 * 16.93 * 20.87 in
  • Unfolded dimensions (L * W * H): 107 * 43 * 110 cm 42.13 * 16.93 * 43.31 in
  • Rider height: 120-200 cm 47.24-78.74 in
  • Adjustable handlebar: no

Tests and measurements

Imperial Metric

  • Speed tests (EScooterNerds): 35 kmh 22 mph
  • Speed tests (third party): 25 kmh 15.5 mph
  • Acceleration tests (EScooterNerds): 6 seconds
  • Acceleration tests (third party):
  • Range tests (EScooterNerds): 32 km 20 mi
  • Range tests (third party): 34 km 21 mi
  • Climb tests (EScooterNerds): 22
  • Climb tests (third party): 20
  • Charge time tests (third party): 5
  • Weight limit tests (EScooterNerds): 111 kg 245 lbs
  • Weight limit tests (third party): 120 kg 265 lbs

Ratings and scores

Overall score
Ranked # in price range $300 – $400
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • very portable
  • cheap
  • low maintenance


  • scammy brand and company (best avoided)
  • low speed
  • low acceleration

When to buy

There are no circumstances where I would recommend dealing with the company behind this scooter.

When not to buy

I don’t recommend this scooter to anyone, mostly because the company behind it is extremely untrustworthy and scammy. Just go with a Xiaomi scooter or something similar.

Aovo Pro basics

a folded Aovo Pro

Connect the scooter to the app via Bluetooth, which is a quick and simple process. The Aovo Pro offers three speed modes: eco, regular, and sport, each with its speed limit.

Use the app to choose whether the scooter requires a kickstart or not (I recommend it for safety and battery conservation). Cruise control is available but needs activation through the app. It starts engaging after 5 seconds.

The scooter folds at the stem (handlebars don’t fold) using a standard latch mechanism. It’s secure, and the stem remains stable even on uneven terrain.

When not using the scooter, you can let it lean on its kickstand.

Personally, I would prefer if the kickstand was a bit longer as that adds more stability, but this length gets the job done as well, so not a big deal really.

Unboxing, assembly, user manual

page from the user manual of the Aovo Pro

The scooter’s box contains:

  • scooter (almost fully assembled)
  • charger
  • Allen key and screws
  • tire pump valve
  • user manual
  • warranty card

Assemble the scooter by installing the handlebar into the stem, which takes about a minute. Before riding, ensure the scooter is fully charged, check the brakes, and ensure all screws are tightly secured.

I also recommend reading through the manual, at least quickly if nothing else, as it may contain details specific about the unit version that might not be available anywhere else (the manual is mostly illustrations anyway).


Here are some of the key performance aspects that you should know about the Aovo Pro.


The Aovo Pro M365 has a 350 Watt hub BLDC motor, integrated into the front wheel of the scooter, which provides finer control and turning.

By my standards, the power of the motor is more than enough for everyday commuting and for the average commuter.

Speed and speed test

The Aovo Pro comes with a default speed limit of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, adjustable via the app.

Some instances have shown speeds up to 22 mph / 35 kmh, confirmed by independent speed tests. Firmware customization may further increase the top speed (more details below in the app section).

I tested the scooter on an open road and managed to reach 14 mph / 22.5 kmh, which is significantly less than the official top speed.

Acceleration reaches the top speed in about 8 seconds.

If this speed isn’t enough for you, check out my guide on the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range test

The official range of the scooter is 20-22 mi / 32-35 km, as confirmed by user reports.

Some mention slightly less around 17 mi / 27 km, while a few report more around 23 mi / 37 km.

I was driving the Aovo for a couple of days and the max range that I managed to achieve was 16 mi / 25 km.

Like its mentor, the Xiaomi M365, the Aovo Pro is designed for daily commuting, offering good portability and a practical range, but if your commute is even longer than this, check out my guide on the best long-range electric scooters.

Climbing and climb test

person riding uphil with an Aovo Pro electric scooter

The official climb angle of the Aovo Pro is 20°.

Owner tests only confirm that the scooter is somewhat decent at climbing, but most don’t specify an angle.

My test resulted in a 16° angle.

If you live somewhere with steeper hills, check out my guide on the best hill-climbing electric scooters.

Ride experience

The frame, the lightweight design and intuitive controls are some of the good parts of this scooter.

