5 Best Electric Scooters For Delivery (And Their Most Important Features For The Job)

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I’ve put together this guide on the best electric scooters for delivery based on my interactions with people who have a delivery job.

Simply put, some scooters are better suited for the job than others. We will examine the best choices in detail, and see what makes each of them so good for people working in delivery.

Electric ScooterUse CaseBuy
EMove CruiserBest delivery scooter overallVoromotors
Ninebot MaxBest budget electric scooter for deliveryAmazon
Dualtron ThunderBest performing electric scooter for deliveryVoromotors
Ancheer 26”Best electric bike for deliveryAmazon
Inokim OXOBest premium electric scooter for deliveryFluidFreeRide

If you’d like to watch the video format of this guide, see our video on the best electric scooters for delivery on Youtube.

What makes an electric scooter good for delivery?

person delivering food on an electric scooter

The most important feature of a good electric scooter for delivery will always be range. While there are a few other things to consider, none will be as important as the range of your scooter, and you will want as much range as you can get.

The minimum requirements for the range will vary depending on your job, your city, and your routes, but typically, people working in delivery have found that any scooter with a range less than 40 mi / 64 km is not a good choice. Even with some models with a range of 40 mi / 64 km, delivery people have found that they may need to charge their scooters on their breaks or throughout the day, which already makes them very inconvenient.

The second most important aspect of your delivery scooter will be its waterproofing, especially if you live somewhere with lots of rain. As you probably already know, hungry people don’t really care about the rain outside when they order their food, and you might have to ride through a lot of rain at some periods of the year. Your scooter must be as waterproof as it can possibly be.

Speed will likely be important, but not too much. There’s always the speed limit you need to keep in mind, and you will not be able to ride that fast anyway. However, a strong motor and good performance overall might be important for two other factors: the scooter’s weight limit, and its climb angle. Both of those depend on the motor directly.

Now, depending on the type of packages you deliver, the weight limit may not be that important, and most scooters shouldn’t have problems carrying those few extra pounds of weight from the package. The climb angle, however, can be very important, especially if you live somewhere with lots of hills and inclines.

Another important feature of a good delivery scooter is its storage features and capacity. While many people working in delivery, especially in food delivery, use square backpacks and boxes they carry on their backs, it would still be ideal if your scooter could share that load with you. Most electric scooters will not come with any storage features out-of-the-box, but also, most of them are able to support some kind of a trunk or a basket, and both of those can be of huge help.

Also, another accessory that you may want your scooter to be able to support is a seat. For some people, a seat will not be necessary, but if you’ve been standing on your scooter for 4 hours straight, a seat might be a good feature to have.

Since you will probably have to leave your scooter outside often, it would be good if the scooter comes with some security and locking features. You will almost certainly want a good scooter lock in any case, but the scooters that can be locked through their apps or with a key will have an additional advantage.

Finally, your scooter should provide a good ride quality. You will be spending a lot of time on your scooter, and you will definitely want to feel as comfortable and as safe as you can throughout that whole time.

In summary, a good electric scooter for delivery should satisfy as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • long range (more than 40 mi / 64 km)
  • strong waterproofing and IP rating
  • good weight limit
  • good climb angle
  • can support storage accessories like trunks or baskets
  • optionally can support a seat
  • has locking features
  • good ride quality in general

Best electric scooters for delivery

Let’s look at the best choices for electric scooters for doing food or package delivery, or any other type of job that requires an agile vehicle that can carry both the person and the package to their destinations quickly, easily, and safely.

EMove Cruiser – best electric scooter for delivery overall

side diagonal view of the EMove Cruiser in an urban setting

If you’ve read several other guides on this blog, you might have seen this one coming.

Well, that’s because the EMove Cruiser is simply all that. It might be the best electric scooter in the world right now, and when it comes to using it for delivery, it just ticks so many of the boxes. In fact, it ticks pretty much all of them.

For starters, the range of the EMove Cruiser is 62 mi / 100 km, which is almost unheard of for a mid-price scooter. Simply brilliant.

The scooter boasts a single hub BLDC that can reach peak powers of up to 1600 Watts, which also vastly outperforms its peers with a similar price tag. As a consequence, the scooter can accelerate quickly, it can climb very well, and it will be able to carry loads of up to 352 lbs / 160 kg.

One of the most famous features of the EMove Cruiser is its IPX6 water protection standard. No other scooter has such a high rating, and the EMove Cruiser is the most waterproof electric scooter in the world right now. If you work in delivery in a rainy city, the EMove Cruiser will definitely be your best option, as other scooters can easily malfunction even at the slightest contact with water.

