Electric Scooter Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022 – Deals, Coupons, Unexpected Gift Ideas

The holiday season is approaching fast, and that means three things: family time, delicious food, and amazing deals on many products, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when all the electronic products are heavily discounted.

The great news is that electric scooters will have huge discounts and sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period in 2022. We partnered with some of the best electric scooter stores and retailers to bring you the best deals, coupons, and discounts when available during the Thanksgiving weekend. The 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be one of the best times ever to get an electric scooter, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

neon sign for Cyber Monday

Let’s check out the best scooter deals, for every budget, and for whatever age you or your loved one are.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday electric scooters for adults

This Thanksgiving, the deals on electric scooters for adults will be huge. The discounts will at times be up to several hundreds of dollars, so it will be perfect timing to get that dream scooter for yourself or someone you want to surprise, and save a nice lump of cash.

As we all know, adults can be more cynical, especially when it comes to holidays and gifts. But there is something about seeing a big wrapped-up box, that uncovers a very modern, cool gadget (especially when the person has thought about getting one anyway), that brings back the spark in the eye of even the most jaded person. Give an electric scooter as a gift to an adult, and they will instantly be just as happy as a kid.

Best electric scooter deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – EMove Cruiser

If you want to spoil yourself or your loved one a bit with the best scooter you can find, you will have several choices, and choosing a scooter for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will be a bit of sweet torture for you.

I’d suggest thinking about the person who’s gonna ride this, whether it’s you or someone receiving it as a gift.

If they are into adventure, an adrenaline junkie, or are huge scooter enthusiasts, you may go with a more powerful choice like the Dualtron Thunder or the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Trust me, they will hug you so hard that your bones will crack.

Now, keep in mind that both of these options are some of the most powerful, most extreme electric scooters in the world. They will earn you the love of your loved one for the rest of your days, no doubt, but these are very fast, very crazy scooters. Also, speaking as an average guy, these are truly choices when money is really not an issue – they will cost more than $3000, even though the merchants may have huge discounts.

So, if you’re looking for just an excellent scooter, the best quality scooter that money can buy but is still not a rocket ship, then the best choice is the EMove Cruiser.

It usually costs $1499, and you should get an extra $50 off if you use the coupon code “escooternerds“.

First of all, with an IP rating of IPX6, the EMove Cruiser is the most water-resistant scooter in the world currently. That means your loved one will probably not have to wait for three more months before trying out the scooter (again, riding in the rain is not recommended, but there is no better scooter for that in the world than this one).

The EMove Cruiser is probably the perfect scooter in many ways. It’s not crazily overpowered, but it still packs a lot of punch, with a top speed of 28 mph / 45 kmh, and a brilliant range of 62 mi / 100 km, that only a handful of scooters in the world have (and they all cost more than $2000).

Excellent suspension and brakes, big 10-inch pneumatic wheels, with a weight limit of 352 lbs / 160 kg suitable for everyone, and great build quality, all make the EMove Cruiser the ideal scooter for almost anyone.

On top of that, the brand behind the EMove Cruiser, Voromotors, is one of the most trusted brands in the scooter world, and they have unrivaled customer support that makes shopping from them a joy.

I believe the EMove Cruiser is the best electric scooter you can give someone as a gift. I know I would be psyched if someone got it for me. If you enjoy treating your loved ones with the best of the best, and you think they would love to get an electric scooter, I recommend gifting them the EMove Cruiser.

Where to buy the EMove Cruiser from?

The best (and probably only) place to get the EMove Cruiser from is the official Voromotors store (make sure to enter the code “escooternerds” without quotes for a $50 discount). As one of the most trusted brands in the industry, they do a great job and ship very fast. Shipping is free within the continental US and it will take between 2 and 4 days. For other countries the usual expenses are added to the original price ($250 for the UK, $200 – $300 for most EU countries, $100 for Canada, $350 for Australia, ~$300 for the Philippines and Asia), and the waiting times will be between 3 days and 2 weeks. It might be worthwhile knowing that orders in the UK, Canada, and most EU countries, that are over $3000, get free shipping as well, so if you need two EMove Cruisers, you can add a few cheap accessories to the order as well, and you will get free shipping (applies to new scooters only).

Best Deal Under $1000 – Ninebot Max

I don’t believe there is a better electric scooter for an adult under $1000 than the Ninebot Max.

