Blade X Review – A Pretty Cool Mid-Tier Scooter

Blade X Review

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Quick summary: The Blade X offers a dual-motor system providing 2000W of power, enabling a top speed of 42 mph / 67 kmh and a range of 55 mi / 88 km on flat terrain. The scooter stands out for its smooth ride, impressive braking and lighting systems, and adjustable spring suspension.

Blade X Specifications

Imperial Metric

  • Top speed: 72 kmh 45 mph
  • Range: 96 km 60 mph
  • Climb angle: 23 °
  • Battery: 1800 Wh, 60 V
  • Battery type: LG cells
  • Charging time: 17 h
  • Weight: 36.7 kg 81 lbs
  • Weight limit: 120 kg 265 lbs
  • Tire size: 10×3 inch in
  • Tire type: tubed tires
  • Build material: frame and handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers
  • Brakes: front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
  • Lights: headlight, dual LED side lights, rear brake lights, turn signals , and a built in LED liner
  • Control: 30Amp controller
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Return period: 30 days

Scores, Tests, Measurements

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Ride Experience
Weight capacity


  • powerful motor
  • great speed and range
  • good climbing angle
  • good suspension and brakes
  • great light system


  • no redundancy for the stem latch
  • potential slipperiness of the rear kick plate
  • rear suspension may bottom out
  • limited water resistance

When to buy

The Blade X is a pretty good mid-tier scooter. It doesn’t have the craziest performance out there, but it’s much better than most commuters. Also, an argument can be made that it’s good value for money.

When not to buy

You probably won’t get premium quality level with this scooter, even though it’s not exactly a budget model.

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This is a complete review of the Blade X electric scooter – we’ll go through the scooter’s performance and features in more detail and see why it is a favorite among scooterists.


First, let’s cover the basics.


The scooter arrived in a neatly and safely packed box

The box contained:

  • the scooter itself
  • charger
  • tool kit
  • a user manual


The Blade X came almost ready for immediate use, it just needed a few tweaks and setup steps.

I just unfolded the handlebars and adjusted them for my height.

Also, I’d advise you to check the scooter for any loose screws as I always do – tighten the screws and you’re ready for the streets.

Folding and unfolding

Blade X deck

The folding mechanism of the Blade X is pretty simple and functional.

The stem on this scooter is solid, which is great, bit it takes a few minutes to twist and untwist the latch.

And that’s it, the scooter folds and unfolds easily, just ensure to tighten the latch when you ride the scooter.


Next, we’ll see the Blade X’s performance in more detail.

Speed and speed tests

Blade X speed test

The official speed of the Blade X is 45 mph / 72 kmh.

However, keep in mind your weight, riding style and the riding conditions on the road.

During my test ride, the scooter went up to 42 mph / 68 kmh. I didn’t want to pursue higher speeds since there was a lot of traffic that day, but I think the scooter could have easily reached its advertised top speed.

This is not the fastest scooter out there, and if you’re a speed enthusiast you should check out my list for fastest electric scooters and find something to your preference.

Range and range tests

Officially, the Blade X reaches up to 59 mi / 96 km range, making it one of the longest-range scooters available today.

During my test, the Blade X was able to cover to 55 mi / 89 km, on a flat terrain.

In my opinion, this is a great range and it will definitely serve you good if you decide to take the scooter on a longer journey.


The Blade X comes packed with a dual-motor system, with both front and rear motors providing a maximum power of 2000W, resulting in a combined total of 4000W.

This powerful motor makes sure you get a great acceleration, achieving high speeds in seconds and a very strong torque.

Climbing angle and climbing tests

The Blade X has an official climbing angle of 23°.

However, I think that is a bit above this degree out from my test drive. I was able to climb some steeps that I think were above that degree.

If you need an even higher climbing angle, take a look at my list of the best scooters for climbing hills.

Battery and charging

Blade X charging port

The Blade X has a 60V 23.4AH LG battery under the deck, providing the scooter its great range in a single charging.

The charging time for the Blade X is a bit longer for my taste – full 17 hours, but you can reduce that time to 8 hours with two standard charges, and around 3 hours with the quick charger.

Ride experience

Riding the Blade X was fantastic. The scooter’s strong build and high quality, combined with its good suspension and powerful performance, made for a fun, safe, and comfortable ride with very little shaking.

It’s designed for city roads and urban environments, and its excellent suspension handles various surfaces effortlessly, from pavements and asphalt to marble and pavement blocks with small gaps. In my opinion, you might be able to take this scooter off-roading, though I didn’t try that myself.

The handlebars were broad and curved, featuring a gum surface for an improved and safer hold. The scooter is equipped with a finger throttle, which is excellent, and the controls are well-crafted with high-quality materials.

I also noticed that the horn is really loud, another safe addition from the Blade X that was really useful in a chaotic traffic jam.

Blade X vs other scooters

Let’s see how the Blade X compares to other scooters in this price range.

Blade X vs Inokim OXO

Blade X vs Inokim OXO

The Inokim OXO is a more stylish and luxurious scooter than the Blade X. It also has a larger motor that can provide up to 40 mph / 65 kmh of speed, and a larger battery that can last for up to 68 mi / 110 km on a single charge.

Both of these scooters are great, but if you’re after power and speed, the Blade X is an ideal choice for you.

