Kugoo M5 Review – Does It Beat the Kugoo M4 Pro?

Kugoo M5 Review

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Quick summary: The Kugoo M5 is a robust and powerful electric scooter designed for offroad enthusiasts, offering features like a 1000W rear hub motor, 50 km/h top speed, and a claimed 50 km range.

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Ranked #4 in price range $601 – $700
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  • Powerful motor
  • Budget-friendly
  • Dual-shock absorption
  • Good climbing angle
  • High torque


  • Lower top speed
  • Short range
  • Not easily portable
  • Limited battery life

When to buy

The Kugoo M5 electric scooter is perfect for offroad enthusiasts seeking a powerful ride with its robust design, 1000W motor, and offroad-ready features. It’s also an excellent choice for value-conscious buyers looking for an affordable yet potent offroad scooter.

When not to buy

The scooter may not be suitable for individuals with portability needs, especially for daily commuting, given its relatively heavy weight and less convenient dimensions for longer distances. Additionally, speed enthusiasts should look up other options.

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This is a comprehensive review of the Kugoo M5 based on my personal experience. I found it to be a robust and powerful scooter, with just a few downsides.


Kugoo M5 Specifications

Imperial Metric

Top speed55 kmh
Top speed34 mph
Range50 km
Range31 mi
Motorsrear hub
Power1000 W
Climb angle25 °
Battery1120 Wh, 54 V
Battery typelithium-ion
Charging time6 h
Weight34 kg
Weight75 lbs
Weight limit120 kg
Weight limit265 lbs
Tire size10 in
Tire typepneumatic offroad
Foldable handlebarsyes
Build materialaluminum alloy + steel
Terrainsall terrains, offroad
Brakesdual disc brakes
Shock absorbers4 front springs + 2 rear arms
Lights3 head + rear + LED deck
ControlLCD display
Warranty12 months (6 on battery)


Let’s go through some information you should know before riding the scooter.

Unboxing and assembly

Kugoo M5 assembly

There was only some minimal assembly required when I got the scooter.

You will also have to install the seat if you plan on using it, but the good news is that it’s simple to install and remove, so in a way, you can have both a regular and a seated scooter available. I did not install the seat since I didn’t need it.

The box contained:

  • the scooter
  • charger
  • screws and toolkit
  • seat
  • user manual
  • warranty card

Before riding, I made sure that the tires were inflated, the brakes were operational, and that there were no loose screws, as they can get loosened up on delivery.

Also, I made sure that the suspension was not damaged, as that has been known to happen at times.

How to use the Kugoo M5

girl riding Kugoo M5

The Kugoo M5 is started with a key, and that’s one of my favorite features in a scooter, as it greatly increases the security and deters theft (you should still see a scooter lock to fully prevent theft). You also need to turn the scooter on with the power button as well.

The ignition, along with the dashboard, are situated on the left handlebar. The dashboard is a no-frills digital display screen, with just the power button and the plus and minus buttons for controlling the settings.

The screen shows:

  • current speed
  • battery level
  • battery voltage
  • speed mode
  • mileage

There is another smaller dashboard right under the main screen, with 4 additional buttons for the main light on the front, the left and the right lights on the front, and the horn, which is medium-loud.

The scooter accelerates with a thumb throttle. As the scooter is quite powerful and accelerated quickly, the throttle is relatively sensitive to user input.

Folding and unfolding

folded Kugoo M5

The scooter folds at the stem.

Unlocking the folding mechanism only required pulling the safety pin down and then pulling the small lever on the side to fold it. The seat could also be folded as well to make the scooter more compact.

The handlebars were foldable as well, which is something that I always love seeing in scooters.

Still, this is not a portable scooter by any stretch of the imagination, so the small win of the foldable handlebars doesn’t really add that many portability points.


Let’s check out into more detail the Kugoo M5’s performance potential.

Motor and motor tests

The Kugoo M5 comes with a single hub motor of 1000 Watts (real power), integrated into the rear wheel.

That kind of power makes it one of the most powerful electric scooters in its price category, if not the most powerful, and gives it a lot of acceleration, torque and climbing power.

Speed and speed tests

Kugoo M5 ride test

The official top speed of the Kugoo M5 is 55 kmh / 34 mph. The scooter is more than capable of reaching that speed, and it’s very likely that there’s some limitation built into it.

During my test ride, the scooter had no trouble achieving 52 kmh / 32 mph on a smooth terrain.