Acceleration is smooth and responsive, thanks to the 350W motor, and the three-speed modes allow me to adjust to different riding conditions.

The cruise control function is good for long stretches of flat terrain.

Aovo Pro vs other scooters

Now, let’s see how the Aovo Pro compares to other scooters.

Aovo Pro vs Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365 standing on a road

The two scooters share identical or very similar features in terms of design, appearance, color patterns, brakes, deck, handlebars, throttle, dimensions, and weight.

The main distinction is in the tires: the Xiaomi M365 has standard 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, while the Aovo Pro is equipped with 8.5-inch solid tires.

Personally, I prefer pneumatic tires, so I’d recommend the Xiaomi M365.

Aovo Pro vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

aovo pro vs xiaomi m365 pro

I’ve tried both the AOVO Pro and Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooters for commuting and leisure.

The AOVO Pro is faster and more powerful, reaching speeds of 20 mph / 32 kmh with its 350W motor, compared to the Xiaomi M365 Pro’s 300W motor and 18.6 mph / 29 kmh top speed.

The AOVO Pro is more responsive and accelerates easily, but the Xiaomi M365 Pro offers a smoother ride with its pneumatic tires, while the AOVO Pro has puncture-proof honeycomb tires that can be bumpy on rough terrain.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is more comfortable for longer rides, especially on uneven surfaces.

Both scooters have similar ranges, with the AOVO Pro advertised at 20-27 miles and the Xiaomi M365 Pro at 21 miles.

In my experience, both achieved their advertised ranges, with the actual range depending on factors like weight, riding style, and terrain.

Build quality

The scooter’s build quality is not too bad.

While not comparable to a $3000 Dualtron scooter, it offers some value for just under $400. It’s made primarily from aluminum, with rubber or silicone for auxiliary parts and tires.

The design and much of the engineering are “borrowed” from the Xiaomi M365. I guess that they are learning, or stealing, from the best.


Here are some of the features of the Aovo Pro.

Battery and charging

The battery of the Aovo Pro is rated at 10.5 Ah, with a voltage of 36 V, for a total battery capacity of 378 Wh.

Equipped with a smart battery management system, it safeguards against voltage issues, short circuits, auto sleep/wake up, overheating, and common battery and charging problems.

The Aovo Pro takes up to 5 hours to fully charge, which is pretty standard for its price.


closeup of the brake mechanism of the Aovo Pro

The left handlebar’s brake lever activates the rear wheel’s disk brake, providing a short stopping distance of about 6-7 meters (3 seconds) from full speed. The braking action is quick but not overly abrupt.

The red brake cable runs from the handlebars along the stem, entering the deck and is partially visible near the brake, with half of it exposed.

In my opinion, the brakes should be more sharp.

Tires and mudguards

The Aovo Pro features solid 8.5-inch tires.

Because of that, ride quality may be affected as the scooter lacks additional suspension (check out my guide on the best electric scooters with suspension if you want to have an even better ride quality).

The anti-skid tires provide good traction but may not match the traction of regular pneumatic ones.

For me, the ride quality and comfort are the top priority and it would be better if this scooter had pneumatic tires.

The mudguards resemble those of the Xiaomi M365, but adding the rear fender bracket set can enhance the setup, eliminating potential rattling or wobbliness common in both scooters.

Dashboard, screen, cockpit, controls

The Aovo Pro adopts a proven cockpit setup with a thumb-throttle acceleration button on the right handlebar, brake lever, and bell hammer on the left, and a functional LCD screen in the middle.

This user-friendly configuration, popularized by the Xiaomi M365, is widely adopted for its effectiveness – a winning formula.

The screen is probably even better than the screen of the Xiaomi M365. It’s the same size, but it’s a bit brighter actually, and a little bit neater in the way it displays information. It still shows:

  • current speed
  • battery level
  • speed mode
  • bluetooth status
  • light status
  • cruise control
  • lock status

Lights and riding at night

main headlight of the Aovo Pro turned on

Long-pressing the power button activates the bright main headlight on the front handlebars, illuminating the road ahead effectively at night.

