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EMove RoadRunner Review

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Quick summary: EMove RoadRunner is a short-sized, non-foldable, seated electric scooter. Built with a fixed open frame and a built-in seat, this scooter acts as an electric-powered alternative to the popular “moped” type of motorcycle.

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  • Exceptional range
  • Removable battery
  • Comfortable ride
  • Semi-hydraulic brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Heavy
  • Not water-resistant
  • Limited suspension
  • Large size

When to buy

In my opinion, this is the best seated electric scooter currently. Definitely consider it if you don’t like to stand while riding.

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This is not a portable scooter, so don’t get it if you expect to carry your scooter in your arms every now and then.

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It’s really hard to define in what category the EMove RoadRunner belongs. It’s advertised as an e-scooter but really looks more like an e-moped or some variation in between. But whatever it is, one thing was for sure – I liked it the moment I first saw it, and I had a blast trying it out!

Welcome to the detailed review of the EMove RoadRunner, Voromotors’ all-in-one seated scooter. Let’s see when this model might be right for you.


EMove RoadRunner design

At first glance, when seen from a distance, the EMove RoadRunner looks like one of those old-school 80s noisy mini-motorcycles that was mumbling throughout town. But a closer look would instantly show you what an exciting piece of modern technology this scooter is.

This all-black seated electric scooter has a truly marvelous design. Unlike any other scooter which would have a couple of weak and a couple of strong points, the EMove RoadRunner absolutely shines in every aspect. It has immense power and riding range, but also comes with tons of features that make the ride great, fun, and very comfortable.


The scooter comes delivered in a cardboard box which is relatively big, and you should watch out so you don’t accidentally drop it and damage some of the scooter’s parts. The EMove RoadRunner is, after all, non-foldable, so it has to be packed in a big box that can fit it nicely.

The contents inside the box include:

  • scooter frame
  • handlebars
  • charger
  • grips
  • multi-tool
  • user manual

As you can see, the handlebars come separated from the frame so they can make the box a bit more narrow and easier to pick up. The only assembly part you would need to do is to attach the handles on the frame, screw them in tight, and then set them up at the desired height.

The handlebars can be attached using the tool provided in the box. You will notice they come folded inwards, but unfolding them is easy as they use a single clasp found right in the middle of the steering wheel. The whole process of attaching, unfolding, and setting the handles up takes no more than a minute or two.

You must also charge the battery fully before riding, and check if the tires are sufficiently inflated. The recommended tire pressure for this scooter is 35 – 45 psi / 2.4 – 3.1 bar, depending on how stiff of a ride you prefer.

Intended use

EMove RoadRunner ride experience

With its big squishy seat, very short height, and insane speed levels, the only way to ride the EMove RoadRunner is by seating down. There are two metal bars positioned at the sides of the scooter for you to rest your feet on while riding.

The EMove RoadRunner is ideal for urban use, as the steering wheel turns up to 90° and can handle very short corners and sharp turns. Its range, along with the speed, also makes the scooter great for open-road rides as you will sometimes be as fast as the cars and gas-powered motorcycles nearby.

Two carbon mudguards and a great suspension will allow the scooter to handle all kinds of terrains and environments, although you should be extra careful riding in wet weather as the battery is somewhat exposed and prone to water intake.

Build quality

There aren’t many scooters or e-bikes with such a well-thought-out design. Made of strong materials and with a very short height, the EMove RoadRunner is a highly durable vehicle, with a low center of gravity, and a sturdy grid-like frame.

Design and colors

EMove RoadRunner design and colors

The EMove RoadRunner’s frame is manufactured with an open design, with intertwined metal bars that form a strong cage around the scooter’s battery. The tires of the scooter are very big, and the whole design is quite wide in order to fit the huge battery and the wide, thick seat.

Black is the flagship color of almost all scooters you will find on the Voromotors site, and such is the case for the EMove RoadRunner too. The scooter comes only in one, metallic black design, with a couple of flashy silver details that complete the contemporary style of the vehicle.


There are two main materials used to make this scooter: aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber, along with a couple of other materials like steel and plastic for some minor parts.

The main frame and the handlebars are made of aluminum, while the mudguards are made of carbon fiber for that extra durability during wet rides. You can find some bits of steel on the wheels, on the discs of the brakes, and other parts like the wires on the steering wheel.