The 10-inch pneumatic tires, coupled with the adjustable front dual-form spring-loaded suspension and the dual rear air suspension, make riding this scooter a dream, and you will have no problems spending hours on it.

There’s also the option to add the seat if you feel like you need it, and you can also add the storage bag easily. Both of these accessories are custom-made for the EMove Cruiser.

The scooter is started by a key, so theft will be highly unlikely, especially if you lock it properly.

Simply put, the EMove Cruiser has no weaknesses when it comes to delivery. It literally fulfills every single need that a person working in delivery might have. See my full EMove Cruiser review to learn more.

Where to buy the EMove Cruiser from?

The best (and probably only) place to get the EMove Cruiser from is the official Voromotors store (make sure to enter the code “escooternerds” without quotes for a $50 discount). As one of the most trusted brands in the industry, they do a great job and ship very fast. Shipping is free within the continental US and it will take between 2 and 4 days. For other countries the usual expenses are added to the original price, and the waiting times will be between 3 days and 2 weeks. In the UK, Canada, and most EU countries, you get free shipping on orders above $3000 as well, so if you need two EMove Cruisers, you can add a few cheap accessories to the order as well, and you will get free shipping.

Ninebot Max – best budget electric scooter for delivery

person riding a Ninebot Max electric scooter in an urban setting

The Ninebot Max is the most budget-friendly electric scooter that may still be of good use to someone working as a delivery person.

That said, I would only recommend this scooter to people working in delivery that are on a very limited budget. If your budget is less than $1000, then the Ninebot Max will probably be your best, and maybe even your only option, but even then, you will get barely enough range to cover a full day of deliveries, especially if you live in a bigger city.

The Ninebot Max has a range of 40 mi / 64, and, as we said before, that’s probably somewhere close to the lower limit of the range for a delivery scooter. The charging time of 6 hours is not too long, but it’s still not very useful if you run of out battery in the middle of your shift, so you will have to trust the scooter has enough battery to last you a full day.

Now, while the range of the Ninebot Max may be right at the border of the acceptable range for delivery, this scooter has many other features that make it an excellent choice for a delivery person.

With a 700 Watt motor, the scooter will have no problem climbing most hills and carrying you and your package throughout your city.

The IPX5 water resistance rating is one of the best in the game, and places the Ninebot Max in the top 3 most water-resistant scooters in the world, so deliveries on rainy days shouldn’t be a problem as well.

Also, the scooter has huge 10-inch pneumatic tires, that will do wonders for ride quality and stability, and you will be very comfortable spending a lot of time riding this scooter.

The scooter comes with an excellent app, which you can use to lock the scooter’s motor, and that will be very handy when leaving it outside.

Finally, the scooter has a very standard design and build, very similar to the most popular electric scooters out there, and most of the generic accessories, as well as the accessories made for the Xiaomi scooters, will fit it perfectly. Plus, the scooter is so popular that it has a host of accessories made especially for it, so finding a good seat, a large trunk, or a basket, should be no issue at all.

All in all, the Ninebot Max is probably the best electric scooter under $1000, and certainly the best scooter for deliveries under $1000, and even though its range makes the cut with a thin margin, it still makes the cut, and all of the other features of the scooter are simply brilliant for delivery. Check out my complete Ninebot Max review if you wish to find out why this scooter is one of the most popular electric scooters ever released.

Where to buy the Ninebot Max from?

The best, most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max is through Amazon, although the official Segway store is also a place you should check to compare prices.

For Canada, the fastest and most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max would be through TekTrendy. Your scooter will arrive in a matter of days, sometimes even the next day, and there will be no other costs, neither shipping nor taxes.

In the UK, and some other EU countries, the best place to get the Ninebot Max from is Amazon UK.

Dualtron Thunder – best performing electric scooter for delivery

The Dualtron Thunder is a very powerful scooter, and for some folks working in delivery, it may be a bit too much. But, if you’re after the best delivery scooter that money can buy, and you also want to have a mean machine at your disposal, then the Thunder might make sense for you.

With a range of 75 mi / 120, battery life will pretty much never be a problem for you.

Also, the dual motors of the Thunder produce a combined peak power output of 5700 Watts, which will make any hill, incline, or weight you put on the scooter a joke for it. Performance is simply solved with this scooter, every aspect of it.

The scooter is very robust and it can easily support most accessories you might want to add to it. It has the option to have a custom-made seat installed on it as well. It comes with an IP54 water protection standard.

