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The electric bike age requirement varies from country to country and sometimes from state to state. Each place has its own regulations regarding electric bikes. For this guide, I went through the regulations of each country to find their legal minimum age to ride an electric bike.

Disclaimer note: I’ve made every effort to go through all the sources I could find for each country/state to find their accurate minimum age limit to ride an electric bike. However, you should note that these regulations can change at any time. In fact, some countries haven’t specified an age requirement for electric bikes at all. So, it’s important that you do your own research on the ebike regulations of where you live. This list will push you in the right direction to do that.

Electric bike age requirement

While many countries have established separate laws and regulations for electric bikes, others still consider and treat them as traditional bicycles. In the US, most states have an age limit for electric bikes between 14 – 16 years. Louisiana has an age limit of 12 years, and some states have no age limits at all. The e-bike age limits in Canada and Australia differ in each of their provinces, whereas the U.K. has a 14-year age limit.

The following table summarizes the electric bike age requirements for most countries, states, and regions.

Country/State/ProvinceMinimum age limitNotes
USAVaries by state
Alabama16Electric bikes are prohibited on bicycle paths or sidewalks
Alaska14Electric bike riders must carry an operational license
ArizonaNo age limitElectric bikes are regulated as traditional bicycles
DelawareNo age limit
Florida16Electric bikes can go wherever traditional bikes are allowed
Indiana1515-year-olds and younger are allowed to ride as passengers on an electric bike if it’s designed with a passenger seat
KansasNo age limit
Maine16Class 1 and 2 electric bikes can be ridden on bike paths, but class 3 electric bikes can’t
Minnesota15Electric bikes exceeding 1,000 watts in power and a speed of 20 mph are regarded as mopeds and need a license to operate
MontanaNo age limitElectric bikes are not allowed on wilderness trails
NebraskaNo age limitElectric bikes are prohibited on sidewalks
NevadaNo age limitE-bikes are classified as bicycles and allowed on bike paths and multi-use paths
New Hampshire14You can’t ride an electric bike on trails designated for hiking
New Jersey15
New Mexico15
New York16
North Carolina16There is a 750 watts power limit on electric bikes
North Dakota14
Pennsylvania16You can ride class 1 electric bikes (under 750 watts and 20 mph) on highways
Rhode Island16
South CarolinaNo age limit
South Dakota1614 to 17-year-olds can also ride an electric bike if they hold a Class 6D (moped or motorized scooter) license.
Utah14You’re always supposed to ride your electric bike on the far right of a road unless you want to turn left
Virginia14Electric bikes with a power rating of up to 1000 watts are allowed.
West Virginia15If you ride your electric bike drunk, you can get 6 months of jail time or will have to pay a fine between $100 – $1000.
CanadaVaries by province
Ontario16The electric bike’s weight must be under 120 kg
British Columbia16Electric bikes are required to obey the traffic laws of both bicycles and motor vehicles.
Quebec1814 to 17-year-olds can also ride an electric bike if they hold a Class 6D (moped or motorized scooter) licence.
Alberta12The maximum power limit is 500 watts, and the speed limit is 20 mi/h or 32 km/h
Saskatchewan14Electric bikes are defined to have power under 500 watts and speed under 20 mph or 32 km/h
New Brunswick16You can ride an ebike with a blood alcohol level up to 0.5 per thousand, i.e., 0.24 mg/l, without being fined
Australiavaries by province
Victoria12Electric bikes are limited to 200 watts and a maximum speed of 15 mph
West Australia16The electric bike should not exceed 200 watts of power
QueenslandChildren between 12-16 years can ride electric bikes as long as an adult supervises them
New South WalesNo age limitIf you want to hire a ride-share ebike, then you need to be at least 14
Tasmania16The speed limit for riding on the sidewalk is 9 mph (15 km/h) and 16 mph (25 km/hour) for riding on the road.
South AustraliaNot specifiedElectric bikes should have a tare weight of less than 110 lb or 50 kg.
United Kingdom14
Estonia1616 to 17-year-olds can only ride under the supervision of a legal guardian
SlovakiaNo age limitYou can ride an ebike with a blood alcohol level up to 0.5 per thousand, i.e. 0.24 mg/l, without being fined
UkraineNo age limit
NorwayNo age limit
Sweden15An electric bike that weighs more than 30 Kg will be regulated as a motorcycle
GreeceNot specifiedElectric bike rentals and tour guides allow children from 10-year-old to ride their own electric bike under adult supervision
SerbiaNot specified
AlbaniaNot specified
RomaniaNot specified
Hungary14Electric bikes that can exceed 15.5 mph or 25 km/hr will be treated as mopeds. So they’ll need to be registered, licensed, and insured. The rider will also need a driving license.
Saudi ArabiaNot specified
ThailandNot specifiedYou’ll need a driver’s license to ride an electric bike
Vietnam14You need a license to ride electric bikes, and the bike must also have a license plate.
MalaysiaNot specified
IndonesiaNot specified
PhilippinesNot specified
China16The electric bike’s power shouldn’t exceed 400 watts
Hong Kong16
South Korea13
JapanNot specifiedYou cannot ride an electric bike with a throttle unless you register it and get a license.
MexicoNot specified
BrazilNot specified
Ireland16Electric bikes that can exceed 15.5 mph or 25 km/hr will be treated as mopeds. So they’ll need to be registered, licensed and insured. The rider will also need a driving license.
South AfricaNoneA 250-watt electric bike is considered as a traditional bicycle and doesn’t require any license.
New ZealandNot specifiedElectric bikes with a power rating of more than 300 watts are considered LA mopeds.
Germany14Electric bikes of 250 watts and under are considered “pedelecs”
France14Electric bikes of 250 watts and less come under the country’s definition of “bicycle.”
Ones with a power rating over 250 watts will require a license, registration, insurance, etc.
CroatiaNot specifiedElectric bikes of 250 watts and less come under the country’s definition of “bicycle.”
Ones with a power rating over 250 watts will require a licence, registration, insurance, etc.
SloveniaNot specified


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The minimum age limit to ride an electric bike ranges from 12-14 years in the U.S. but can vary from state to state. Most states require you to be 16-year-old or over.


In the UK, you can ride an electric bike without any license if you are 14 or older. The law uses the term “electrically assisted pedal cycles” for electric bikes and requires their power outputs to be 250 watts or less.


The electric bike age limit in Australia varies from province to province. Some common laws regarding electric bikes are that the power output of the e-bike should not be more than 250 watts. If the bike has a throttle, the power limit is 200 watts.


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Canada allows electric bikes in all its provinces but at different age limits. While most provinces have an age limit between 14-16, Alberta lets children as young as 12 ride an electric bike.


Anyone that is 16 years old or older can ride an electric bike in China, provided that their vehicle is legally registered.


The electric bike age limit for riders in Germany is 14 years or older. They classify electric bikes under their “light electric vehicles” category, and the riders can be fined up to €2,000 if they violate any electric bike laws.


While India doesn’t have a clearly defined age limit for electric bikes, major cities like Mumbai require you to be 18 years or older.


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In the UAE, riders under 16 years old cannot ride any sort of electric vehicle. If a rider under 18 violates any electric bike laws, their guardians will be required to pay a fine.

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