EMove RoadRunner ride view

The mechanics and designers responsible for the motor, the battery, and the overall performance of the scooter did not kid around when they made the EMove RoadRunner. This mini e-bike might look unremarkable at first, but it possesses some excellent power levels.

Speed and acceleration

The EMove RoadRunner has a top of speed 34 mph / 55 kmh.

This is on par with the highest speed limits in urban areas in both the USA and Europe. You can very much zoom around the city at the same speed as all the other cars and motorcycles around you.

The motor is coupled with a very responsive and powerful throttle that goes from 0 to 15 mph / 24 kmh in just around 4 seconds, so be careful when accelerating as it might easily throw you off balance.

Motor, power, and climbing

EMove RoadRunner motor

The scooter is driven by two motors mounted on each wheel. The front one has a real power of 350W, while the rear one has 500W. This imbalanced dynamic provides the scooter with a higher power on straight roads and with better handling on tight corners without losing much traction and speed.

You can also choose between a single or dual drive, depending on what kind of ride you prefer at the moment.

This type of motor setup grants the EMove RoadRunner a climbing ability for hills of up to 15°, or even 20°. On regular uphill streets of 5° – 10°, the ones typically found throughout most cities, the scooter can maintain a relatively high speed of 20 mph / 32 kmh, showcasing the true power of its motors.

Weight limit and usage by heavy adults

The EMove RoadRunner has a huge weight limit of up to 330 lbs / 150 kg, meaning anyone can ride the scooter without any performance issues.

It’s important to note that if you exceed this load limit and damage the scooter as a result, the warranty will not cover the damage even if it was done unintentionally.

Batteries and range

EMove RoadRunner removable battery

It’s impossible to miss the huge battery locked right below the seat. The 48V, 26.1 Ah Dynavolt battery has a huge capacity of 1252 Wh, providing you with a max range of around 53 mi / 85 km. If you ride the scooter at high speeds, and especially if you load it up too much, the range can take somewhat of a hit. However, even under the toughest conditions, you will never get less than 32 mi / 51 km.

The big upside here is that the battery is fully removable, so you can double your range by buying a spare one and switching it up once the original battery gets drained.

You can get the battery out of its resting place in a second using just your hands, with no help from special tools. There’s a little downside there, as anyone can steal the battery if you leave the scooter outside. But the good thing is that it’s not that heavy, about 15 lbs / 6.8 kg, so you can take it with you if you don’t want to risk anything.


EMove RoadRunner controls

I would be lying if I said I’m not impressed by how great the features on this scooter are. It has everything you need for a smooth comfy ride, while it leaves a lot of space for customizing each feature to your own needs.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

To be upfront, I am not a big fan of non-folding scooters as I love to have the option of storing my scooter wherever I want: in my trunk, in a basement, in my pantry, in a cafe, or in the office. However, a lot of people seem not to have an issue with them, especially if they are designed well.

The big win in terms of portability with the EMove RoadRunner is that it’s quite short, so it can still fit in most places mentioned above anyway.

The scooter has fixed dimensions of 51 x 15 x 38 in / 130 x 38 x 97 cm (L x W x H). Its width can also go down even further, thanks to the folding handlebars that save around 5 in / 13 cm.

With a weight of 55 lbs / 25 kg, this scooter can be a bit heavy for some people, but I believe it would be still manageable for pretty much everyone. Carrying it upstairs for a couple of floors shouldn’t be a big problem. You probably won’t be able to hop on the bus or the metro with it, although this largely depends on the public transport policies in your area.

A useful tip if you need to carry the scooter in your arms for long is to have a backpack to hold your battery so it takes some weight off the scooter. The battery makes for around one-quarter of the scooter’s weight, so transferring that burden to your back and shoulders instead of your arms can be a big relief.

Waterproofing and riding in the rain or snow

The EMove RoadRunner does not have an official IP rating, suggesting that riding in any kind of wet weather or even trying to wash the scooter with a water hose can cause unrepairable damage.

This is mainly due to its open-frame design, where the battery is out in the open, leaving it kind of vulnerable. There is some assurance in the strong materials and thick wheel fenders, but, at the end of the day, the main electronic parts still have little protection.


