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Futecher Gun Pro Review

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Quick summary: The Futecher Gun Pro is an electric scooter with a high-quality build and beautiful design, a maximum speed of 31 mph / 50 kmh, a range of 45 miles / 72 km, and a climb angle of 27 degrees. The scooter has a front and back suspension an 8-inch-tubed pneumatic front tire and a solid rubber rear tire all for a price of around $1100.

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Ranked #2 in price range $1001 – $1101
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  • very good ride quality
  • very good braking system
  • good suspension
  • good weight limit
  • excellent range


  • high maintenance
  • not the cheapest
  • no IP rating

When to buy

The Futecher Gun Pros is tailor-made for commuters with a taste for the extraordinary who will appreciate its impressive range and sleek design. Its portability and comfortable ride make it ideal for the streets.

When not to buy

It may not be suitable for riders prioritizing speed and acceleration. A maximum speed of 31 mph / 50 kmh won’t give you the adrenaline you are after. While its price tag reflects its features, those with budget constraints might explore alternatives. If speed, climbing angle, or budget-friendly options are your priorities, I recommend other scooters.

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I had the chance to test the Futecher Gun Pro for a couple of days. In this review, I’ll take you through every detail I observed during the week I spent thoroughly testing this scooter, and you’ll know if this scooter is right for you.


Here are some of the basics of the Futecher Gun Pro.

Unboxing and assembly

futecher gun pro unboxing

The Futecher Gun Pro arrives in a big brown box. Besides the scooter, you will find a charger, a tool kit, a remote for changing colors, and a user manual.

Assembly is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring riders can hit the road swiftly and effortlessly.


Here are the most important aspects of Gun Pro’s performance you should know about.


futecher gun pro motor

The Futecher Gun Pro is powered by a 1,760 watt BLDC hub motor motor.

You shouldn’t expect a mind-blowing acceleration, but the speed for this motor is okay for daily commutes.

Speed and speed test

The Futecher Gun Pro has an official top speed of 31 mph / 50 kmh.

I tried it out for one week, and I managed to test its top speed a couple of times, but the fastest I managed to get was 27 mph / 43 kmh, which is a bit slower than the official top speed.

There are some people who say that they reached the official top speed. I’m not exactly sure what might cause the top speed discrepancies.

Anyway, if this speed isn’t enough for you, check out my guide on the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range test

The manufacturer states that the official range of the Gun Pro is 45 miles / 72 km. The actual range will vary depending on your weight, riding style, and terrain.

When I tested the scooter for a couple of days, I managed to achieve the exact official range, almost down to the T.

I’d say that’s a strong range for most commuters and regular riders, but if this range isn’t enough for you, check out my guide on the best long-range electric scooters.

Climbing and climb test

The BLDC hub motor offers a 27-degree climbing angle.

The official climb angle was pretty easy to achieve, so I went to a steeper hill to test the angle further. The hill had an angle of around 30 degrees, and the scooter really started to struggle.

So, overall, decent climbing, but if you need a scooter an with even stronger climbing angle, check out my guide on the best climbing electric scooters.

Ride experience

futecher gun pro on kickstand

It’s been enjoyable riding around on the Gun Pro, and let me tell you, this scooter makes your daily commuting way more fun.

When I saw this scooter for the first time in real life, I was stunned at the design and fell in love with it, but the looks aren’t everything right?

Well, the Gun Pro has the build quality to go alongside the good looks.

While the scooter isn’t very fast and doesn’t have mind-blowing acceleration, it does provide quite a comfortable ride for its price range.

The only issue I have in this regard is with the suspension, as sometimes it makes weird noises when you hit some holes and that kept getting on my nerves a bit.

Futecher Gun Pro vs other scooters

Let’s see how the Futecher Gun Pro compares to other scooters.

Futecher Gun Pro vs Dualtron Mini

futecher gun pro vs dualtron mini

The Futecher Gun Pro is a mini powerhouse, armed with a 1,760 watt motor and an impressive 45 miles / 72 km range. On the other hand, the Dualtron Mini comes less performant, with 1450W motor and 33 miles /54 km range.

However, I might still recommend the Dualtron Mini if you’re after more secure build quality and proven track record.

Futecher Gun Pro vs Ninebot S Max

futecher gun pro vs ninebot s max

The Ninebot Max showcases cunning features, with a sleek, lightweight design for urban agility, solid shock absorption, better quality brakes, and tech advantages.

But the Futecher Gun Pro will be more performant in terms of speed, acceleration, range, and weight limit, while also being more portable at the same time.

That’s why I’d recommend sticking with it here for most people.

Futecher Gun Pro vs Mercane Widewheel Pro

futecher gun pro vs mercane widewheel pro

The Wideweel has a 1600W motor and it’s faster than the Futecher (although not a lot faster).

It offers a range of up to 21 mi / 35 km, but when it comes to range, the Futecher reigns supreme.

The biggest distinction here would be the tires. The Widewheel Pro famously comes with the wide solid tires, and they will never suffer a flat. Also, because of their wide base, they will provide better balance and traction, but that will come at the expense of cornering and agility.

Generally, I’d recommend choosing the Widewheel Pro if you want complete protection from flats, and a very distinct and stylish look.

If that sounds good to you, check out my WideWheel Pro review.

