Teverun Fighter Supreme Review (Is It A True Performance Scooter?)

Teverun Fighter Supreme Review

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Quick summary: The Teverun Fighter Supreme is an electric scooter that comes with a high-quality and beautiful design, a maximum speed of 62 mph / 100 kmh, a range of 74 miles / 120 km, and a climb angle of 40 degrees. The scooter has an adjustable hydraulic suspension and 11-inch tubeless tires all for a price of around $4199. It is a pricey option, but well worth every cent in my experience.

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Overall score
Ranked #1 in price range $4101 – $4199
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • very good ride quality
  • very good braking system
  • very good suspension
  • good weight limit
  • low maintenance
  • excellent speed and acceleration
  • excellent range


  • not the most portable
  • not the cheapest
  • no IP rating

When to buy

The Teverun Fighter Supreme is tailor-made for adrenaline junkies and performance enthusiasts seeking an electrifying ride experience. Commuters with a taste for the extraordinary will appreciate its impressive range and sleek design. Tech-savvy riders seeking customizable features, from adjustable suspension to LED light kits, will find a playground for personalization.

When not to buy

The Teverun Fighter Supreme with its big weight may not be suitable for riders prioritizing portability. Weighing 99 lbs / 45 kg, it leans towards bulkiness, challenging extended carrying. While its price tag reflects its premium features, those with budget constraints might explore alternatives. If portability or budget are your priorities, you might want to consider other electric scooters better suited to your needs.

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The Teverun Fighter Supreme has been creating quite a buzz among performance scooter enthusiasts globally ever since it hit the market. In this review, I’ll take you through every detail I observed during the few days I spent thoroughly testing this scooter.


Let’s find out about some of the basics.

Unboxing and assembly

teverun fighter supreme unboxing

The scooter comes in a big box, which is no surprise. Besides the scooter, you will find a charger, a tool kit, and a user manual.

Assembling is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring riders can hit the road swiftly and effortlessly. I was left shocked at how easy was the assembly of the scooter and didn’t have to lose any time.


Here are the most important performance aspects you should know about.


teverun fighter supreme motor

The Fighter Supreme is powered by dual motors.

Each 4000W motor unleashes a combined 8000W peak power, which is simply an insane amount of power.

They deliver instant torque, smooth acceleration, and the kind of raw power that makes conquering terrains very easy.

Speed and speed test

The Supreme has an official top speed of 62 mph / 100 kmh.

In my speed tests, the scooter effortlessly reached its claimed top speed on flat terrain. The acceleration is even more impressive in my opinion.

There are some people who say that they reached a top speed of 66 mph / 105 kmh, but if I’m honest I didn’t dare to go any faster.

If this speed isn’t enough for you speed junkies, check out my guide on the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range test

The manufacturer says that the official range of the Supreme is 74 miles / 120 km, but doesn’t clarify at which speed that range is possible.

My testing only managed to reach a range of 68 miles / 110 km at medium speeds for the majority of the few rides during which I tested the range, which is extremely good in my opinion.

If this range isn’t enough for you, check out my guide on the best long-range electric scooters.

Climbing and climb test

The dual-motor offers a great official climb angle of 40 degrees.

Before testing the climb angle, I fully charged the scooter so it could give me the best result.

l couldn’t really find a hill that steep, but I can say that the scooter did eat several 30 degree inclines for breakfast.

If you need a scooter with similar or even stronger climbing angles, check out my guide on the best climbing electric scooters.

Ride experience

teverun fighter supreme on kickstand

I was left shocked by the build quality and sporty design that this scooter has.

The Teverun Fighter Supreme is a true performance scooter with its top speed and mind-blowing acceleration, and an excellent commuter with its long range.

Also, I like the adjustable suspension of the scooter a lot, as it provides very soft riding experience. I was always riding the scooter with a big smile on my face.

I can say with no problem that if you have the cash for this scooter you won’t regret it even for a second.

Teverun Fighter Supreme vs other scooters

Let’s see how the Fighter Supreme compares to other scooters with a similar price or class.

Fighter Supreme vs Fighter 11+

teverun fighter supreme vs teverun fighter 11+

Choosing between the Teverun Fighter Supreme and Fighter 11 Plus isn’t that simple.

The Supreme dominates with a mighty 72V, 4000W dual-motor setup, outmuscling the 11 Plus’s 60V, 1600W.

The range of 74 miles / 120km is the same for both mothers.

Meanwhile, the 11 Plus opts for a lighter, more agile build and a slightly lower price, making it a top pick for urban commuters.

The choice is yours, so If power and range matter most, the Supreme is unbeatable, but for urban maneuverability and value, the 11 Plus takes the lead.

Fighter Supreme vs Dualtron Thunder 2

teverun fighter supreme vs dualtron thunder 2

Both scooters boast monstrous power, unmatched speed, and a hefty price tag to match.

The Supreme has an 8000 W dual-motor engine which is amazing, but the Thunder 2 has a dual motor with 10,800W of peak power, which is much more powerful.

The Supreme counters with superior suspension, conquering rough terrain with ease. Consider that the Supreme has a better suspension which conquers rough terrain with ease.

But if you are leaning towards power and design then the Dualtron Thunder 2 is your choice.

Fighter Supreme vs Dualtron Ultra 2

teverun fighter supreme vs dualtron ultra 2

The Fighter Supreme boasts a dual-motor powerhouse with 4000W, which is ideal for untamed power, and a 74 miles / 120km range, perfect for marathon commutes.