Usually priced at $799, the Ninebot Max was released this year so it will be its first Thanksgiving. There should be a great discount on it on Amazon, as this is one of the most popular electric scooters of all time.

The Ninebot Max is a high-quality scooter that has learned a ton from the mistakes of other very successful, extremely popular scooters like the Xiaomi M365 Pro. In many ways, it is the successor of that scooter, but it is a huge improvement over it.

The 350 Watt motor provides an excellent top speed of 18 mph / 30 kmh, and the 551 Wh battery gives it a super-long range of 40 mi / 64 km, specs almost never seen in this price range.

The Ninebot Max has a water protection standard of IPX5, which is one of the strongest waterproofing ratings in the electric scooter world. While it’s still not recommended to ride it in the rain or the snow, you or your loved one may be really tempted to do so after receiving this scooter in a month like November and December. The Ninebot Max is one of the very few scooters that will be ready to handle those kinds of rides, so you can be sure you are doing everything you can for them to have fun immediately.

The biggest advantage the Ninebot Max has over previous versions is its 10-inch pneumatic self-healing tires that are almost immune to flats, which was the most common complaint about the Xiaomi M365 Pro.

This is a true adult scooter that is also very fun. I believe it is one of the best scooters in 2022, especially for its price, and I know that I would be out of my mind with joy if someone gifted it to me.

This scooter can sometimes be unavailable on Amazon, but the Segway store should have a bigger inventory, and they often have great discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Where to buy the Ninebot Max from?

No surprises here, the best, most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max is through Amazon.

For Canada, the fastest and most reliable way to get the Ninebot Max would be through TekTrendy. Your scooter will arrive in a matter of days, sometimes even the next day, and there will be no other costs, neither shipping nor taxes.

In the UK, and some other EU countries, the best place to get the Ninebot Max from is Amazon UK.

Best Deal Under $500 – Hiboy Max

The Hiboy Max is an excellent scooter for under $500. It’s usually priced around $409, and often there are discounts and coupon codes available around the Thanksgiving season.

This popular choice has seen a lot of love and appreciation from its owners online. Its 4.5 out of 5-star rating on the online store listing, after dozens upon dozens of reviews, is proof enough for its quality level. It obviously does a lot of things right, and it is an item of high quality despite not being too expensive.

The scooter comes with a top speed of 18.6 mph / 30 kmh and 16.7 mi / 27 km of range, powered by a 350 W motor, and a 270 Wh lithium-ion battery. Made from aluminum alloy, ABS, and PC, it is one of the most reliable electric scooters under $500, and you will avoid your or a loved one receiving a dysfunctional product.

Where to buy the Hiboy Max from?

Hiboy are one of those very few stores that ship everywhere, so you can find the Hiboy Max on the official Hiboy store. Also, use this link for a 5% off coupon, or enter the code “Escooter Nerds” on checkout.

Best Deal Under $400 – GoTrax XR Ultra

Not only is the GoTrax XR Ultra the perfect gift electric scooter, but it’s also one of the best electric scooters for $400 (usually priced at $399).

The fact that this is the second GoTrax scooter in this list only confirms their devotion to the budget demographic.

The GoTrax XR Ultra is slightly more powerful than other scooters in this price range (and more expensive too), with a range of 17 mi / 28 km, and a top speed of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, powered by a 300 Watt motor and an LG lithium battery with a smart battery management system, with a capacity of 252 Wh.

The scooter is protected against water, with an IP rating of IP54, which is something that may come really handy during the autumn and the winter.

This is a very portable scooter, one of the most portable ones in fact, weighing just 26 lbs / 12 kg, and fitting easily into everything from car trunks to subway station doors and buses. The pneumatic 8.5-inch tires provide a comfortable ride, and the dual disc brakes with EABS are another safety feature that may be really useful for rainy or snowy days.

All in all, the GoTrax XR Ultra is an excellent scooter, and very good value for the money. The official GoTrax store is very likely to have nice discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but make sure to check Amazon for prices as well.

Where to buy the GoTrax XR Ultra from?

US, Canada
If you live in the United States, the best place to get the GoTrax XR Ultra from is the official GoTrax store. Shipping is free and takes 3-5 days. You can also check their Amazon listing, although I’ve noticed the scooter can be temporarily out of stock quite often there (Amazon may also ship to Canada too).

