Speedway Leger Pro Review – A Classic, Upgraded

Speedway Leger Pro Review

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Quick summary: The Speedway Leger Pro, an upgraded version of the Speedway Leger, redefines urban commuting with its lightweight yet powerful design. Featuring enhanced batteries and an additional front drum brake, this compact electric scooter seamlessly combines the successful features of the Dualtron line, prioritizing reliability, portability, and high performance. With a 1360W rear motor and a choice between CN 52V20.8Ah or 52V25.6Ah LG batteries, the Leger PRO ensures a robust and efficient ride for city dwellers.

Speedway Leger Pro Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 49 kmh 30 mph
  • Range: 72 km 45 mph
  • Motors: BLDC hub motor
  • Power: 1450 W
  • Climb angle: 15.11 °
  • Battery: 1331 Wh, 52 V
  • Charging time: 14 h
  • Weight: 21.7 kg 48 lbs
  • Weight limit: 120 kg 265 lbs
  • Tire size: 8.5 in
  • Tire type: pneumatic
  • Build material: aluminum alloy frame
  • Brakes: regenerative electric rear drum brake with ABS and front drum brake
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Return period: 30 days

Scores, Tests, Measurements

Overall score
Ranked #5 in price range $ – $
Quality & Lifespan
Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • powerful motor
  • compact and lightweight
  • good braking system
  • good build quality


  • long charging time
  • limited terrain capability

When to buy

If you’re in the market for an electric scooter that seamlessly combines power, portability, and enhanced features, the Speedway Leger Pro is a compelling choice.

When not to buy

Consider refraining from purchasing the Speedway Leger Pro if you prioritize a rapid charging experience, as its approximately 14-hour charging time may not align with your preferences for quick turnarounds between rides.

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After two weeks of testing the SpeedWay Leger Pro, I will share my experience and my thoughts about its features, performances, and the process of ordering and unboxing it. Buckle up, as this will be a complete review of a very interesting scooter.


Let’s start with the process of unboxing and assembling the Speedway Leger Pro.

Unboxing and assembly

charger and user manual of speedway leger pro

Unboxing the Speedway Leger Pro is a straightforward process.

The scooter arrives securely packaged, with minimal assembly required.

Sturdy handlebars, a spacious deck, and pneumatic tires instantly impress. The quick-release mechanisms for the folding stem and handlebars click into place seamlessly, and the hefty battery slides effortlessly into its designated slot.

Within minutes, the Leger Pro is ready for a ride.

Well, almost ready – don’t forget to charge it and check all the screws if they are tightened as they should be.


Let’s explore the motor power, the speed, the range, the battery, and the climb angle of the Speedway Leger Pro.


The Speedway Leger Pro has a powerful MAX 1,450-watt BLDC hub motor. This motor technology is known for its efficiency and reliability, providing a smooth and responsive acceleration experience.

The high wattage of 1,450 ensures robust performance, making it suitable for various terrains and riding conditions.

The brushless DC design reduces friction and heat generation, contributing to a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. This motor choice in the Speedway Leger Pro aligns with a focus on performance and durability.

Speed and speed test

The official top speed of the Speedway Leger Pro is 30.5 mph / 49 kmh.

However, due to regulations in many countries, the scooter is typically pre-set to a lower speed limit, often around 15.5 mph / 25 kmh (15.5 mph). This is to comply with local e-scooter laws and ensure safe riding.

There are ways around this. Any scooter that’s capable of reaching a higher speed has some sort of a speed lock in place. If you wanna achieve that, see my guide on removing the speed limiter.

Also, if you are looking for a faster electric scooter, check my article on the fastest electric scooters.

Range and range test

The Speedway Leger Pro boasts an impressive range of 45 mi / 72 km on a single charge, although the actual range may vary.

Riders need to consider that individual variables, including their weight and the conditions of the riding surface, can impact the actual range experienced.

Nonetheless, the Speedway Leger Pro’s 45 mi range specification positions it as a reliable choice for users seeking an electric scooter capable of handling longer rides with ease.

If you are looking for an electric scooter with a bigger range check my article on the longest range electric scooter.

Climbing and climb test

The official climb angle of the Speedway Leger Pro is 15.11°.

The scooter is engineered to handle gentle slopes effortlessly over extended periods.

Whether cruising on flat surfaces or encountering gentle slopes, the scooter’s capabilities ensure a smooth and reliable ride.

If you are looking for a scooter with a better climb angle check my article on the best electric scooters for hill climbing.