Build quality

The Futecher Gun Pro impresses with its durable and sleek frame, conveying a sense of excellent quality in its construction.

The construction integrates premium materials, showcasing a commitment to longevity and resilience against the rigors of urban exploration.

I must say that the build quality is actually pretty amazing, and makes this scooter one of my favorites!

From the sturdy handlebars to the reinforced deck, every component reflects the dedication to providing riders with a reliable and enduring electric scooter experience, neglecting neithe form nor function.


These are some of the features that the Gun Pro boasts.

Battery and charging

futecher gun pro charger

The battery and charging system of the Gun Pro epitomize efficiency and reliability, which makes the scooter an excellent daily commuter.

The scooter is powered by a 52 volt, 20.8 Ah, and 1082 Wh Sinc Power Cells battery.

Recharging with the regular charger takes about 11 hours, while with the fast charger, it takes only about 3 – 3.5 hours, and that’s pretty fast in my opinion.


futecher gun pro brakes

The scooter is equipped with regenerative electric front and rear drum brakes that ensure riders can confidently stop at the last second.

These brakes are really good for the price you are paying in my opinion.

I think that this is one of the best features of the scooter.


This scooter has a front and back suspension which is ideal for city driving.

I tested this scooter for one week and didn’t really feel the potholes that I drove through. The suspension is really bouncy and I haven’t tested a scooter with a similar price tag that is this much comfortable.

Tires and fenders

futecher gun pro tires and fenders

The Futecher Gun Pro features an 8-inch-tubed pneumatic front tire and solid rubber rear tire. This blend of pneumatic and solid tires produces a mix of comfort and durability.

Personally, I prefer two pneumatic tires, but a balanced choice like this can often provide the best of both worlds.

The scooter has full-length fenders, made of durable plastic, shield against mud and debris, keeping you and the scooter clean during rides through puddles or city grime.

These fenders also contribute to the scooter’s style, seamlessly integrating with its aggressive stance and futuristic design.


futecher gun pro lights

The Gun Pro stands out as a scooter that effortlessly lights up any space it enters – quite literally.

It features bright low-mounted lights and a brake light which significantly enhance visibility at night.

The vibrant RGB swag LED lights on the deck and stem not only improve safety but also amplify the scooter’s sporty, street-racing vibe.

The only problem is that the scooter doesn’t have a headlight. If you regularly ride at night you will have to buy an aftermarket one and to find the best prices, check out my guide on the best electric scooter aftermarket lights.

Screen and controls

futecher gun pro ey3

The scooter has the classic and proven EY3 display which is standard in the Dualtron and Minimotors lines. It offers a user-friendly interface that provides instant access to essential information, allowing you to monitor battery levels, adjust riding modes, and navigate effortlessly.

The controls are designed for precision, giving riders a responsive and seamless experience, while the handlebars have ergonomically designed grips that can be replaceable and brake leavers.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

The Futecher Gun Pro weighs only 44 lbs / 20 kg and is a pretty light electric scooter to carry around. Since it has no weird sticking parts when folded, it’s also very portable.

The scooter’s dimensions when folded are 104 x 19.3 x 34 cm, while unfolded 04 x 54.5 x 116 cm. Its well-balanced dimensions contribute to a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience.

I managed to put the scooter in my friend’s car (Fiat Uno) without any problem.

Weight limit

The Gun Pro has a respectable 265 lbs / 120kg weight limit and will suit most riders.

Exceeding this limit not only compromises safety and performance but also puts undue stress on the frame, suspension, and other vital components.

If you are above this weight limit, check out my guide on the best electric scooters for heavy-riders.

Water resistance and waterproof

The manufacturer hasn’t classified what is the IP rating of this scooter.

I drove it a bit in the rain and the scooter survived without any issues, but I would recommend driving it consistently in the rain.

If you live in a city where it consistently rains and don’t want to worry if the scooter will survive, check out my guide on the most waterproof electric scooters.

Accessories and customization

Make sure to always wear a proper scooter helmet. I used a half-face helmet during my rides, and I recommend you do the same at the very least, since a bike helmet is not enought.

A phone mount, deck stickers, and various LED light kits would be my preferred methods of personalization. The availability of aftermarket upgrades allows riders to fine-tune their Futecher Gun Pro to their preference (check out my guide on electric scooter accessories for the real deal on how to customize your scooter the best).

Security and locks

This isn’t a super-expensive scooter, so you may be able to get away with a medium-strong lock that won’t cost in the hundreds.

See the guide on the best electric scooter locks for some great picks and a bit more advice on locking and security.

Issues and downsides

While the Gun Pro impresses with its performance and sleek design, it has some issues and downsides.

One concern revolves around the absence of a classified IP rating, leaving riders uncertain about its water resistance capabilities.

One minor issue I was kind of annoyed by was the constant squicking noise that came from the suspension when you hit a hole in the road, but except for that, I didn’t had any other issues or problems with the scooter.


Overall, the Futecher Gun Pro is a great electric scooter for passionate riders seeking okay performance, comfort, and range.

The scooter also provides a healthy mix of quality, safety, and ease of use.

In my opinion, if you are looking for an excellent commuter for a price range of around 1100$, the Gun Pro is a pretty good choice.

Honestly, however, I’m not sure if it can compete with the EMove Cruiser, which is just a bit more expensive but a lot better in pretty much every regard. That’s just my two cents.

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