The Ultra 2 has a single motor of 3700W with 86 miles / 140 km range and prioritizes lighter weight, quick and easy handling for urban adventures.

In the end, I would recommend choosing the scooter that is more your style.

If you prefer the Ultra more, check out my review on the Dualtron Ultra 2.

Build quality

The Teverun Fighter Supreme is a meticulously crafted electric scooter, blending durability and refined engineering.

It is built to endure diverse terrains with its forged aluminum and high-grade steel, offering riders a reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing companion on their journeys.

From ergonomic grips to responsive controls, every touchpoint feels premium.


These are some of the features that the Teverun Fighter Supreme boasts.

Battery and charging

teverun fighter supreme battery

The battery and charging system of the Fighter Supreme epitomizes efficiency and reliability, underscoring its position as a premium electric scooter.

Powered by a 72V 35Ah LG battery, this scooter ensures riders can confidently navigate their urban journeys with minimal worry.

Recharging takes around 17 hours with the regular charger, while with the fast charger, it only takes around 5 hours to reach full capacity.

This charge time is very fast for a battery of this size in my opinion.


teverun fighter supreme brakes

The Fighter features Zoom front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. They ensure reliable and responsive stopping power, even at high speeds.

The braking mechanism offers riders a sense of confidence and reassurance, allowing for precise control in various riding conditions.

I have to say that these brakes are excellent and saved me a couple of times from crashing into people who were crossing the sidewalk.


teverun fighter supreme suspension

The scooter has an easily adjustable hydraulic suspension, and the scooter ensures a smooth and controlled ride across various terrains.

The adjustable suspension transforms the riding experience, offering riders the flexibility to customize their scooter’s suspension for optimal comfort and performance.

I was really surprised by how good the suspension was and it made me enjoy every second of the ride.

Tires and fenders

teverun fighter supreme tires and fenders

The Teverun Fighter Supreme features 11-inch tubeless tires, which provide riders with a reliable grip on many surfaces.

These tires and the scooter’s adjustable hydraulic suspension ensure a smooth and controlled ride, whether cruising on city streets or tackling off-road trails.

It has full-length fenders, made of durable plastic, shield against mud and debris, keeping you and the scooter clean during rides through puddles or city grime.

These fenders also contribute to the scooter’s style, seamlessly integrating with its aggressive stance and futuristic design.


teverun fighter supreme headlight and stemlights

The Teverun stands out as a scooter that effortlessly lights up the path in front of you.

It features a headlight, stem light, side deck light, kicktail light, and turn lights which significantly enhance visibility at night.

These lights not only improve safety but also make the scooter more sporty with a street-racing vibe.

Screen and controls

teverun fighter supreme display and controlls

The Fighter Supreme features an adjustable 3.5-inch anti-glare color TFT display that ensures visibility even in bright sunlight. This comprehensive display provides crucial information such as:

  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • selected gear
  • remaining battery
  • distance covered

On the left side of the handlebar, there is an NFC reader that is unique because you can only start the scooter with the key fob. Next to the NFC reader, there are the controls for the horn, headlights, and turn lights.

On the other side of the handlebar, there is the throttle and controls for the TFT display.

The controls and display are very easy to use in my opinion.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

The Supreme, weighing 99 lbs / 45 kg, is a hefty scooter. Its well-balanced dimensions contribute to a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience, but it won’t be easy to carry.

I’d say the scooter still excels in delivering a robust and foldable design, ideal for urban commuters who prioritize durability and convenience.

Anyway, if you prefer to have a scooter that is more portable, you will probably not pick this one. Check out my guide on the lightest electric scooters for that.

Weight limit

The Supreme has a generous official weight limit of 150 kg / 330 lbs.

This weight capacity ensures versatility and accommodates a broad range of users, making this an inclusive and accessible choice for electric scooter enthusiasts.

If you don’t like the Supreme for some reason but need a scooter with the same or similar weight capacity, check out my guide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults.

Water resistance and waterproof

The manufacturer hasn’t classified what is the IP rating of this scooter, so we don’t know for sure.

I didn’t get to test the scooter in wet weather, and I recommend you do the same.

If you live in a city where it consistently rains and don’t want to worry if the scooter will survive, check out my guide on the most waterproof electric scooters.

Accessories and customization

This is a pretty fast scooter, so make sure to always wear a proper scooter helmet. I used a full-face helmet during my rides, and I recommend you do the same.

Check out my guide on the best electric scooter accessories for some customization ideas, since the Teverun Fighter Supreme doesn’t really offer any good options that are custom-tailored.

Security and locks

The scooter comes equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic key fob, providing convenient yet secure access to your electric beast.

The electronic locking system adds an extra layer of protection, deterring potential theft, but it won’t be enough.

Check out my guide on the best electric scooter locks to find a strong suitable lock for this scooter, as you will definitely need something stronger.

Issues and downsides

While the Teverun Fighter Supreme offers robust performance, it comes with a few considerations.

Users have reported stability issues at speeds over 40 mph / 64 kmh.

Durability concerns, such as loose stems and malfunctioning lights, raise questions about the scooter’s premium build.

I personally didn’t had any issues with the scooter for the couple of days I was testing it. The only downside of the scooter is the portability for commuters that often need to carry the scooter in their hands or in and out of public transit.


This scooter presents an impressive package of power, performance, and features.

Its high price, weight, and concerns about speed-related wobbles might deter some, but for those who prioritize exhilarating speed, long-range commutes, and beautiful design, it’s a worthy consideration.

I would probably still go with something like the Dualtron Thunder 3, which is more proven and more reliable.

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