Battery and charging

charging ports speedway lager pro

The Speedway Leger Pro features a robust 52-volt battery with a substantial capacity of 25.6 Ah, boasting a total energy capacity of 1,331 Wh. This battery setup utilizes high-quality Panasonic cells, renowned for their reliability and longevity. The 52-volt voltage ensures efficient power delivery.

With a significant 25.6 Ah capacity, the battery provides an extended riding range, making it suitable for longer commutes or recreational rides.

It’s important to note that the charging time for this formidable battery is approximately 14 hours.

While this duration may require some overnight charging planning, the ample capacity and reputable cell choice contribute to a compelling electric scooter option for users prioritizing both power and endurance in their rides.

Ride experience

The riding experience on the Speedway Leger Pro is defined by a harmonious blend of power, convenience, and safety features.

The robust 1,450-watt BLDC hub motor ensures a responsive and dynamic acceleration, making each ride an exhilarating experience. Navigating various terrains, including gentle slopes with its impressive 15-degree climbing capability, feels effortless.

The Speedway Leger Pro provides an enjoyable and reliable riding experience, catering to both commuting and recreational needs. Its combination of power, comfort, and safety features makes it a well-rounded electric scooter suitable for a diverse range of riders.

Speedway Leger Pro vs other scooters

Let’s take a look into the comparison between the Speedway Leger Pro andother scooters in its price category.

Speedway Leger Pro vs Speedway Leger

speedway lager pro vs speedway leger

All right, sibling rivalry, let’s get into it.

The Speedway Leger, priced at $1100, offers a balanced performance with a top speed of 28 mph / 45 kmh and a range of 34 mi / 55 km, propelled by a 500 W real power motor and a peak power of 1360 W. Sporting a compact design and great portability, it features pneumatic tubed 8.5-inch tires, making it suitable for urban terrains.

In comparison, the Speedway Leger Pro, priced at $1290, delivers enhanced specifications, boasting a higher top speed of 30.5 mph / 49 kmh, an extended range of 44.7 mi / 72 km, and a robust 1450 W real power motor. The Leger Pro is equipped with a larger 1331 Wh battery at 52 V but comes with a longer charge time of 14 hours.

Both models exhibit durable construction, with the Leger made from aluminum alloy 6061 and the Leger Pro featuring an aluminum alloy frame.

I would probably lean towards the Speedway Leger Pro in most situations. For a slightly higher investment, you will get a more performant scooter.

However, the Speedway Leger regular version may have better shock absorption and portability, and possibly be better value for money for riders concerned with those qualities. If that describes you, see my full Speedway Leger review.

Speedway Leger Pro vs Emove Cruiser S

speedway leger pro vs emove cruiser s

The Emove Cruiser S and the Speedway Leger Pro represent two impressive vehicles in the electric scooter market, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

The Emove Cruiser S stands out with a top speed of 32.8 mph / 52.9 kmh and an impressive range of 62 mi / 100 km, driven by a 600 W real power motor and a peak power of 1600 W. Equipped with a robust 1560 Wh battery and a 52 V system, it offers a slightly shorter charge time of 12 hours.

The Speedway Leger Pro boasts a commendable top speed of 30.5 mph / 49 Kmh and a range of 44.7 mi / 72 km, backed by a more powerful 1450 W real power motor and a 1331 Wh battery at 52 V.

Although the Leger Pro has a longer charge time of 14 hours, its unique features include a regenerative electric rear drum brake with ABS and a front drum brake, ensuring efficient braking performance.

This is a tough one. I think I could easily recommend the EMove Cruiser, especially if it’s on a discount and the price is similar to the price of the Speedway Leger Pro (which often is the case).

Build quality

The Speedway Leger Pro features a sturdy and lightweight frame constructed from aluminum alloy. This material choice is notable for its combination of strength and reduced weight, contributing to the scooter’s overall durability and maneuverability.

Additionally, aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion, adding a layer of durability that is particularly beneficial for an electric scooter exposed to various weather conditions.


Let’s go over the features that the Speedway Leger Pro is offering.


brakes of speedway leger pro

The Speedway Leger Pro employs a comprehensive braking system that combines both traditional and innovative technologies for enhanced safety and performance.

On the rear, the scooter features a dual braking setup, including a magnetic and drum brake system, while the front is equipped with a reliable drum brake. This dual setup provides a balanced approach to braking.

In addition to the physical braking components, the scooter incorporates a patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking system. The integration of ABS further elevates the braking capabilities, preventing wheel lockup and ensuring stability during emergency stops.


The scooter is equipped with both front and rear suspensions, allowing it to effectively absorb shocks and vibrations from uneven surfaces.