Blade X vs Dualtron Victor

Blade X vs Dualtron Victor

The Blade X offers better and higher speed and range, however the Dualtron Victor‘s motor is packed with more power.

Their climbing angle is the same, 23° which is a bit off for me, considering the difference in these scooters’ motor wattage.

Even the build materials they used are the same, but I think the Blade X has a stiffer stem.

So, in this comparison I’d go for looks and choose the Blade X for it’s more fashionable design.

Blade X vs Apollo Phantom

Blade X vs Apollo Phantom

The Blade X focuses on urban agility, making it ideal for quick city commutes and errands. With a respectable max speed, Blade X provides a value-worthy option at $2599.

On the other hand, the Apollo Phantom is a performance powerhouse with a robust 2400W motor, reaching thrilling speeds of 41 mph / 66 kmh.

Boasting dual suspension, knobby tires, and hydraulic disc brakes, it conquers both rough city streets and light off-road trails for superior comfort and stability.

Build quality

Blade X build quality

The Blade X electric scooter is built strong with high-quality materials. Its frame is made from aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, handling bumps and knocks well.

The scooter’s brakes are full hydraulic and work really well in different weather, keeping you safe.

The Blade X’s folding mechanism is simple and secure, making it easy to store. Simply fold it down for compact storage in your car, office, or apartment.

And what I liked the most, the deck is covered with a rubber matting which prevents slipping and losing balance.


Next, let’s see the unique features this scooter offers.

Tires and wheels

The Blade X has 10×3 inch tubed tires. The rides will be comfortable, but flats may be an issue (I didn’t have any problems).

The tires are not made to be tough or large for offroad riding, but they certainly provided great balance and control. Plus, they have a decent thread pattern that delivered a smooth ride.

The wheels are equipped with dual hub motors and the rear wheel is wrapped with a metal swing, connected with the fender and the suspension system.


Blade X brakes

The scooter comes with 160 mm disc full hydraulic brakes, a significant safety advantage compared to other braking systems.

It also has an ABS braking system, giving more control to the scooter.

If you’re not familiar with or haven’t used hydraulic brakes, you’ll need some time to adjust because these brakes give off quite a different feeling compared to rim brakes.

Controller and display

The Blade X comes with the iconic EY3 LCD display, typical for all Minimotors scooters.

The controller is comfortably accessible and allows for easy operation of all buttons and the thumb throttle. The sine wave controllers deliver a smoother and more regulated acceleration at lower speeds, ensuring the motors receive ample powerful input.

The scooter comes equipped with a standard key lock and a multi-switch that controls various features such as turn signals, headlights, horn, and options for single/dual and eco/turbo modes.

The display is bright and clear enough even in sunny days.


Blade X lights

This scooter has a great light system.

 It comes with a headlight, dual LED side lights, rear brake lights, turn signals , and a built in LED liner on the deck.

The front headlight is really bright, and I felt safe riding the scooter during my nighttime ride test. Also, the turning signals the Blade X has are visible even during the day.


Blade X suspension

The Blade X features front and rear adjustable hydraulic coil spring suspension, which deliver a smoother and comfortable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

However, make sure to check it out regularly, because it seems a little difficult for maintaining.

Weight and portability

a guy carrying the Blade X

The Blade X is a bit heavy, weighing 81 Ibs / 36 kg.

I could carry the scooter, but not on longer distances. So, if you’re going to transport the scooter frequently, check out some other, lighter scooters.

Accessories and customization

It’s essential to pair your scooter with an appropriate helmet. I suggest choosing a half-face helmet if you prefer something lighter and more comfortable, or a full-face helmet for maximum safety.

All the additional accessories and equipment for this scooter are entirely up to you. Given the limited availability of items specifically designed for the Blade X, I recommend checking out my guide on the best scooter accessories for more options.

This is not exactly a cheap scooter, so I recommend a strong scooter lock if you leave it outside.


The Blade X can connect to an application, and it offers the coolest features ever!

You can connect the built in LED Liner with your phone/music, another feature that makes this scooter one of the more unique and stylish ones I’ve tested.

Tradeoffs and issues

The Blade X comes with certain tradeoffs you should consider if you’re thinking about purchasing this scooter.

One important aspect is the rear suspension bottoming out under the weight of riders exceeding 200 pounds, although the front suspension generally performs well.

Another tradeoff I noticed is the somewhat awkward positioning and potential slipperiness of the rear kick plate, which might be a minor inconvenience.

Additionally, the scooter lacks redundancy for the stem latch – while the single locking mechanism is effective, there is a rare risk of mechanical failure, causing potential issues.

Moreover, the scooter has limited water resistance, lacking an official rating. Riding it in the rain or wet conditions is not recommended, and there is a chance that the low voltage lights can stop working, indicating potential water damage risks.


Blade X electric scooter

The Blade X is a pretty cool scooter. It has a great range and offers high speed.

Plus, the modern design this scooter has will definitely impress you, it looks even better live!

It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny considering the quality you get – a smooth ride, impressive braking and lighting systems and an adjustable spring suspension.

If you’re on a budget of course, there are plenty of options under $2500, $1500, or even $1000.

And if you’re willing to spend more, I’d easily choose the Blade X without any hesitation.

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