The scooter also had a powerful acceleration, which may even be described as a bit jerky if you’re not used to a scooter of this type. I reached a great speed in a matter of seconds.

Battery and charging

Kugoo M5 charging port

The lithium-ion battery of the Kugoo M5 has a voltage of 54 Volts, and a capacity of 21 Amp-hours.

The battery is actually the biggest contributor to this scooter’s large weight, but it’s also what gives it its great range and power as well.

The scooter came with a relatively fast charger, and it needed between 5 and 6 hours to charge fully.

Range and range tests

Officially, the Kugoo M5 promises a range of 50 km / 31 mi.

Unofficially, the scooter fully delivers on that promise, and from my experience, the scooter was able to hit 50 km in one trip and still have some battery left for a few extra km.

Good job on the range by Kugoo, I must say.

Climbing angle and climb tests

Climbing is definitely a strong side of the Kugoo M5, even though it’s a single-drive scooter (the fact that it’s a rear-drive rather than a front-drive scooter helps a bit here, as rear-drive scooters have a somewhat better torque).

The official climb angle of the scooter is 25 degrees.

I can certainly confirm that the scooter climbs even somewhat steeper hills without too much issue, (although it needed some acceleration to conquer the steepest hills, and it couldn’t do much from a dead start).

Water resistance

The scooter doesn’t seem to have an official IP rating, although my personal view here is that this scooter looks like it has at least an IP54 and it’s just not well advertised.

I could be wrong, but scooters with much less sealing and water protection claim to have an IP54 rating, and also, almost all of the other, cheaper Kugoo models typically have an IP54 rating as well, which leads me to believe that this scooter has that as well.

Anyway, officially, the Kugoo M5 doesn’t have an IP rating, so I avoided riding in the rain.

If you live in a rainy area you should check out some other alternatives from my list for best waterproof electric scooters.

Ride Experience

Kugoo M5 front view

Since the tires are large, the suspension was excellent, and the frame was strong and stable.

The Kugoo M5 provided a very smooth ride experience for me, and barely shook even when I was riding over larger potholes.

The dual shock absorption system is on point!

Also, the scooter is practically built for offroad primarily, and that’s its natural habitat, as it took on all the challenges of the offroad rides without flinching.

And it felt really stable, even with a higher speed.

So, nothing will stop this scooter basically – dirt, grass, gravel, pebbles, smaller rocks, cobblestone, it can handle everything.

Kugoo M5 vs Other scooters

Let’s see how Kugoo M5 compares to other scooters.

Kugoo M5 vs Kugoo M4 Pro

Kugoo M5 vs Kugoo M4 Pro

The M5 and the M4 Pro models are often compared against one another, and even though I believe they serve slightly different audiences, this is still a fair comparison, as both cost about the same most of the time.

Honestly, I think I would recommend the Kugoo M4 Pro for the majority of people.

It’s just a more versatile model overall, it’s not as overpowered as the M5, yet it has more range (and I’m always on the side of the range in the range vs speed debate), while also being significantly lighter in weight.

Kugoo M5 vs Mercane Widewheel Pro

Kugoo M5 vs Mercane Widewheel Pro

The Mercane Widewheel Pro boasts a unique design with dual 500W motors, delivering a balanced performance with a top speed of 40 kmh / 24 mph and a range of approximately 40 km / 24 mi.

Its wider tires provide stability on various terrains, although it is not explicitly designed for offroad adventures.

While the Kugoo M5 leans towards power and durability, the Mercane Widewheel Pro offers a distinctive design and stability, positioning itself at a higher price point.

The choice hinges on individual preferences, whether prioritizing offroad capabilities or seeking a unique urban ride with stability.

Kugoo M5 vs Hiboy S2 Pro

Kugoo M5 vs Hiboy S2 Pro

The Kugoo M5, a robust offroad powerhouse, boasts a 1000W motor, making it a preferred option for enthusiasts seeking high performance on challenging terrains.

However, its weight of 34 kg may limit portability.

On the other hand, the Hiboy S2 Pro offers a more budget-friendly alternative with a sleek design and a 350W motor.

Weighing approximately 14 kg, it excels in portability, making it suitable for urban commuters.

While the Kugoo M5 emphasizes offroad capabilities, the Hiboy S2 Pro prioritizes versatility for city rides.