The front suspension system is designed to dampen the impact on the scooter’s front wheel and it is particularly effective, contributing to a smoother ride by minimizing jolts and vibrations transmitted to the handlebars.


tire speedway lager pro

The Speedway Leger Pro is equipped with 8.5-inch tires featuring inner tubes, a design choice that prioritizes superior shock absorption for a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

The use of inner tubes adds an extra layer of resilience, particularly beneficial when navigating bumpy or uneven surfaces.

Simultaneously, the rear suspension system plays a crucial role in mitigating shocks experienced by the rear wheel by addressing bumps and irregularities in the riding surface.


lights of speedway leger pro at night

The scooter features a front LED headlight, a rear LED taillight, and LED deck lights.

Notably, the Leger Pro incorporates a brake light that activates during braking, along with turn signals for indicating turns. Powered by the scooter’s battery, these lights provide a reliable and energy-efficient solution, alleviating concerns about running out of power.


display of speedway leger pro

The Speedway Leger Pro boasts a high-quality EY3 display, the same one found on the premium Dualtron line. The EY3 display features a sizeable and clear screen, making it easy to read information even in bright sunlight.

These are the functions that are shown on the display:

  • Speed: The display prominently displays your current speed in large digits, ensuring you’re always aware of your pace.
  • Battery Level: A clear battery level indicator lets you know how much battery you have left before needing to recharge.
  • Trip Information: You can track your trip distance, elapsed time, and average speed.
  • Mode Indicator: The display shows the current riding mode.
  • Headlight Control: You can easily turn the headlight on and off from the display.
  • Error Codes: The display will display any error codes that may occur, helping you diagnose any issues with your scooter.

Weight, dimensions, and weight limit

deck and tires of speedway leger pro

The Speedway Leger Pro boasts a weight of 48 lbs / 21 kg, contributing to its overall portability and ease of handling. This moderate weight makes it convenient for users to carry or maneuver the scooter when necessary.

The scooter’s weight limit is 265 lbs / 120 kg. This weight limit ensures that a wide range of riders, varying in size and weight, can use the Speedway Leger Pro comfortably and safely.

These are the dimensions of Speedway Leger Pro when folded and unfolded:

Folded Dimensions:

  • Length: 41 in / 104 cm
  • Width: 8.3 in / 21 cm
  • Height: 15 in / 38 cm

Unfolded Dimensions:

  • Length: 43.3 in / 110 cm
  • Width: 20.9 in / 53 cm
  • Height: 46.1 in / 117 cm


This is a scooter for commuting and we all know how common are the accidents in traffic jams where everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere.

So, buying the best and the most protective helmet is a must, as well as a few other safety and convenience accessories.

Also, how many times you had to leave the bicycle for five minutes, just to go for a few seconds, and when you are back it’s gone? It’s the same thing with your scooter, with one difference the scooter is more expensive and you don’t want it to end up stolen. So, buy yourself a good lock and ride carefree.

Problems and downsides

The Speedway Leger Pro offers an overall positive riding experience, but it’s important to consider potential challenges and trade-offs.

One notable aspect is the scooter’s charging time, which spans approximately 14 hours.

This duration might be perceived as relatively long, requiring riders to plan ahead for extended recharging periods, which could be inconvenient for those seeking a quick turnaround between rides.

While the scooter features an array of safety lights, their dependence on the scooter’s battery introduces a potential trade-off.

Extended use of lights may impact overall battery life, potentially affecting the distance the scooter can cover on a single charge. Users should be cognizant of this trade-off and balance the use of lights with their desired travel distance.


The Speedway Leger Pro is definitely a worthy upgrade to its legendary predecessor, the Speedway Leger.

It stands out as a commendable electric scooter, offering a well-rounded package of performance, convenience, and safety features. The robust 1,450-watt BLDC hub motor provides an exhilarating and responsive ride, while the scooter’s thoughtful design allows for easy navigation of various terrains, including gentle slopes.

The emphasis on rider comfort is evident in the effective suspension system and the 8.5-inch tires with inner tubes, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Safety is a top priority, with a comprehensive lighting system, ABS, and other features contributing to a secure riding experience.

While the scooter’s weight may pose a challenge for those prioritizing extreme portability, its foldable design adds a layer of convenience, making it adaptable to different commuting needs.

There is one problem, however – I’m not quite sure this scooter has what it takes to compete with the likes of the EMove Cruiser, which I believe is the undisputed king in this price category.

To be frank, I have nothing against the Speedway Leger, in fact I find it to be a pretty great scooter, but I think the EMove Cruiser is better.

I recommend you check out my EMove Cruiser review and be the judge yourself.

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