Since this is a premium scooter, you can choose to have it unlock only with your fingerprint, so security will also be very well handled.

And, last but not least, the 11-inch tires and the dual spring-arm suspension will provide a ride like no other, and even several hours a day spent on this scooter will be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Probably for most people, the price of the Dualtron Thunder will be prohibitively high. However, if that’s not the case for you, or if you simply want to make a substantial investment in the last scooter you will ever buy, then the Dualtron Thunder is worth taking a look at.

You can see my complete Dualtron Thunder review to learn more, or find the Dualtron Thunder at Voromotors, and don’t forget to use the coupon code FreeExtend after adding the 1-year Extend product protection for 2 years of free warranty.

Ancheer 26” – best electric bike for delivery

Ancheer 26'' electric bike

In most cases, electric scooters are better than electric bikes. However, one possible exception might be if using the ride for delivery.

Electric bikes practically eliminate the problem of running out of battery. If that happens, you can always pedal the bike like in the good old days, so technically, it’s almost like having infinite range.

Plus, bikes always have a seat, they can usually support a trunk or a basket, and they have larger tires that make the rides more comfortable.

So, it’s not a surprise that many delivery people choose to stick with a bike for their job, and today, electric bikes have so many advantages over regular bikes, that the decision between the two is almost a no-brainer.

The major downside with electric bikes is that they tend to be more expensive. Still, delivery people are investing in a tool for their job, so even paying a thousand dollars or more might be well justified.

One popular and budget-friendly electric bike for delivery is the Ancheer 26-inch electric bike. With a range of 35 mi / 56 km, a comfortable seat, and a large storage space for any type of package, it will be a good choice for many people working in delivery. It comes with the option to easily add a storage unit in the rack above the rear wheel. In short, there’s nothing that an electric scooter can do for delivery that this bike can’t do as well, and for some aspects of the job, the Ancheer electric bike will simply be a more robust solution.

You can check out the Ancheer electric bike on Amazon if you’re interested.

Inokim OXO – best premium electric scooter for delivery

person standing with one leg on the deck of an Inokim OXO electric scooter after climbing

If quality is what you’re after, then you’ll probably want to go with the Inokim OXO.

The scooter will do a great job for your deliveries, as it has pretty much all the features needed for that. But even more than that, the scooter is so well-made, that you will probably end up using it for a lot more than delivery.

The Inokim OXO has a range of 68 mi / 110 km, so battery life will be more than handled.

The scooter’s strong build quality comes from each and every part being custom-made and designed by one of the best scooter design minds in the world, but also from the extensive testing and quality assurance processes that Inokim scooters undergo, and the result is one of the best-engineered scooters ever. As usual, such strong build quality brings excellent experience in every important aspect of your scooter ownership.

Because of the large 10-inch pneumatic tires and the dual suspension, the rides will be super-smooth.

With a weight limit of 265 lbs / 120 kg, and a climb angle of 15 degrees, the Inokim OXO outperforms the vast majority of electric scooters on the market today, and as we concluded before, both of those strengths can be very useful for delivery. The scooter will come with an IPX4 water resistance standard, so deliveries in some light rain shouldn’t be an issue.

The only weakness this scooter has when it comes to delivery is that it probably will not play well with some accessories. A storage trunk or a bag should fit it, but there are no known official seats available for it, and since its design is very unique, it will probably not fit the generic seats.

But other than that, every other aspect of the Inokim OXO will be nearly perfect when it comes to your delivery gig, and even more importantly, it will be an excellent premium choice after your shift ends. You can see my full review of the Inokim OXO if you want to find out more.

Where to buy the Inokim OXO from?

The Inokim OXO is a very popular power scooter, but only a handful of trusted stores frequently have it in stock. The best place to get it from will usually be FluidFreeRide. It provides the lowest costs from all merchants, both on the original price and in shipping costs. In fact, for the US and Canada, shipping will most likely be free, or very cheap, and you will get your scooter within 3-5 business days. For other countries, there might be a shipping fee, and delivery time might be longer. Just to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, check out the Inokim OXO at inokim.com if you live in the US.


Those were all the best electric scooters for delivery, and what makes each of them a great pick for any situation. For reference, here’s a quick summary of them.

Electric ScooterUse CaseBuy
EMove CruiserBest delivery scooter overallVoromotors
Ninebot MaxBest budget electric scooter for deliveryAmazon
Dualtron ThunderBest performing electric scooter for deliveryVoromotors
Ancheer 26”Best electric bike for deliveryAmazon
Inokim OXOBest premium electric scooter for deliveryFluidFreeRide

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