UK, EU alternative
For the UK and EU, one good equivalent to the GoTrax XR Ultra is the Kugoo S1, which you can find on Geekbuying. Shipping should be free.

Best Deal Under $300 – GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is, in my opinion, the cheapest electric scooter that is still amazing, and probably the best scooter for an adult if you can’t spend a fortune this year. Nothing against the other super-cheap scooters, they are still great picks too, but the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is on another level.

GoTrax is one of the best brands for affordable scooters, and many of their models receive widespread acceptance and are hailed as both inexpensive and of good quality at the same time.

With the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter, they have built a true commuting serious adult scooter, that is no longer a toy but a tool and a reliable mode of transport. True to its name, this is a great commuter scooter.

Giving this scooter as a gift seems to be pretty common, as it strikes a great balance between price and quality, and it is in the price range that people can both afford and not make the giftee feel indebted to them forever.

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is a very versatile scooter. Top speed of 15.5 mph / 25 kmh, range of 12 mi / 19 km, and a reinforced aluminum alloy build, all contribute to make this scooter everything an adult may need.

The water protection standard of IP54 will be very helpful if the owner decides to storm out with the scooter as soon as they get it and the conditions outside are not exactly ideal – it will handle some moisture pretty well, although riding in the pouring rain should be avoided.

This scooter is very often on a discount before and during holiday seasons, its regular price is $299 but you may be able to find it for $269, or even cheaper, by using the links below.

Where to buy the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter from?

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is currently only available in the US. The best place to get it from is the official GoTrax store. If you buy through this link, there is a 10% discount on this scooter. Shipping is free and should take 3-5 days. The scooter can also be found on Amazon, and you should check that listing as well in case there’s a better deal available there.

GoTrax currently don’t ship to Canada. Fortunately for Canadians, the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter can sometimes be available on Amazon Canada.

UK, EU alternative
As GoTrax scooters are not available outside the US, the best equivalent to the GXL V2 in Europe would be the Kugoo S1 Pro on Geekbuying. As usual, shipping is free and takes about a week.

Best Deal Under $200 – Voyager Ion

Voyager Ion

Believe it or not, there is actually one electric scooter under $200 that is pretty good considering its price.

That’s the Voyager Ion. It usually costs just $189, but using the coupon “ESCOOTERNERDS” at checkout you will get an additional 15% discount, which makes this the most affordable electric scooter that an adult can actually use.

Now, you should know that the Voyager Ion is kind of a small scooter. Some would even consider it a children’s scooter, although with a weight limit of 220 lbs / 100 kg and a height of 47 in / 118 cm, it will be suitable for most adults as well. The reason why the scooter may seem small is its 6-inch solid wheels, which are generally smaller than the wheels of most typical adult scooters.

It is the best option available for under $200, every other adult scooter under this price will be, well, probably terrible. If you are buying for a larger person, or simply want to get a more powerful scooter, then you will have to look at the other options here. But still, I wanted you to know that you can find an electric scooter for an adult for less than $200.

Anyway, Voyager are a respected brand, and the Voyager Ion has a lot going for it – a great water protection standard of IP55 is better than most scooters, especially budget ones, and at the same time, with just 18 lbs / 8 kg of weight, this is one of the most portable, most fun scooters ever.

So, if you want to get an electric scooter for you or as a gift for an adult, and your budget is around $150 – $180, go with the Voyager Ion.

Where to buy the Voyager Ion from?

In the US, there will be no better place to order the Voyager Ion from than the official Voyager store. Your scooter will arrive at your home in 3-7 business days. Use the coupon code “ESCOOTERNERDS” at checkout for a 15% discount.

In Canada, the Voyager Ion is available through Amazon Canada.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday electric scooters for kids

Picking an electric scooter for children is difficult. Most scooters for kids are considered toys, and that’s not always a good way of looking at things, since people will tend to think they can get the cheapest scooter available and they’ll think they’ve done a good job.

But there is a possible catastrophe lurking here. Cheaper, lower quality scooters may be dead-on-arrival. Just imagine all the joy the kid experiences when he or she finds out you’ve given them a scooter which is an amazing gift, and then feverishly unwraps it ready to start riding… only to find out it’s not working! That will break the kid’s little heart.