EMove RoadRunner brakes

The brakes of this model are nothing less than the best there are in the scooter industry. The EMove RoadRunner uses 180mm Xtech hydraulic disc brakes, which not only function perfectly but also look quite good aesthetically.

This type of braking system can get the scooter from a speed of 15 mph / 24 kmh to a full stop in about 10 ft / 3 m. You can hardly find better-performing brakes on any other scooter out there, even if you pick from some of the most expensive high-end models.

Tires, wheels, terrains, and environments

The wheels of the EMove RoadRunner come with big pneumatic 14” tires with inner tubes. The tires are quite thick by regular e-scooter standards, and there are two motivations for this:

  1. the EMove RoadRunner has quite a hefty build that needs strong wheel support
  2. such thick tires provide better ride comfort and stronger shock suspension than the standard 11” tires

There are black carbon fiber fenders on each wheel that provide decent protection from water splashes. While the rear fender is nearly perfectly placed, the same can’t be said for the front one too. The front fender is a bit shorter and placed at a bad angle that lets some water splash through it, possibly getting close to the battery, which is the most vulnerable piece of the scooter.

Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the fenders yourself, so you would have to watch out and avoid any big puddles during your rides.


EMove RoadRunner suspension

The scooter comes with a dual fork suspension system placed on the front.

The suspension is adjustable with the help of a dampener placed right beside the forks. You can set the amount of bounce you want by rotating the circular dampener that goes from stiff, marked with a “-“, to ultra bouncy, marked with a “+”.

My personal sweet spot for these types of suspension is always somewhere in the middle since I usually ride on paved streets with few potholes. If you plan on taking the EMove RoadRunner off-road, then it’s smart to set the suspension up high and properly inflate your tires.

Lights and night use

EMove RoadRunner taillights

The EMove RoadRunner is well equipped for night rides with a bright front headlight that uses two bulbs to illuminate the road far ahead. There are rear lights as well, namely a brake light and integrated turn signals which are controlled from the steering wheel.

The front lights are adjustable and can be positioned to face straight ahead, up, or down, depending on the road conditions.

One thing I noticed missing from this scooter is reflective side lights. I guess Voromotors decided to opt against sticking these so they don’t ruin the scooter’s black aesthetic, but you can easily add them yourself if you feel like they’re needed.

Cockpit, handlebars, controls

EMove RoadRunner steering wheel

There are a few types of controls installed on the steering wheel, and it can take some time to adjust to them if you are used to a simpler cockpit. These include:

  • small rectangular LED display
  • switch buttons for the headlight and the taillights
  • throttle
  • two brake levers
  • horn

The throttle also has two additional buttons on it marked “R” and “I”. These are used to switch between single and dual motor usage, with “R” being for single, and “I” for dual motors.

The handlebars have a great and very convenient design as they come with comfy rubber grips, and are both foldable and adjustable. You can adjust the height of the handles by unscrewing the one screw that holds them using an Allen wrench tool.


The seat on this scooter is made of memory foam, and as you’ll notice, is quite long and thick in order to be more comfortable. Its precise dimensions are 14 x 8 in / 25.6 x 20.3 cm (L x W).

There are some concerns with the quality of the memory foam used for the seat, namely as it’s a bit too stiff and can even lead to cramps when sitting on it for too long. You can get some seat covers with an additional soft layer to counter these issues aftermarket.

Price and value

EMove RoadRunner battery

Priced at around $1800, the EMove RoadRunner can seem a bit too expensive for some people. However, if you are looking for a powerful seated e-scooter, there is hardly a better choice than this little beast.

In fact, when compared to some of its closest counterparts, this scooter can actually seem like a bargain.

Its biggest value comes from the long-range battery that is both huge and removable, so you can even double your range by buying a spare battery. Besides, the EMove RoadRunner has a lot more to offer: a complete feature setup, great suspension, hefty wheels, and high-tech brakes.

It’s hard to find a truly weak spot with this scooter. If you got the money, and dig the look, I would wholeheartedly recommend going for this bad boy.

How does the EMove RoadRunner compare other electric scooters?

Seated scooters may be rare, but there are still a few great models that can be alternatives to the EMove RoadRunner if you haven’t quite liked what you saw here.