Build quality

Kugoo M5 electric scooter

The entire scooter has a very tough look about it, and it fact it is very sturdy and robust overall.

The body of the scooter is made from aluminum alloy, and the scooter has a surprisingly small amount of “chinesium” in its build (low-quality materials with poor finishing).

The fenders and some other parts are harder and made from steel. Since it’s made to withstand all types of rides, the scooter could handle a lot of punishment and not even budge.


Next, let’s check out the Kugoo M5 features in more details.


Kugoo M5 brakes

The brakes were both strong and sensitive, and achieved a short braking distance of just a few meters, but still did not stop the scooter too suddenly.

There were two brake levers, one on each side, and they engaged the front and the rear brake respectively, both of which were disk brakes.

Tires and suspension

Kugoo M5 tire

The rear tire is covered by a large and stable rectangular fender, and if the seat is not installed, it can be used as a footrest.

The tires are made for offroad rides, and they came with all the deep treads and patterns needed to ride on rough terrain.

Their size is 10 inches in diameter, and that gives the scooter a lot of suspension to start with, but the scooter also has a dual shock-absorption system on both wheels, with 4 springs on the front wheel and 2 arm suspensions on the rear wheel.

In my opinion, the Kugoo M5 has one of the best suspension systems in the scooter world, and provided one of the most comfortable rides.


Kugoo M5 lights

With not one, but three large LED lights in the front, the Kugoo M5 achieved excellent visibility during my night rides. The lights shined brightly and lit up the road ahead even up to 10 meters possibly.

The scooter also had red brake lights on the rear which were turned on when I engaged any of the brakes, and also had LED strips along the deck, not just for extra visibility during night rides, but also some extra cool points as well.

You will definitely not need any after-market lights with this scooter.

Weight, dimensions, portability

Kugoo M5 dimensions

The Kugoo M5 is not a portable scooter.

For starters, it weighs 34 kg! While some people will be able to carry it, many others will not, and it will be a hassle for pretty much everyone trying to carry it over a longer distance.

Also, the scooter’s dimensions are quite large as well, even when folded the scooter was too long to fit in most of the common places where you might usually put your scooter, like a car trunk or under a bus seat.

Weight limit

With an official weight limit of 120 kg / 265 lbs, the Kugoo M5 is a great choice for the vast majority of body shapes and sizes.

It’s no wonder, given how powerful its motor is, and how sturdy its construction is overall.

In fact, even though I would not recommend it for people over the weight limit, I wouldn’t be surprised if a 135 kg person rides it without a noticeable drop in performance.

Again, not something I recommend, but still, the scooter looks like it could take it (see the guide on scooters for heavy adults if you need a bigger weight limit).

Accessories and customization

Since the Kugoo M5 is capable of some seriously fast speeds, you will definitely want a safe scooter helmet to go with it. I recommend either a half-face helmet if you want something lighter and more comfortable, or a full-face helmet if you want to stay as safe as possible.

All of the other accessories and equipment for this scooter will be optional.

There are not that many items that are specifically made for the Kugoo M5, so I recommend checking out my complete guide on the best scooter accessories.

The good news is, the seat will ship together with the scooter, and you will only have to buy some smaller after-market upgrades if you need them, like a trunk or a phone mount or a carry handle, for example.


The Kugoo M5 is a relatively affordable electric scooter, but this comes at the cost of some performance limitations. For example, it has a lower top speed and shorter range than some more expensive models.

If you’re after a faster or electric scooter with longer range you should explore some other options.

Additionally, this scooter is not a very portable scooter due to its weight. While some folks might handle carrying it, it could be tough for many others, making it inconvenient for longer distances.

Check out my list for most portable electric scooters if you’re planning on traveling with your scooter, need to carry it frequently, or simply transporting it on a bus or train.

Also, there are some reports of a limited battery life, but I should note that this depends on several factors like the rider’s weight, terrain and riding style.


The Kugoo M5 is a powerful, durable value scooter, prepared for all types of terrains, and while I greatly admire what it can do for the price, I would generally only recommend it to offroad enthusiasts, as otherwise, I believe it might be too much for the casual commuter or hobby rider.

In my opinion, the Kugoo M4 Pro will simply be a much better choice for most people. The only exception here is if you’re planning on going heavy on the offroad rides.

In that case, you will find the Kugoo M5 to be a perfect fit, and maybe one of the best offroad scooters available in Europe currently.

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