Now, we all know money can be an issue, and there’s no escaping that, so I’ve made sure to recommend only the highest-quality scooters available at any price point. I’m not saying that cheaper scooters will break down immediately, that’s not the case at all. Just want you to keep in mind, usually the more expensive scooters are more expensive for a reason.

What you need to know when buying an electric scooter for a kid

Electric scooters for kids don’t have much power and speed, and that’s by design. We want our children and children of relatives to have fun, but safety is still the number one priority, so most scooters for kids will not be fast. If you are getting a more adult-like scooter for a kid, which may be plausible in certain scenarios, go for a lower-speed model.

Related to safety, you want the scooter to be of the highest quality possible, especially the build quality and the brakes. The models covered here all come from very reputable, established brands that have been making kid scooters for a long time, and they will satisfy those criteria.

Height is also something to consider, especially if the kid still hasn’t had any growth spurts. That’s why scooters with adjustable handlebar height will be the superior choice for children. If you must choose between a scooter for a slightly younger child, or one for a slightly older one, go for the one for older kids – you don’t want to have to buy another scooter in six months, when your child grows 4 in / 10 cm during the spring.

Best Deal Under $700 – Inokim Mini 2

white Inokim Mini 2

All of the scooters described above were the best children’s scooters in their respective price ranges, and they are all good scooters on their own.

But the Inokim Mini 2 is a bit different.

It can be said that this is a more luxurious, high-end type of scooter. Coming from the very well-established brand Inokim, it is the type of scooter where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The build quality is simply out of this world. Pretty much every part of it is proprietary designed, custom made, and perfectly integrated and tested. Its performance, while decent, will still be on the safe side – 15 mph / 25 kmh top speed, 10 mi / 16 km of range, a weight limit of 165 lbs / 75 kg. Enough to make it a great choice for children that shouldn’t be given too powerful scooters, and great for teens as well, as the rider age is likely around 14 and 16.

The Inokim Mini 2 is in many ways the iPhone of scooters. If you want to gift your child or relative the best possible scooter for kids available, and you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars, you can be sure that the Inokim Mini 2 will be a very high-quality choice.

It’s probably the best-designed, safest, highest-quality electric scooter for children and teenagers. It’s more expensive than the other kid scooters – usually priced at $799, you can get a great deal for it and get it for just $599 if you use this link to FluidFreeRide, I recommend checking soon as inventory gets very thin very fast.

Best Deal Under $500 – Razor EPrime

person riding the Razor EPrime

Recommended age: 14+

The best children’s scooter for under $500 is the Razor EPrime, although, unlike most other children’s scooters, this one is for older children, or rather for teenagers.

This is primarily a kid’s scooter, but it can actually be used by adults without any issue, so this is a great choice for any kid that you expect to grow taller soon as well.

The handlebar is adjustable, and that is a huge plus for a kid’s scooter.

Coming from Razor, this will be a safe scooter with just enough power. Weighing 24 lbs / 11 kg, it can easily be carried by pretty much everyone. The air-filled front + solid rear tire combo is an interesting approach to the comfort vs no flat tires problem.

With a top speed of 18 mph / 29 kmh, and a range of 15 mi / 24 km, and a weight limit of 220 lbs / 100 kg, the Razor EPrime is a well-balanced scooter.

It’s usually priced around $379, and you can expect some great Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals as well. The best place to order the Razor EPrime from is Amazon, and you can also take a look at my Razor EPrime review if you wish to find out more.

Best Deal Under $300 – Ninebot ZING E10

Recommended age: 8+

Ninebot is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic electric scooter brands ever. It’s impossible to know how many of their scooters are being used in the world every single day.

For a long time, they didn’t have a children’s model, and many wondered why. Probably the reason is that they took their time in designing a safe, high-quality, near-perfect scooter for kids.

The result of that is the Ninebot ZING E10.

The scooter’s official recommended age is 8+, although much older kids can easily ride it and have tons of fun with it as well. The ZING E10 pretty much meets all the standards you would expect from a serious adult scooter, and it has applied a lot of the know-how and proprietary expertise that only Ninebot has. Still, it’s primarily a safe scooter made for children, so it will not be too powerful, have all the most important safety features like great build quality and strong brakes, and the most important safety and battery certifications (it’s certified by both the FCC in the US and the IC in Canada).