The rear fender’s red light blinks rapidly when the brake is engaged, ensuring high visibility for other traffic participants at night.


the app for the Aovo Pro

The app for the Aovo Pro has a ton of information and features in it, and you can see and set pretty much any aspect of the scooter’s performance to your preference:

  • current speed
  • bluetooth status
  • lock control
  • light status
  • speed mode
  • cruise control
  • unit system
  • boot mode (zero start or kick start)
  • speed limit
  • acceleration response
  • brake response
  • language
  • firmware updates

You can find the app available for both iOS and Android.

In addition to the official app, I recommend the EScooterNerds Universal Scooter App for some complementary features like some helpful checklists, calculators, resources, tools, hacks, etc. The app is also available for both iOS and Android.

Speed hack

The app lets you set your own speed limit, and many owners have full control over this setting through the app. Some, however, can’t seem to unlock the maximum top speed, and they need to install a certain firmware version and perform a set of steps to unlock it.

You can see this helpful video on how to perform the steps exactly and unlock a top speed of up to 28 mph / 45 kmh, but keep in mind that this may result in some unexpected consequences, and may even void your warranty in some cases.

Lock and security

Lock the scooter through the app to completely disable the motor. This is an essential security feature every reputable scooter brand should provide, and I’m glad the Aovo Pro does.

However, this still doesn’t prevent someone from lifting and taking the scooter. If you plan on leaving your scooter outside, check out a good electric scooter lock.

Dimensions, weight, portability

person carrying the Aovo Pro

The dimensions of the Aovo Pro are:

  • length: 42 in / 107 cm
  • width: 16.9 in / 43 cm
  • height (folded): 20.8 in / 53 cm
  • height (unfolded): 43.3 in / 110 cm

The scooter weighs 26.5 lbs / 12 kg, which makes it a very light scooter (most commuter scooters of this class weigh closer to 31 lbs / 14 kg).

When the scooter is folded it is easy to carry with a natural center of gravity, fitting well in car trunks and easily storable under bus or subway seats.

I managed to put it in the trunk of my Ford Fiesta.

Its streamlined design minimizes catching on objects while carrying, making it convenient for transportation in various settings.

Weight limit and usage by heavier adults

two people riding the Aovo Pro

The official weight limit of the Aovo Pro is 265 lbs / 120 kg.

A handful of owners well over 220 lbs / 100 kg have reported that the scooter has almost no drops in performance for them, and the weight limit seems to be fairly accurate, so the scooter can support heavier adults.

I made my friend (who weighs 245 lbs / 111 kg) drive the Aovo Pro so we could see if the scooter would have a lower performance. After testing it for 30 minutes we concluded that there weren’t any significant changes in performance.

Waterproofing and IP rating

the Aovo Pro going through water

The Aovo Pro boasts an IP65 water protection rating. The claim is questionable, given the scooter’s price and the company’s poor reputation, so I would suggest checking out some other waterproof scooters if you live in a rainy area.

Accessories and gear

You probably already know this, but you should wear a proper scooter helmet at all times while riding.

Since the design and the dimensions of the Aovo Pro are practically the same as the ones of the Xiaomi M365, most of the accessories and customizations made for the Xiaomi M365 will almost certainly fit the Aovo Pro as well. So, you should be able to make good use of the many generic scooter accessories, chances are, they will fit the standard build of the Aovo Pro.

Issues and what to know

throttle and screen of the Aovo Pro

If you’re considering the Aovo Pro, several crucial considerations should be kept in mind.

First and most important, the company that sells this scooter is just plain awful. They are dishonest, will lie or avoid your queries when it suits them, and will not provide you with a good experience. That is the main reason why I would recommend not getting this scooter.

The use of solid tires, while advantageous for puncture resistance, may result in a less smooth ride, particularly on uneven terrain, compared to scooters with pneumatic tires.

Be aware that some units may exhibit rattling from the rear mudguard, a concern that can be addressed with an after-market bracket, though installation is a do-it-yourself task.

And if you’re tempted to unlock the scooter’s maximum speed using custom firmware, be cautious.

While it can enhance speed, there’s a risk of firmware issues, including rare instances of the power button and headlight problems reported by users.

Aovo Pro Verdict

person getting ready to ride the Aovo Pro

Aovo is a Chinese company, and the Aovo Pro closely resembles the Xiaomi M365.

They have proven to be a very fraudulent and unreliable brand, which is why I do not recommend this scooter.

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