Here is a quick comparison between this and some of the other seated scooters that are hot on the market right now.

EMove RoadRunner vs NanRobot D5+

side view of the NanRobot D5+ with a seat

Price at around $1380, the NanRobot D5+ is a bit cheaper than the EMove RoadRunner, but has a lot to offer.

With a top speed of 40 mph / 64 kmh and a range of 50 mi / 80 km with a single charge, the NanRobot D5+ has a bit more power and a similar range. With a peak motor power of up to 2000W and a climbing ability of up to 40°, this scooter is the undisputed champion of hill rides.

While its features may not be as outstanding as the ones on the EMove RoadRunner, the NanRobot D5+ still comes with a nice pair of suspension springs, mudguards, a built-in bright headlight, and a removable seat with an additional shock absorber beneath it.

Even though the non-removable battery takes away some of the potential that the EMove RoadRunner has, this slightly cheaper model still outshines its pricier counterpart in power and customizability. And since it has a removable seat, you can use it both as a seated or a standing scooter.

You can check out the NanRobot D5+ at Amazon UK if you’re curious.

EMove RoadRunner vs Kugoo M5

low view of the Kugoo M5

The Kugoo M5 slides in as a more modest, budget-price alternative for those who want a decent seated scooter without spending a ton of money. It comes at a price of $650 – $700, varying from store to store.

This scooter actually has a very similar speed and range as the EMove RoadRunner but comes with a completely different build and much fewer features. In fact, it has quite a bulky design, with a thick deck and stem, and a removable seat, coupled with numerous strong shock absorbers on the front and the back.

Thanks to its great suspension system and solid build, the Kugoo M5 can be ridden on any terrain, both urban and off-road. It is a great choice for people who want to start having a bit more fun with their scooter, and for a reasonable price too.

See my detailed Kugoo M5 review if this scooter sounds interesting to you.

Who should not get the EMove RoadRunner Electric Scooter?

The EMove RoadRunner is a great all-around seated scooter, but a somewhat limiting one as well. It simply won’t fit the style of some people.

For example, if you are looking for a standing scooter or at least one that has the option to remove the seat, you are out of luck. The EMove RoadRunner has its seat built into the frame, and can only be ridden while sitting down.

The same goes for folding. You won’t be able to fold this scooter at all. In fact, portability in general will not be a strong suit with this model.

You might also be troubled by the short height and bit of a funny-looking design this scooter has. This can especially be a problem if you are taller than 6′ 3″ / 1.9 m, as the riding position will be a bit uncomfortable for you. You will be way too hunched over and you might even have your knees hitting on the steering wheel. See my guide on the best electric scooters for tall adults if you’re on the taller side.

The removable battery can also be a problem for people that constantly leave the scooter locked outside the street, as anyone can remove and steal it rather easily. This means that you would have to always lock the scooter inside, or take the battery with you wherever you go, something not everyone can do all of the time.

And, at the end of the day, you can’t go over the relatively high price this cooter comes at.

However, don’t worry if you are priced out since there a still lots of other options that come a lot cheaper than the EMove RoadRunner electric scooter. You can check out my detailed guide on some of the best electric scooters with a seat and get a better grasp on what else can you find at the moment, or just see my guide on the best electric scooters under $1000 and the best electric scooters under $500 for some more budget-friendly options in general.

Who should get the EMove RoadRunner Electric Scooter?

The EMove RoadRunner is simply the perfect purchase for people who want an electric scooter with a seat, or an electric moped. If you prefer to ride sitting instead of standing the whole time, this is probably as good of a scooter as you can get. I would warmly recommend this scooter to anyone who is a fan of small motorcycles, like the Vespa, for example, but wants to get something more eco-friendly.

If you are anything like me and you want a higher range more than anything, you will love the battery of the EMove RoadRunner. It’s not only huge and durable by itself, but is also swappable. This means that you double the range and get up to 100 mi / 160 km of range out of this scooter if you buy a spare battery and use both of them on a single ride.

But most of all, I think the EMove RoadRunner would be best suitable for people who just like to have a fun ride and are looking for something adventurous. Because even though it may be funny-looking, this little beast is one of the most thrilling scooters I’ve ever seen, and will certainly make a mark in the e-scooter industry.

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