All of that clearly makes it one of the best, safest, highest-quality electric scooters for kids ever. And it only costs $229 most of the time, with discounts being highly probable during the holiday season.

The best way to find this excellent children’s scooter is from the official Segway store. You can also find it on Amazon to cross-check the price and the deals, although Segway is likely to have a much better inventory and be a better deal overall, as it is the source of this scooter.

Best Deal Under $200 – Razor E100

kid with a helmet riding the Razor E100

Recommended age: 8+

It’s no wonder we have another Razor scooter on the list. As I said, they are probably the best electric scooter brand for kids.

The Razor E100 is another hugely popular electric scooter for kids, and Razor grade this scooter for kids 8+ as well. It is a bit more powerful than the E90, and that’s why it will typically be a bit more expensive as well.

This scooter will have a ride time of about 40 minutes on a single charge, which will translate into 10 miles / 16 kilometers, with a top speed of 10 mph / 16 kmh. Perfectly safe and tons of fun.

Same as most other Razor scooters, the E100 is of great quality and reliability and has starling reviews on Amazon.

It may be worth mentioning that the pink or red Razor E100 is one of the most popular scooter choices for girls ever. They sell better than the black and blue colors.

The prices of the Razor E100 will vary based on color and other minor details, but it will typically be under $150 in most cases. There is a big likelihood of additional holiday discounts and sales around Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

You can find the Razor E100 on Amazon, and while that listing may have the pink or red version, check out the listing for the pink or red Razor E100 on Amazon as well if you’re buying for a girl.

Best Deal Under $100 – Razor Power Core E90

child riding a Razor Power Core E90

Recommended age: 8+

If you want to give your kid or a relative’s kid an electric scooter, and your budget is around $100, then your choice is clear – it’s the Razor E90.

Razor is arguably the best electric scooter brand for children. It is estimated this American company has sold at least one million scooters in their 20+ years of operating. They must know a thing or two about children’s electric scooters, right?

The Razor Power Core E90 is their best selling scooter ever. In some ways, this is the original electric scooter for children – graded as a scooter for kids 8+, having that youthful look and feel to it with the vivid color choice, it was one of the first scooters for kids ever to become popular. With almost 4.000 Amazon reviews, averaging an incredible 4.5-star rating out of 5, I believe I have never seen a better selling scooter, with a more satisfied audience.

The scooter is of great quality, especially for a child’s scooter, and it will come with a 10 mph / 16 kmh speed limit, which is perfect for children to have fun but stay completely safe.

Make no mistake – for the regular price of around $90, and possibly a discount for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the Razor Power Core E90 will bring a smile to the child’s face that very few other gifts can.

You can find the Razor Power Core E90 on Amazon.

Is an electric scooter a good gift idea?

An electric scooter is the perfect gift idea in 2022.

Electric scooters are getting more popular and are gifted to loved ones more and more every year. They are still a very original, very unexpected, but also super-fun gift idea, traditionally for boys and men, but also increasingly so for girls and women as well.

Pretty much anyone that receives an electric scooter as a gift will be very surprised, but ecstatic with joy as well, especially kids and teenagers (if you, like myself, are a tiny little bit on the competitive side, you can rest assured that you will be the one that has given your loved one the best gift that year :)). If the person you’re buying the scooter for is even a little bit into tech or cool gadgets, they will be even happier, but this is also true for outdoorsy and adventurous people as well, as scooters are heaps of fun.

This is just my personal opinion, but I believe that if you’re giving an electric scooter as a gift, you want the scooter to be of good quality primarily, be modern and look cool, not be too heavy, and if possible be useful for the person you’re giving it too (like, for example, if you know they have a brutal commute and could really use a scooter, or simply a kid that has been dying for a scooter).

Electric scooters are usually at their lowest prices during the late autumn and throughout the winter season every year. In places with tons of snow, they will not be used every single day, but you’ll still get the best deal possible, and the scooter will be ready for that first day of spring a few months ahead.

It’s very clever to order one before Christmas and have it arrive just on time to be the ideal Christmas gift, but also it’s great as a Thanksgiving gift if you want to show someone a bit more appreciation.

If you want to get everything right about buying an electric scooter for someone as a gift, check out the electric scooter gifting guide.

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